Sayans Academy

Sayans Academy fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology by providing collaborative spaces for tech application and development in schools.

We are not an incubator, we are more. Sayans provides rural secondary schools with computers for STEM learning. Our computers are specifically designed from inexpensive Raspberry pi computers and set as desktop computers preinstalled with software containing a collection of interactive educational materials from Khan Academy and other sources, and with basic programming software. Teachers are empo

Operating as usual


Know someone who loves science and technology? Let them know.


The value of a teacher is more than anyone can fathom. Happy Teachers Day.


Understanding Osmosis

Osmosis is the process by which molecules of a solvent substance tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a region of less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. As the it is experimented in the video.
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Magnets and Electromagnetism

This week, we focus on Physics. In this video, we have an introduction to magnetism and electromagnetism. What are magnetic poles, field lines.. In case of any question, submit in the comments below.


How the heart works

Sayans Series#2
Learn better by seeing.
Learn how the heart works, how blood is pumped, how blood is oxygenated and how breathing help the heart do its work.


As you kick Start a new week, challenge yourself to facing your fears and getting something good out of it.
Wishing you a fruitful week from us at Sayans Academy


How the eye works

How does the eye work? How can we differentiate between being short sighted and long sighted? In this video, we show this and the relationship between the pin hole camera and the eye. Watch and learn.


Coming Soon

The Sayans Series is a program that brings to secondary school students simple videos and explanations on science topics. Follow us to get demonstrations and explanations of science topics to enrich your understanding of all science topics. 28/04/2020

Sayans Teen Tech Award

The Sayans teen tech awards are around the corner.
Secondary school students with a passion for innovation, and have ideas that they would love to implement are encouraged to take up this opportunity. kindly register with us on the link provided below. The Sayans Teen Tech Awards is for future technology innovators and inventors. It is for secondary school students in any school within Uganda and in any class. The award supports students generate, test and build their own tech ideas with intense support and mentoring. The award runs for the whole.... 14/04/2020

Sayans Teen Tech Award

The future belongs to those who believe they can. The SAYANS teen tech awards is here for all secondary school students.
Come and turn your ideas into a reality.
Do not miss out on this great opportunity.
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Register with us on the link below, The Sayans Teen Tech Awards is for future technology innovators and inventors. It is for secondary school students in any school within Uganda and in any class. The award supports students generate, test and build their own tech ideas with intense support and mentoring. The award runs for the whole....


Are you a secondary school student passionate about innovation ,science & technology? Well the Sayans tech awards are here for you.
Simply register and get to discover and explore your true potential.


Are you secondary school students? Sign up for opportunities to grow in Science, Technology and Engineering. To register, follow the link


We are committed to engaging students during this time at home. Sign up for the Sayans Teen Tech Awards. To register, follow the link 23/03/2020

Sayans Teen Tech Award

The Sayans Teen Tech Awards

The Sayans Teen Tech awards are for students in any class in Ugandan secondary schools interested in growing in the fields of science, technology and engineering. The program seeks to award 1.5million Uganda shillings to the best ideas. This is a year long program with the winners selected in November 2020.
The program starts in April with an online workshop on idea generation. Then there will be weekly mentoring sessions and a one weeks residential training and access to tools and resources in August 2020 (during second term holidays).
To register, follow the link. The Sayans Teen Tech Awards is for future technology innovators and inventors. It is for secondary school students in any school within Uganda and in any class. The award supports students generate, test and build their own tech ideas with intense support and mentoring. The award runs for the whole....


Design Thinking. Idea generation. It's beautiful to see the levels of creativity displayed by this students. And we are bound for bigger surprises.


It is said,"age is just a number" ,we all have the ability to tackle the challenges and problems that we are facing in our communities.
We had a great evening with senior one class of Mpigi Central, brainstorming ideas to the challenges that we are facing in our society.


Lasso L

Story telling in problem solving.

This story has been so impactful with students we work with.
First, it's so inspiring for them to see a young boy their own age from a rural area innovate and use his innovation to elevate himself, his family and impact his community.
Secondly, for them to see the extent science can create change not only to their lives but also to their communities. We are getting to a point where science is getting out of the class.

Follow our page to see some of the students innovations. Coming soon

The boy who harnessed the wind
A good inspirational story!


Sayans Academy is privileged to be part of the 5th startup cup.

Today we introduce 5th @Uganda Startup cup finalist Gloria Mary Nabirye of @Sayans Academy is an informal and self organized innovation space where youth learn science and technology with real life application through intense self learning and practical experimentation and development of technology businesses.

The organisation supports scholars to pursue their passions through project based learning and intense mentoring.

One of their products is their hand built computer that works offline and is loaded with #educational material, whose battery can last a whole day of use.

We wish them all the best as they battle for the crown of this years #startup cup.

#Syans is here to steer #science and #technology through #education.

Nurturing a new generation of Techpreneurs and innovative problem solvers

Special recognition goes out to our partners making the 5th Uganda Startup Cup a reality.

@US Embassy Kampala

#innovation #startup #iventureafrica


Education is a practice of freedom | Zakiyya Ismail | TEDxLytteltonWomen

"Read for the test, write the test and forget about it." The major principle the core of our education is built on.

Zakiyya takes us on a journey exploring the intersections between learning, education and schooling and how they connect with society. She shows how schoolin...


We are greatful to take part in SINA Acceleration Lab hosted by GEJJA Women Foundation Our road map is done and we are ready to reach out to our parner schools, clients, stake holders and sponsers.


We wish you a Merry Christmas.


Exposing The Truth


Our work never stops. Our team was in Shenzhen, China to co-create and develop innovations to our worlds pressing issues.


It’s not just access to education, it’s access to quality education that is every child’s right.


A happy independence Uganda


The only thing worth doing is what we do for others. We are at Rhawuza High School.


With the start of the new term, we are back on with a big bang. Our promise is what we fulfill, practical student engagement and building a foundation of experimentation.
Workshop on electromagnetic effect at Mpigi Central SS.

Uganda Secondary Schools National science symposium 2019 29/09/2019

The event was organised by #USEPScience Uganda Science Education Program with the theme "Scientific Innovations for Entrepreneurship and realization of Sustainable Development Goals"

The event was organised by #USEPScience Uganda Science Education Program with the theme "Scientific Innovations for Entrepreneurship and realization of Sustainable Development Goals"


This is the place to be on this day

Social Impact Award Uganda final presentations and award ceremony.

This Friday SIA Uganda finalists will present to the judges, and you will get to see all the action. Come get inspired and launch yourself into the entrepreneurship world.

You are all invited. Starting 2:00pm


We are more than ready for third term. Keep following for updates on our upcoming workshops.
#Nurturing #Techpreneurs / #Inspire #Educate #Innovate


Presenting Sayans during the Innovating in Education Expo, 2019 Gaborone, Botswana.


The Innovating in Education Expo 2019 organized by #AfricanUnion has not just been about showing how we are changing the nature to learning but setting up foundations for collaborations. Strategies set, we are soon getting to other African countries.


Day one. Tables set, presentations started. #AfricanUnion #Innovating_in_Education_Expo 2029, Cameroon, Gaborone -Botswana.


Discussing the requirements for scaling up innovative pathways to Education. We are excited to be part of the Expo. 16/08/2019

SINA Scholarship Application

Apply now for a Scholarship to join the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) to unleash your potentials and create your own job! Many SINA scholars have been internationally recognized and created award winning social enterprises. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance! Apply here: and find more details at Please fill out these questions to request for a scholarship and join the Social Innovation Academy (SINA). We encourage you to be honest in your answers and fill out all the questions to the best of your ability. We will get back to you to invite you for an activity day at SINA in Mpigi very soon,....

Our Story

Growing up in Africa has its challenges. Education is a luxury the majority cannot afford and even those who are in school do not have the resources to enhance their learning. This is worse for those studying science subjects, no wonder sciences are often the worst performed subjects year in year out. What are the odds that a rural student in Uganda can become an innovator or engineer when they don’t have access to technologies and resources for STEM learning, when focus is only on cramming to pass exams?

Sayans Academy is a school of idiots. It provides marginalized youths passionate about science and technologies with support, conducive and collaborative space and tools to invent and innovate tech businesses. It is a school of idiots - where everyone is allowed to make mistakes, and most importantly, transform their ideas through DOing and MAKING into social innovations. We strongly connect with the saying “If a fish is made to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid.” We let our scholars study what they like through problem solving and project based learning. At Sayans, in come unfounded and naive young science lovers, and out go Techpreneurs.

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Understanding Osmosis
Magnets and Electromagnetism
How the heart works
How the eye works
It's not worth anything until you try it. This is what we mean when talk about the academy - constant experimentation an...
Mosquitoes don't have to stress you, Malaria doesn't have to get you down. You got Uganics mosquito repellent soap. All ...
Training on Design ThinkingTrainstorming - an idea generation activity. We are all about learning with fun
Making a water filter. Sayans club showing off some of their projects.
And the water boils.Science at play
Who said girls can't do it? Who said they can't play with physics? Chairperson Sayans club, Mpigi High School with an ea...
Merry Christmas and a prosperous and wonderful New Year
St. Kizito primary school Sayans exhibition.... The first of its kind in the history of the school thanks to #Sayans.Jus...






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