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Operating as usual


Diploma students cooking up some lunch on their Outreach assessment


First Outreach mission of VBI Diploma students.

Timeline photos 07/11/2022

Holy Spirit help us hear your guidance in these times, making us aware of danger.

Uganda, HOUR 23: Pray that Christians in Uganda will remain steadfast in faith amid growing opposition. Church leaders have received reports that Islamic extremists are planning attacks on churches, possibly using explosives in the shape of Bibles to conceal their intent. Christians have been advised to increase security measures at church gatherings.

Understanding Kingship - Q&A with Apostle Charles Ndifon 03/11/2022

Understanding Kingship - Q&A with Apostle Charles Ndifon

Kingdom of God

Understanding Kingship - Q&A with Apostle Charles Ndifon The atmosphere of MIRACLES cannot be described but it must be EXPERIENCED! God is visiting Montreal with HEALING POWER! Something GREAT is taking place and w...


Happy Birthday to our Director, Ps Tony, Teacher Martin & Diploma student W***y.
God bless you with many more years


Our mid term award winners! Well done Ivan, Joseph, Emma & Emma!


Diploma students created short skits about Cell groups.
We had a lot of fun learning.
It was hard to keep the preaching and Praise to a minute but they did it very well.

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Great week of training with Sam & Sammy from CHE, Community Health Evangelism.
VBI & Victory Life Church joined together for training in how we can assist development in communities holistically.


Let's praise the Lord

VBI Alumni, always love praising the Lord.

Photos from Victory Bible Institute Mityana's post 13/08/2022

Our first Alumni gathering today. Thank you past students for your encouragement to VBI.


Celebration Time

Last day of term for Wednesday class. Let's celebrate the goodness of God whom supplies the provision for us to continue in training at VBI.
Samuel got the most improved award this term and Ps Charles received the best academic award.


Students finishing their study for the assessment today! We know you are going to be awesome!

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Last day of Term 1:
Diploma students taught us today which was their 'Fundamentals of Teaching' assessment day. Students chose different styles of teaching to keep us captivated for over 6 hours. Well done students, you all shone in your own way.
The students from both classes were awarded for being top in their class. They also had the honor of cutting our end of term Celebration cake. Well done Henry and Joseph.


Our serious Diploma students coming to study for there assessment.
Thank you to all our English reading students who help our Ugandan only readers to access the resources available.
VBI, Mityana couldn't function without you.
God bless you with revelation knowledge of Himself and His word.


We are continuing with our tailoring students after a break due to covid. Ps Madrine has started training some ladies in her community and Alice has started making her own money by sewing uniforms. Alice also is helping in translating for me in the training room.
It's great hands on learning.


Do you want to improve your Luganda skills?Pastor Deo teaches skills in reading and writing in Luganda every Friday afternoon.
This free and open to our college students and the community.


Congratulations Scovia & Margaret on receiving the most improved awards!


What a awesome group of students.


Super serious Diploma students doing their tests.
Students have Bible reading quizzes each week. We don't just award good academics at VBI, a passion to learn and grow in the word is also recognized.
Who will win the most improved award for Bible reading quizzes?
We will find out next week.


Congratulations Ps Barbara on graduating. Ps Barbara had ministry commitments so didn't graduate with her class, so she had her own personal grad today!


KGLN hybrid conference 2022

Tony Thompson, our director of VBI, Mityana teaches on Missions in the End Time Harvest at Kingdom Global Leadership Conference. He challenges us on how big is our worldview, is it like our heavenly Father's


Our new extension being built by a former student, Emmanuel. We now have two outdoor classrooms ready for our very keen students.

Timeline photos 09/04/2022

This week's prayer for our persecuted family in Christ

ISRAEL: Pray for Christian families in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip who face continual pressure.

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Welcome to our new students and Welcome back students continuing to Diploma!


Thanking God for our new study year starting and our new structure. Registrations open till 8th April. Come join us.
Saturday study 9am - 5pm
16 week terms (April - July) (August - Nov)
Fees are affordable at 55,000ugx a term includes textbooks, lunch & graduation costs.


Registration Day Praise

Our new teacher Deo leading praise on our first day



Graduating students lead Praise to start our celebrations


2022 Graduation

Congratulations to our 32 graduating students. We had a great day celebrating their achievements.

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3rd Graduation 2022


Last Day!

Well done! You did it!
Last day of 1st year Certificate students


Our new study year is about to start. Deo, our new teacher is getting ready for the new year.

Timeline photos 26/02/2022

Timeline photos

In the 1980s, Bounsaen was arrested and imprisoned for his leadership in the Laotian church. He received no blankets, clothes or food. When his family came to bring him food, he would send notes back to his church to encourage them. Today, at age 101, he still encourages the church and occasionally teaches. Bounsaen says, "Do pray for my family to be solid in the Lord." He asks specifically that we pray for the faith of his son-in-law.


New study year starts 2nd April 2022.


A Happy and Blessed 2022 from us all at VBI, Mityana, Uganda

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Last day of 2021studies. College resumed in November so still a few weeks to go.


Last day of Diploma students, it's been a long time with V19 delaying. Some students started in July 2018.
Congratulations, look forward to the graduation in March.

Photos from Victory Bible Institute Mityana's post 22/12/2021

Congratulations! Pastor Fred married Dinah on 17th December. Fred is a friend and college Diploma student.


Ever feel like God left you or made a mistake. These 3 part posts tell a wonderful story of Gods faithfulness.

David and Svea Flood. Part 1.
A Singaporean friend of many years, Gideon Lim, shared with me a most unusual missionary story this weekend which I had never heard before. It is extremely impacting for our insight into both the cost and the potential of cross cultural missionary work. It will take me several weeks to share this narrative that ends well, but only after deep valleys. Stay with me over the next two Sundays to reach the amazing conclusion.

In 1921, one hundred years ago, two young couples in Stockholm, Sweden, answered God’s call to the mission field. They were members of Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, which was a missionary sending church. During one particular missions service, both couples received a call to go to the Belgian Congo, which is now Zaire. Their names were David and Svea Flood and Joel and Bertha Erickson. Both couples gave up everything to leave Sweden as missionaries.
Thus the story has an excellent beginning. First of all, their church regularly sent out missionaries. That is by no means a universal phenomenon! Secondly, the church held missionary meetings, which is also not a universal practice. These two couples took advantage of that Biblical emphasis in their church, responding to the challenge and the invitation of the Great Commission. And it certainly wasn't without cost. Apart from anything else, Svea was a well-known singer in Sweden. She walked away from that opportunity for possible fame and wealth.

So far so good. But there's more. On reaching the Belgian Congo, they felt led of the Lord not to work from the main mission station but rather to take the gospel to a remote area. That meant taking their machetes "and literally hacking their way into the Congo’s insect-infested interior. David and Svea had a two-year-old son and they had to carry him on their backs. Along the way, both families caught malaria. But they kept going forward.”
Tough though it was, that second step was impressive. It is easy for missionaries to choose to stay in the safe place, the mission station. Some are called to do that in administrative and pastoral roles. But sometimes missionaries have to make hard choices as to whether to stay in situations that are approximate to their home standard of living, or to press into hard, unknown and even dangerous situations. The apostle Paul set the bar high when he wrote: “And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation” Romans 15:20. The choice they made was to follow in Paul's particular footsteps, something perhaps less than 10% even of missionaries do in these days.

However from this point storms and reversals hit them like a flood. “The first village they reached wouldn’t let them enter. They told the missionaries, ‘We can’t allow any white people here, or our gods will be offended.’ So the families went to a second village – but they were rejected there also… The worn-down families had no choice but to hack out a clearing in the middle of a mountain jungle and built mud huts, where they made their homes… As the months went by, they all suffered from loneliness, sickness and malnutrition. Finally, after about six months, Joel and Bertha Erickson decided to return to the mission station, but Svea couldn’t travel because she was pregnant and now had a bad case of malaria.” She eventually delivered a healthy baby girl, Aina. But soon after that she died.
David Flood was overcome by these events. He buried Svea and then “bitterness filled his heart. ’Why did you allow this, God? We came here to give our lives! My wife was so beautiful, so talented. And here she lies, dead at twenty-seven.’ At that point, David Flood hired some local tribesmen as guides and took his children back to the mission station. He declared ‘I’m leaving! I can’t handle these children - I’m leaving my daughter here with you.’ And with that, he left the daughter Aina for the Ericksons to raise.” Such a response is possible from missionary burnout under this kind of exceptional pressure and loss. It is why a close personal walk with the Lord and strong pastoral care from the sending church or agency is so indispensable.

What was there to show for all their cost and suffering? There was just one young boy from the village near which they had lived, who had brought fresh fruit to the families. Svea, before she died, had cared for him, witnessed to him and led him to faith in the Lord. One young boy? One small seed, surely totally out of proportion to the price paid?
But this story has a most amazing ending. More of that next week - it is not over until it is over!

Sources: Aggie: The Inspiring Story of A Girl Without A Country [Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 1986] & Harvestime Church.

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Let's praise the Lord
Celebration Time
Registration Day Praise
2022 Graduation
Last Day!
Starting our teaching days with worship!
Graduates excited to recieve their Certificates






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