Dream Orphanage and Needy Center

Dream Orphanage and Needy Center


Praise Yah for opening the door for me to meet Barbra and be able to be a blessing to her orphanage, these kids have been such a blessing to me!
If you feel led to help out monetarily for food and school supplies please let me know!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of changing lives by helping this orphanage in Uganda! Knowing Barbara, Nelson, and these kids is truly a blessing to me, they have become my family and I pray Yah will make a way for me to be able to visit one day!
I am reaching out for donation help for an orphanage in Uganda. They have been praying and fasting for the Father to help them as they were losing hope, and He sent me! Please take a minute to check out videos on their FB page and the ones in this post to see the dream they have to help these orphans! The cost is so minimal for us to help out, but for them it will be life changing! I am so excited to be a part of their journey!
All donations will go through C4 Urban Outreach. Go to our website @ Www.c4urbanoutreach.com for ways to donate!
(The cost of materials is in the comments)
Hi everyone!!
The Father placed this orphanage in my path at the end of September to help provide for these orphans. I have been so grateful to connect with Barbra and the children and I have been blessed since! We message almost daily and video chat on WhatsApp a couple times a week. They are so grateful for the items we've been able to provide, which include: a water tank; a blackboard; 25 mattresses; & food.
Barbra shared with me last week that she had been becoming hopeless just before I came across her Instagram post asking for help to get a water tank in September. She fasted and prayed for the Father to provide, and then her post somehow showed up on my feed. I offered a few links for some different ministries to dig a well. Then after a few days I heard the Holy Spirit say 'buy the well'. Turns out it was only $230 to literally change these orphans lives! I reached out to the supplier, Nelson and we figured out a way to get the money to Uganda. The bonus is that Barbra and Nelson have fallen in love and plan to be married! It's a beautiful love story directly from Yah!!
So, since Yahweh has chosen this particular orphanage to bless I wanted to make a page to show the progress and give updates and post videos. There are of course, still needs- a building with rooms that are unfinished that need doors and windows and most importantly need a roof! I would love to get a well dug for the community, which averages anywhere from $5-8,000. The tank is great for clean water, but it depends on rain.
I will be taking donations through C4 Urban Outreach to donate directly to this orphanage, If you feel led to donate you can go through paypal @ [email protected] or send a check with a note saying it's for the orphange to:
C4 Urban Outreach
P.O. Box 183853,
Shelby Twp, MI 48316
I f you have any questions feel free to message me directly!

This is an orphanage in Uganda that is run by Barbra, a former teacher. She is teaching the childre

C4 Urban Outreach and donations from others have supplied:

**a water tank
**a blackboard
**25 mattresses
**lots of food for the orphanage and community
**supplies to finish the building to make it liveable - roof, windows, doors
**supplies to make a trench to route garbage and rainwater away from the building
**school supplies for 35 children
**funds to help for medical emergencies
**funds for � drums

This page is run by Dena Collinge, president of C4 Urban Outreach Www.c4urbanoutreach.com

Operating as usual

Photos from Dream Orphanage and Needy Center's post 09/12/2022

The kids were SO happy to see Barbara and receive blankets from MJ Johnson 's donations!!


Thank you to MJ Johnson for the donations to help buy blankets!!


I love Barbara's videos!!


I love the videos Barbara & Nelson and after shopping ❤️



This is a message i received from Barbara:

Mukwano like you asked me of any thing that I may want you to get for me, I thought of three things, am going to arrange them in there priorities.
1. Sicklcell tabs.
2.Jackets for kids, they will help most in rainy season, and I will give some to the sicklcell kids in the neighborhood hospital.
2. Camera. I face a problem of recording and taking good pictures with my phone. It's small in size memory. So this will help me for storage and good video capturing for the charity work.

I will be going to Uganda in January, if anyone has a camera or a working phone with good memory and a good camera she can use for the camera that you want to donate please let me know!!

Also, if you'd like to donate towards the jackets and medicine for 2 boys with sickle cell you can donate through www.c4urbanoutreach.com and put Uganda as the note 😉

Much love - Dena Collinge



Please consider donating to The Dream Orphange to help the children get food, school supplies and medical help.

Right now there is an ebola outbreak in their district so it will be harder to get what is needed due to lock downs and quarantines.

Malaria and other viruses are still very active also, so find are always needed for medical attention.

Contact Dena Collinge for more info!


I love that Barbara goes to visit the elderly in the community!
She brings food & necessities, but mostly she brings LOVE ❤️


The kids need bunk beds for the rooms in the orphanage, '3 bunk' bunk beds are about $150 each and they need 6 more. Please help these kids have better sleeping quarters by donating!
Pm me for details on how to donate 😉


Please pray protection from the floods for our friends in Uganda now! They are experiencing extreme rain and are only 1k (less than a mile) from this location.

I pray Yahuah, that you send an angel army to protect this orphanage and all of the people in Uganda. I pray for safety, health and that you redirect these waters to go into unpopulated places. You are our Safe Haven, our Protector and our Deliverer!! I asked this in the name of Yahusha Ha'Mashiach, our Savior and Messiah


Videos from this past weekends feast!


The kids are doing well in school and are happy and thankful!

Photos from Dream Orphanage and Needy Center's post 27/03/2022

Please keep this orphange in your prayers always ❤


So grateful for the clean water easily accessible now thanks to the water tank!

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The kids need bunk beds for the rooms in the orphanage,  '3 bunk' bunk beds are about $150 each and they need 6 more.  P...
Please pray protection from the floods for our friends in Uganda now! They are experiencing extreme rain and are only 1k...
So grateful for the clean water easily accessible now thanks to the water tank!
The kids are SO excited to move into the finished house!







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