Jay Kindergarten And Primary School

Jay Kindergarten and primary school is a nursery and primary school located in Nsikye cell Nymitanga Division in Mbarara Municipality.

Operating as usual



We would like to welcome all new students to come for registration at Jay Kindergarten and primary school our offices are open from monnday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

[05/05/21]   Greetings from the Director, Jay Kindergarten and primary school Mbarara Nyamitanga Uganda. Thank you for sending in your job applications and on behalf of the Board of Directors,I promise to get back to you soon,thank you.


Stay safe,wash your hands,

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At Jay Kindergarten and primary school in Nyamitanga ,Mbarara, Uganda, we offer a whole environment specially tailored to help little people grow into healthy, happy bigger people. Jay Kindergarten and primary school makes sure you're completely comfortable and confident in the quality of care we'll provide for your child in your absence.

Planning out your child’s future begins at an early age. With many options available, it's important to give your child a bright start in a nourishing environment. At Jay Kindergarten and primary school , we encourage children to explore artistic endeavors and to interact in an enriching way. Founded in 2018, we have over 2 years of experience creating a positive, self-concept oriented environment for children between the ages of two and six.
Due to covid-19 pandemic the school has been closed and the administration has faced a challenge of delivering printed learning materials and creating an online platform to deliver classes online.

If I win $10000 for my business I will be able to buy cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizers and disinfectants for the school. Also improve the online platform for the students and teachers since classes are now done online.


Covid 19 is ending soon and you stay in Nyamitanga,Ruti,Ruharo,Katete,Kamukuzi,Nsiikye,Kyera but you are still going to drive to town fo your child's education?????Not any more,located in Nyamitanga,we would like introduce and remind you JAY KINDERGARTEN and PRIMARY SCHOOL,a modern school with qualified and experienced team at the heart of our system.Aggressive research doneby our team from all over the worldto ensure that we are at the cutting edge in education industry in the country.
Try us and you will not be disappointed...

[07/08/20]   New Vision- Uganda

By Conan

All education institutions were closed by Government on March 20, to avoid the spread of COVID-19

The health ministry has written to the First Lady and education minister Janet Museveni, advising on Standard Operating Procedures, which must be adhered to by all schools, if they are to be opened.

The SOPs require handwashing, observance of a two-meter distance between learners, and routine screening of learners and staff at critical control points for signs and symptoms of leaners of COVID-19; are the cost drivers that should be adequately prepared for.

All education institutions were closed by Government on March 20, to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The education sector, this year, was allocated only about sh3.6 trillion; and with the SOPs, this would mean that half the education ministry's budget would be wiped out on an activity that was not initially planned for.

Unlike Kenya which resolved to go for the dead year, Uganda's government, based on the proposals from the health and the plan education ministries; is still optimistic that the academic year can be salvaged.

It is not yet clear, if all these guidelines, will be implemented, as advised by the health ministry; owing to the cost implication.

SOPs in brief

👉🏽Maintain physical distance or social distance of at least two meters apart
👉🏽Each class should have a student leader for COVID-19 cases assessment
👉🏽Use of alcohol; based hand rubs in class
👉🏽Use of masks for all learners
👉🏽Each school is expected to recruit a health assistant (nurse)
👉🏽Teachers are required to enforce mandatory use masks at education institutions
👉🏽Install handwashing equipment at all critical points
👉🏽Full time trained personnel assigned to do temperature screening
👉🏽A well-calibrated working temperature gun to be provided at each entrance
👉🏽Staff to complete and submit daily screening summary reports
👉🏽Leaners with above-normal temperatures are promptly isolated and the district task force to be immediately informed
👉🏽Isolation room for suspected learners to be provided
👉🏽A foot-operated and handwashing machine to be availed in each school
👉🏽Handwashing supplies to be provided at schools, at all times
👉🏽At least a five-liter liquid soap jerry can to be availed
👉🏽All learners, staff and visitors to keep social distance of two meters between person during handwashing
👉🏽Display of Standard information and risk communication materials
👉🏽Assign staff to supervise break periods and stagger releasing students for breaks, lunch and going home time to limit interaction
👉🏽Supervise the handwashing session for learners
👉🏽Provide waste bins
👉🏽Restrict community access to education institutions
👉🏽All staff, learners to visitors to keep social distance of 2 meters between person during handwashing
👉🏽Students and staff must sit at least 2 meters apart in the classroom
👉🏽Only 10 students can be respectively accommodated in a standard classroom for primary and secondary, and then 15 students for higher institutions of learning.
👉🏽Additional streams and new infrastructure requirements or modification may be required, to accommodate all students
👉🏽Where expansion of infrastructure is not feasible, the education ministry can go to shift system of education
👉🏽Additional teachers may be required to teach extra classes or adjust time tables to accommodate the number of increase of streams.
👉🏽Ensure good ventilation equivalent to 1% of the total floor area
👉🏽Ensure presence of windows equivalent to 10% of the total floor area
👉🏽Keep windows open
👉🏽At the end of the day, disinfect all toilets, door handles, window seals, tables, blackboards and other surfaces using disinfectant
👉🏽Learning institutions should assign staff to assess for COVID-19 and keep records of all learners and staff
👉🏽Monitor all learners and staff for COVID-19 symptoms
👉🏽Verbally assess household of day scholars
👉🏽Avoid reactional and sports activities
👉🏽Space of two meters for beds
👉🏽Restrict entry into staff quarters
👉🏽No quieting on toilets and latrines.
👉🏽Disinfect worktops every after 2 hours.

See a detailed analysis of this issue in Thursday's New Vision or subscribe to our free E-Paper


Feel the positive energy to go an extra mile
You need to always encourage yourself to get up and move


We pray that the situation clears and we go back to school🙏🏻
🧽we bathe
📺we watch Television
🛌 then we go to sleep
We really miss school
Please let’s work together and stop the spread of COVID 19
Wear your mask and stay safe

[06/29/20]   Fellow Ugandans let’s keep following the directives from the ministry of health, keep washing our hands, avoid touching the soft parts of our face, wear the masks and always keep the social distance as advised .
Stay home and stay safe
We shall fight Corona.

education.go.ug 14/05/2020

COVID-19 SECTOR RESPONSE - Ministry of Education And Sports

This is the website where you can get materials for primary and secondary school children by the Ministry of Education and Sports! Stay home. Stay safe!


education.go.ug The mandate of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) is to provide quality education and Sports services in the country which are constitutional obligations for the Ugandan State and Government.

[05/13/20]   First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports on Continuity of learning
Following the outbreak of COVID- 19, education systems worldwide have been significantly affected.

Since most of the schools in Uganda, whether day or boarding, are highly crowded as a result of our high population growth, they presented an environment for easy transmission of the COVID -19 virus epidemic.

In response to the danger posed by the pandemic, the President on Wednesday 18th March 2020 took proactive measures and announced the closure of all schools and educational institutions from 20th March 2020.

This measure resulted in the closure of more than 73,200 schools and institutions affecting more than 15,100,000 learners and 548,000 teachers.

In recognition of the impact of the pandemic on the education system in Uganda, Ministry of Education and Sports constituted a sector Response Task Force to strengthen the education sector preparedness and generate response measures to mitigate the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 on Uganda’s education system.

Consequently the Sector developed a Preparedness and Response plan which focuses on two main areas: Ensuring continuity of learning while learners are at home and preparing for resumption of and managing schooling once the COVID-19 lock down is lifted.

With regard to continuity of learning while learners are at home, I informed you in my statements of 4th April 2020 and 20th April 2020, that holistic learning happens beyond the four walls of a classroom although it is reinforced by effective implementation of the whole curriculum at school.

In the present circumstances of national lockdown, the greatest contributors to learning are the parents and immediate family members. I, therefore, appealed to parents and families to help learning take place by involving the learners in their home activities to give them skills for life such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after animals, business, Art, music, physical play and sports and many others.

I also request you to assist them continue learning academic material and spend time with them to develop their values and positive attitude to life.

To facilitate continuity of learning for all our learners especially in Primary and Secondary schools, the Ministry worked with National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) to produce harmonized learning packages/materials for use in the continuity of learning while children are at home. These are being delivered on Radios, Televisions, and self-study print materials.

As you may have observed on the front page picture in the Daily Monitor of 12th May 2020, Pupils of Nawansangwa P/S in Nawansangwa village in Kizuba sub-county, Namutumba district, were learning from the radio broadcast assisted by the adults in the home.

I wish to thank all the parents and guardians who have continued to avail the family radios or even their phones to the children to facilitate learning. I also wish to thank the parents and siblings who are assisting the children to learn.

It has been motivating to see the enthusiasm of parents helping the home schooling.
In my statement of 20th April 2020 and the two Circulars by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sport on “Continuity of Learning” and “Distribution of Study materials” issued on 24th April 2010 to all Chief Administrative Officers, Town Clerks and Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority, we were cognizant of the fact that some of our learners may not access broadcast on TV and radio.

The broadcast of lessons has been mainly by UBC TV, UBC radio and other local radios where UBC broadcast does not reach. To ensure equity, we made it categorically clear that the Local Government administrative units at District, Sub-county, Parish and village level should locate and prioritize the least served learners in the distribution of self-study materials.

The reports from most parts of the country by various stakeholders indicate that learning is happening and is greatly appreciated by the learners, parents and teachers who listen to the lessons on broadcast and the print study materials.

The feedback of the weaknesses that are brought about by inability to reach all by these modes of learning is appreciated and these weaknesses are being addressed.

Our Commitment as a Ministry is to ensure that no child is left behind. This is what informs our vision of “Quality education and Sports for all”. Our philosophy is, “Every child matters and every child can achieve his or her maximum potential” provided he or she is taught in a conducive environment both at school and at home.

A conducive environment is where the child is loved, appreciated as an individual, listened to, appropriately taught and given opportunity to try out things, corrected and disciplined in love. This is done by the adults at home and at school.

I would like you to know that we are aware that there are some of our learners who are not yet able to access learning by TV, radio or may not have got the self-study materials. This is because as a Ministry, were not able to print for 100% of the learners since we do not have a special budget for COVID 19 response but we are doing our best.

These materials were meant for all learners but starting with the learners in most disadvantaged environment and I hope the Local Government distributed them as such. These materials are not for SALE.

If Local Governments, other leaders or NGOs wish to print and distribute to more learners, it should be done at their own expense and not of the learner or parent. I also wish to inform you that the print materials are available on the websites of MoES and NCDC. Families with internet access can download for their children.

I wish to request all leaders at various levels including Members of Parliament, Local Government at all your administrative structures, school governance, leadership and management, Foundation Bodies, Cultural leaders, NGOs, Community Development Organizations, Parents and Guardians and the Media to join us to promote effective continuity of learning during the lockdown and even after COVID 19.

Together we can give our young people a future and a hope. God has a divine plan for each one of them (Jer. 29:11) and He has ordained us, the adults to cause this to happen. We are all accountable to God for these young people.

I look forward to your continuous support and feedback so that our children can get the best as they grow in our wonderful homeland in the heart of Africa.

Let me say how grateful I am on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Sports to our media fraternity for the hand they are giving us to serve our young children for they are our hope for a better tomorrow.

Janet K. Museveni
FirstLady of Uganda &
Minister of Education and Sports

[05/10/20]   On this Mother’s Day, let’s recognize all the mothers, grandmothers & motherly figures for their wisdom, love & commitment to their children & families. Take time today to thank a mother & let her know how much you appreciate her! Happy #MothersDay! https://youtu.be/4I3TxyYDcSw

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Jay Kindergarten and primary school located in Nsikye cell Nyamitanga division Mbarara district Uganda director will be giving out 5000 ushs per individual on May 1st 2020. All you need to do is write your name and mobile money number in the comments. Share this post to your Facebook wall. When your receive the money comment and say received. This money will go to the first 100 people who comment by writing their names and mobile money number.

Stay home and stay safe. Together we will fight and win covid-19.



[03/22/20]   Oh Lord, oh merciful Lord we pray that you have mercy upon the whole world save us from this pandemic Lord we pray Amen.


Women’s day loading ... at Jay kindergarten and primary school we join hands to promote girl child empowerment

sylvanlearning.com 05/03/2020

How Important Are Extracurriculars in Middle School? – Sylvan Learning Blog

See how important are extracurricular activities to your child


sylvanlearning.com Does your middle schooler participate in extracurricular activities? We've got insight into how important extracurricular activities are in middle school. And advice on the best activities for your middle school student to pursue!

[03/04/20]   Thank you 🙏🏻 our parents for enabling us join Jay Kindergarten and primary school we really enjoy the environment


Just telling stories


Time for relaxing after class work at Jay kindergarten and primary school

[02/27/20]   We are telling students and teachers at our school that due to increased spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important for everyone to follow these directions

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

What precautions to take

1********Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent the COVID-19 infection and no medication to treat it.
2********CDC believes symptoms appear 2 to 14 days after exposure.
3****^^^The best way to prevent infection is to avoid exposure. These basic health measures can reduce the spread of infection.
••••••Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. An easy way to mark the time is to hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice while scrubbing.
••••••••••Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
•••••••••Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
•••••••••Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
••••••••Stay home when you are sick or becoming sick.
•••••••Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue (not your hands) and throw the tissue in the trash.
•••••••Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
•••••••Getting a flu shot is recommended.

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