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Kitengesa Community Library


Frola omulabye?
Health Camp Team 20019. This camp was about health issues. It was held at kitengesa community library which lasted for 6days. Different topics were discussed.
It has been along time to hear from the library, so many events have occured but currently now we have youth leadership camp. 15-20 studies from kitengeesa comprehensive secondary school aged 14-17 meet at the for 6 days and talk about different topics, that is to say, there education careers ,health issues, computer training, teach them how to use internet and even how they can start up small business and even other issues. the camp started yesterday, 29 April and it will end on 5 may 2019.
13th June 2017
*Apostle Grace Lubega*
For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily eateth and drinketh damnation to himself not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause, many are weak and sickly among you and many sleep (1 Corinthians 11:29-30)
The theme scripture explains why many Christians struggle with weakness, disease and early death despite what Christ’s death at Calvary achieved for us.
When the Bible speaks of taking Holy Communion, understand that this is not just bread and wine. It is the blood and the body of Christ that equate to the life of God. So, if men partake the life of God, why then are some weak, sickly and die?
It is because they eat and drink in an unworthy manner. To partake in an unworthy manner is to partake without the understanding of the God-like nature one has (2 Peter 1:4). Such people find it robbery to be like sons of God and instead perceive it as humility to consider themselves as ‘rugs, and utter nothingness’ when compared to God. To them, God is high up there and they are all the way down here.
God does not fall sick; God is rich; God is glorious; God is great and does great things. The scriptures say of the Christ that as He is, so are you in this world (1 John 4:17). To partake of that life in a worthy manner is to acknowledge this truth, that if He is great, you are great. If He cannot be weak, you cannot be weak; if He is rich, you are rich. Hallelujah!
*FURTHER STUDY:* 1 Corinthians 6:17, Psalms 44:8
*GOLDEN NUGGET:* To partake of the God life in a worthy manner is to acknowledge that as He is, so are you in this world; Therefore, if He is great, you are also great. If He cannot be weak, you cannot be weak; If He is rich, you are rich.
*PRAYER:* God I thank You for this word. I am in You, You are in me and we are one. What You can do, I can also do because it is Your power working mightily through me. I live with this understanding every day and as I grow in it, when many see me, they see You for if one has seen the son, he has seen the father. In Jesus’ name. *Amen.*
computer training taking place.
some of the kids in the library
*9th June 2017*
*Apostle Grace Lubega*

Jesus saith unto her, Go call thy husband and come hither. The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband. For thou hast had five husbands and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that sadist thou truly. The woman said unto him, Sir I perceive that thou art a prophet. Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. (John 4:16-20)


When Jesus told the Samaritan woman to call her husband, it seemed like a diversion from the direction that the conversation was taking. But, he did so deliberately; he looked ‘below the sword’ in order to provoke her to ‘look above the sword’.

Looking 'BELOW THE SWORD' involves, among other things, the spiritual perception of things that do not necessarily perfect one for the work of ministry while looking 'ABOVE THE SWORD' involves among other things, the spiritual perception of things that ought to perfect one as a minister of the gospel and align them to divine purpose.

Jesus told her about her relationships so that she could be stirred up in her spirit to desire something deeper. Because she is a Samaritan, one who perceives spiritual matters, this talk about her husbands veers into a discussion of worship. This, child of God, is a wisdom in God.

Someone who lacks perception of spiritual things would have said, ‘man of God, what else do you see? Is my new business idea going to be a success? What about my children, will they get married?’

When anything 'below the sword' is exposed, it ought to provoke us to seek deeper things of the spirit. Yes, the man of God has seen that such and such a thing is happening in your family, can that push you to seek this God who reveals even the secrets of men?

Yes the man of God has seen that there is an opportunity coming your way, that is wonderful but can that push you to desire for the things of eternity, the mind of God, His purpose and plans?

Many people treat men of God like witchdoctors. It’s always an issue of ‘tell me man of God, what is God saying about my new boyfriend, about this job, about that business deal…’

But like Jesus told the Samaritan woman, ‘ if you knew the gift of God and who it is that says to you give me to drink, you would have asked of Him and He gives to you living water.’(John 4:10).

Men of God and ministers of the gospel are gifts from God. If you understand this, you ask for living water. That is, things that define the life of God: the multiplication of the anointing, how to walk in the spirit, how to have deeper communion with God, things 'above and not below the sword'. Hallelujah!

*FURTHER STUDY:* Colossians 3:2, Matthew 6:33

*GOLDEN NUGGET:* Men of God and ministers of the gospel are gifts from God. If you understand this, you ask for living water. That is, things that define the life of God: the multiplication of the anointing, how to walk in the spirit, how to have deeper communion with God, things ‘above and not below the sword’.

*PRAYER:* My God, I thank you for Your word. In everything that I do, I seek to look above the sword, to see those things that are eternal in Christ, that represent Your mind and Your purpose. My desire and convictions are patterned to the things above. Because of this hunger in my spirit, You open my eyes to places in You that are deeper than a man’s ability to search them out; places You personally lead men. In Jesus’ name. Amen
7th June 2017
​Apostle Grace Lubega​

And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah Jireh: as it is said to this day, in the mount of the Lord, it shall be seen (Genesis 22:14)


The first time that worship is mentioned in the scriptures is in Genesis 22 when Abraham had to offer up Isaac for a sacrifice. Isaac, his son, told him that he could see the wood but not the lamb for the sacrifice.
Abraham said, ‘God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering.’(Genesis 22:8).

The Hebrew word used therein for provide is ra’ah which means to see. When the Lord provided the lamb, our theme scripture reveals that Abraham named the place Jehovah Jireh. In Hebrew, this is translated to mean that Jehovah sees.

That understanding defines the purpose of worship. To some Jehovah Jireh only means God is a provider: He that supplies all our needs. As such, they go to worship to seek His hand and what He can do for them but not to see.

But, beloved saint of God, we do not worship for God to ‘provide a lamb’ but to see through the eyes of God.

A man who sees through the eyes of God beholds Christ. And this is why Abraham worshipped. We worship because we see the mind of God’s purpose. We worship because we have visions of eternity. If a man abuses worship, that man has not beheld the Christ because the Christ is too glorious to be ignored.

​FURTHER STUDY:​ John 4:24, Psalms 27:4

GOLDEN NUGGET: We do not worship for God to ‘provide a lamb’ but to see through the eyes of God. A man who sees through the eyes of God beholds Christ.

​PRAYER:​ Father, I thank you for this word. It builds and multiplies in me the understanding of what true worship is. In worship I see You in the beauty of Your holiness and the glory of Your splendor. I see with precision and with clarity. I am filled with truth; and, worship only in spirit and in truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
6th June 2017
Apostle Grace Lubega

And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water; and she went and filled the bottle with water and gave the lad drink’ (Genesis 21:19).


Divine providence is an issue of sight. The Bible says that we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3); we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). The question is, do you see them?

Look at the experience of Hagar. The Bible says Sarah threw her out of the place she called home. And while wandering lonely in the wilderness, she run out of water and wept in despair. The angel of the Lord appeared to her and said, ‘arise and lift up the lad and hold him in thine hand; for I will make him a great nation.’

Our theme scripture says, ‘and GOD OPENED HER EYES AND SHE SAW A WELL OF WATER; and she went and filled the bottle with water and gave the lad drink’ (Genesis 21:9-19).

What you must understand is that the well was already there; she had just not seen it. When God opened her eyes, she saw it.

Child of truth, your healing is already available, but do you see it? Your financial breakthrough is already complete, do you see it? Your success is a finished work, do you see it?

The story reveals that she had put away Ishmael from her and wept alone (Genesis 21:16). When she lifted up the lad, her eyes were opened. Ishmael was a seed of Abraham who represents faith. By the testimony of Luke 8:11, the seed is the word. This means that God instructed her to lift up the word of faith, which she had put away from her.

Your situation might seem dire but do not let go of the word of faith. Hold onto it! Praise Him!

​FURTHER STUDY:​ Philippians 4:19, 2 Corinthians 5:7

​GOLDEN NUGGET:​ Divine providence is an issue of sight. Your healing is already available, but do you see it? Your financial breakthrough is already complete, do you see it? Your success is a finished work, do you see it?

​PRAYER:​ My Father, I am grateful for this word. I understand that all things have been availed and provided in the spirit. I choose to see. I see that I am healed; I see that I am a success; I see that my marriage is great; I see that my family is blessed; I see that my children are a wonder; I see greatness; I see kings come to the brightness of my rising; I see nations open up for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Kitengesa Community Library operating in Kitengesa, Masaka District (Uganda) founded in 1999 by Dr. Kate Perry and Emmanuel Mawanda. More information about the Kitengesa Library, including the history and research conducted at the library, may be found at the official website:

Friends of African Village Libraries (this is also the website which accepts donations on behalf of the library) website(

The Kitengesa Library works with primary and secondary schools in the Kitengesa locality to strengthen reading culture and motivate students to read.

Operating as usual 26/12/2020

Dennis' Final School Year Fees Appeal, organized by Leigh Chu With six more months of training, Dennis would be able to finish his one-year program,… Leigh Chu needs your support for Dennis' Final School Year Fees Appeal


Rotary moves to ensure accessibility of clean water

Masaka rotary club has launched a new programme aimed at emphasizing primary health care and extension of clean water in an effort to fight further spread of COVID-19.
 The club is emphasizing


This was the first health camp for women held at Kitengesa Community Library. It was intended to teach women about healthy issues in the home. They talked about issues like First Aid, fevers, balanced diet among others.


The 10th Annual conference for UgCLA at kawempe youth Centre
(Uganda Community Library Association )


Lwannunda primary school pupils busy reading books during the reading session at Kitengeesa Community Library. They were very busy reading which means they were enjoying.After reading they went for the play with the help of the UBC students plus the Librarian.


Kitengeesa Modern Primary School Paid a visit to the Library after a very long holiday of 3 months.We had the infant section in the morning and primary seven in the afternoon. Dennis Kirumira a Librarian was helped by Marcela Misova a volunteer from Slovakia.All student were very happy because of the long time spent without visiting the library.


You can now follow us on twitter @kitengesalib1

Today we feature Kitengesa Community Library a centre that teaches children how to read,write,paint,computer training with free access to internet and have productive play time.The centre also teaches deaf children in the community through sign language. Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives AFRIpads Yunus Social Business HAITI Yunus Negocios Sociais Brasil Yunus Social Business India Muhammad Yunus


Students of Kitengeesa Comprehensive Secondary School, Senior one class enjoying the computer practical in computer laboratory as they were being helped by the librarian. Students had a lot of fun as the lesson was moving on.


St.Joseph's Lwannunda Primary school visited the Library recently to carry out their reading sessions as usual.As in the photos are the Primary One and Two pupils reading within the main library. they read books of the category "Begining reading stories".


St.Anthony Lwanunda Childcare visited library, below they are playing some games with their teacher Tonny and singing as they spell the alphabets in the library hall.


St.Joseph Primary six class enjoys library time.Reading books and then enjoying some games after reading. Jess, a University of British Columbia intern and Dennis the Librarian leading the reading session of the week.

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Untitled Album 25/06/2015

Untitled Album

Untitled Album 25/06/2015

The Self-Help Group Meeting June 20 2015


Students studying and reading at the Library. June 14 2015


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