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[08/31/17]   Hello everyone... Good evening, afternoon, morning, where ever you maybe and whatever time zone you might be in. We hope you are all doing okay and the Lord God almighty is protecting all of you well. Those who are going through tough times, we stand with you in these trying moments. Those who are having good times, we celebrate with you too. Its unfortunate that we lost an OB of the school some days back, BUKENYA HENRY. Those who studied with Him [Class of 2006], remember him very well. Our condolences go towards his family.
Now aside from that, we are requesting all you OBs and OGs to post any photos you might have that bring back the memories of the years you spent at the school. We want to make an album that will be one day shown at the school.
Have a blessed time and stay safe. WE LOVE YOU ALL...


A good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you... With great pleasure, we are happy to let you know of the recent developments at the school. And behold, the new school gate. Bye bye to the kubaati 😄😄😄😉😉

[01/14/17]   Hello beloved OBs, OGs n well wishers... I firstly wish you a happy new year... May it be well with you guys this year than it was in the last.
secondly, I take this chance to let you know dat our kid's results came back n all is well. We got 5 first grades n 18 second grades. We were number 5 in the district.
Wishing them success even where they are going,..... to the level next...

[11/04/16]   Hello to all of you faithful.... Hoping you guys are doing OK. Now, the big question... WHY DIDN'T THE KIDS SIT AT ARS?.... Trust me, it's not only you with the disappointment...kinda!! It was us first... But it has a simple ans n da ans is.... ITS ALL DOWN TO MONETARY ISSUES... UNEB okeyd us..gave us a Max of 60ppls to sit at the centre n told us we are gud to go. But issues came in with the district guys whom we thought were already dealt with since they are the ones who recommended us to UNEB in da first place. Worst thing was..they told us in third term wen we could totally do nothing about the money issue. So, we hope to sort dat n by God's grace all is going to be well come 2017. But gud news is... We sat under our own name ARS... Our own number 220012... Our own uniforms as you guys saw... Etc. The only pending thing is kifo... Which only cash here n there n it's done. Please pray for us that wen results come... ARS wld hv excelled!!
Regards ARS


It's all we guys from down here at the campus ARS... Saying chao.. Chao... For our end has come nia...


Hello to you all... Thanks for the best wishes. We pray that all goes well


Aunt Rebecca Primary School's cover photo

[10/29/16]   As of now, news at the school is that; Our very first bunch of candidates to seat at our newly acquired center at the school, are about to seat for their final P.L.E exams. All prayers and well-wishing are needed now for our pupils in that fight for good and awesome grades. On the 1st and 2nd of November are the dates for the show down. Lets all put them in our prayers and as always, make the school shine now more than ever. Good evening to you all and may God almighty bless all that you do.

[05/23/16]   A new week and new mercies from God almighty who has blessed us with another opportunity at life. How you live it is up to you but remember all actions have reactions and all motives have consequences. Living life in a positively impacting manner in the society and communities we live in can be of beautiful and unimaginable impact. So today, 23rd of May I dare you all to live by example and impact someone's life positively and there, I believe God almighty who holds the whole world in his hands will shower you with blessings. Take care as you go through this week and whatever the matter is, take it God. He knows what we need and is more than willing to solve all our troubles. A blessed week to you all out there and remember, HARD WORK PAYS.

[04/10/16]   Hi everyone, I hope the good Lord God is keeping everyone safe. For those of you going through hard times, look to him for strength and perseverance. And those going having good times, I say take some time to thank him for the blessings. I am not at the school but as far as I know, all is going on well and operations are going on as usual. Thanks and take care.Barlow Kasule former H/M

[02/08/16]   hello guys...this is Arthur Kasule. thanks for all yo checkups...pliz make a note to others; OBz n OGz...n plus...we need yo support in sending kids to the school o at least making recommendations as you all know the term is yet to begin but for a little while. thanks again for your support ... we at the school appreciate.

[01/15/16]   Wanna take this opportunity to wish all our parents, pupils, OB's and OG's, not forgetting well-wishers a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR. My inspirational message is "TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE, HARD WORK MUST BE YOUR BEST FRIEND." Don't wait for luck to strike without being prepared and have to work hard to turn the luck into success. Have a good day all. We love you.

[11/04/15]   Hello everyone. This comes from the former Head teacher himself. I hope everyone is doing great and fine. Currently am in Europe pursuing a Master's degree. Yeah, I went through the school, from nursery till finishing primary. I am proud to say that I passed through Aunt Rebecca ps. Here where I am now, no one can believe that I came from such a school. So that is why I say to all you, "There is something special about that school and you should be proud of having studied in it."
God bless Aunt Rebecca primary school

[10/06/15]   Old students, Parents in n out, Teachers and all well wishers:
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Aunt Rebecca PS once again for getting a UNEB center number.
we at the school thank The Lord God Almighty for His Grace; for we finally got our own center number.
Era its going to be the year 2016 when we sit our first PLE exams under our own name.
thank you all for yo prayers.
to God be the glory!

[10/06/15]   mwebale mwenna abayizi bange...! 'you knoo.,.... technically speaking' we love u all here at Aunt Rebecca p/s. kati we are just waiting for kids from alyou guys.... muwagire!
wish you a good day


How it looks like now. The New Office Block....

[07/11/15]   Good Evening every one. Hope you are all doing great. We here at the school are ok and serving the nation as of always. Have a blessed evening and work hard too.

[04/20/15]   A good afternoon to you all. Am happy and proud to announce that we, after a long time, have finally been given a centre number from UNEB. we are gonna seat our very first candidates come next year. Glory be to the almighty God. We love you.


Aunt Rebecca Primary School


Opening day. Down to business. Tough morning indeed.

[01/01/15]   From all of us here at the, we thank the almighty Lord for having seen through the past year. It's been not easy as many loses have been realised as well as gains have also been gotten. But all that is in the past now.
This is a new year AND all the plans we do have are brand new. We can only archive a lot if we stand together. Let's keep the togetherness we had last year and even make it greater this year. Greater things are yet to be received.
To all who lost loved ones, property, wealth and anything else, I say, may God the almighty comfort you. To those that received happiness, joy and love, I say, may God almighty increase on that.

[10/01/14]   Alumni you are greatly needed to be there on 31st of this month for a donors conference for the finishing of the nursery section block... The school needs you to make a difference there... WE are looking forward to seeing you then. Endeavorer to leave any communication... 0703431062/0751614013/0793080828

[08/24/14]   Hi every one. We are currently constructing the new nursery wing and so far about to finish but we need your help as O.Bs, I.Gs and well wishers of our beloved school. We are organising a fund raising day on 1st November 2014. We really are looking forward to be with you on this time. So much more is expected.

[07/28/14]   Term II about to end and all of us are fixed with report making...


some of the new projects done at the school. the new nursery section still under construction and the new office block plus a new water tank. the compound too having a newer look. God being our guide we shall have a new boys wing in the near future too...

[05/23/14]   First week of the new term bout to end... thank God for a good opening and praying for a better course and best ending...


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[11/11/13]   Hello everyone... you know its been long since you heard something from the school. I created this page sometime back n I wanted it to bring us together as people who went through this beloved school which has shaped everyone of us to where we are now. Please do invite whoever you know that belongs to the legacy of this wonderful school.

[08/14/13]   Always remember yo foundation.


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