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LPi helps young people from low income earning families in Uganda to acquire technical and vocational skills at affordable rates.We have a bursary program.

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Photos from Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board's post 28/02/2021

Photos from Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board's post

[12/28/20]   Some one sent this advert though not made enough verifications on
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Nursery and primary teachers wanted, for all subjects. Kampala district contact me on tell: 0750853498 / 0782288987. Interviews do be done soon

[12/26/20]   Dear my beloved family under the greatest gift of love that God gives us through Jesus Christ, We celebrate your love and friendship as one of our rewards of this Christmas season
We wish you enjoy a Merry Christmas season a blessed new year to the fullness of God's will and love.

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SUCCESS-Talk Africa

I have had a priviledge to share a mind with one of the self-made billionaires on planet earth, Robert Kiyosaki. I have lately become his student after I realised he speaks what most ears hate to hear. He speaks the hard truth of what is keeping many of us broke if not poor. Watch this presentation and you will learn the 1 golden rule that made him wealthy. Enjoy, ponder, learn, act and share with friends.


Africa Facts Zone

Ghanaian-British architect Sir David Adjaye OBE will receive the 2021 Royal Gold Medal, the UK’s highest honour for architecture.

Born in Tanzania to Ghanaian parents, Adjaye, 54 is the first Black architect to win the prize in its 173-year history.


SUCCESS-Talk Africa

Below are 50 crucial points I learnt from the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (2004). This book contains success philosophies proven after 25 years of research by the author. Your life will not remain the same, promise!
1. The WILL POWER makes every human being a superhero.
2. In everyone is a seed of greatness that needs to be cultivated.
3. Success is state of mind. A person who always succeeds is the person who thinks he can.
4. All riches begin with a thought. If you can THINK then you can become RICH. But how? You must become MONEY CONSCIOUS.
5. To become money conscious, you need to stimulate and challenge your mind through consistent auto-suggestion.
6. Through auto-suggestion (reading aloud your life purpose statement daily) thoughts enter the sub-conscious mind. Your mind after being convinced will draw from the creative mind plans to achieve that money.
7. To convince your mind you need to have a strong DESIRE for money. On top of DESIRE you must have strong FAITH to achieve that money.
8. See yourself already in possession of that money rendering the service you require the money for. Demand life of that money and it will give it.
9. The way of success is the way of CONTINOUS MIND DEVELOPMENT. Develop your mind through pursuit of new knowledge at whatever level or age from any available source.
10. You don’t need to know everything. Get special knowledge in that desired field and surround yourself with people who know what you don’t know. Attach a price to that knowledge so you will highly value it.
11. From accumulated knowledge you will be get a spark of IDEAS. An idea is often the start of every great fortune. Value it and guard it.
12. Imagine that idea already in existence. MAN CAN CREATE ANYTHING HE CAN IMAGINE. Be assured as long as you have imagined it you can achieve it.
13. Your imagination can come from your life experiences, education or environment. But your imagination can also come from infinite intelligence once your subconscious connects to it.
14. All new ideas known to man come from the INFINITE INTELLLIGENCE. This is the creative faculty of the mind. You can draw from infinite intelligence by expanding your imagination to impossibilities.
15. Imagination helps you figure out plans to transform your desire/idea into money. So, expand it. Ask yourself; What would I do if I has 20,000,000,000 Uganda shillings?
16. Write down the imagination and make a definite plan with a definite decision to achieve it. Don’t wait to get every detail. Start with what you have.
17. Don’t plan alone. Surround yourself with a MASTER MIND GROUP. These are people who believe in you and your idea.
18. If that plan doesn’t work keep replacing it until you finally get a plan that works. This may mean making tens, hundreds or thousands of plans but don’t stop until you find the right plan.
19. The persistent mindset knows no boundaries. It can accomplish anything. It cannot fail.
20. Treat failure as temporary defeat directing you to the best plan.
21. Why do people fail?
a) Lack of self-discipline
b) Ill-health
c) Procrastination
d) A strong desire for ‘something for nothing.’
e) Indecisiveness
f) Wrong selection of a mate
g) Unfavorable childhood environment
h) Wrong selection of business associates
i) Belief in superstition and prejudice
j) Wrong job selection
k) Lack of a defined life purpose
l) Over-caution (don’t like to take chances)
m) Lack of persistence
n) Uncontrolled s*xual urge
o) Overspending
p) Unable to relate well with others
q) Possession of power that was not achieved through self-effort
22. ANALYSE YOURSELF and find out what is hindering your success. Plan to overcome that weakness starting today.
23. If you want to succeed at anything you must master the habit of MAKING DEFINATE DECISIONS. You should be quick at making decisions and slow at changing them until they deliver.
24. Learn to reach your own decision avoiding the influence of others. Remember this is your life so use your brain.
25. NEVER GIVE UP in the face of opposition or misfortune even if it means standing by the decision alone. If it’s right, do it.
26. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE according to your own decisions. Aim for self-reliance but with obligation not to hinder the rights of other people.
27. As emphasis you must not do anything alone. Your decisions must be checked by a team of people who support you. You need to have organized knowledge and effort to translate your ideas into a monetary equivalent. You may need 2 or more people to work with. This is what we call a master mind.
28. The other big benefit of a master mind is that you will attract a third invisible mind once you set your minds together.
29. No two minds ever come together without an invisible force joining them. SORROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WITH SHAPR BRAINS so your energy combined with be a great force.
30. The unity of brains draws from the power of the infinite intelligence. That is why people with a spirit of unity and harmony set for a definite purpose always win.
31. BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN IS A WOMAN. A charming woman can be a source of inspiration for a man to trigger the creative mind. Man’s most motivating force is his desire to please a woman.
32. Let every woman know that S*X ENERY IS CREATIVE ENERGY FOR MEN. When a woman deprives a man s*x, she shuts him outside the world record of the genius.
33. Every man has to view s*x energy as an added advantage that stimulates him to make definite decisions and do great things. Too bad most men learn to master this energy after the age of 40. That is why most men before 40 are just a nuisance.
34. S*x transmutation is to divert the s*x energy from a desire for physical expression to doing another beneficial activity. So, it’s okay to be highly s*xed if you know how to master it and divert that energy to act as a stimulus. You are not cursed.
35. DON’T ALLOW UNCONTROLLED S*XUAL URGE TO TAKE YOU TO THE PIT. You can control high s*xual urge with a blend of love from a woman who believes in you. Settle your mind on one woman who truly loves you so you are able to use the s*x urge for other creative purposes.
36) MAKE USE OF THE SIX SENSE. Human beings receive accurate perfect knowledge from sources other than the physical senses. There is no organ for a six sense yet it exists. It can be called a unique revelation or a still small voice that speaks from within often when one has an intense desire.
37) Any emotion that brings the heart to beat at a rare faster rate stimulates the six sense to action.
38) Sit alone and activate your subconscious using any of these stimuli- LOVE, S*X, FAITH, DESIRE, MUSIC, FRIENDSHIP, HOPE stimulate you. Wait to hear instructions from within. Train your inner self to communicate to you through practice of hearing from the six sense. It takes persistence.
39) Your subconscious better understands the language of emotions. For example; Desire, faith, love, s*x, enthusiasm, romance, hope. These stimulate creativity. But the emotions of hatred, jealousy, fear, revenge, grief, anger, superstition kill creativity. Avoid them.
40) Whatever dominates your mind acts as raw material for what is later produced physically. You may voluntarily plan in your subconscious any positive plan, desire or purpose which will later be manifest physically in monetary terms. So, YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR FATE.
41) You must know that every thought you have vibrates to others. If for example you have negative emotions, they will be released to others. You will get a negative personality causing people to repel you and become antagonistic.
42) When you pray you can connect your subconscious with positive emotions. Your subconscious will speak a language that your infinite intelligence understands, intense emotions. As a result, you can reproduce whatever you asked physically.
43) If your mission is to gain a successful life you need to AVOID THE SIX GHOSTS OF FEAR. The six sense cannot function if they remain in your mind.
a) The fear of poverty
b) Fear of death
c) Fear of old age
d) Fear of loss of someone
e) Fear of criticism
f) Fear of ill-health
44) WHAT YOU FEAR YOU ATTRACT. Some people get sick due to what they imagine (imaginary illness) Get rid of fear right now. Get rid of the fear of poverty by making plans and deciding to get wealth. Overcome fear of old age by viewing the year of 40-60 as the most rewarding golden age of great wisdom and understanding. Overcome critics by accepting you have a mind of your own and are capable of making good judgement. Accept death as an avoidable necessity and enjoy life.
45) To achieve success, you have to have a peace of mind. A disturbed mind cannot be creative. Nothing is worth taking you off the path of success by causing you to worry. BE PEACEFUL AND YOU WILL CONQUER EMPIRES.
46) By now you are aware that you are capable of living the standard of life you want. You have every reason to be successful since you have a mind. You can control your destiny by controlling your mind. Your mind is the engine. Turn it to the right direction.
47) GET RID OF NEGATIVE INFLUENCES if you want to accumulate great riches. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to use your own mind to make decisions and act upon them successfully. Human beings have a will-power. Whoever dominates your will power has denied you your RIGHT THAT DEFINES YOU AS A HUMAN BEING.
48) To protect yourself against negative influence you need to have thorough self-analysis of who you are and what you stand for. If you have no vision others will give you their vision and pay you to fulfil it to your disadvantage.
49) Get rid of the ‘ifs’ and go out to achieve your life destiny today.
50) ANYTHING YOUR MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE IS ACHIEABLE. If you fail you have no body to blame but yourself.

Reviewed by Ritah Mukisa Muyanja,
October 2020
#SuccessTalkWithRitah. 29/09/2020

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Study online from Uganda, for a British MA


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The Board in consultation with the Office of the Minister of Education and Sports has set Wednesday 17th June 2020. More details to follow. Stay Safe. RSVP 0392-002468/0782435903/0700410735 06/03/2020

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Those guys you may try them to for panel building .


Lukaya Polytechnic Institute - Uganda


Diaspora Insurance

Good idea this boy has talent

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As 2020 approaches I wonder, what next?
2019 may seem like you hit rock bottom but if you still have the word...NEXT as part of your vocabulary deep down your soul you know you will rise up.
NEXT....! Its not over until its over!
#SmileWithRitah 08/12/2019

CANADA ANNOUNCED NEW IMMIGRATION PROGRAM 2020 Migration to Morden, We give you all the information about Morden and its migration routes for 2020.


The Paint Factory Group

Best Pavers, Great Prices, Awesome look and beauty. Be different. Our pavers are made with 42.5 Strength Cement and best inputs. Others use 32.5 low grade Cement.
Buy good things that will last you for generations. Not for 3 months.


Better SAVE Energy Production

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Good idea

Some work is just too beautiful. A discount of 20% of 1 000,× for the first 100 clients in 3days. Just have 800,× by you to stand a chance to be number one to get this 3weekly surprise of 3in1 mobile and portable charcoal stove and your kitchen appear smart, save to 75% charcoal and have it as a one time life investment for your smart home. Free delivery in Kampala.
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I have learnt something tough lately. Every time I spend on something am simply giving my millions away. You will ask Ritah, are you a millionaire? Yes Am.

Check this out! If you sat down and calculated the amount of money you have spent in the last 7 years how much would it accumulate to? You see! You are also a millionaire. Then you ask,' But i do not see the millions. Where are the millions?'
You threw them away. You threw them away in someone else's pocket with your careless spending habits.

You are millionaire but a careless one. You have not valued your money. So it run away to those who valued it. Money is a servant. It serves anyone willing to manage it. The one who manages it has mastered its purpose and value. If you fail to manage it , money will run away. FACT AND TRUTH!

Ooops! I just offended someone!

Open your eyes welo welo, all the businesses around are positioned to take money from your pocket. How much have you given out so far today? They become richer as you go home empty. The same happens the next day, and this goes on and on. Am not saying buy nothing but spend wisely.

I have began guarding my millions with precaution. Will you join me. Spend less, Save More and Invest More.


Lukaya Polytechnic Institute - Uganda


Power Plant Engineers.Bd


Photos from Lukaya Polytechnic Institute - Uganda's post


Civil Engineering

Inspiring Small Room Use & Decoration Ideas


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12 Beautiful Staircase Ideas


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Combinations of colors to paint the walls of your house


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Fantastic swimming pool ideas for small yards


Nikola Tesla

Rain Water Collection





It's Craft Time

Techniques to constructing metal fabrication of various perterns. Abateeko mukopeko bino namwe

How to make a BBQ with a barrel 😎👌
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Cars Insider

This is how a sedan is turned into a luxurious limo.


In Uganda majority of young people with formal educational certificates are unable to find jobs due to lack of employable skills. While others simply cannot afford to pay high tuition fees to join university level. Thus, making it necessary to have additional vocational and training institutions in the country.

Lukaya Polytechnic Institute (LPI) is a dynamic institute found in the heart of Lukaya in Uganda. Founded by a former street boy, LPI’s mission is to impart market driven skills to young people especially the destitute children of Uganda. That is what burned in his heart when Mr. Aloysius Kirangwa started the school in 2003.


Mr. Kirangwa’s major goal was to have Lukaya Polytechnic Institute (LPI) as a youth rehabilitation project that would enhance the goals, Hope Destitute Children Center (HDCC). It was not easy starting LPi since HDCC organisation was not financially stable. Regardless of the financial hardship Mr. Kirwangwa carried on the dream. He committed himself to pick street children, give them natural home care and educate them till they graduated so they become responsible citizens of Uganda.

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LPI, registration is still in progress.
LPI is determined to give a bright future to the girlchild. Girl Child, there is hope.
At LPI we give employable skills. Sure deal you will find a job. Come register today.




COURSES OFFERED at the Institute are;
- Building Construction
- Tailoring and Fashion design
- Automotive Mechanics
- Hairdressing
- Electronics and Computer Repairs

- Secretarial Studies
- Accountancy
- Business Administration


- Computer Applications
- Driving
- Entrepreneurship

- Languages i.e >NIHONGO/Japanese
> English for Communication




Lukaya Polytechnic Institute / LPi

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Other Schools in Lukaya (show all)
Comprehensive high school-bajja masaka Comprehensive high school-bajja masaka
P.O: Box 52

I Really Loved Da School Much And I Enjoyed It