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The school is located at kabuye luwero district 4kms off kassana kasiso Rd. we provide the best education with our dual curriculum and promote patriotism.

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Schools with a difference..


Schools with a difference


Eid Mubarak to you all may the almighty Allah accept our good deeds.


اللهم بلغنا هذه الأيام المباركة ووفقنا فيها للعمل الصالح وارزقنا فيها الإخلاص واجعلها على جميع المسلمين أيام رحمة وبركه.


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Yah Allah accept. Type amen and share


Pause; when is the last time you talked to your parents ?if they died when did you last pray for them? Did you know know that serving and respecting you parents is away to janna!
Do you respect your parents. Do you know they sacrificed all they could for you to grow and prosper!. May Allah grant our parents janat Firdausi.."may Allah grant our parents jannah without hisab ".say amen and share


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Have you gained any thing so far? Get your self the remaining rewards by fasting the remaining days the prophet saw said fasting a day in these days equals to fasting a year


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And always thank allah for all the blessings given to you realy there are thosewho pray for the small you have


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How are u prepared for it


Then turn to him in anything He is verily always there


Say ameen


Abdull kadir islamic day and boarding primary school


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I can pray fajr with my family what of you


And when u find ur self sturck in asituation


In life, one of the most important choice you will need to make is who to marry. This choice is so important that if you miss it, you will suffer for long, if you get it right then you will
enjoy forever.
A bad marriage can affect every other area of your life. This subject is so important to the
extent that so many married people are hoping to be single again so as to be able to make the right choice all over again. If you are single please don't just be in a hurry to get married, because you still have the best opportunity to prepare for it.

For two people to come together to live in peace and harmony, they must agree spiritually, mentally and physically. Just like an elephant cannot marry an ant so also a believer cannot marry an unbeliever. If an elephant marries an ant how would they live, if a goat marries a
fish where would they meet?

You must look for a sincere and righteous man or a sincere and righteous woman to marry, nothing can beat this. The devil's primary target is the family. He knows that everyone belongs to a family and if he can bring two wrong people together in marriage, then he will succeed in breaking the community ties and the nation down as a whole, and this is part of what we're witnessing all over the world presently.

Ignore your age and the pressure for a moment, the pressure in a wrong marriage is far worse. ALLAH has somebody for you but you must set your priorities right. What do you need in a woman? What do you need in a man?

Marriage is not about what you want, it is about who you need, that will make you better while you make him better, it's not something you just jump into. That is why you must know your purpose before you get married. You must pray before you choose.

ALLAH knows the best person for you, it is only wise to seek His will. It is very easy to know ALLAH's will when s*x is not involved. The moment s*x is involved and you want to know His will then He will blank you out. Why? Because you have broken His first Law of NO S*X before marriage. If you have had s*x in the past then you need to repent totally and stay away from each other, then you can seek forgiveness from ALLAH. Your marriage will not
be hell on earth. Your marriage will be honourable.

Don't marry for s*x, don't marry because you are of age, don't marry because you are getting old, don't marry because you are lonely, don't marry because you need someone to
support you financially, don't marry because you mistakenly got pregnant, don't marry because you don't want to lose the person, don't marry because of family pressures, don't marry because you like the idea of marriage and admire every wedding gown you see, don't marry because all your friends are getting married.

But get married because you want to fulfill what ALLAH has ordained on every slave of His. Get married because you want to be a help mate, but most of all, because you want to fulfil a purpose of having completed half of your religion, your deen. ALLAH will help you in
choosing, please let's all continue to pray pervently to Allah for all we want.

He loves us so dearly and he will answer all our duas and supplications at the right time.
Forward to all singles you Know.
May Allah forgive us our sins and guide us to the right part. Ameen


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Abueatifull over view of our school

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And always thank allah for all the blessings given to you realy there are thosewho pray for the small you have
Every Muslim parents dream and This is what exactly  we offer...schools with a difference
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تصدق اليوم





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