Promise Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli-Uganda

Promise Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli-Uganda

Offering quality education services to the very poor and disadvantaged children in the community an

Operating as usual


I have given this day to my Hero, I am because of my Dad who played his role as a father amidst living under a poverty umbrella.

Dad, be in peace, I know someday, I will meet you again!


We are all born with talents!


Some children can do much better outside classrooms!


Jacob Kiplimo wins the men's senior world title at the , beating Geoffrey Kamworor and Joshua Cheptegei.

2022 MSM Year End Report 30/01/2023

2022 MSM Year End Report

Part of your mission in life must be to share your gifts and value with as many people as possible!

2022 MSM Year End Report We thank God for the exciting work that He has done through us in Africa this past year. As always, I feel that I am only capable to share a miniscule amount of the Help, Hope, and Love of Jesus Ch…


Children’s safety at both home and school is of great importance. It leads to freedom of interaction within the environment. Children therefore, need an environment which is safe in order to explore and enjoy themselves.
Many children are exposed to many dangers nowadays. Some of these dangers are kidnapping, accidents, , among others.

These vices in Nabwigulu community have led to public outcry.
Through your donation, through Mission Servants Ministry, (MSM) the above listed vices and others can be solved in PPS environment.

*fence and gate to keep kids safe and protect hostelers at night as well as keep thieves out.

*dormitory building will open up 2 classrooms which are currently being used as dorms. Also, by constructing dorms, the examination hall will become legible for use during PLE so that P7 2023 can write their examination from home (PPS) unlike the previous 3 years where’ve been taking P7 kids to the near by government school. If dorms are constructed, some challenges will be solved.

*it’s said that Africa is a dark continent and others confuse it with our skin color which is wrong. Anyways, a solar or Hydro power is the solution for installation of security lights around school compound and a water pump with a chlorination system. As a result drinking water for children and staff will be safe.

*soak pits to collect waste fluids and water as a way of stopping unpleasant smell.

*serving window will make the process of food serving safe, clean and simple for both children and cooks.

*after being used for the past 6 years, girls latrine is full now and we need to remove f***l sludge before 9ths January, 2023.

Praying and requesting that the proposed targets, 2023 can be accomplished for the goodwill of children and staff.

God bless you in advance 🙏

Sharing-work Needs many Hearts… 22/11/2022

Sharing-work Needs many Hearts…

Through your donation through Mission Servants Ministry, a lot of things will positively change for the betterment of our children education environment!

Sharing-work Needs many Hearts… A few years ago when I was changing careers from Business Owner to focusing as a Volunteer Director of Mission Servants Ministry, I chose as my centering Bible verse, Hebrews 13:15-16 15 Through Je…


We’ve really got talents in Africa!
And that’s my next target, identifying children’s talents from Baby class! The tendency of preparing children for “white collar jobs” making children falling prey to “colonial education vice”

Colonial education system MUST stop¡¡


Gentle side of Sadio!

❤️ Sadio Mané : “I don't really pay too much attention on buying expensive cars or smart devices. My priority is always to make sure my people in Senegal they go to their beds with food, better hospital services and schools.
"I will never rest until I made a better impact in my community. And I am real happy and proud of other footballers who spoil themselves with luxury cars and apartments it's their money, they also deserve to spend it in their own way.
"For now I have my own ideas of how to spend mine. In the future I might also be able to buy luxury things, but for now I want everyone to be in better conditions back home." Sadio Mané 🇸🇳

Respect! 👏😍

Photos from Promise Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli-Uganda's post 28/10/2022

PPS is not in competition with any education institution. We have no desire to play the game of being better than any institution! With your help through Mission Servants Ministry, we simply try to make the environment conducive, safe and better than it was yesterday in that even unprivileged children can know how it feels like studying in a safe clean school 🙏

Countdown....9 days left to the last 2 days of these P.7 children! 8th & 9th, November, writing Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), marking the end of primary level for them children targeting High school next year!

They have written numerous examination , day and night since January to date.

Keep praying for us so that we can nationally perform better than the previous 2 years! Amen Amen

Photos from Promise Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli-Uganda's post 01/10/2022

No need of words! 🙏 🙏 🙏

Photos from Promise Nursery & Primary School, Kamuli-Uganda's post 18/09/2022

Do or Do not, there is no “try”







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