The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges

The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges


I'm an OB of Creamland campus from Kenya and was wondering if it's possible to get my UACE certificate without traveling to Uganda. Please help.

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Your so quiet
Akok deng
2011 to 2013 creamlanders
Your memory lives on Mr. Mukiibi.
We have seen the unseen and heard the unheard in our own country,

Therefore, we have nothing left for us but to only Keep hold onto our nation.

Because That’s the only Hope and We must make everyone love and work genuinely for this country

This week I am Starting my patriotic movement to visit all the schools I studied at in Kampala Uganda.

I just want to gift them Free flags for their celebration. And those South Sudanese in other schools who are preparing to celebrate I am coming to you too.

The schools are;

White Angels

The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges Henry’scollegeNamugongo
Are you a student of St. Lawrence University-SLAU or ever been a student of The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges, I present to you the St. Lawrence League happening this 3/July/2022 at the University premises.
Your response St Lawrence?
Am looking for cream land campus president year 2004 Mr Fred lukoda please bro inbox me classmate ss5A and cube mate Charles

+256 702 440 264 +256 776 368 917
WhatsApp.+256 754 97 93 84
What's on your mind?
Hi students
Can I get a copy of the school circular please
my friends how are u all?

Welcome to St Lawrence... A Five Star Learning Center in Uganda. It is a journey of a thousand miles that began with one step that we are proud of. St. Lawrence.

Our story:

The St Lawrence Schools and Colleges story was not made overnight. Lawrence popularly known as St.Law, consists of a large and well established institution with EIGHT self contained attractive and quite campuses , that is, Crown City campus, Creamland Campus, Horizon campus, London college, The Academy-St. Lawrence, Lorencia Junior School and Paris Palai

Operating as usual


Can anyone guess the year this picture was taken, campus and event?


Let's take another guess, Campus and year, Prefects. N.B. Yesterday's post was taken by Uncle Robert at Kabaka's Lake Campus infront of the A'Level girls' Dormitory where the assemblies used to take place. The Late Prof. Mukiibi featured at the front row in that same picture camouflaged in the A-Level uniform.


Guess the Campus, exact location and year this picture was taken. And one other thing, who took it.


Chol John Deng: "Whenever I step there it’s memories after memories that are worth being talked about for the great Six years I was there!Thank You London College of St.Lawrence for raising a God fearing,disciplined,hardworking,Committed,Dedicated,Academically Sounding young man among other important attributes that make a complete human being!
St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges❤️
CHOL JOHN DENG Class of 2014-2019
Senior One X
Senior Two M
Senior Three M
Senior Four M
Senior Five X
Senior Six X


We extend heartfelt condolences to the families, students, staff of Lhubiliriha Secondary School and the broader community affected by gruesome killings in Kasese. May the souls of the faithful departed rest eternally in Peace. Amen.


We are sad to announce the passing of Our London College Alumni, Moses Mnangat who has been an Inspector Mnangat of DCI Hqs Llb in Kenya. We send our heartfelt condolences to thr friends and family. May his soul Rest eternally in Peace.


"Akuot Sarah a proud Alumnus of the St. Lawrence schools , Horizon 2014 S3. I remember The Independence day of South Sudan 2014 at Crown City Campus when I put the tag of South Sudan flag on his coat. The quote he said on prayer day of s4 of 2014 in horizon main hall ( see possibilities where others see impossibilities), ( go and be job creators but not job seekers) , for this I will never forget him. He changed the lives many of us. I applied the above quote and I see myself getting better in life , thank you Daddy , may your kind n lovely soul rest in eternal peace , we love you n we live to remember you" ,OG Maan Athiei Maico


"When I came to st. Lawrence for senior 5, I was not confident, I wasn't even aware how life was all about, I went to creamland campus wea everything seemed new to me, the way students used to handle themselves that to an ignorant mind, he cud call it pride..
For a full term senior 5, I used it to study the school en everything in it. I just loved this great man, he loved talent. He wanted to see talents grow, those wise students that took advantage of the environment they really gained in it, everyone's talent was welcome, academically, musically,leadership, dancing. Buh as he used to say, "when opportunity comes grap it all.." Some students grapped all the available opportunities en build up there talents, even outside school..
He build the girl's confidence, boldness..
Every girl who came, moved out like a lady, they knew how to express themselves, my best moment was during debate, u wud really enjoy these ladies, I liked it so much.
Indeed. He was a father, mentor, en life coach.. We shall miss u so much" OG Shameam Bae


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges, St. Lawrence University-SLAU and Lorencia Junior School came into existence - vivid existence as narrated by Mr. Peter Ssemakula the resident Director of the St. Lawrence University.


As we commemorate this year's Women's Day celebrations, let us recognise a lady who is at the Helm of driving the beloved The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges, Lorencia Junior, St Lawrence University forward. Let us recognise the efforts of Maria Justine Tulina the Rector of the St. Lawrence Group of Schools not forgetting all the Women; teaching and non-teaching staff, that have supported and educated us through the years. We thank you all.


SAD NEWS! We mourn the passing of Biryomumeisho Benjamin, our former student of Creamland Campus 2018-2019.
We extend our deepest condolences to Benjamin's family and loved ones during this difficult time. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.


"Thanks to Almighty God who sat and knew that the world needed a person lite Prof.K L S MUKIBI. He gave him a passionate heart that cared for everyone no matter his or her status. I personally still remember the principles he instilled in our lives that have kept us moving and been able normalise and handle all people from different parts of the world as he used to"


Homeage to St. Lawrence Academy Schools and colleges. "My name is Gideon Mumbere Paris Palais and a pioneer of The Academy. Yes I must appreciate. Studying under the St. Lawrence fraternity was really a super vintage point to me. I must say I learnt a lot, I remember fathe used to say, "the way you walk simplifies the way you think". And I am earning a living because of what I learnt during Prof Lawrence Mukibi's time.... Continue to Rest in Peace Fathe and long live St. Lawrence Academy Schools and colleges.. #6113/13


"Maria Justine Tulina , I shall forever appreciate and be proud of the Friend I had and have in You as the Rector during my Stay at the Academy St. Lawrence 2014-2019. Thanks for the Love and supportive ideas you always shared with Us" Joel Kibirango OB and HeadPrefect London College.


My Name is Nabuuma Habiba. I'm the Headmistress at London College of St Lawrence. I'm a Teacher of English Language and Literature. As the Academy was starting, I remember onetime He (Prof. Mukiibi) asked me, "What do you think I should be called at the Academy?" because he had different names at different campuses.......


On a sad note, we announce the death of Mr. Mbabali Mansueto Kabuga the Father of our Old Student; Rockie Ssengonzi which occurred in India.
Vigil and prayers will take place on Saturday 4th March 2021 at the family residence in Namugongo starting at 6PM.

Burial shall take place on Saturday 5th March 2023 starting at 2PM in Kalagala, Masaka
Fro more information, contact Mr. Patrick Ssembuusi on 0772466621 or Mr. Ivan Mbabaali on 0751816814. May the soul of the faithful departed rest eternally in Peace.


"Papa as he was fondly referred to at London college was a happy man.

He would suddenly appear on Sunday afternoon thronged by senior ones whom he loved immensely.
They would walk around campus chatting. He loved his students and especially Kenyans. He once met me and asked my name, when I told him Paul Kinyanjui Mbugua, He told me is Swahili "soma kwa bidii" ( study hard) I still have the success card that he handed to me in 2004 before Senior six Exams.
My favorite quote was " I am training you to be global citizens" Today I Live and Work In Dallas Texas U.S.A and I am forever grateful for life lessons impacted to me at London College. Your Legacy Lives on Papa. Continue to Rest In Peace eternal Professor Mukiibi". Mbugua Kinyanjui OB London College


"My name is Brenda Businje, I joined St. Lawrence in 2016 as a secretary when I was only 23 years old. Right now I am working as an Administrative secretary and I have been here for the last 7 years. One thing I remember about the late Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi is that he loved everyone regardless os status. He always gave time to the rich and the poor....He gave us hope that everyone can make it in life"


Join us to recognise and celebrate Hajji Kalule Hussein for his wonderful services to us all. The Gentleman behind those school trips, field work, inter-campus competitions etc etc etc etc. We are forever grateful. Let us show him some love


"One thing that I remember about Mr. Mukiibi is that he was so confident and had trust in the young generation" KIMERA ABDUL KARIM; Administrator Paris Palais Campus


As we get to celebrate 30 years of vivid existence on the 15th March 2023, we also remember all our fallen Old Students and Staff members whom the Lord has called. May their souls rest eternally in Peace.

Photos from The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges's post 27/02/2023

Remembering and Celebrating a wonderful Teacher, Anne Irene Mutonyi a Former Fine Art and Resident Tutor at Kabaka's Lake | Crown City Campus since 1999. She is now a fully qualified and registered Primary Teacher in Sweden a tactful goal she's recently achieved. We Congratulate her and wish her the best going forward.


Papa's Tribute,
"I wish to join all St. Law fraternity in celebrating the life of Papa, Mukiibi. At London College, we admired Papa's devotion all of us. There was never a time we felt more home in Uganda than when we were at London College.

Mr. Mukiibi encouraged us, he gave us hope and reason to work hard while remaining simple. That’s the legacy I will always follow.

I know we’ll all remember him for so many other things. I still see Prof at the assembly encouraging us.

From Kenya I join the rest in paying tribute to the great mentor. RIP Papa! Conrad Oronyi Kenyan OB London College.


"Papa was a man of great character and a man who could see what others call impossible very possible!. He believed in work done and not excuses and he would always tell us that, ”You cannot be a failure when you have passed through St. Lawrence Academy, Schools and Colleges”. I thank God I received his blessings in the year 2015 when he told me ”Chol, my son one day you will be a great leader in South Sudan ”May your Soul continue to rest in eternity Papa🙏🫡" Johnny Kyol Dëñg OB London College 2014-2019
For a bright future! London College Of St. Lawrence 2014-2019.


"As a religious prefect 2011/2012 at Crown City, Professor Mukiibi was an inspiration to us his sons and daughters. He was firm to his word but he could listen to you always.
He appreciated everyone's presence at Campus from the least to the greatest. We sincerely miss your sense of humility. Rest in peace Kibzo".
Alex Ssekanjako, National Seminary Ggaba.


The Jamaican Teacher, James Mugenyi.


"Paris Palais was a home away from home : glad I excelled there ..RIP papa and thanks for the scholarship you Gave me .. it was a life changing award" Sserwadda Derrick Mobile Laboratory Technologist OB Paris Palais Campus - London College.


"Mr Mukiibi aka daddy for Horizon campus taught me many things, however two things stand out . Procrastination is the thief of time and simplicity signifies the magnanimity of the soul.
You taught us to be bold, outspoken and ensure when we are in a room we stand out from the crowd. May your Soul rest in Peace" Sophie Sally Horizon campus 4R 2002 6R 2004.


"Dear, daddy Your legacy lives. I remember u became a father a friend the very first week i joined the Lawrence family, that was Crown City, we continued the journey to Horizon where I did my Alevel.
You loved punctuality, neatness, confident people, I cant say it all here if am to talk about you.
Each day was different and unique yet the same person wow., its just death but you're still live.
May your soul continue to rest with Angels. Amen". Keitetsi Rona OG Crown City -Horizon.


Practical Education - we all had that Teacher who could go an extra mile to make sure every student understood a particular topic. Mention yours.


"Papa was a loving person , every Thursday reminds me of him as he could attend our assembly every Thursday at Paris. Smartness was his favorite because if you are smart outside then definitely u must be smart even in the brain.
Simplicity defines it all RIP Professor Lawrence Mukibii you will live in our hearts for ever 💪💪💪💪" Nela from South Sudan, OG Paris Palais and St Lawrence University.


"I was there for one term but I loved his principle, too simple and nice. Yali mugabi nga Jjanzi . There was a day he called a senior one student whom I don't remember quite well but he was smart. There and then he (Prof Mukiibi) was like you are a prefect in my office from now. He loved talent wow . Just learned how to do somethings from him . May he rest with the king" Banjo Peter G OB St Lawrence.


Throw Back Friday. Share your moment of Chakamuchaka?


H.E Jessica Rose Epel Alupo, the ninth and current vice president of the Republic of Uganda is the newly installed St. Lawrence University Chancellor.

Photos from The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges's post 23/02/2023

Congratulations to all the St Lawrence University Graduates. Go out there and light your candles for a Bright Future. Amen

Photos from The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges's post 23/02/2023

"Dear late Professor Lawrence Mukiibi,
Your legacy lives on in the hearts of all the students you have touched with your kindness and unwavering passion for education. Your welcoming nature and love for every student was unforgettable and we will always cherish the memories we have of you.

Rest in peace, Professor Mukiibi. Your impact on our lives and the education system will never be forgotten". Kato Ashiram OB 2014-2019. Cyber Security Enthusiast working at Syntech Associates Limited


"My Father loved people, he was a people person. He was very approachable and accommodative" Maria Justine Tulina, Rector The St Lawrence Academy Schools and Colleges


"I miss Mr Mukiibi so so much. He was a very unique man. If heaven had visiting hours, I would surely visit him there. He was the 2nd father to me. I pray God extends you closer to him, may God reward you for all your beautiful deeds because even in death, I still love and appreciate all that you gave us.

Madam Tulina was my mentor, a woman after my heart, she shaped me and loved me. Thank you so much for being there for me in all. Am a good mother and a good wife because of you. May God bless you ❤️❤️" Arie B Kutos OG Horizon Campus working with UBOS.


"Prof Mukiibi's love for Kenyans was on another level. Products of St Lawrence and especially London College can be easily identified in a group of people. I will never forget the "Procrastination is the thief of time" anthem at every assembly. Continue RIP"
OB London College - 2005-2006 Ajowi K'ochollah Accountant, GA Insurance Kenya.


"...for the 6 years I was at Horizon, I never saw him (Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi) scold any of his employees like some Ugandan Bosses do.

I remember one time he came to the dinning to see the lunch we were eating, it was a Matooke and meat day but as you know, sometimes you can cook Matooke negakola empathy and it turns out not yellow like the usual so that was one of those days when the Matooke wasn't looking like usual, he lined up with his plate to taste our food and the cooks weren't expecting to see him in the line coz his food was already taken to his office.

I remember how the cook looked scared to serve him that blackish looking Matooke and he was like, "Nyabo, mpa emere!" she hesitated like twice coz that's not the food she would have loved to serve her Boss but when she eventually served him, he was like, Naye Nyabo ofumbye. Laba emere jotuwade leero byefanana!" In a very calm way then he continued. I believe that's how he would keep everyone doing their job well even in his absence coz he could do surprise visits when you aren't expecting him but at the same time he would correct you in a kind way.

His legacy is living on through all of us who had a chance to be taught something by him, in my work, I remember his words, in social settings I still remember his words and in my everyday life. Thank you Prof. Mukiibi for shaping us into the individuals we are today. 🙏🍀❤". Judith Kyalimpa

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