Ssozi schools saloon deals in trimming pupils and students hair in schools It is currently working with almost 30 schools on both mityana and entebbe road.

Ssozi schools saloon is a company which was set up to deliver the service of trimming students hair in schools . The company ensures that u get the best from them because they have workers who understand what do . Ssozi schools saloon can be reached by contacting them on 0703092546/ 0776018500/ 0701739576 or on facebook Elvisjackmukiibi or Ssozi schools saloon page. Ssozi schools saloon is willin


We are thankfully that the term has began and we are willing to serve you

Timeline photos 28/08/2017

Nanti Mukiibi Elvis the marketer

Photos from Mukiibi's post 15/08/2017

Thanks to home care
Meet u next term nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer

Photos from Mukiibi's post 01/08/2017

This was lubiri high school buloba campus
Thanks for welcoming us
Nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer

Timeline photos 26/07/2017

We thank u for the support and we shall never stop to work hard

Timeline photos 16/07/2017

The lord who gives power and happiness will make us reach far.
Elvisjack Mukiibi THE marketer at ssozi schools saloon

Timeline photos 02/07/2017

My dia friends if u think that making money is easy try and ask a close friend. Money is made by people who are willing to sacrifice for something which happens in the future. I no longer live my life for now i live for the future bse i have big targets
Nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON



Photos from Mukiibi's post 27/06/2017

Thanks to the management of lubiri high school for the warm welcome of ssozi schools saloon
From the marketer Elvisjack Mukiibi

Timeline photos 20/06/2017

coming are the days when u no longer need to look for workers where by workers are just flooding.
I love the spirit which is in me because of the courage that it gives to me and forever i will work on the influence of it. Never wait to start as u start u will know the challenges involved and u solve them earlier, never run away from hardship . Always know your weakness
2017 u must open my gates of prosperity in Jesus's name
SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON U MUST BE MY FOUNDATION Nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer

Timeline photos 13/06/2017

Hello good morning my beloved friends it is a blessed Tuesday let us go out and hustle since no one will hustle for us. I Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON am already in the field looking for clients , because clients are not the ones to look for me. I do all what i do not forgetting that the mighty God is the provide and the overall controller ( katonda ayamba beyamba) 👏

Timeline photos 12/06/2017

Whenever i think of a life that i want to live i just can't sit down and think things will happen automatically. I know hard work pays but it also painful.
So my dia friends don't expect anything from somebody even if your parents bse u may end up disappointed, just know your strength and your possibilities Nanti elvisjackmukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON 0703092546/0776018500

Timeline photos 08/06/2017

Even if the journey seems to be tough i will endure bse the almighty God who created knows that i was born a successor and i will never fail.
I will fight and fast bse of what i feel in my blood. Nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON

Timeline photos 06/06/2017

My success must help the people around me so my beloved friends just wait a short while u will be informed of the vacancies in SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON
By Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer

Timeline photos 30/05/2017

NKUMBANIANS don't there miss a blast which has never been in nkumba before can't wait to see setting up saloon in school.
Guys this is gonna be fantastic and fabulous

Timeline photos 28/05/2017

Nkumbanians thank u for the blast we shall also be available by tomorrow morning we are here to do your great work # SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer

Photos from Mukiibi's post 27/05/2017

Nkumba secondary are u ready SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON will be at your school on 29 /05/17 so be ready to see the work with experience Nanti elvisjackmukiibi the chief marketer at SSOZI

Ssozi at work 27/05/2017



Although am offline it doesn't mean that i am sleeping but it means that am in the field struggling for my future i am sowing sweat and pain so that my future will be in happiness

Timeline photos 16/05/2017

We are officially yet to look for other marketers to join ssozi schools saloon so be ready to join us because unemployment must be conquered
No need for job experience just English and confidence are the basics # Elvisjack Mukiibi chief marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON

Timeline photos 14/05/2017

A good mng to you all my beloved friends I am happy to be alive again really what the Lord has done for me i cannot tell , I thank God for the favour he has be stored on me .And i pray he my pour out blessings to the work of my hands nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON . May u all have a blessed Sunday


Two weeks to go # SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON 0703092546 # Elvisjack Mukiibi the chief marketer

Timeline photos 09/05/2017

Success comes from ideas and the dreams that make us not to sleep the whole night will one day turn our struggles into our biography. So keep your ideas valuable because we have the dream that one day one time SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON will need more than 1000 marketers and more than 1000 barbers . Whereby they will be dealing in trimming students and pupils hair in schools 📚 . Elvisjack Mukiibi wishes u are happy holiday meet u all on 29 / 05/17

Timeline photos 05/05/2017

It is a final day the students and pupils are going back home for there holidays so we wish them a nice holiday from Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at ssozi schools saloon 0703092546/0776018500

Timeline photos 28/04/2017

Hello friends it is a friday i have been busy the whole day nanti Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer at SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON approaching schools which are closing today but all in all now am done so please if u get any school which needs our services kindly contact us on 0703092546/ 0776018500

Timeline photos 26/04/2017

Hello good mng my fellow humans it is a wonderful day of wednesday somehow cold but work must go on Elvisjack Mukiibi is already in the field looking for the market in schools so please if u get any schools which needs our service of trimming students hair we shall be grateful for your support # SSOZI SCHOOLS SALOON # 0703092546/ 0776018500/0701739576

Timeline photos 24/04/2017

Hello good mng dear friends it is a monday Elvisjack Mukiibi the marketer is already in the field looking for market in different schools so please if u have any school wic needs our services pleaase contact us on 0703092546/ 0776018500/0701739576

Timeline photos 23/04/2017

It was a warm and couragious welcome at rockford in kajjansi

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