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According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2020 report, 70% of Uganda's working population is employed in the agricultural sector, which heavily lacks sufficient and innovative practices for successful development.

Read this insightful piece with Rim Elijah, VP of Sales at EOSDA in, covering how young farmers in can take on to overcome the challenges of an underdeveloped industry and realize its full potential.

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Uganda Bureau of Statistics has released the 2019/20 National Household Survey Report.
In summary, this is Uganda today:

1. Total population = 41m

2. Average family size = 4.6 persons (largest in Teso 5.9 and smallest in Kampala 3.4)

3. Popn below 18yrs = 54%

4. Urban population = 27%

5. Net pri sch enrollment = 91%

6. Net sec sch enrollment = 27% (Highest in Kampala 52%; lowest in Acholi 7%)

7. Literacy rate = 76% (adults only 72%)

8. Popn with non-communicable diseases = 3.5%

9. Popn that abuse alcohol = 18%(highest in Karamoja 48%; lowest in Busoga 4%)

10. Health insurance coverage = 4% (down from 5% in 2017)

11. Ugandans working (o/o working age popn) = 74% (down from 79% in 2017)

12. Agric workers = 68% (up from 64% in 2017)

13. Child labour = 28%

14. Improved water source = 79%

15. 3 in 10 Ugandans have improved toilet

16. Connection to grid electricity = 19% (down from 22% in 2017)

17. Connection to solar = 38% (up from 18% in 2017)

18. Mobile phones = 74%

19. Radios = 32% (down from 45% in 2017)

20. Television = 19% (up from 17% in 2017)

21. Computers = 2%

22. Internet use = 83% for social networking; 16% for business

23. HHs operating a business = 31% (down from 38% in 2017)

24. Source of capital = 81% own savings (loans from banks 0.4%)

25. HHs in subsistence economy = 39% i.e. 3.5m from 3.3m in 2017.

26. Population in poverty = 20.3% (down from 21.4% in 2017)

27. Total population in poverty = 8.3m (up from 8m in 2017)

28. Poverty distribution: Acholi 68%, Karamoja 66%, Bukedi 35%, Busoga 29%, Kigezi 28%, Lango 23%, Teso 22%, West Nile 17%, North Buganda 14%, Elgon 13%, Ankole 13%, Tooro 13%, Bunyoro 10%, South Buganda 7%, Kampala 2%.

29. Contribution to national poverty by region: Busoga 14.5%, Bukedi 10.4%, Acholi 10.3%, Northern Buganda 8.1%, Teso 7.1%, Karamoja 6.5%, Tooro 6.5%, Ankole 6.4%, Lango 5.4%, South Buganda 5.3%, West Nile 5.2%, Kigezi 5.2%, Bunyoro 4.3%, Elgon 4.1%, Kampala 0.5%.

30. Regions where poverty has reduced: West Nile (from 35% in 2017 to 17% in 2020), Bunyoro (from 17% to 10%), Teso (from 25% to 22%), Elgon (from 35% to 13%)🤔 Bukedi (from 44% to 35%), Busoga (from 38% to 29%), South Buganda (from 9% to 7%), Kampala (from 3% to 2%).

31. Regions where poverty increased: Acholi (from 33% in 2017 to 68% in 2020), Ankole (from 7% to 12%), Karamoja (from 60% to 66%), Lango (from 16% to 23%), Kigezi (from 12% to 28%), Tooro (from 11% to 13%), and North Buganda (from 11% to 14%)

Source: UBOS (2021)
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what are the latest widow statistics in Uganda and which region is affected most.
PLease UBOS we worked for little money under harsh conditions and walking long distances but you still don't want to pay us,people of Rubirizi we haven't received our money pliz pay us
You people better wake up, the enumerators are being paid 150000, yet walking into 4-5 villages in the vast land of Uganda, I promise you, if you don't turn up, You will here unspeakable news, they cook data, work for only four days, am concerned, because that's what am hearing
Hello ubos..... We are surprised in NTUNGAMO............ We applied but up to now, we have no updates....
Kindly let us know what is going

The official governmental agency responsible for coordinating , monitoring and supervising the Natio

Operating as usual


Government approves the carrying out of the National Population and Housing Census in August 2023. The Census night has been fixed for 24th/25th August 2023.

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter 02/09/2022

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter

Inflation for the year ending August 2022 increases to 9.0% from the 7.9% registered in July 2022. Matooke, Beans, Maize, Transport, among other's inflation has increased leaving the buyer with less items with same amount of money he or she used last month -July 2022.

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter “ Inflation heightens in the year ending August 2022. Matooke, Beans, Maize, Transport, among other's inflation has increased leaving the buyer with less items with same amount of money he or she used last month -July 2022. ”

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter 02/09/2022

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter

Inflation for cabbages, Maize, water melon, petrol and other items increases

UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics on Twitter “ Inflation for Cabbages, Water Melons, Petrol, Charcoal, Bus fares increased as of the August findings. ”


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Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 29/07/2022

Karamoja deprivations rank highest; years of schooling 69%, school attendance 59%, access to toilets 97%, over crowding 66%, Electricity 88%, housing 93%, Financial services 75%. 67% of Kampala people are deprived access to toilets.
Poverty incidence 2019/20 stands at 42.1%, 2016/17 was 44.3%. Intensity of poverty stands at 54.7% and 56.4% respectively. Northern Ug has the highest levels followed by Western. Kigezi recorded the highest increase in poverty followed by Ankole.
Poverty incidence above National average: Acholi 63.6%, West Nile 59.1%, Lango 57%, Teso 55.6%, Kigezi 48.4%, Bunyoro 45.7%, Tooro 45.5% and Busoga 45.1%. The Incidence was lowest in Kampala 0.4%, Buganda South 18%, Buganda North 31.5%.

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 29/07/2022

The Multi~Dimensional Poverty Index report shows that 76% people were deprived access to improved toilets, housing materials 65%, Financial services 26% (from 8% in 2016/17). Rural Depreivations in years of schooling, Improved water, housing materials, child labour double those of Urban areas. Deprivations in the Northern region are higher and above the National average, compared to other regions. Eastern is most deprived in productive employment, Child labour WHILE Western is consistently deprived in access to safe Water


ED UBOS: We are not ready to roll out the Parish Development model. Data collection is still going on and some areas like cities and municipalities have not started. Data collection is financially constrained because PDM money was sent to the districts and most of it was used for other things, it is not there! About 1% of work has been done in Kampala and Wakiso. The country should be patient so that we generate data for the rightful people to benefit

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 12/07/2022

The Population Census is set for September 2023. Preparatory activities are on course. Mapping and Cartographic Assistants have taken the Oath of Secrecy before the ED to aid Census Mapping of the different areas.

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 11/07/2022

It's been a good and successful event as we celebrated the World Population Day 2022 at Boma Grounds, Kumi district. The event was graced by the Rt. Hon. PM Robinah Nabbanja.
Theme:"A World of 8 billion:Towards a resilient future for all-Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all."


Following the recent pronouncement by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda being in the Middle Income status, some reports from the World bank disputed the stand and said it was far from reality. UBOS and World Bank held a meeting to reconcile the statistics and both parties agreed on the following;


UBOS and the World Bank are issuing a statement on the State of Uganda' s Economy in a Press Briefing tomorrow. The briefing is scheduled for 10am in the UBOS Conference Hall, Level 1, Statistics House.

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 04/07/2022

UBOS has today held a high level meeting with officials from World Bank-Africa, Bank of Uganda, Ministry of Finance and other Stakeholders discussing the State of Uganda's Economy, after World Bank disputed Uganda's Middle income status. The meeting has ended on a positive note and details of the discussions are yet to be shared in a common statement.


The Monthly Headline Inflation for June 2022 increased by 1% compared to the 1.5% rise of May 2022. Transport increased by 1.9% compared to 3% rise of May 2022. Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ increased by 1.0%, May was 0.2%. Gulu registered the highest Inflation of 10.4% from 8.4% of May 2022. Arua ranked 2nd at 9.8% from 7.1% of May. Mbarara was lowest at 4.7% down from 5.8% of May.


Petrol Inflation rose to 45.9% from 35.8% of May 2022. Kerosene Inflation rose to 37.1% in June, May 2022 was 23%. Tomatoes inflation rose to 56.7%, May 2022 was 41.5%. Annual Inflation for Non-Durable (ND) goods rose to 13% from 10.9% of May 2022. Annual Semi-Durable Goods (SD) Inflation shot to 4.2% in June 2022 from 3.7% of May. Annual Inflation for Durable (D) goods decreased to 2.3% from 3% of May 2022.


The Annual Inflation (June 2021 - June 2022) has increased to 6.8%, from 6.3% registered in May 2022, due to increase in Core Inflation to 5.5% in June from 5.1 of May 2022. Maize Flour inflation rose to 48.3%, May was 39.5%. Annual Transport Inflation decreased to 1.7% in June, May was 4.4%. Energy, Fuel and Utilities Inflation rose to 14.2% from 12% of May 2022.


The preliminary estimates of GDP indicate that the economy is estimated to grow by 4.6% during the FY 2021/22 compared to the revised growth of 3.5% in 2020/21.


Uganda's Economy in norminal terms increased to UGX 162,123 Billion in 2021/22 from 148,310 Billion in 2020/21. In a decade, the size of the economy has more than doubled!

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 17/06/2022

UBOS Executive Director Dr. Chris N. Mukiza upholds Statistics during the Uganda Annual SDG Conference. He notes that; We should have qualified Statisticians in Statisti,so offices if we are to realise the worth of Statistics both in MDAs and Local Governments. Planning ought to be directed by Statistics .


The monthly Inflation for May increased by 1.5%, April 2022 had a rise of 1.4%. This was due to inflation rise in;
Transport 3%
Personal care 1.1%
Furnishings 1.1%
Alcoholic beverages, To***co 1.0%
Mbale registered the highest inflation at 8.5%, followed by Gulu at 8.4% while Kampala Low Income registered a 5.1% inlfation rise, from the 4.8% recorded in April 2022.
The Annual core inflation shot to 5.1% from 4.3% of April. This was due to other goods annual inflation that rose to 7.8% from 6.6% of April 2022. Services Inflation also rose to 2% from 1.7% of April.


The Annual Headline inflation for the month ending May 2022 soared to 6.3% above the 5% upper limit of the BOU monetary policy target. This was due to a rise in inflation of;
Matooke, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, maize grain by 11%
Transport by 4.4% Diesel shot 54%
Personal care 3.9%
Furnishings 17.3%
Alcoholic beverages, To***co, Narcotics 2.3%
Recreation, Sport 3.3%
On the average, the retail price for a Kg of maize flour costs 2,700, compared to 1,806 in May 2021. Tomatoes costed 3,263 in May 2022 compared to 2,378 in May 2021. Cooking oil costed 11,111 in May 2022, May 2021 was shs7,344.


Prof. Twaha Kaawaase, 1st Dep. PM
This strategic plan will help us to better people's health, education, finances
We cannot come to terms with Central Govt for support without valid statistics
Kingdom initiatives to flourish due to this plan Buganda Kingdom

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 03/06/2022

UBOS joined the Buganda Kingdom to launch the Buganda Kingdom Strategic Plan for Statistics 2022~2026. This is a five year plan on which Buganda Kingdom is premising all interventions aimed at helping it's subjects in the areas of Health, Education and poverty alleviation. While launching the plan, the UBOS ED Dr Chris Mukiza said;
# We need clean Statistics for effective planning.
# Pledged to give Buganda More ICT equipment including tablets for data collection
# We will dedicate more staff including a Senior Statician to the Budanda statistics department.
# We will use the strategic plan to even lobby for funding from within and from the Donor community
# We are ready to enrol other kingdoms and Religious domains towards the Statistics cause Buganda Kingdom

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 03/06/2022

The UBOS ED Dr Chris Mukiza has launched the Data collection tool for the Parish Development Model baseline data collection exercise. He says that this tool is going to aid faster data collection and consequent processing and dissemination of results.
Data collection starts 10.06.2022 and end by 24.06.2022
Beneficiaries of the PDM are people still surviving on subsistence economy (39%)
Mr. Peter Ogule from the ministry of ICT and national guidance added that the PDM baseline information is needed for easy planning by Govt based on the data to be collected. He says that he trusts the trained team and it will perform as expected.


Today Tuesday 31.05.2022 ,11:00am we are set to release the Inflation figures for the month ending May 2022, in the UBOS conference Hall. This will give an indication of how prices for different commodities have been changing over time through the month of May. We will surely keep you posted.

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 12/05/2022

UBOS is conducting the Uganda Business Inquiry (UBI), a survey that collects data on the key Economic indicators. In studio is Ms. Betty Nawoova ~ Principal Statistician & Mr.Joshua Mubulire Communications officer. Tune in and I treat with us

UBOS on Twitter 11/05/2022

UBOS on Twitter

Catch us again tonight 8:00pm to 9:00pm for an insightful discussion on the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey that UBOS is yet to conduct alongside other partners. Just tune your Stereo to 93.9 Namirembe Fm. Feel free to interact with is and ask any questions inline with the Topic

UBOS on Twitter “ Catch us again tonight 8:00pm to 9:00pm for an insightful discussion on the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey that UBOS is yet to conduct alongside other partners. Just tune your Stereo to 93.9 Namirembe Fm. ”

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 10/05/2022

ARMED FOR DUTY: All is set for UBOS to undertake the Uganda Demographic & Health Survey (UDHS). The team has been furnished with tool of work including a bag, Tablet, Gum boots and Umbrella to facilitate the ex*****on. They have pledged to keep all information got from the respondents confidential, through swearing the Oath of secrecy.


Preparations for the Uganda Demographic & Health Survey (UDHS 2022) are on and all is set to have the teams roll out to the different districts to collect data about the different Health Indicators. Catch us tonight, Monday 8:00 - 9:00pm on 87.9 FM Akaboozi ku bbiri as we unveil more about this survey and what Ugandans and the rest of the world should expect at the end of it all.

Photos from Uganda Bureau of Statistics's post 09/05/2022

SERVING YOU BETTER: The UBOS Communication and Dissemination section is exploring ways of serving the Public better, as we live upto the UBOS mandate of collecting and disseminating accurate, timely and dependable statistics. Please advise us on how we can do it better to your utmost satisfaction. We have started with a review of the website

UBOS on Twitter 27/04/2022

UBOS on Twitter

More about yesterday's media breakfast

UBOS on Twitter “ We are to make our data more clean and user friendly to the public, through this partnership with the Media”


It is a great loss to our Kenyan counterparts, the EAC and the world over as we mourn a fallen hero and 3rd president of the Republic of Kenya, H.E Emilio Mwai Kibaki. President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed his death today at mid day. MHSRIEP


According to the Uganda National Household Survey 2019/20, 54% of Uganda’s population is below 18 years

Migration statistics:

When asked about people migrating from one area to another,
24% of the population migrated in search for jobs while 30% migrated to join family members


HULLO Friends, our WhatsApp number has changed to +256750747176. The Africell number has been outphased since the Telecom exited business in Uganda. We regret the inconvenience.


A while back we announced vacancies for Data Entry and Data Editors for the National Livestock Census. Training of the successful candidates starts 9th April, 7.30am in the UBOS conference .

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