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Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 17/04/2024

ASUU is pleased to celebrate Azande students who graduated today among whom a promising future leader Mboritini Mark Zaza is and Woduapai Jackline
Congratulations to you all


The culture of Azande Kingdom being demonstrated by the daughter of Azande Kingdom singer Sweet J

Nancy Introduces Moses Coming Soon 12/03/2024

Witness the union of two rich African cultures as Nancy introduces Moses! Azande Kingdom meets the Acholi People of Uganda in a celebration of love and tradition. Watch, subscribe, and share this beautiful moment with others!


Nancy Introduces Moses Coming Soon Filmed By Bazande Pictures


Greetings to the entire Azande Students and people in Uganda.

The first lady, the cabinet members and the students of Azande students' Union in Uganda surprised the president H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase today 9th March as it was his birthday 🎂.

The president was so surprised as he rushed in to the office to solve urgent matter as claimed by the organisers however he was politicised so that he could reach the office so fast to get the surprise

In speeches of different ministers and students, they testified the good leadership of H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel and as an inspirational young leader to others he portrays good leadership

The president on the other hand expressed his happiness for the love the students, the cabinet and the first lady showed him of his birthday of which he had no idea of any celebration citing that they made his day joyful

He further encouraged the students and cabinet members to;
Have interest in leadership
Take responsibilities at the churches
Love one another
Have support to each other
Participate in leadership in their different schools
Respect the Azande leaders at state and national level in South Sudan
Read books hard to avoid retakes etc

Long live Mr President Kubako Nelson

Thanks all
Stay blessed and always tune to ASUU forum.

ASUU Information Minister.

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 06/01/2024

Azande students Union in Uganda received a brand new motorcycle from the deputy governor of Western Equatoria State Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime

The kind support of the deputy governor and the Rt. Hon speaker Dr Jemma Nunu Kumba is a blessing to the students and more appropriation goes to them
Your continuous support signifies your good leadership and the love to your people

Thank you so much for your endless support


*Azande students Union in Uganda*

The leadership of Azande students Union in Uganda under H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase wishes H.E Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime the deputy governor of W.E.S journey mercies back home

We register our sincere appreciation for the love the deputy governor is always showing the Azande and Western Equatorians living in Uganda more especially the students

We thank you so much for coming to spend both Christmas festival and new year with us

You have supported the Azande people in numerous ways we can't say right from organising football matches to the youth that brought them together promoting peace and unity
The various contributions you have made in the churches to support the work of God among the Azande and all the Western Equatorians living in Uganda and contributions to support youth activities more especially in Bweyale refugee settlement not forgetting the donation of motorcycles to Azande students Union in Uganda and the Gbudue football club to mention a few
Your generosity brings people together as peace and unity reins

We wish more of the Azande leaders would be doing the same we feel a complete unity and peace among Azande and work together for the development of Azande land.

Thank you so much for supporting ASUU.

ASUU leadership wishes you safe travels back home

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 04/01/2024

ASUU President Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase visited Bweyale refugee settlement to celebrate New year with the Azande living in the camp

The Azande living in Bweyale were so happy to receive the president of the students' Union and warmly welcomed him

In his speech, H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel appreciated the Azande living in the camp more especially the organising committee including the elders for carrying out activities that bring people together as sign of unity.

He appreciated the deputy governor Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime in his absence for his endless support to the Azande students' body as he has bought a new motorbike to ASUU.

H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel further encouraged the crowd to support the government of South Sudan as it's the role of the youth because the power of the country is the youth. Our government is working tirelessly to bring everlasting peace and unity among South Sudanese

He advised the Azande to identify the pillars of Azande now at top government level who are making tirelessly for the smooth way of Azande and support them
Azande should not post bad things about their leaders he said
Rt. Hon. Speaker Dr Jemma Nunu Kumba is a loving mother of Azande who deserves more support

Hon. Bangasi Bakoro who is now the presidential affair minister is working hard for the wellbeing of Azande and many other Azande

He encouraged them to keep unity among them and live as one people
The language of segregation by origin should not continue among the students

He offered to support two students to senior four (4) students in Bweyale refugee settlement and offered 6 dazens of exercise books to promote pazande teaching in Bweyale

As we live in Uganda, we should know that we are people of the kingdom and our king Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue is a wisdom gifted king from God therefore people should live in respect and observe the culture of Azande he emphasized.

ASUU remains committed to work for the wellbeing of Azande students in Uganda

The Azande living in Bweyale are more organized and United. The celebration brought together so many people and that's great sign of unity.


When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 24/11/2023

The president of greater Equatoria students Union H.E Mark Zaza and the president of Azande students Union in Uganda H.E Kubako Nelson with his speaker Rt Hon Tambua Stephen went up to Kumi university to attend the graduation of many South Sudanese where Azande students happened to be among like two of them
They also witnessed the exchange of power by the leadership of international students at Kumi university.

The students at Kumi university expressed their happiness and appreciated H.E Mark Zaza for the good sign of unity in him also coming along with other students' leaders

The Azande students and other South Sudanese were happy to receive H.E Kubako Nelson, his speaker and the other delegates

The event was colourful and blessed
Speaking to the graduands and the continuing students, the leaders emphasized more on unity of young South Sudanese and focus on studies as the country waits for them to be productive.

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 17/11/2023

Congratulations to our Azande students who graduated today at Team university Kampala-Uganda.

We celebrate your achievements today and wishing you more in your next journey

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 26/10/2023

The Education Ministry of Azande Students'Union in Uganda under the leadership of H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase is honoured to celebrate the Azande students who have graduated today from Nkumba University in different levels of education starting from PhD, Masters, Bachelor's degree, diploma and certificate of different courses. All your hard work and dedication have led you all to this remarkable milestone in your lives.

Today, we witness the transformation of countless dreams into reality. Your diverse courses of study have equipped you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact on society. Your journey has been a testament to your resilience and perseverance.

Remember, as you step into the world beyond the classroom, you carry the torch of education. Your learning doesn't end here; it's a lifelong journey. Continue to embrace the spirit of curiosity and keep striving for excellence in all that you do.

With this, let me leave you with an inspiring quote by Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Use your education to bring about positive change, not just in your lives but in the lives of others and the community.

Jonathan Bage represented the Azande culture in his dressing code, uplifting the name of Azande people high

Once again, congratulations to our graduates from Nkumba University. We are proud of your accomplishments and we look forward to seeing the great things you all will achieve in the future.

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 23/10/2023

Good evening to all the Azande Students in Uganda.

ASUU government under the leadership of H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase held a meeting on Saturday 21st October 2023 at ASUU office with the advisors and elders of Azande in Uganda

A lot were discussed on the progressive path of ASUU

In the meeting, the ASUU Vice minister of finance Justin Bage Elisa John took oath since swearing in ceremony happened in his absence to start working as part of the Cabinet members

In the meeting, there were a number of achievements that have been done by the current ASUU government which were presented.

During the meeting, the entire ASUU Cabinet members together with the elders came up with the following resolutions.

Resolution 1
All the Ministers were to follow the ASUU constitution , know their roles , associate with different people , go to church and have love with respect for one another together with the Students.

Resolution 2
The ASUU office was to re-study the business of money lending since it's kinda risky for students'union

Resolution 3
The ASUU Cabinet decided on the issue of having a board of Advisers within the Union who are the union will be accountable for, with the reports before electing a new leader.

The ASUU President also emphasized the issue of registration for both the ASUU leaders and Students. All the leaders and Students were urged to register and become fully members of the ASUU.

Resolution 5
The ASUU also discussed how to get assets that can bring in income for the Union since the Union has no reliable source of Income to support Students' affairs.

Resolution 6
The elders urged the ASUU leaders to emphasize the policy of teaching Pazande language to the Azande Students in Uganda.

Advisor Dr. David Fugoyo Baime congratulated leadership ASUU upon getting an office and being transparent in their leadership. He encouraged all the ASUU leaders and Students to engage in activities that bring development to their Communities rather than using the Union assets for personal pleasures. He further encouraged ASUU to work even beyond Azande affairs to build network. ASUU should do something to start standing on their own like having Sustainability.

Elder Abraham Kamunde also urged the ASUU leaders to be mindful of relationships, not falling for early marriage since it is heavy duty to Students still learning in terms of spending money.

One of the media Personnel Alfred Zebruna(Bazande) encouraged the ASUU to invest in a simple business to help them get funds for their activities. The South Sudan Students Union Vice President Mrs. Namaku encouraged the union to be strict on Ministers who dont want do their roles towards the development of the Union.

Nawiso Wenepaida, encouraged the girls to take leadership serious and be examplary to others

In the same way Joseph Nashion encouraged ASUU government to have rule and regulations that guides the flow of their finances.

The meeting was attended by other Azande student's leader who participated greatly in the to make sure ASUU movers forward. These were;
H.E Mark Zaza president of greater Equatoria students
H.E Namaku Natalia Vice President of South students' union in Uganda
H.E Nelson Friday president of Gbudue FC
Azande students' lawyer Inipaivuru Zamoi was also in the meeting

This meeting was a fruitful meeting as the main focus was on ASUU progress.

Thanks all
Always tune to ASUU forum.

Kiweyo Gabriel
ASUU Information Acting Minister.


As you start your weekend, accept greetings from Hon. Pia Philip Michael to the Azande students in Uganda and other parts of the world

He passes his greetings and encouragements.
As a student, use this weekend productive with things that can contribute to your progress in education.


Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 02/10/2023

Today 2/10/2023, the deputy governor of Western Equatoria State H.E Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime visited the office of Azande students' Union in Uganda, Kampala main office

The students' leaders in Uganda were so excited because he is the first leader to visit the office since it was opened.

They presented to him the things they were able to achieve within the short period since inauguration, among them was obtaining an office space, supporting some students with tuition, rentals, conducting the general assembly and swearing in the Right Honorable speaker of the union to say the least.
The governor was so appreciative of what the leadership of Azande students'Union in Uganda was able to do within this 3 month in the office, he promised his continuous support to the students' Union.

He encouraged the students' leaders to maintain unity among the students in Uganda and focus on their education much as they are leading the union.
In the struggle to reduce the issue of pregnancy and school dropouts amongst the students he encouraged the boys to protect their sisters so that they can study and excel.

He urged the Azande students to behave like children of the kingdom, love their kingdom respect and pray for it.

He emphasized that the students should love, respect and support their government, putting more emphasis on paying attention to the issues that matters in our country and state. He pledged with 200$ meant for the official registration of the union.

Long live H.E Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime
Long live the kingdom of Azande


*Here are some of the key points noted from His Majesty Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue the King of Azande Kingdom on 22nd September 2023 while confirming the allocated land for the Palace headquarter in Bazungua Payam.*

1 Thanks for accepting the Kingdom Headquarter to be here in Bazungua.

2 The Kingdom is not belongs to me, but to us.

3 The territory given to the government is where Municipality is ending, out of that consultation for any land have to be through Kingdom because traditional leaders own the land.

4 After the committee formed to draft guiding principle of the Kingdom which includes law that will be guiding the Land of the kingdom which start from Maridi to Nagero, illegally selling of land will be brought to unending as soon as possible.

5 Kingdom will soon start arresting people for illegal Land demarcation, selling or grabbing.

6 Paramount and sub chiefs should register all their people to know how many people they are ruling with their exactly number.

7 As you have already accepted the kingdom headquarter to be here with you, make sure you are peace lovers and God fearing people.

8 We need good culture of the people living in the kingdom.

9 Cultivate more food and make sure you eat together with others.

10 Alcohol will be forbidden in the kingdom since it is the enemy of development.

11 Our Youths, Elders and all the community living in the kingdom must be self employees rather than to wait for the little income of the government or NGOs.

12 Women should be allowed to give birth and stop using family plan because it is not part of our culture, we need more people to fill the land we have.

13 Eat organic food to be more energetic and be strong as people of the Kingdom.

14 Kingdom is going to eleminate or work hard to fight this more then culture of dancing, bad dressing code and promote best culture.

15 Unity, Peace, Love and Togetherness are the main focus of the Kingdom.

16 Kingdom is not going fight anyone existing in the land allocated for the palace headquarter.

17 To turn this place into town, there will be a demarcation of the land, opening of the roads, building schools, hospitals and access to clean water.

18 There will be allocation of land and cemetery especially for the tombs existing in the land allocated for the palace headquarter and those who may be affected as well.

19 Community must be hard workers, because as soon as possible more development will follow the kingdom and that will require the people living in the kingdom to be employed.

20 Kingdom is coming for the people, and there will be more changes to be made such as names of some areas among others.

21 There are many friends who are willing to come and support the kingdom and it needs only our commitment as people living in the kingdom.

22 Sub-Chiefs should work hard to attract many people to the areas, they are ruling, because we don't need too much bushes in the kingdom, we need to link all the near by bomas, Payam to each other.

23 Kingdom will have its capital in all the cities where it's territory start and end, that means from Maridi upto Nagero.

This are the few I managed to quote from the Speech of His Majesty King Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue the King of Azande Kingdom during his visit to Bazungua.

© Emmanuel Mandela

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 14/09/2023

Congratulations to our Azande students who graduated today from Victoria University in Kampala with bachelor’s degree. Nelson Sagbayo the assistant patron of Azande Students Union in Uganda graduated with Bachelor’s degree of Human nutrition and dietetics and Mborifue Joshua graduated with Bachelor’s degree in public health.
Minister of information :Gift Samuel Esau

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 26/08/2023
Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 26/08/2023

🎉 Celebrating a Milestone: Official Opening of Azande Students' Union Executives Office! 🎉

Warm greetings members and friends of the Azande Students' Union in Uganda, we are thrilled to share that on Friday, 25th August, 2023, a momentous event took place as we inaugurated our brand new Azande Students' Executives Office. This significant step forward will empower us to better serve our members and advance our collective aspirations.

The ceremony was graced with speeches by esteemed guests, including our founder, visionary leader Innocent Bati who laid the foundation for our journey years ago. He expressed his happiness to see what he started to keep growing to bring Azande together. Alongside them, we were honored to have comrade Kumbonyaki Anthony Bazingbi who emphasized on unity and delivered greetings from the Rt. honourable speaker, Jema Nunu Kumba and the deputy Governor Dr Kennedy Gaaniko Baime, he also delivered their pledges to support ASUU office respectively. We were blessed to have elder Denis Bambura, a former student leader who appreciated the leadership of H.E Kubako Nelson and advised him to unite all the students and pledged to support the office of ASUU. Furthermore, we had elder Nashion who advised that the office should be for numerous activities of ASUU. The presence of H.E Mark Zaza the president of the great Equatoria students union symbolised a sign of unity among the current and the previous leaders of Azande students.

Our dedicated Patron Mr Simon Mikanipare, a guiding light throughout our achievements, also joined us to commemorate this special occasion. Notably, the chief celebrant, Father Emmanuel, imparted his blessings upon this venture, making the day even more meaningful.
Highlighting the cultural richness of the Azande community. ASUU might sound like word of decision but it is identification and organisation he said.

The event was adorned by captivating performances by the Azande Royal dance crew, who added an enchanting touch to the proceedings.

With joy and pride, the ASUU President H.E Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase appreciated all the guests more especially the father in Christ who blessed the office. He stands firm to seal the gap between students and elders, church leaders, government, business people and the community. The union has had some achievements supporting four students to school within their one month in the office and establishing an office. He added that they have started library for the students in their office.

Father Emmanuel and our distinguished guests came together to officially cut the ribbon, signifying the opening of our new office. This symbolic act marked the beginning of a new chapter for our union. The celebrations continued with a cake-cutting ceremony, symbolising unity and togetherness, followed by a delightful feast that brought everyone together in camaraderie.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this achievement and shared in our celebration. Together, we look forward to realising our shared goals and fostering an even stronger Azande community.

To our Azande Students studying in Uganda and the broader Azande community, remember that you are the heart of our unity and strength. Your determination and commitment are what drive us forward. Together, let's continue to pave the path of success, embracing our roots and aiming for greater heights. Kindly enjoy the pictures from the event, capturing the essence of the day.

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 25/08/2023

Azande Students' Union in Uganda

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our brothers who have graduated today from Makerere Business Institute (MBI) and Makerere institute for social Development (MISD) respectively.
Your determinatin and hard work has resulted in to your achievement academically.

The society and the family is proud of you and we put you in the hands of the almighty God to bless your new journey in life. Once again congrats and thank you for increasing the number of graduates among the Azande people which inspires many to be committed to education.


The Azande king is expected to return from America not later than two days.
The kind was showered with much love by the Azande living in America and the whites too. We are blessed with the kingdom. Stay tuned and hear more when he returns.
Long live Bakindo Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 11/08/2023

A heartfelt congratulations to our Azande students (ASUU Finance Minister inclusive) who have graduated from Cavendish University Uganda on Thursday, 11th August, 2023. Your dedication and perseverance have resulted in this remarkable achievement. As members of the Azande Students’ Union in Uganda, we are immensely proud of your success and the example you have set for future generations. May this milestone be the stepping stone to a future filled with even greater accomplishments. Your hard work and resilience have paid off, and we are excited to witness the impact you all will make in the world. Well done, and best wishes for all your future endeavors!

The Ministry of Information,
Azande Students’ Union in Uganda
Hon. Gift Samuel Bagindo


📢 Announcement from the Education Ministry of Azande Students' Union in Uganda.

Warm greetings Azande Students' Union Members in Uganda.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! The Azande Students' Union has successfully secured a remarkable scholarship opportunity in collaboration with the South Sudan Embassy in Kampala. As of the August intake 2023, the embassy is offering 100 bursaries, covering 50% of the tuition fees, exclusively for St. Lawrence University's newly enrolling students. This incredible opportunity is available for both Bachelors’ of different courses and Master's degree program in the field of Business Administration only.

To be considered for this scholarship, all interested students must follow a specific application process. Firstly, it is essential that you obtain your Admission Letter from St. Lawrence University after applying for a course of your choice. Once you have received your Admission Letter, kindly reach out to the Azande Students' Union for further guidance.

In order to facilitate the application process, the Union will provide a signatory letter from our President, which will be addressed to the South Sudan Embassy. This letter will serve as an official endorsement from our Union, showcasing the high regard and support we have for our esteemed students.

We strongly encourage eligible students to take full advantage of this scholarship opportunity. It not only eases the financial burden of pursuing higher education but also represents a valuable chance to further develop your academic and professional skills.

Attached with this information is a detailed information of the courses and the slots available respectively. For more information and to initiate the application process, please message the Azande Students' Union page via messenger so that you can be sent the Education Minister's contact details. Our dedicated team will assist you in preparing the necessary documents and provide comprehensive guidance throughout the application journey.

Remember, education is the key to unlocking a brighter future, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Best regards,

Hon. Sunday Emmanuel Hezekiah
Education Minister.

Hon. Beneth Samuel Timatio
Deputy Education Minister.


His Majesty King Atoroba Peni Rikito jets to the United States of America for the 1st Anniversary celebration of the Azande Kingdom in the United States of America.

Date: 02-08-2023

HM, the King of the Azande kingdom Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue left South Sudan for the United States of America for the 1st Anniversary celebration organised by the Azande Community in USA which will take place this month August 2023.

King Atoroba will meet the Azande Community of North America and those from different parts of the USA

Long live Bakindo Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 03/08/2023

The arrival of His Majesty Atoroba Wilson Peni in the United States of America 🇺🇸

Photos from Azande Students' Union in Uganda - ASUU's post 31/07/2023

The leadership of Azande Students' Union in Uganda, led by President Kubako Nelson Samuel Manase, paid a special visit to the Namirembe church Azande congregation yesterday, Sunday, July 30, 2023. The goal of the visit was to praise God for the gift of life, talent, wisdom and of all the opportunity to lead the students, It was also intended to kick start the activity of the union all over the country.

The president coordinated this by making sure that the cabinet members created a praise hymn of unity to deliver to the audience, thanks be to the students who got the information and turned up in a large number.

President Kubako Nelson during his speech thanked the church for providing a platform for them to thank God via praise songs and to deliver a message of togetherness and peace among the Azande community.
In his speech, the president mentioned this is the beginning of the plan to visit all the Azande congregations in Uganda, next the cabinet will be going to St. Paul Muyenga on a date to be communicated as soon as possible.
He encouraged the Azande to attend programmes organised by the Azande Students' Body, drawing from the previous attitude of our community towards our events.
He encouraged people to attend Azande churches in Uganda to pray in their own language.
The president emphasised the loss of Azande culture, yet our monarchy warns against adopting other people's cultures.
He also encouraged students to take education seriously because it is the primary reason they are in a foreign nation. As is the culture of Azande, the youth should be God-fearing and respectful members of the community.

Dr. David Fugoyo Baime presided over the prayer. The theme was " *Why does God allow suffering in our lives?"*
The first reading was from Genesis chapter 3:1-19, while the second reading was from Revolution 21:1-4.
The preacher explained how suffering began as a curse from God when he was disobeyed. God never intended for Adam and Eve to break his laws.
Sin is something that appears attractive, and that is where most people turn, he explained.
For example, women suffer greatly during the birth process, but they can't stop going to men; they keep getting pregnant since God said so. Men eat as a result of God's curse.
To answer the question why God allows suffering?
According to the preaching, God allows hardship to discipline his people.
Suffering allows us to reflect on our lives.
God allows us to suffer in order to teach us something.
A person who has experienced pain is stronger than someone who has never experienced it. God wants us to be strong, yet most of us blame our suffering on others, such as our patients, but while you are hurting, thank of God. He went on to say that where there is suffering, there is God. Wealthy people do not ponder about God because they are happy.
What can you do while you're in pain?
1. Give thanks to God, praise him, and put your trust in him.
2. Don't give up and stay positive.
God sent Jesus Christ to end our agony, and we should trust in him. Even if we suffer as a result of Adam and Eve's transgression, God promises that those who believe in his son will have peace.

The prayer was huge and full of lessons to transform the Azande people's life. God is always with us. Have faith in Jesus Christ.


Warmest, wishes on this special day of yours ! . You’re a great inspiration to the Azande community and most importantly the Azande students in Uganda. Happiest birthday to you the minister of culture in Azande Students Union in Uganda

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