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P.O. Box 37581 Kampala Uganda +256782204850/ +256759204850 CDS, together with its partners aim at addressing the problem of road carnage by the year 2022.

Centenary Driving School Limited (CDS) is a Ugandan based start up automotive training institution dedicated to extending affordable and contemporary driving skills to Ugandan individual and institutional drivers in order to tremendously reduce road accidents resulting from ill trained drivers. The company that started its operations at the beginning of 2011 as a sole business and incorporated at

Operating as usual

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When we were taking training of forklift at NMS.
From the forklift control to the overhead guard and hydraulic lift, general knowledge about these main forklift components is a critical part of the forklift training test. Moreover, you must also know how to safely load and unload heavy loads while ensuring maximum efficiency. Please call us 0759204850 / 0782204850


All Driving Licences issued by Face Technology are due for renewal. Pass by any UDLS branch across


Come we process for you the driving licence at CENTENARY DRIVING SCHOOL KAMPALA call us 0759204850 / 0782204850.
The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, will this week carry out operations on All drivers & riders who do not possess valid driving licenses. (Without, out of class and those expired licenses). In accordance with Section 35 of the Traffic and Road Safety, amendment Act 2020, A person shall not drive any class of motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant on a road unless he or she is in possession of a copy of a valid driving license or a copy of a valid learner driving license in respect of that motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant.

Section 176 (1) any person who contravenes this part of this act commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding
300 currency points (6, 00, 000/=) or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both. In these operations offenders will be issued with EPS tickets in line with the EPS regulations 2013
 Operations among boda bodas targeting those without riding licenses, reflective jackets and helmets are to continue.
 Operations on drink & drive continue
 Sensitizations also continue.



You can still renew your Driving Licence even after it lapses. We do not cancel or delete Driving Licences out of our system.
Visit https://Centenarydrivingschool.
for more details on how to renew a lapsed Driving Licence.


Please join our channel WhatsApp group by clicking the link below or WhatsApp is //0859204850



Do you want to add a class in your permit please look no father CENTENARY DRIVING SCHOOL WILL HELP YOU IN FEW DAYS .
C1E-Goods motor vehicles of Group C1 coupled to a trailer the permissible maximum mass of which exceeds 750 kg but does not exceed 12t.
CE Goods motor vehicles having a permissible maximum mass exceeding 3,500kg,coupled to trailer the permissible maximum not exceeds 750 kg.

Call: +256759204850
WhatsApp. https://wa.me/+256759204850

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Come and learn how to drive and use a GRADER
It is the purpose of this Grader Operator Training to prepare an individual who will be competent to operate a grader on a variety of sites.

The objectives of this Grader Operator Training are:
To provide an overview of grading procedures, including an understanding of the uses, limitations, and capabilities of the equipment.
To provide an introduction to the principles of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. To acquaint students with job planning, equipment mobilization, site safety techniques, and equipment operating techniques.
To acquaint students with the operation of the grader in preparation for the graded road test.
The Grader Operator Training also provides training in drill-trenching, earthmoving calculations, and working plans. Instruction includes lectures, discussion of theory, demonstrations, and field work. Students study current grading practices and perform field exercises on graded problems.
WhatsApp is 0759204850

Licensed Driving Schools - Uganda Driver Licensing System 12/01/2024

Check thru the list of licensed driving schools in Uganda and find us also there Centenary Driving School



Practical Road Training,
Defensive Driving, Parking Lessons, Permit processing, Free Theory Classes,
Driving Licence/Permit Renewal, Basic Mechanics, Permit Class Extentions.
Uganda Driver Licensing System Certified.

Notable Services:
Practical Road Training
Permit Processing
Permit Class Extentions

Licensed Driving Schools - Uganda Driver Licensing System

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Super Link driving training ( should have code 14 license and you know how to drive a code14)
The Superlink full course is R10500 and covers both Theory and Practicals. Practicals include Driving Forward and most importantly reversing the truck.
A students attains superlink driving skills to drive a trailer truck with 2 containers where by on container is 20ft and another is 40ft.
After the learning process a students is awarded a nqf certificate and becomes a qualified super link driver who earn average salary of R15000 per month. Skills are attained at Fair Fee training centre at minimal fees.
Modules for super link truck driver course and their duties and responsibilities include
 Introduction
 Part 1 : Truck Driver Licences
 Part 2 : Driver Health and Safety
 Part 3: Vehicle Checks
 Part 4: Coupling and Uncoupling Trailers
 Part 5: Dimensions and Load Limits
 Part 6: Vehicle Control
 Part 7: Planning and Observing While Driving
 Part 8: Sharing the Road With Others and Speed Management
 Part 9: Vehicle Emergencies
 Part 10: Crashes
 Part 11: The Law
 Part 13: Safe Driving Tips
Outcome after the training
 Plan and prepare a truck for transportation.
 Operate a truck.
 Maintain operational documents and records.


1st ~20km/h, 2nd ~35km/h, 3rd ~ 50km/h, 4th ~75km/h , 5th ~ 90km/h. (Speedtest 1st ~40km/h to 50km/h, 2nd ~ 60km/h to 80km/h, 3rd ~ 80km/h to 120km/h, 4th 120km/h to 160km/h, 5th ~ >160km/h)


Learner drivers to take driving test every time they renew permit KENYA WILL TAKE LEADS IN ROAD SAFETY IN EAC/COMESA 2024
“We want to bring it to a 10-week wait time by the middle of 2024."

Learner drivers to take drivin...
Learner drivers will be expected to take the driving test every time they want to renew their permit, according to new plans revealed by Government.

Government hopes the measure can be brought across the line by year-end.

Some 30,000 people are on at least their third learner permit, according to the Road Safety Authority.


Junior Minister for Transport Jack Chambers said the reform would act as an incentive to do the test.

“We are bringing forwards and legislative changes which will force learner drivers to set a driving test before they can renew their learner permits,” he said.

“Presently, people can renew their learner's permit by only booking a test; this is resulting in an anomaly which is of concern to many.”

Wait time for learner drivers
Mr Chambers added many people treat the learner’s permit as if it is a full licence.

He also said issues within the current system will be tackled next year before reform is made to learner’s permits.

“In the first instance, we're determined to bring down the wait times that learner drivers are waiting for a driving test,” he said.

“We want to bring that to a 10-week wait time by the middle of 2024.

“After that, then we'll be bringing forward legislative changes to make sure we have a higher bar when people are renewing their learner permits to make sure there's an incentive to actually sit the driving test.”

Road safety
Cabinet recently approved the publication of Road Traffic Bill 2023. Mr Chambers previously said he wants to “accelerate” through the Oireachtas.

The bill includes drug testing at the scene of the crash, penalty points reform and reducing speed limits.

Some 181 people have died on Irish roads this year, compared to 155 in 2022 and 141 in 2019.

Mr Chambers previously said he is particularly concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on Irish roads.



On Wednesday, Members of Parliament raised concerns over extremely exorbitant and exploitative public transport fares by the motorists plying the Northern, West Nile, Eastern, and Western routes of Uganda ahead of the Christmas season weighing down on travelers.

The Ministry of Works and Transport is set to meet transport operators in a bid to regulate unnecessary hikes in public transport fares ahead of the festive season.

Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala said his Ministry will convene a meeting with leaders of the Uganda Taxi and Drivers Association (UTODA), the Federation of Taxi Operators (UTOF), and the Uganda Bus Drivers and Allied Association early next week to generate consensus on the fares.

On Wednesday, Members of Parliament raised concerns over extremely exorbitant and exploitative public transport fares by the motorists plying the Northern, West Nile, Eastern, and Western routes of Uganda ahead of the Christmas season weighing down on travelers.

The Chairperson of the Bus Drivers and Owners Association, Nathan Byanyima, who also doubles as the Bukanga County Member of Parliament justified high fares charged by buses on the account that after transporting passengers, the fleets return to Kampala empty thus necessitating cost management.

But Speaker Anita Among refuted the justification, noting that bus operators should be considerate and not make a fortune out of vulnerable passengers in the wake of hard economic times.

Gen. Katuma observed the proposed meeting which will take place next week on a day yet to be communicated will harmonize the fears about public transport fares, over-speeding, and safety measures to avert accidents during the festive season.

According to the Traffic Police report, over 70 people lost their lives during Christmas festive week in 2022. The deaths were attributed to overspeeding, drink driving, and carelessness among others.

In some of the bus terminals visited by our reporter, transport fares had slightly increased.

At Namayiba or Bombo Road bus terminals, buses from Kampala to Gulu City the passengers are charged 35,000 up from 30,000 shillings, Kitgum 45,000 from 40,000 Shillings, and to Kaabong the fares are 60,000 Shillings from 55,000 Shillings.

At Kisenyi Bus Terminal, fares to Kasese, Fort Portal, Bundibugyo, and Hoima had not been increased.


Police says PSVs mustn't have tinted windows
The ministry for Works and Transport has instructed traffic police to impound all public service vehicles equipped with tinted windows.

Commissioner for transport regulation and road safety Winston Katushabe issued the directive Wednesday during the launch of next year's road safety campaign in Kampala, focusing on the theme "Stay Aware, Stay Alive: Road Safety for All."

Katushabe emphasized that public service vehicles (PSVs) like taxis, coasters, or buses must have windows with sufficient visibility for passengers, allowing easy identification by law enforcement officers. According to Katushabe, tinting these vehicles creates an impression of involvement in criminal activities, such as smuggling contraband.

Furthermore, Katushabe also warned against placing images of politicians or celebrities and advertisements on the windows and numberplates that would obstruct visibility.

Michael Kananura, traffic police spokesperson reiterated that nationwide operations targeting traffic law violators are ongoing, stressing that no one will be exempted due to extensive prior awareness campaigns.

“We have used the media and we have held meetings with the leaders and operators of all forms of public transporters. We have started operations to ensure we have safe roads during the festive season,” Kananura said.

December typically witnesses a surge in traffic-related fatalities and injuries. While daily road deaths typically range from 11 to 12 people, December often experiences an increase to 14 or more fatalities per day. This spike is attributed to heightened excitement, increased travel, speeding, and drunk driving.

Siraje Mutyaba, a driver and a representative of public transporters, urged the police and the ministry of Works to first educate individuals about the regulations regarding tinting or displaying images on public service vehicles.

“You cannot wake up one day and start arresting drivers and boda bodas for putting images on the vehicles without sensitizing them. They should at least spend one-month educating people in the laws,” Mutyaba said.

Furthermore, parents were cautioned against allowing children below the age of 12 to occupy the co-driver’s seats, as it exposes them to severe injury or death in case of an accident.

“Some people want to go and show people in the villages that they have bought new cars. Some put children on the steering claiming they are showing them love. You must not carry children in the front seats. You must have child restraints,” Katushabe said.


Government, through the Ministry of Works and Transport, together with traffic police, have cautioned road users, especially drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians, to be extra careful while using the roads during the forthcoming Christmas and end of year festive fetes.

*While addressing the media in Kampala yesterday on the pre-launch of the road safety week that is starting today, the commissioner for transport regulation and safety at the Transport ministry, Mr Winston Katushabe, revealed that government is set to intensify its operations to crackdown on errant road users amid the busy festive seasons.*

Among others, Mr Kutushabe emphasised that the ministry has made arrangements with the police and courts of law where all errant road users will not be issued with the Express Penalty Scheme (EPS) tickets but will be kept in police custody before trial until the end of the New Year fete.

*“Drivers found in breach of the traffic regulations during this period will not be given an EPS, they will keep you safely and your relatives will see you after the New Year when you are being prosecuted for respective offences,” he said.*

“Since it is a rainy season and you are all aware of the nature of our roads, we have also advised all motorists to avoid travelling at night, where possible park for only 12 hours and embark on your journey safely during day time,” he added.

*Police statistics indicate that at least 120 people were reported to have died in road crashes during last year’s Christmas and New Year festival period.*

Speaking at the same media briefing, Mr Micheal Kananura, the spokesperson of police’s Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, revealed that the state of road safety in the country is already worrying, with at *least 12 people losing lives in road crashes per day.*

Against this tragic background, Mr Kananura noted that police will intensify its enforcement of traffic rules and regulations to ensure the situation is contained as people travel to various places for their festival celebrations.

“I appeal to all the road users to abide by the traffic rules and regulations to ensure safety of our roads as we approach the festive seasons,” he said.

He added that there is no single intervention that can address the challenge of road crashes and urged the public to join the campaign against reckless driving.

Meanwhile, Mr Kutushabe noted that the ministry has engaged public transport operators and urged them not to hike transport fares during the festive season.

“We hope that the transport fares will remain favourable to the passengers, we have had engagements with bus operators and other public transport operators and they have guaranteed on this matter,” he said.

The dos and don’ts to ensure road safety


• Ensure the vehicle is in a good mechanical condition.

• Avoid drink-driving or use of any other drugs.

• Avoid distracted driving such as using a mobile phone or eating while driving.

• Avoid speeding and overloading

• Overtaking should be done at designated areas.

• Always use the helmets and reflector jackets [for motorcyclists].


• Report any element of bad driving to police.

• Record video or take photo of errant drivers or those bribing traffic officers and report them to police.

• Desist from boarding vehicles without seatbelts and those in poor mechanical conditions.


Join us tonight for the riveting conversation as we navigate the most crucial conversation for a road busy(and risky) festive season.


The Rules of Efficient Steering Techniques
Bad steering is one of the most common driving errors that lead to accidents. Skilled steering determines the roadworthiness of your car, so learning safe steering is necessary. Efficient steering techniques involve:
Correct sitting position
You should always sit in the right and comfortable position. Sitting in an incorrect position or feeling uncomfortable won’t let you have complete control over your car.
Adjust the seat
Make sure you are not far away from the steering wheel. Just pick a point where you won’t have to extend arms excessively to reach it. There is no point in driving a car if you can’t wield the steering wheel.
Hand positions
According to experts, 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock are the best hand positions to avoid straining your hand muscles. They also prevent hand injuries during an accident. Remember that the hand positions may vary among steering techniques.
Use both hands
A basic diving rule is always to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Taking that into account, you are not safe if you don’t put both hands to steer your car. One hand is not enough to swerve the vehicle in an emergency.
Rest your arms
You can't avoid an accident when your hands are uptight! Try to relax them. Practice a firm grip on the steering wheel, so you can move them whenever necessary. Also, never cross your hands because it will hinder the ability to steer.
People often swirl the steering wheel forcefully in the opposite direction when they are changing a lane, which is wrong. This is called overcorrecting a car. It might seem trivial, but this is a dangerous and common mistake that can cause your vehicle to rollover.
Stay calm and remember the rules. understand how closely the steering wheel is associated with the wanted and unwanted movements of your vehicle. Follow these rules to handle the steering wheel skillfully in cooperation with steering techniques.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
CDs call us or whatsapp 0759204850

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How to start an automatic car:

• Put your right foot on the left-hand pedal (the brake) and push down

• Start the car by twisting the key or pressing the start button

• With your foot still on the brake, move the shifter to ‘D’ (if you want to drive forward) or ‘R’ (if you want to reverse)

• Lift your foot off the brake, this will cause most automatic vehicles to ‘creep’ forwards

• To gain speed, gently press your right foot down on the right pedal (the accelerator)

• Once moving, the gearbox will select the correct gear for the situation and do all the hard work for you.

• Look around for safety.

How to stop an automatic car

• As you reduce the speed, the automatic transmission will shift down in gears for you

• When you’ve finished your journey, press down on the brake pedal until the car stops

• While stationary, keep your foot on the brake and shift the lever to ‘P’

• Apply the handbrake (either a lever or button usually next to the gear selector)

• Then turn the ignition off

In the image above, you will notice two other letters on the gear shifter.

The ‘S’ stands for Sports Mode. This will often lower a car’s suspension, increase the level of sensitivity to the throttle, and increase the speed of the vehicle’s acceleration. The car will often stay in gear longer to maximize the level of speed.

The ‘L’ refers to Low Mode. This will tell the car to remain in a lower gear for more power and less speed. This will help with towing and steep slopes.
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If you don't empower your wife and something happens to you, your relatives will use your kids as house helps.empoering your wife is not an act of love, but a discharge of responsibility of your own sake, and your children sake.


405 accidents were registered, 79 were fatal, 199 were serious and 127 were Minor. Victims were 424 out of these 99 people died and 325 sustained Injuries. These are statistics for the month of July, 2023 in Uganda. Banange let us all work on reducing road accidents in Uganda.

Photos from Uganda Police Force's post 28/07/2023
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Do NOT overtake in the following places:=============================1) ON A BRIDGE: Avoid overtaking on bridges, bridge...
Do NOT overtake in the following places:=============================1) ON A BRIDGE: Avoid overtaking on bridges, bridge...
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