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This is an initiative that aims to teach communities sign language and promote its use.

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Dear Cohort One Members,

I hereby emphasize the importance of our community learning sign language and how it will help bridge inclusion. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the co one for successfully completing the Sign Language For All course. Your dedication and commitment are truly commendable.

Sign language is not just a means of communication for the Deaf community; it is a powerful tool that can break down barriers and foster inclusivity within our society. By learning Sign Language, we are opening doors of understanding, empathy, and acceptance for those who rely on this visual language to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs.

The formation of Sign Language For All was driven by the realization that there is a significant gap in our community when it comes to understanding and embracing individuals with hearing impairments. We recognized that by equipping ourselves with sign language skills, we could create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Inclusion is not just about providing physical access or equal opportunities; it goes beyond that. It is about creating a sense of belonging, where every individual feels accepted for who they are. By learning sign language as a community, we are taking a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

Imagine a world where individuals with hearing impairments can freely engage in conversations without feeling isolated or misunderstood. Imagine being able to communicate with your Deaf neighbor, colleague, or family member effortlessly. This is the world we envision through Sign Language For All.

By learning Sign Language, we become advocates for change and ambassadors of inclusivity. We break down communication barriers that have long hindered meaningful connections between individuals with hearing impairments and those without to foster Sign Language Space.
Enroll and be part too.
Alex Ogwal
Project Lead & Coordinator Sign Language For All.


Know how to sign greetings part 1. Like and subscribe for part 2

GREETINGS IN SIGN LANGUAGE. TIME PART 1 Know how to say good morning, good afternoon, and good night in sign language. This is part 1 only but more parts will be uploaded soon.



Ever since the birth of our project Sign Language For All, a project that envisions a world where there is no communication barrier through teaching and promoting the use of sign language.

I have come across many questions like if I know Uganda Sign Language, will I be able to use it in Kenya? Someone asks after learning Uganda Sign Language will I be able to have a chat with a Deaf American person? Obviously I had no proper answers for them but I just smiled broadly and said let's learn, we shall keep learning, relearning and unlearning with time.

Well, Sign Language varies from one country to another because it is influenced by the culture, history, and language of each country. Just as spoken languages have different dialects and accents, Sign Languages also develop unique characteristics based on the specific communities they serve.

Sign Languages are not universal; they are created naturally by deaf communities in each country. These communities develop their own sign languages over time as a means of communication. The signs used in sign language often reflect aspects of the local culture, including gestures, facial expressions, and body movements that are meaningful within that community.

Additionally, sign languages can be influenced by the spoken language(s) used in a particular country. For example, American Sign Language (ASL) is influenced by French Sign Language (LSF) because LSF was brought to the United States by Laurent Clerc, a deaf educator from France. Similarly, British Sign Language (BSL) has its roots in LSF but has evolved independently over time.

The development of Sign Languages is also influenced by historical factors such as the establishment of schools for the Deaf or the presence of Deaf organizations advocating for recognition and rights. These institutions play a crucial role in standardizing and promoting a particular sign language within a country.


Sign Language is a visual means of communication that uses hand gestures, facial expressions, and body movements to convey meaning. It is primarily used by individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to communicate with others who also understand sign language.
Sign languages have their own grammar and syntax, and each country or region may have its own specific sign language.
It allows deaf individuals to express themselves, engage in conversations, and access information in a visual and tactile manner.
You too can learn sign language and be a secondary user ๐Ÿค.


Today, Our project coordinator and lead opened up our new (3rd) sign language center which has been made possible through partnership between Sign Language For All and Munnage Counseling Center Munnange Counselling Centre in Entebbe basically to enable members around Entebbe learn sign language.

During the session I took participants through History of sign language, Deaf culture, core of our program leveled on LELI model and oil water model explanation of relationship between Deaf and Hearing Communities as well as various future prospects for participants.

But much of the explanation was to challenge participants to have empathy towards Deaf people and help them be supported in various community programs.

Don't wait until it's too late to join our amazing family sign language.


Fact 1
Infections: Certain infections during pregnancy or early childhood can cause deafness, such as rubella, cytomegalovirus, and meningitis.

Fact 2
Aging: As people age, the hair cells in their inner ear may naturally deteriorate, leading to gradual hearing loss.
Let's learn sign language.

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Photos from Munnange Counselling Centre's post 25/05/2023

Deaf people face unique challenges in communication and accessing information, but with the help of technology and advocacy efforts, they are able to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to society in meaningful ways.
Learning or knowing sign language helps to ease communication flow between Deaf and Hearing Communities thus leading to Inclusion.
Alex Ogwal
Project Coordinator Sign Language For All.



With hands that speak the language of their own.
A language with its own linguistic structure and grammar.
A world of words is open to the unknown.
A dance of fingers, graceful and true, knowing feelings and thoughts without technology.

Deaf communities can communicate easily without striking, a pen to paper or type on screen.
Sign Language is the bridge that lies between the world of Deaf and Hearing communities.

It's a culture, community with rich history and full of stories waiting to be free. From alphabets, numbers, idioms the beauty of sign language will hang in air like music, soft and sweet as hands move in rythms and complete.

So let's celebrate this art with devine and honor those who use it all the time.
It's a gift that helps us break the wall and rule to open the gate to Inclusion.
By Ogwal Alex project coordinator Signs For All.

Photos from Signs For All's post 07/05/2023

Hello greetings everyone in various capacities. I have been trying to reach out to everyone thanking them for making yesterday's event historic but I realized I need the entire day and night to send each one of your messages so I zeroed on using a general message but kindly take it from the deepest bottom of my heart.
I am here thanking you all for contributing and making this happen.. when I say contributions someone's mind rushes to think it's about money. No no that's not the case, contributions take various forms like financial support, spiritual support, attending the event, sharing our posters and even criticism is a contribution because someone told me *Alex you won't manage to organize this event so this gives me strength to push on*.
Yesterday my opening remarks was about oil-water model and i believe if you critically analyze what I meant, I believe you will understand that we still have many more hard hurdles ahead. To get better clarity on the water-oil model, kindly google *Joshua project about deaf people in uganda* it will give you deeper insights.
I don't intend to type much but to all the beautiful souls there, thanks so much. *Only God can reward you better and make your life fulfilled.*
Never shy away from learning sign language, more beautiful projects are coming on board.
I will share pictorials of everything here when the photos are out. Our Deaf community won this competition.
For accountability, we roughly raised 400,000 from individual contributions. How it was spent will be documented on the report and shared here.
Best Regards
Alex Ogwal
Project Coordinator Signs For All.



Wow the heading alone might get you pondering what it is! Worry not for long people have been having intellectual discourse and discussions in spoken languages notably English but this time through our project Signs For All we have organized the First Edition of Sign Language Debate challenge dubbed as which will be the first of it's kind in Uganda.
Not only that, this event will come with additional activities like poetry, story telling, and speeches and what makes it unique is that all these activities will be done in sign language with a voicing from an interpreter so that audiences who don't know sign language can follow too.
With about 1.3M deaf people in Uganda and a few hearing people using sign language, for long they have been longing for a safe space where they can confidently use sign language so that they feel part of the community and this is the day we have been looking forward to.
Through various partners, we shall be having intellectual discussion spanning around Deaf education and technology. Physical invitation is limited to certain numbers but you can fill in the form and attend virtually via zoom.
Here's the registration link ๐Ÿ”—..
This is our registration link for zoom. So kindly register

Brief background.
Signs For All started last year in May with a vision to teach 7M people sign language and create social cohesion between hearing and Deaf people through promoting the use of sign language in various activities.
To date, we have taught 25 people and 50 others indirectly, not only that we have scaled up and partnered with various stakeholders.
You can be part of us and experience these wonderful programs tailored to make you fit within Deaf cultures and their language.
DM me on WhatsApp for more information.
Regards Alex Ogwal
Project Coordinator Signs For All.

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Sign Langage Debate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Sign Langage Debate. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Photos from Signs For All's post 01/05/2023

A head of our first ever DEBATE IN SIGN LANGUAGE, slated on the 06th May 2023.
We concluded our last touch and we are ready to battle it out intellectually.
Feel free to contribute to this event.



In silence they sit,
In a world full of sound,
Deaf children must face the challenge,
With courage and determination, they astound.

To learn to lip-read and sign,
In a class where no one speaks their language,
They struggle to keep up with the pace,
But their spirit never loses its courage.

Despite the barriers and adversity they face,
Deaf children push on,
They never let their limitations define them,
For they are truly strong.

In the end, they overcome,
Their success is truly inspiring,
For they showed us all that true strength is found,
In courage and relentless striving.
ยฉ Ogwal Alex

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Hearing loss can lead to social isolation, as those with hearing difficulties may withdraw from social situations because they cannot keep up with the conversation. They may also struggle to hear important information, such as instructions from a doctor, directions in a public space, or warning signals. This can lead to frustration, anxiety, and even depression.

Furthermore, hearing loss can affect a personโ€™s quality of life as it impairs the ability to communicate effectively with loved ones. Relationships depend on good communication, and hearing loss can make it difficult for individuals to build and maintain connections with others. Hearing loss can also lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and arguments.
Know more about our project to know more about sign language and deaf people.
DEAF Christian Ministries Worldwide
Tone Deaf
National Deaf Children's Society
Deaf Children Australia

Photos from Signs For All's post 23/04/2023

Today, we held our information session to enable Deaf people to apply and get more information about YALI programs.
The new cohort is out and I am sure many people will apply so that they get the chance to go to YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa which is one of the inclusive institutes and transformation center to be change makers.
Also we taught sign language since it plays a big role in bridging Inclusion and creating awareness.
Alex Ogwal

Photos from Signs For All's post 15/04/2023

Today I had a wonderful day teaching sign language to our participants studying from Ntinda through our current project Signs For All.
We have two days of sessions that are Saturday and Sunday.

Our venue and project office is located at Techbuzz Hub Ntinda opposite Eseri Mall.

Sign Language is the bridge to an Inclusive and diverse community.
Let's learn sign language together.
Have a wonderful night.

Reach me for more information on WhatsApp 0759463229.

Photos from Signs For All's post 15/04/2023

As the team leader and project coordinator of Signs For All a project which was initiated to teach and promote the use of sign language as a tool for building inclusive communities, I was honored to be part of this discussion with various actors in the field of disability Inclusion. During the engagement, I made it clear that learning sign language acts as a bridge to Inclusion and diversity. Not only that, it makes sure that no one is left behind in any program or activities.

Unfortunately today we were supposed to have our first ever debate in sign language but it has been postponed to a later date as we sort out and put in place logistics and resources.
Feel free to contribute any little you have so that we make this happen and don't forget to enroll and learn sign language. Keep tuned, a new announcement is coming out any time.
If you want to support our sign language debate, get added to our family WhatsApp group and enroll for a new cohort kindly text me DM or WhatsApp me 0759463229.
Kind Regards
Alex Ogwal
Project Coordinator Signs For All.


The ends of the earth shall hear about you for good. You shall bask in wisdom, health, wealth and live an indelible mark on the sand of time. Long live King ๐Ÿ‘‘
BBuganda KingdomKingdom
BBobi WineWBobi Wine

Photos from Signs For All's post 11/04/2023

At our project office Signs For All located at Techbuzz Hub Ntinda.
Sign Language is a bridge to an Inclusive and diverse community.
Here we make sure you learn sign language and for more inquiry you can reach me on WhatsApp 0759463229.
Regard Alex Ogwal.
Project Coordinator Signs For All.


Being Deaf person who uses sign language who lost his hearing at 13. My dreams, passion, vision and life purpose changed. Growing up, I encountered a lot of challenges and I realized how much Deaf people ( considered the minority are always marginalized, face a lot of social prejudice, discrimination and so on) but this has not stopped me from advocating for Deaf people hence the birth of the project. Our project doesn't only teach sign language but also helps the learners (hearing people get fused into Deaf community, culture so that they coexist). Part of our activities is having the first ever debate in sign language which will see two different parties lock their horns to discuss some of critical issues that affect deaf people especially in areas of education . As a start up, we have no resources but am counting on your support and prayers to make this happen. Let's love and embrace Deaf as part of us and the first step is learning sign language.
Signs For All got you covered.
You can also sponsor the program to make it successful.


Photos from Signs For All's post 16/03/2023
Photos from Signs For All's post 04/03/2023

Sign Language is a unique language which is SIGNED but not SPOKEN. It is used by both Deaf community and the Hearing community. Just like any other language, it is acquired through learning.
Meet our instructor Joyce taking Saturday class through basics. We are doing reviews to ensure participants master all the contents of sign language and become impactful to the community through helping the wider Deaf communities.
You want to learn sign language as an individual or organization. DM or reach me out through email [email protected] and WhatsApp 0759463229
Signs For All

Photos from Signs For All's post 26/02/2023

Taking Saturday class through sign language sessions.
On different types of sign language;
1. Iconic sign language- This involves seeing and signing like a bicycle, man, etc.
2. Abstract sign language - These particular signs are derived like God etc
Come and learn together.
Our project office is located at Techbuzz Hub Ntinda just after Najjim Mall.
Techbuzz Hub is opposite Eseri Mall.
WhatsApp 0759463229
Email [email protected]


Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ this is my story that inspired me to come up with this project.
It all stems from my personal experience.
Kindly navigate through and give it a thought..

Acquiring hearing loss at 12 got me struck so hard.
I lost everything except my breath where part of my family disowned me owing to witchcraft, became the laughing stock for the whole village, everywhere I went they called me ading yit (meaning dumb boy), my friends all leaped away one by one until I was left by my own shadows only, my quest for education got shattered, getting service was another problem as I adventured to my world of silence.
Coping up and how to live this new life took over with depression, deteriorated mental health, trauma kept haunting me just like I never expected. All I was neither ready nor prepared but I don't know where I got the strength to push on and I'm still pushing in this world full of discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice and stigmatism.
I came up with how we can continue to coexist with all and stay together in harmony with those who lost hearing, how do we make them fit our communities and get valued, how do they build up the self esteem and live a fulfilled life of purpose..the question has been lingering on my mind for 5 years until I birthed the project Signs For All where I believe most of the answers lie here with the few resources, knowledge and skills I'm determined to make a change.
So let's embrace the project because who will become deaf is unknown it may be you, your family, your friend but how prepared are you to welcome him or her.
For more information about the sign language project kindly reach out to me in DM.
Hearing loss can be pre-lingual (acquired during pregnancy) or post lingual (acquired after birth)
Regards Alex Ogwal

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The ends of the earth shall hear about you for good. You shall bask in wisdom, health, wealth and live an indelible mark...






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