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Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 25/11/2023

๐—ช๐—ฒ๐—น๐—น ๐—ฑ๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฒ!!!

Congratulations to the two outstanding brothers who graduated today from Kampala International University.
On behalf of the PHOW Universities and Colleges Union in Uganda, we send our warmest congratulations to both of you.

Today marks a significant milestone in your academic journey, and we couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments. Graduating from a prestigious institution like Kampala International University is a demonstration to your hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

As you commence on the next chapter of your lives, we encourage you to take the knowledge and skills you have acquired and use them to make a positive impact in our community and South Sudan as a whole. Your education has equipped you with the tools to transform lives, contribute to development, and create change.

We have no doubt that you will continue to excel in your chosen paths and serve as inspiring role models for future generations. Your achievements fill us with pride and confidence in the potential of our community.

Once again, congratulations on your graduation. We celebrate your success and wish you all the best as you begin this new chapter. May your journey be filled with endless opportunities, growth, and fulfillment. Well done, and go back home to serve our community and South Sudan in general.

With regardsโ€ฆ.


Happy birthday your excellency VP DUOP GATKEK MAJOK, you are remarkable leader in our community. Incredible young man, your intelligence, resilient and determination inspired me.

I am so blessed to have capable and powerful leader like you in my leadership.
I will always cherish you my friend ๐Ÿซก

Age with grace and May God bless you abundantly Oga๐Ÿ™



Dear all Communities in Uganda, this is to inform you that the official day of our Phow Community in Uganda new leadership inauguration ceremony will officially be on Saturday 4th of November 2023.

Therefore we are informing you to get ready for this event and you are kindly invited to attend this big function.

Your present will bring much joy and will highly be appreciated!

It will also be broadcasted live by our respective medias of ๐…๐€๐๐†๐€๐Š ๐๐‘๐Ž๐€๐ƒ๐‚๐€๐’๐“ ๐“๐• and ๐—”๐—ฌ๐—ข๐—— ๐—ง๐—ฉ

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 10/08/2023

Phow universities and colleges students union in Uganda is delighted to celebrates John Pech mayian, Diplomat Riek Bijiek, Moses Hoth Chiok, and Koang Reath Bol with pride on their achievement; four of them graduating with a Bachelors Degree in different fields in Cavendish University Uganda.

I personally would like to take this golden moment to extend my special felicitation to this two successful academic giants, veteran John Pech Mayian and Diplomat Riek Bijiek, whom their Academic achievement will inspire many who still have desire to pursuit their dreams. They have defied all the odds with their determination to achieve this goal.

Both of them prove to us that being a father does not stop you from your dreams.

The PUCSUU also warmly congratulates all the South Sudanese students who graduated today in Cavendish University and Wish all of you the best in your next adventure โœŒ๏ธ

Nhial Malou G*i
President of Phow universities and colleges students union in Uganda

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 07/07/2023

๐—›๐—ฎ๐—ฝ๐—ฝ๐˜† ๐—•๐—ถ๐—ฟ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฑ๐—ฎ๐˜† ๐˜๐—ผ ๐— ๐—ฎ๐—น๐˜‚๐—ฎ๐—น ๐——๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—Ÿ๐—ฎ๐—บ

Dear Great Advisor of PUCSUU Malual Ding Lam,

On behalf of the Phow Universities and Colleges Students Union in Uganda leadership and myself, I extend warm and heartfelt birthday wishes to you. Today, we celebrate not only the passing of another year but also the remarkable individual that you are.

You are a great man, known for your extraordinary humility and kind heart. Your guidance, wisdom, and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping the lives and futures of countless students.

Your advisory leadership has exemplified integrity, compassion, and a genuine desire to see each student thrive. Your approachability and willingness to listen to our concerns and ideas have fostered an environment of trust and growth within our union. Your ability to inspire and motivate us to reach for our dreams knows no bounds.

Today, as we celebrate your birthday, we want you to know how much you are appreciated and admired. Your humility and kindness have touched our lives in profound ways. You have been a guiding light, always ready to lend a helping hand and offer words of encouragement when needed.

May this special day be filled with joy, love, and happiness. As you blow out the candles on your cake, we hope that all your wishes come true. May the year ahead be marked by even greater achievements and blessings.

Once again, happy birthday to a truly exceptional individual. Thank you for being the beacon of inspiration that you are. May your journey be filled with continued success and fulfillment.

With heartfelt regards,


Deputy Chairperson of PUCSUU.

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 04/05/2023

Diang koang Dar
John Gatmai luony
Kom Yak Tut

It's with a great pleasure to congratulates all of you Giants in this very proud moment. All the hard work and long nights of study you was been have finally paid off but you have just opened a first door and taken your first step on the long path of success, now you have a lot ahead and devote the same effort.

Congratulations on this well-deserved milestone! Iโ€™ve seen you work many long hours and demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to achieve this goal. Itโ€™s clear you have the drive and potential needed to get this honor. You have filled us with pride and happiness.

PUCSUU is proud of the progress you have made
Thank you for inspiring all of us to work hard and reach our goals too. Enjoy your victory!


Dear Amb.stephen Wat!

It is with immense pride, the Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu is honored to shared in excitement of your graduation day.
You have done an amazing academic accomplishments and congratulations on your well deserved success.

It was a long and tough journey but you never give up because you are a great champion who is always unbeatable in any battles.
You always believe in yourself and hard work, and that believe & hard work you have had invested in your academic made a tremendous result on your struggle.

You made the entire PUCSUU so proud and will always remember your victory.

The leadership wish you best for continued success and more opportunities that lie ahead of you.

Nhial Malou G*i
PUCSUU chairperson


Communication from Phow community in Uganda Nomination committee.

Dear two counties Leaders of Fangak, Ayod and the entire Phow fraternity, this memo serves to notify you that, the Nomination Committee of the Phow community in Uganda (PCU) has acknowledged that, the previously given days for the handing in of the successful candidates to Phow Central Leadership was not sufficient enough.

We, therefore, add one more week after the previous 14 days that we gave, the final and new deadline for the submission of the successful nominees will be on 18th February 2023 at 1700hrs.

The Nomination Committee is looking forward to working with you and serving our community diligently and on a democratic path.

Galuah Yielyam,
Chairman of the Nomination committee NCโ€™


His excellency MR
On my behalf and behalf of great people of PUCSUU, it is my pleasure to extend warmest congratulations on your election victory and best wishes on your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities of the office of South Sudan students union in Uganda.

I also would love to congratulate south Sudanese who, in peacefully exercising theirs democratic right and elected you the right person in the right place as their president.

With the confident in you, I am certain you will serve as a dynamic and effective leader working to bring the people together, reform the union and create prosperous future for the South sudanese students in Uganda

Congratulations once again Mr president.

Nhial Malou G*i Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, chairperson

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 21/01/2023

Today, the leadership of Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, (PUCSUU) under the able Chairperson Malou G*i had held the first Executive meeting today.

The Executive discussed the way forward on how to run the leadership and the challenges that are facing All Phow Students in Uganda. Therefore the leadership is fully committed to work hard and make sure no Student shall be left out in terms of Studentsโ€˜ Affairs.

Furthermore, the Executive had added that it is high time for Phow Students in Uganda to come together and have peace among themselves and beyond.

With regard.....


Good evening PUCSUU Members!

This serves to inform you that, the PUCSUU Chairperson Malou G*i had appointed the following Students to be part of PUCSUU Executives as stated hereunder.

Best of luck to all of them.


Good evening dear all Phow fraternity in Kampala Ug!

Happy prosperous new year 2023.

This is to inform you that we shall have our long awaited extraordinary General Assembly this coming Friday on 20th of January 2023 to discuss the matter which is important for our Community and all the members are requested to attend in person.

The meeting will be joined by both Phow Leaderships, Women, Elders, Youths and all the fraternity members of Phow Community who are available around and those who are residing in Kampala.

Date: 20th/01/2023

Time: At exactly 10:30 ๐Ÿ•ฅ am (EAT)

Venue: Makerere West, Kikoni Church.

Please inform friend to tell friend.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

Gatduel Badeng Wich. Acting Chairman, Phow Community in Uganda.

Tel: (256) 750664199, 771012241

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 13/01/2023

Very good morning to all PUCSUU Students across Uganda.

This serves to inform you that, yesterday evening, the South Sudan Studentโ€™ Union in Uganda reached a final memorandum of understanding that was signed on 27 December. This comes after the compromise from both parties (two EC), and now the South Sudan Studentsโ€™ Union in Uganda is back to one body after some months of disagreement.

As the campaign is ongoing, remember we the Naath Students(Uganda ) had an energetic and capable son Rong Chieng together with his team inspired for South Sudan Studentsโ€™ Union in Uganda and itโ€™s the right time for all of us to vote for him and his team.

And on behalf of leadership and my behalf, I urge all PUCSUU Students who had gotten tickets from their respective Universities and Colleges across the country to kindly vote โœ… for Rong and his capable team.

Mr Rong is the heart of the Nation, a capable young leader to lead the Nuer Nation and the entire South Sudan at large. Therefore, it is our task as to bring him and his team into power.

With regard...

PUCSUU Deputy Chairperson.


All the best to Hoth and his team. Tomorrow is the inauguration ceremony.

Let's turn up in big numbers to attend this amazing ceremony.

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 28/12/2022

Phow uniiversities and colleges students union in Uganda (PUCSUU) condolences message to the family of the Late General John Kong Nyuon.

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 18/12/2022

Peaceful transition of Phow students leadership power.

Credit to H.E Gatluak Yiel Yam the former PUCSUU President.

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 18/12/2022


On 17/12/2022, I peacefully handover the tools for power of Phow universities and colleges students union in Uganda (PUCSUU) to the New Leadership under the able man Cde.Nhial Malou G*i ,on behalf of the outgoing Leadership and my behalf I congratulate the incoming Leadership and wish them all the best during their tenure.

I urge the New Leadership to keep our union intact and effective,

It's a great recognition to be a Leader of our mighty union, I thank the Phow fraternity for trusting me with the high administration and authority, you will always be part of my life and anecdote.

Gatluah Yielyam
Outgoing President, (PUCSUU)

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 17/12/2022

Congratulations to the Phow students in Uganda ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฌ for the new leadership.

Phow Universities and colleges Students union in Kampala Uganda. (Swearing ceremony)


Invitation for the Phow students new leadership inauguration ceremony.

Congratulations in advance Mr. Nhial Malou G*i

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 23/11/2022

REF: Phow community -11-22

To: Nuer Community and the General Public


More details from the attached letter below โฌ‡๏ธ

Thanks you


May we have a great month full of blessings


Statement on my recent visit to Kampala and Refugee Settlements in Uganda,

On Friday, September 9th, 2022, I arrived in Kampala on a private mission to resolve a small dispute in Gawaar Community Leadership in Kampala. I was accompanied by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of the Nuer Community in Kenya [Formerly the Naath Youth Network], William Nyuon Kier.

Between September 9th and 12th, we held several meetings, resolved the hiccups, established structures, reorganized committees and helped established students' union for Gawaar students in university and colleges. I must admit that this could never have been possible if the community was not united and organized. We give full credit to the community, especially to the current and previous leaderships for establishing the foundation and for building the community to where it is today. This was the first time we have seen a community passing unanimous decisions without even a single person objecting or abstaining. We are proud of you and can't be granted enough for your hospitality and warm welcoming.

On contrary, when we thought we have done enough and were about to leave Kampala, the communities in the refugee Settlements pleaded that we must visit them. We saw no reasonable ground to turn down their requests although it was on a short notice and therefore, we yielded.

Between September 14 and 17th, we visited the refugee camps in West Nile and Bweyale, and I must attest that it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. What we witnessed in the refugee camps is the true defining of Ubuntu. For those who are not familiar with the Ubuntu Philosophy, ubuntu is a Bantu term for "humanity", "humanity towards others", that believes in communal society. In Ubuntu "we exist because we are" or "I'm because you are".

The community here rejoices together when one of them returns and mourns together when it loses one of its pillars. This is one of the few communities that are hardly affected by political and religious affiliations, and one that we must collectively promote and replicate!

Thank you to the Nuer Community leaderships in Bweyale and West Nile for such exemplary leaderships. I was not surprised to see all the subclans and structures represented. Your communities are organized and united. Keep it up!

Thanks to Dok Community, especially Dok Mama Cultural Group in Bweyale, for showing up very well organized on less than 24 hours notice;

Thanks to Fangak Women Association in West Nile and Bweyale for coming out, well organized and for exceptional performances.

Thanks to Gawaar Community, especially Gawaar Women Associations in the entire Uganda, for mobilizing the community and for organizing such colorful events in less than a week. You made all of us proud.

Thanks to all the Cultural groups, especially the Phou State (Gawaar and Fangak) youth, both males and females, for demonstrating our cultures to the world.

Thank you to the artists, Ter Dieu Bol(Ter Nyanoah), THP(Tut Elijah), Cacity and others, for excellent performances.

Thanks to all other organs including the Church, Security, youth leaderships, among others, for blessing our events and for ensuring peaceful gathering.

To my delegation, I could never have done that without you. Thank you!

Lastly, my gratitudes to the Gawaar Global Community, my immediate family, friends and colleagues for faciliting these events and for checking on us constantly.

Deng Elijah


Congratulations to our sister Thingu for being among the best top 10 students in the Republic of S.Sudan.


Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 18/08/2022

Statement of the Chairman Gany Gatbuok to all Phow Community in Uganda Disregarding the existence of the proclaimed Greater Fangak women in Uganda.

Read the full text below โฌ‡๏ธ


Gawaar women withdrawal letter from planned Phow Women Farewell Party. Below โฌ‡๏ธ is the full statement

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 11/08/2022

Reinstatement of the Phow Women Farewell Party in Kampala.

Read the full statement below

Photos from Phow Universities and colleges students' union in Uganda, Pucsuu's post 07/08/2022



[email protected]

REF: Phow community/005/22 8th august 2022


Dear all,

With the immediate effect, Phow Community in Uganda would like to bring in to your attention the suspension of all activities related to the arrangement and organization of Farewell Party which is supposed to be done by the Phow Women Association in Kampala. This is until the issue that led to the suspension is resolved and there shall be another official communication.

With due reason, Phow Women Chairlady had unconstitutionally and illegally changed the name of the Association from the Constitutional name Phow Women Association in Kampala to Greater Fangak Women Association in Kampala. This is serious violation of ARTICLE 1 1.1 PCU constitution and we shall not tolerate this violation.

In our regard to this tragedy, itโ€™s not eligible infer enough for the name Phow Women Association to be changed without the acknowledgement of Phow Community members in Uganda.

The name Greater Fangak is never bad as we have been using it before but it is unconstitutional passed to be used in the Community. This twist will never be accepted by the leadership of Phow community, Phow Women and the entire Community at large.

Committee will be formed to investigate and we therefore urge all to respect and to adhere to this suspension until when there is official communication.


Gatduel Badeng Wich, Acting Chairman - Phow Cmmunity, Ug
Cc: Nuer community chairman
Cc: Nuer Women Chairlady
Cc: States Leaderโ€™s
Cc: States women chairladies
Cc: Nuer 16 counties leaders.

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