RED CROSS CLUB kakira ss

RED CROSS CLUB kakira ss


All Redcross members a called upon for a meeting on Monday 15 January 2018 at da school at 4 ,come one come all
Enjoying da camp
Team camping
Heading for camp
Camp at Masese girls
plz members we gat a meeting tumoro at 4pm abt thd handover party ad every member is required to pay a fee of 10k for membership and refreshments
For more plz attend the meeting tumoro in person
avoid simple issues coz they destruct creativity comrades all you need is focus

Redcross club. A club ready to strecth a hand at serving the students and saving life

Operating as usual


Uganda Red Cross Society Jinja Branch

Uganda Redcross society First aid Department taking through CAA staffs in Entebbe International Airport First aid trainings Saving life skills Our Team Trainer thanks .Everywhere for every one.


[09/01/16]   Qualities of a good first aider
-kind and sympathetic
-be able to asses the situation and diagonise the condition of the casuality before establishing any treatment
-shld realise the importance of his calmness and skillfull action towards the causuality
should feel responsible to give first aid.
As red crossers, humanity comes first and giving first aid will be our thing after we get our first aid taining, i dont knw about u but i cant wait to learn first aid.
Jah bless all of u guys for keeping his simple commandment of loving your neighbour.
Enough love and much respect

[07/09/16]   We rocked the day...we rocked the international youth day celebrations...thanks to thsoe who contributed towards the success of this event.......huree memberss

[04/06/16]   hinivuu memberz thx 4 lykin our n mai u continue wid dat spirit n nt 4gt 2 invite mo ov uo frndz olxo 2 join us jah bles

[01/02/16]   Hıı red crossers!!!....just thought about ınıtıatıng a donatıon program ın the club......where club members en even other students could gıve ın smthng lıke schlarstıc,or basıc needs that could be donated to the orphanage to help our sısters en brothers there...just a suggestıon red crossers.what ıs your say!!!??


RED CROSS CLUB kakira ss




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