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Stuart Naturinda , Director Life Skills Digital Instituteresponds to a few questions from the guests. We strive to make our seminars interactive so that we can learn from one another.

Iam kabatesi kwagala Racheal. A trained modern entrepreneur from life skills digital institute. The day i took the first step to join this institute everything changed starting from my mindset. I didn't go far in my studies because of financial issues but this usually held me back. I always believed that i can't achieve anything as a person who doesn't hold any degree, but the last three month of going through the course served as a turning point in my life. Have met kind and wonderful people, coached by powerful and experienced coaches around the world.
By holding a certificate and the knowledge i acquired at life skills digital institute, i know am holding a treasure.this is the kind of education we all need
Thank you Mr. Stuart Naturinda for coming up with that great idea of setting up a digital institute, you knew exactly what the world needed. May the good Lord continue using you. Thanks to coach Julie Syl Kalungi, coach Karen Hutchinson and Mr.David Harrison For the financial literacy sets. Am so grateful for having met all of you and lastly i want to congratulate all my fellow modern entrepreneurs for completing the course and for their support towards everything. I love you all and God bless you.
Iam a trained and modern entrepreneur from life skills digital institute. The day i took the first step to enroll at this institute everything changed starting from my mindset. I didn't go too far in my studies because of financial issues and that held me back always, i thought i couldn't achieve anything as a person who doesn't hold any degree. But as i speak now the last three months of completing that course was my turning point. I got a chance to associate with great and kind people, have been coached by powerful coaches around the world, my life is changed and with those skills i know am holding a treasure. This is the type of education we all need. Thank you Mr. Stuart Naturinda For coming up with such a great idea of setting up the institute, you knew exactly what the world needed. Thank you coach Julie Syl Kalungi, coach Karen Hutchinson and Mr. David Harrison for the financial literacy sets. Am so grateful to have known all of you and congratulations my fellow modern entrepreneurs.
I am Veronic Kawala, a trained and modern entrepreneur from Life skills digital Institute. I am also an employed accountant who has passion for business. Before enrollment at the institute, I tried out business here and there alongside my job but no single business materialised. In a bid to create multiple streams of income, I always forewent my little salary to invest so as to diversify my income basket. I tried hard that after failing with one I would think of the next best opportunity but all painfully disappointed me.

When Life Skills Digital Institute was advertised, I decided to enroll with a view of acquiring practical skills that I would put to use for money other than investing in businesses that only caused tears in my heart. Little did I know that skills and financial education mattered a lot in business.

While there, I learnt more than expected. Topics ranged from vision & mindset which is the determinant of every opportunity, to modern entrepreneurship, social media marketing, online marketing & advertising, technology advancement and job trends, personal branding, investment principles, bitcoin & cryptocurrencies and above all, financial education.

During the cause I was shown an opportunity to try my skills on and this has washed off all the tears from my previous businesses. You have no idea how good it feels for one to graduate while already earning. I know how it feels, because it happened to me. It's from the institute that I learnt that with technology you earn smart and write your own pay cheque at your desired time.

To everyone out there, do not be left behind or feel like you were bewitched. Invest in yourself and you shall not regret.
Life Skills Digital Institute has the skills you need for smart earnings and all your financial education. It's all you need to jump start your journey to financial freedom.
Enroll today and learn as we plan to meet at the top where eagles fly and collide no more.
At Life Skill Digital Institute everyone has assurance to succeed.
Life skills digital Institute.... What an excellent idea Trust me once President Yoweri Museveni heard about this, He will give you a medal next hero's day... This is the real working trending.
My question is how can I get my four corners link in order to register a person in four corners alliance group under my account.
Once you start never quit remain in the game, those we see at the top today didn't really toil hard they worked with ease but regularly manifesting the following

perhaps this is the reason why some of us are really struggling but things not working to our interest... Its never too late... yeah me and you can re-start, YES WE CAN

We equip people with digital skills while improving entrepreneurial skills

Life Skills Digital Institute is located in the heart of Jinja town, in the Pearl Of Africa-Uganda. We have a conducive learning environment, state of the art computer equipment and experienced trainers. Come and enroll for this first of a kind training that will equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to Build a Lasting and Integral Business within 90 days or less.

Operating as usual


Life Skills Junior School and High School invites parents to send us children for good grooming and academics. Boarding Fees 450,000 primary and 550,000 secondary. Location, Kifampa Maddu Road, Gomba district.

Photos from Life Skills Digital Institute's post 25/08/2022

I sometimes attend classroom sessions like this one happening tonight.

This Holiday, our school Hired the expertise of examiners and senior examiners to teach in our school and give a push to our candidates and semi candidates.

We take things casual, learn in depth and put all the efforts necessary to see that students are at the national level, even as a starting school.

Welcome to Life Skills High School!

Vacancies available from P.1 to S.6
Call +256781470051


Most people lack basic knowledge about Bitcoin and crypto, while others have been scammed in tying to benefit from online opportunities which never worked.
For the next 30 days, we are going to have daily discussions for one hour, comprehensive training about Bitcoin and crypto for basic knowledge and to unveil various opportunities.
We shall shall use this WhatsApp group:

And this zoom link:

Join in and know where the world is heading.


Did you know that every month, since lockdown, some new group of people learn how to trade on their phones and most of them end up getting a great source of daily income that they had never imagined?
This is the August 2022 class and they started practicing yesterday.
We did this right from class and with low confidence and less than 10% of the required skills and knowledge, making money has started.
Usually, the target is to make $100 daily when they are done with the training, but even if they keep making about $20 daily, that's good money.
$20X30 days is $600. In my country, that's 2,400,000Shs and this can be done by every adult member of the family. We just need to train one member of the family, who guides the rest, if all cannot undergo the training.
Anyone who wants to enroll? Fee is only $200, contact the administrator of Life Skills Digital Institute via +256781470051


Ndyaguma ngambire boona!
I think I still remembered how to play this.
So, Kampala guys, there's a new Runyakitara service at Bunamwaya Martyrs Church, C.O.U
Go enjoy good fellowship every Sunday.


Kuturihika omwiguru! I don't know when I last played piano for these local songs


When did you last see ekizino in church?
We found some bakiga in the house and we worshipped in their style🤗


This is how we started the ministry, a mix of traditional dance in worship


You cannot serve while starving, we started with a good meal🤣

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Yesterday, some Life Skills pupils and students from Gomba village visited and ministered at Bunamwaya C.O.U Parish and we had a great time, I am going to share video clips after this post. It was heavenly 😊
Some of these children had never been to the city and while drove, they didn't sit, they stood and watched all the way.
Do you see how smart they all looked? All that uniform was bought by some of my friends here on Facebook. There are some children whom I let come into the school as they are, no uniform, no other clothes, no books, no shoes and no money at all and we start the journey of changing their lives. I am glad and thankful to the Lord!


Today, we all need more money to spend than we needed yesterday.
A lot is going on, actually, it's not just about expenditures. The best thing that can happen is if our money would get multiplied as many times as possible to meet the cost of living.
Come attend our discussion today, 7 hours from now and learn about various solutions and opportunities, on zoom here:

Time: Today 2.00PM GMT+3. That's 7 hours from now.

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For a whole year now, we run a 30 days online training that empowers new learners with the most complicated but most rewarding money making skill. I have been doing this training for over 5 years physically in training rooms and sometimes online, and over time I got ways of simplifying forex trading to anyone!
I've even had some people who did not go far with formal education starting to trade profitably after 30 days of training, yet ofcourse I've had lots of highly educated people including PHDs in the same training and they say they like our classes more than any other kind of education they have ever attended.
I think apart from learning how to save a life, learning how to practically make money from your smartphone, from anywhere you are, is the best education everyone needs!
Those who want to attend August class, please contact our Administrator on +256781470051
Even your children can attend this school, if they already use smartphones. Don't let them just use them to waste time. Pay for them tuition, it's just $200 and they will learn a skill to make their own money, they may even make more than your monthly salary to your surprise.


Today, I want to introduce to you the Centuple Traders Club, which is looking for 49 people to fill their vacant positions.

*What does it do?*
We help forex traders grow discipline and profitability through daily discussions and trading together, with a goal of growing every members funds from $100 to $100,000 as we trade in a well organized daily plan.

*How can you be part of it?*
Yes, first you heard it right, you need capital of $100 so that you are helped to grow it to $100,000. The help is in form of guidance on how to trade and hit daily target including sharing profitable trades of the day.
You also pay a $50 enrollment fee.
But, you can't get on this club if you haven't got our basic Forex Trading Training, where we work with Life Skills Digital Institute to get everyone trained with all basics in one month before they can join us as a professional trader too. You can contact @⁨Office Life Skills⁩ on WhatsApp +256781470051 to enroll you into the trading class if you have not attended the training yet and we shall welcome you to the club. The training is usually $200, you will be guided by the Life Skills officers.

This club is helping members to gain confidence, consistency and trading discipline.

This is another solution we think can help lots of people make reasonable amounts of money and change their financial status forever. We are going to empower ourselves, as the first 100 members. Make sure you are among the remaining 49😊

Photos from Life Skills Digital Institute's post 12/07/2022

It's not only in Sri Lanka and China that bankruptcy and inability to withdraw money is. I know some African country where the public can only withdraw a very small fraction of their deposits but at least🤷🏼‍♂️

World over, money matters are not okay.

A recession is being rumoured, introduction of a new digital system to replace the old banking system is being talked about everyday.

People are being told to remove their money from banks, but that's for the few who can still manage, because many will find when it's too late, no liquidity! 😐

What's exactly happening, and what are you doing about the current crisis?
We are learning how to be profitable, even in this turmoil, come and discuss with us, on zoom here:

You can join our WhatsApp group too here


3 weeks ago, we started some very profitable discussions about digital currencies. In this time, some people have seen their money double, triple others have seen money multiply even 10 times more!
Not much effort, just converting some money to a good digital asset that has potential of growing as many times as possible, especially as the entire world undergoes serious economic shift.

Don't miss today's session, it's free and available for everyone here:


WhatsApp me on +256782759739 if you want to be added on your group


The reason most people are poor is because we love showing off instead of achieving.
Now time has come, everyone is crying 😂 even the ones who are always showing off.
Folks, let's come down and we focus, just like the Chinese 😆you don't see them show off anywhere but you hear them lending to Nations!
Come learn how to make your money, a new way to grow wealthy is right here, we are in the digital age. Let's leave pride and go for the prize!
Talk to our admin on WhatsApp +256781470051 and pay your fees or get added on your discussion groups

Photos from Life Skills Digital Institute's post 01/06/2022

Guys, just do it, yes, exactly that which you fear to do!
I have always liked doing hard things and when I succeed, I try to simplify for others to also do it.
In school, I used to discuss for other people, and very soon I became a teacher, while still a student. Yes, an employed teacher😆
One important thing in life is, unless you try, you can never win.
This June, I am teaching the hardest thing I've ever been involved in, my entire life. Forex Trading.
Many people just hear it, and most people just admire it while others just get scammed by those who lie them that they are gonna do it for them, when the promiser and the promisee both can't do it.
You would rather learn how to do it yourself. The fee is 800,000UGX or $200 for those who pay via Bitcoin and you will need capital of $200 too.
We'll use just one month and people will be sorted, able to make money on their own phones, by themselves and for themselves.
I have learnt the art and science of simplifying this, and I have helped so many people since I started focusing on helping others to also get it in 2017.

You can see testimonials from people who started learning this in my class last year, even those who were in class last month, May, are already making money on their own.

Why not jump on board? WhatsApp the admin/bursar of Life Skills Digital Institute on +256781470051 to make your payments, classes are beginning on Monday. Clear before end of this week please.
WhatsApp group? Here


Trending ways of making money online are NFTs, Metaverse and Liquidity mining.
Liquidity mining is the cheapest, easiest and quickest, to the extent that the shares we bought yesterday started making money within a few minutes when we were still on the call!
Join the discussion here:


We are organizing a group of 10 investors, each with $1,000 so that we make $10,000 and we buy a big share that can earn about 30% profits.
The following have already sent theirs to me:
1. Doris Canada
2. Hadijah South Africa
3. Stuart Uganda

Keep updated here:

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Ndyaguma ngambire boona!I think I still remembered how to play this.So, Kampala guys, there's a new Runyakitara service ...
Kuturihika omwiguru! I don't know when I last played piano for these local songs
When did you last see ekizino in church?We found some bakiga in the house and we worshipped in their style🤗
This is how we started the ministry, a mix of traditional dance in worship
You cannot serve while starving, we started with a good meal🤣
The government of Uganda is soon bringing you it's digital money. Have you been paying attention?Digital money is the ta...
We are on the right track friends. Usually, I share about these things early on time, before the rest of the world pays ...
Yesterday, our Foot ball club team played well😜 even if the match ended at 0.0Life Skills FC is playing in the district ...




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