Busoga Light College, -BLC, Jinja Uganda

Busoga Light College, -BLC, Jinja Uganda


Congratulations my beloved Hm, director obs and ogs of BLC , for making our academic mother school stand up to now
Our mazing school blc
Wishing you guys success in your Exams...πŸ–ŠοΈπŸ–‹οΈβœ’οΈπŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ #Tinka_Paul #Airteldata #Agent
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Hello blc members we announce the death of our beloved ob by the name of KAKUUKU EMMA may his soul RIP.
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Happy new year my precious guys, I miss you so much how I wish I could fly to Jinja. May the Almighty God continue protecting and showering you with much blessings.
Enjoy the music as you memorise the physics
great forever
I will never forget da school
Schools may be closed, but learning never stops. #KeepLearning with #Tinkasoft
Wow my school

A Senior Secondary School
O & A Level
Mixed Offers both Arts & Sciences UNEB Centre Number U2998

Operating as usual

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Sunday Church Service!
BLC Scripture Union Team animated the Sunday Mass at ST. Gonzaga Mpumudde Catholic Church, Jinja South Division, Jinja City!

Thanks to Mpumudde Catholics for the opportunity!

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BLC Old Students Visited School!
Mathias Bakaki and Ivan Mulero (OBs) together with a group of other BLC Alumni returned to the School today; a fruitful Meeting was held with the School Adminstration and Staff!

The Old Students pledged to mobalise funds for the completion of the ICT block for UACE at the School, with construction works expected to start as early as March, 2022!

Thanks you once again for the good spirit demonstrated!


Sad News!
We lost one of the Pioneer OGs; Justine Balikudembe (pictured), UACE Class 2009, was battling Breast Cancer but lost it all this evening! The entire BLC Community is with You Justine, a jolly Lady you were◼️◼️◼️!

See again in another Word!


Admission For S.1 And S.5 Classes 2022!
Thank God, We are done with the Selection at Kololo, MoES Kampala; however, more Slots are still available for New Students!
Kindly Contact BLC Admission Office on +256752526110 for online Admission or Inbox for more Information!

Also, be informed; in parternship with BLC and a few selected Schools are offering Bursary for Girls (S.5) under the and Beneficiaries can connect through the School or link with the Organisation directly!

Please Parents/Guardians and Advisers, guide Learners for access to BLC Admission Letter through our appropriate Media platform!

Call, WhatsApp or email BLC for more Information!

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BLC Parternship with WORLD Educare Network gets better and stronger by the day; good for the School and Community!
WENET; Trustfully the Transformation Agency!

Like Page and Follow WORLD Educare Network on Facebook,
Follow wenet_uganda on Istagram,
Follow Tweets @WorldEducareNet
Or visit Website of the Organisation for more Information!


We (Ugandans) Are Humbly Waiting!
Dear Learners, Parents And BLC Alumni, all information as regards to School Re-opening are just Speculations.

No Official Information has been confirmed to any particular Organ or Person as far as School Re-opening is concerned!

Let's stay tuned for Official Information at the time it will come, and as for now.

COVID-19 though is Real, so;

Respond to Vaccination,
Continue advocating for SOPs,
Keep in touch with the School for any Learning Input,

And more importantly;
If You have any opportunity to engage a top Politician and more specifically State House; as a Friend, Relative, Trustee, Advocate, Adviser, Propagandarist, Rumormonger, Opportunist or even as Party Member; then make sure you strongly advice/without fear or favor; offer the best Interlectual Advice on the risks of Education Sector remaining closed against the said Health Benefits!

History May Never Forgive You for Pretending to be Obedient to Mistakes!

All the Same We are Patient!

Need Funds to Complete Girls Domitory at Community School! 27/08/2021

Need Funds to Complete Girls Domitory at Community School!

BLC, JINJA Campus!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬

Need Funds to Complete Girls Domitory at Community School! Community Schools in Uganda have faced challenges ever since March, 2020, when the Lock down was first imposed in the country against the possible spread of COVID-19 pandemic; BUSOGA LIGHT COLLEGE, a Communty Secondary School in MAFUBIRA, the sub-Urban of JINJA City in Eastern Uganda, being one of t...


Call/Whatsapp 0782438303/0752526110;
Thanks once again to Everyone for the Supportive engagements rendered to the School over the Years!

We are currently effecting Admissions for New Students Scientifically, including Slots for Bursary/Scholarship Offers in distinguished Category, like;

We do request Parents, Community Members, Olds Students And Our Education Paterners to guide Learners, from wherever they are, for Access to the;

Fees Structure Attached (Cost Sharing Rates), View Full Image Post!!! πŸ‘‡

DHM Academics, BLC!


DONATION From Old Students;
Today We got Blessed with basic Food items from the School Alumni, (Beans, Maize Floor, Rice and Sugar) delivered Scientifically to at least 26 Staff Members;
Special Appreciation to OBs; , , Balaba Henry Bosco, , , , Kyazze Faishar, and !
Your Contribution Mattered The Most;
May God Reward The Giving Heart, Amen!


Some of the BLC Pioneers, More Than a Decade ago, This happens to be one of the Leavers Farewell Yaa!
Where are They Now?
Rashid, Norah, etc Tag Them!

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Our Education Partners from WORLD Educare Network, Mr. Prakash S. Stephen, Samuel Musobya and Joseph Okino, held an Inspirational Session with the Learners today inclusive of the emphasis on COVID-19 protection Guidelines!

The Partners offered to cater for the school Fees needs of Three Performing Leraners identified through the School;
Agenorwot Cissy S.3, Nangobi Nusufah S.2 and Kawana Erick S.1, each Termly, for a period of atleast Two Years!

The Team also donated to Girls, Sugar and Chalk among other Items!

We Appreciate our Associates from for the Care!

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; UACE Examz BLC!

S.6 Student Leaders held a Memorial Photograph with the Headteacher & the DHT immediately after Briefing for UNEB 2020/2021!
The Morning of Friday 9TH April, 2021

Join us and other Ugandans, as we Wish the UACE Candidates



Photos from Busoga Light College, -BLC, Jinja Uganda's post 01/04/2021

BLC Student Leaders, Ezekel S.6Arts, Namugosa S.6Arts, Allan S.6Science and Ntembo S.6Arts, Live on City FM Jinja, this week they discussed;
The Effects of COVID-19 on the Education of a Common Girl Child, And Generally, on the Academic Performance of 2021!

What would be your own View???
They are as well ready for National Examinations, UACE Next Week!


SUCCESS in S.4 UCE Examz!

They had this to say Today in their own Words, as they prepare (recieved Briefing) for Monday; Physics Practicals to begin with and more to follow!

Photos from Busoga Light College, -BLC, Jinja Uganda's post 26/02/2021

S.4 UCE Candidates Today Friday 26TH February, 2021 got the Briefing for UNEB!
Thanks to the OBs; Tavuga Steven (2017), Obununu Emma (2018) and Mukembo Daniel (2018) who were part of the encouragement Team!


Your Prayers made Our Wishes as a School, the Reason; We Reopened Successfully and Safely on Thrusday 15TH October, 2020! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

After 7 Months of School Closure due to the effect of COVID-19, Many of Our beloved Learners made it back on the Very First Day, including those from as far as Lira District, and We are in tuch with the rest and do expect all of them back in time and Safely!

The Good News is that; All our Staff Members are in Good Health and are Readily Motivated for Duty; Congratulations!




Happy 58TH Independent Anniversary to;
The Republic of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa!

58 Years ago today, the Midnight Crossing to 9TH August 1962; The Uganda National FLAG; Black, Yellow, Red, was RAISED up, for the Very First Time,

The UNION Jack, Flag of The Uganda Protectorate under the British Colonial Government, was evetually lowered down, Uganda became independent, assuming self Rule by fellow Ugandans,

Dr. OBOTE Apollo Milton, the man pictured below, received the instruments of power as the Executive Prime Minister and constitutional Head of the new Government,

H.R.H Sir Edward Mutesa II, the then Kabaka (King) of Buganda Traditional Kingdom, became the First President of Uganda; The Kyabazinga (King) of Busoga Traditional Kingdom, H.R.H Nadiope, made the Vice Presidency,

The President, H.R.H Mutesa II, was militarily overthrown by OBote in 1966, a New Constitution was ensured, making Dr. Obote the Executive President and Head of State, with Uganda made a Republican Country, and thus Traditional Kingdoms within the Country were abolished,

Dr. Obote was overthrown by the Ugandan Army in 1971, Commanded by Idd Amin Dada, who made himself President; a man believed by many as a total Despot, ruled Uganda for 9 years without a functional Parliament,

The Government under "Field Marshall" Idd Amin was overthrown in 1979, by combined forces of UNLF (Uganda National Liberation Front) accelerated by Tanzanian Army whose president then was Philosopher Mwalimu (Teacher) Julius Nyerere,

UNLA returned with exiles including, Dr. Obote, Y.K. Museveni, Tito L. Okello, Paul Mwanga, Godfey Binaisa; under which circumstances would latently demand for a General Election,

Prior to General Elections, 1980, several Heads had been tried as Presidents, including; Prof. Yusuf K. Lule, Godfrey L. Binaisa and Paul Mwanga,

Dr. Obote won the Elections of 1980, assuming Power as President of Uganda for the Second Time (Obote II), Outcome of Elections though were protested, and armed Rebellion evetually cropped up,

Dr. Obote in 1985, was again overthrown by Army, and Tito Okello Lutuwa installed as President, militarily Head of State,

T.L. Okello was overthrown by NRA (National Resistance Army) Rebellion in 1986, and the militant leader;
Dr. Y.T.K. Museveni became President!

Our beloved BLC was instituted in 2007!

Appreciation for your effort in making part of us!



Blessings to OBs/OGs! Do u remember any of this Old Students???

Teacher Otieno Sylvester say something about this photograph!
BLC Memories from the then new Campus Site Yaa???? Year 2011

Robinah Kisakye, Getrude, Opio Onito, Amulen Lydia, Bosco Besigombye!


The Comentator, 1972 Olympics!
''Oo my God, Akii Bua has made it, he has won for Uganda the very First Olympic Gold Medal today, more importantly, with New WR in 400mH, and the first time in East Africa ..... John Akii-Bua is the greatest African so far"

Kiprotich Stephen himself, 2012 Olympics!
"We have been waiting for 38 years, thanks to God for this Olympic Marathon Gold Medal and We (Uganda) are very happy indeed, ... even if I die now, I will die as a Champion ..."

The Commentator, 2020!
"This Man, Joshua Cheptegei, deserves to be Named a SUPERMAN beside his own ....................
The Ugandan, has set a New WR in 5000m after 16 years"

Join BLC in appreciating these Men, they always gave us another reason for feeling proud as Ugandans!

What do you expect from Joshua in Tokyo 2021 Olympics? Another WR and Gold Medals!
Yes the SUPERMAN will definitely make it,

Good Luck!


Oooh, Long time Learners & OBs/OGs!
Who do you remember from this photograph???
Some years back towards Mock Examinations!
Thanks, Mr. Musobya Samuel, u reminded us!




Please tag those who are suspectedly concerned!

National IDs for Students who were registered by NIRA from BLC in 2017, are said to be in Mafubira Sub County!
The IDs are being issued from all Sub County HQs and Divisions in Jinja, BUT for a period of two weeks only!

Carry your NIRA copy if possible!



We welcomed Jinja City this July 1st 2020!

Proud to be the same favourite School within this already popular New City!

Viva BLC, Jinja City Campus!


S.6 & S.4 Candidates 2020 together with all other dear Students

The times are hard but we have to remain forcused and optimistic, hoping to sit the National Examinations!

However, we thought it wise to engage the Candidates who can be accessed online, so please, inbox your WhatsApp number!

DHM Academics


COVD-19 IS REAL! πŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ‘»
Dear Students, Staff and Parents;
The 32days is possible.


U17Cranes , u girls made a communication to Tanzania, 5 - 0 goals is our real class!


The OB class of 2018 and Presidential hopeful, Mukembo Daniel, has been given the green light by the EC to consult Ugandans!


OB and Presidential aspirant 2021!
Mukembo Daniel (centre) at E C today Monday 9th March, 2020


The Mosquitoes nets were distributed, no more bites! BLC boarding students welcomed the idea.
S.1 and S. 5 welcome party around the corner .....


The HP N MWIMI leads the Prefectural council BLC to join other stake holders; to wish the UACE candidates 2019 The Best Of Luck in EXAMZ!
Keep the flag high............!
SUCCESS OBS and OGS in the making!

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Jinja, Uganda
+256 782 438 303

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00

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