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[04/27/17]   Counting down the days.

[03/30/17]   “People say that I should stay because there is no one to replace me. But if in all these years I have been unable to mentor a successor or successors that should be the reason I should not continue as president. It means that I have not created capacity for a post-me Rwanda. I see this as a personal failure.”
---President Paul Kagame, 2012


And then Ziza Bafana put it this way. Check it out.

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion, You have nothing to prove to anybody. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. You are full of talent, purpose and uniqueness. Don't hide, shine.
Meanwhile as we wait for #KatondaWaRagga video that will be dropping soon, you can still listen to #Joker which has become the talk of the town.
Lovely new week fam

[03/08/17]   "Being friendzoned is like sitting on the bench during the game. Be patient. Sooner or later, the coach will put you in..... when all the good players are tired or injured."

[04/30/16]   People You'll need to get more chaps liking 'cause talking to the current H/M, he was like and i quote "we're planing on calling all the old boys and girls for a re-union probably next semister eeh i mean second term''
so guys we gonna mobilise here!



[06/17/15]   No one is coming to rescue you. No one will
hand you the career of your dreams, and no
one will solve your relationship problems. No
one will lose the extra fat on on your body. If
you don’t proactively solve your own problems,
they will never be solved.

[07/25/14]   The Idiot Speaketh Of The UNGRATEFUL UGANDANS What’s wrong with Ugandans?Why the Heavens did they even have to spoil the president’s Christmas with foolish rumours concerning the death of a young loud-mouthed girl?

We all know she died of Heroin. Her boyfriend introduced her to cocaine. You know young girls of her age can tend to have the young, wild and free syndrome.

And talking of death, can’t someone die a natural death?Why of all things did Members of Parliament even rush to be in the mortuary?Can’t they for once trust our professional Police Force to handle such delicate matters?

For example, in record time, we managed to release the autopsy report of the Late Cerinah Nebanda from a respected UK firm, ROAR Forensics. And the findings are clear, she ate chips, and she had a basket full of drugs in her body.

In fact, she had a whole pharmacy ranging from Chloroquin. As we have always told you, it’s only one man with a vision in Uganda. Forget that weaved Rebecca Kadaga who rushes to reject an autopsy report. Doesn’t she know that her predecessors were rewarded with good positions after a great job?

But we find the Ugandan citizenry fit to be called the most merciless, ungrateful people in the whole world.

Ugandans are so nonsensical it's unheard of making His Excellency Museveni Celebrate Christmas in such an angry mood. "You are all IDIOTS, FOOLS. You are Despicable..... ¬.bilaabe!!!"

We all know the president is ever right. Even if the president were to say a lie, it would change and become truth. But there you are, going around peddling in NRM affairs. We shall deal with you to show you that you just don’t tread on dangerous grounds. No one gets to joke with revolutionary ideas.

Whoever is trying to come in between the fundamental change we ushered in is a complete imbecile. He is a fool. What the president needed in this festive season was a multitude of thank you notes.

We ought to have thanked him for discovering oil. For having great wise defenders like Frank Tumwebaze and Tamale Mirundi, not forgetting having the best prime minister.

I such times, we had to sing Christmas carols for our president. Our economy is doing pretty good, we have Air Uganda instead of Uganda Airlines, we have RVR instead of Uganda Railways and we have managed to curb corruption. In fact our thieves are so nationalistic, when they steal, they invest in Uganda and more people get jobs.

But you here a hogwash of an ungrateful mass lamenting about this and that. Can’t you realize that the president needs some peace of moment to think on our behalf?He is planning on how to get us more potholes in the city so that we can save on our gym fees.

And we warn you, if you dare speak out, we shall deal with you. You are all too young to speak. Remember a baby does not speak after its elders. Museveni’s word is final even when it’s a question.

From The Chief Idiot
Lawrence Katy Muhindi

[07/25/14]   Know today that God sees limitless possibilities for you!He desires for great things to happen in your life.You were created by Him to live a blessed and fulfilled life.Let Him take you ABOVE n BEYOND.Discover the champion in you,nd get to knw that u re already a success

[07/23/14]   nwa baby, nye me feye (7x) nwa baby,wa nabania

I don hammer no be small,now it's time to chop money somebody say nabania na takwa no fe omo wania see the girls them plenty waka waka baby ( oh yeah),wuru wuru baby (oh yeah) I go tell my mama(oh yeah) I go tell my papa(oh yeah) And i go tell am say(oh yeah) you be waka waka baby(oh yeah) you be wuru wuru baby(oh yeah) corner corner baby(oh yeah) sango sango sango baby(oh yeah0 para rara baby (oh yeah)

oh baby sawaley sawa sawa sawley(2x) ashawo

kpokptom kpomkpom,kporokotom kpmkpom(2x) kpakolo kpa(3x),kpomkom ojari kpokpo,ukwu nwa baby achukwu rege,kpom kpom ashawo,awusha awusha,ashawo ashawo,awusha,kpom kpom eh eh eh eh eh eh ,kpom kpom

oh baby sawaley sawa sawa sawaley(2x) ashawo

nwa baby,nye me feye(7x) nwa baby ,wa nabania

na soso walka i come dey go everywhere i go,anai ti fe all my guys una dey from here to saloon hotel see the girls them plenty waka waka baby(oh yeah) wuru wuru baby(oh yeah) i go tell my mama (oh yeah) i go tell my papa(oh yeah) and i go tell am say (oh yeah) you be waka waka baby(oh yeah) you be wuru wuru baby(oh yeah) corner corner baby (oh yeah) sango sango baby(oh yeah) para rara baby(oh yeah)

oh baby sawaley sawa sawa sawaley(2x) ashawo

kpokpotom kpomkpom kporokotom kpomkpom kpakolo kpa(3x),kpomkpom ojari kpokpo,ukwu nwa baby achukwu rege,kpom kpom ashawo,awusha awusha,ashawo ashawo,awusha,kpom kpom eh eh eh eh eh eh kpom kpom

oh baby sawaley sawa sawa sawaley ashawo

a la de no ,no de ala ala de no de,de no de,ala ema na ala de no de,no de ale ala de no de,de no de,ala ala mama were kagi ji de ala ala mama wer no ge me jaya ala

flavour N'abania

[07/23/14]   Dear Julianna Kanyomozi

I will not use the often carelessly-used words, “I understand your pain”, because I don’t.

The only thing I am certain of is how much you loved your little boy, Keron Raphael Kabugo, who passed away last Sunday at Aga Khan hospital, Nairobi.

I had never met him, but through you, I felt like I knew him. How you constantly talked about him, mentioned him in your Facebook posts and the pride you had in that only-child made many of us know him more.

It is impossible to imagine your pain. When I confirmed the news on Sunday night, I could not sleep until 2am, because in an odd way, I felt a fraction of that pain. As a single mother of one myself, I last felt this way when yet another single mother lost her only-child in a secondary school swimming pool in 2012.

That is why you are in my prayers constantly. May God give you strength to stand even as you feel like your centre has been ripped out. May He answer your “Why Lord” with the soothing balm only He, who gave you such a treasure in the first place, can administer. May He make you see, even when it is most difficult to understand, that indeed all things work together for good, for those who love the Lord.

May your prayer, like Job’s, be, “...The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (Job 1:21).”

I once read in Bilquis Sheik’s book, I Dared to Call Him Father, that when we mourn, the Lord actually sends an angel to comfort us. It may be in the form of an actual human being, or His unseen presence stopping us from losing it completely. It does not even matter who we are, what religion we subscribe to, etc; He just loves us as only He, who does not respect persons, can.

Juliana, may the Comforter hold you together as Keron joins the angels in heaven. May this horrible, horrible turn of events not push you away from God but, instead, draw you closer to Him. May you find solace in the 11 beautiful years you had together.

You are a good mother, Juliana; always was, always will be. May God bless you and rest Keron’s soul in peace.

With love,
Lawrence Katy Muhindi

[07/22/14]   I Hear galz saying mbu all men are the same.

I also want to ask them who told them to try all men.

[07/21/14]   "The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and they are no longer warm, tidy and loving creatures who think spending time with their family is a good thing. They are probably too “independent” and “strong” to even have a family of their own. The only thing modern women have to offer men today is sex. So instead of being loving housewives who cook and raise children, they are reduced to being sexual objects only -and they are so messed up emotionally and intellectually that they often spend most of the money they make on their jobs on plastic surgery, cosmetics and tons of clothes they think will make them look good, in a desperate attempt to stay or become more attractive. Well, they have no other qualities attractive to men, so what else can we expect? This is the fruit of feminism. The fruit of “women’s liberation”

----Jennifer H.

[07/20/14]   "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. If 'real' is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Do not try and bend the spoon; that's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the Truth: it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself! Most people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. You have to let it all go: fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind! I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."

[07/20/14]   Don't try to protect your Reputation....focus on protecting your values.....

[07/15/14]   One of the worst things you can do in blogging is to write in such a manner that will offend no one. If you don’t offend or challenge anyone, you’re probably writing content that isn’t very memorable or meaningful. If you write what people expect, their minds won’t store it. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any highly successful bloggers that don’t have multiple negative rants written about them somewhere. All of them piss people off. Most of them aren’t intentionally trying to upset people. It’s just that upsetting people seems to be a natural consequence of the calibration required for blogging success.

[05/24/14]   marry a lawyer...its legal
marry a doctor...its healthy
marry a policeman...its secure
marry an actor...its thrilling
marry an artist...its creative
marry a businessman...its
marry an accountant...its financial
marry a presenter/ Dj...its........????

[05/07/14]   Akpos Eyes during exam: (←_←)(→_→)(←_←)(→_→) Teacher's coming! (↓_↓) He/She 's gone! (←_←)(→_→)

[05/07/14]   Teacher:
What's the difference
between LOVE & LUST?
Akpos: Spelling!

[05/07/14]   A
man built a room with
250 blocks and later
turned it to a school,
with him being the
Whenever his
students offend him,
he would tell
them to go and give
the wall 50 punches.
Two students (Musa
and Akpors)
offended him on a
day, after his
orders, Musa
started punching the
wall. He was crying
heavily but the
headmaster did not
tell him to leave until
he finished the 50
He told Akpors to go
and do like wise.
Headmaster: For
saying that, it’s now
100 punches for
you. Akpors:
Headmaster: Now
200 punches. Akpors
went towards the
wall, as he gave the
wall a punch
(gbooooo), a block
fell down from the
wall. Headmaster:
What’s that???
Akpors: Nothing…
Gbooooo (another
block falls).
You can go and sit
down. Akpors: That
would be total
injustice, Musa
finished his
punishment, I also
want to finish my
own…gboooo, gbooo,
gboooo (blocks
falling down).
eyes): I SAID GO
Akpors: That would
be cheating on the
other student…
gbooo ,gboooo,
gbooo (blocks falling
down). Headmaster:
Can’t I instruct you,
am I not old enough
to be your father?
Akpors: For
mentioning my
fathers’ name, I’ve
increased my
punishment to 250
punches. The
headmaster knelt
down. Headmaster:
My good son, take it
easy, i know this
building is already
going down, but
please pardon the
Akpors accept his
apology or not?*

[05/07/14]   What is the Best Age to get Married?
A - 18 to 20
B - 20 to 25
C - 25 to 30
D - 30 to 35
E - 35 to 40
F - 40 to 50
G - 50 to 60
H - 60 to 90

[05/07/14]   If u thing u're smart, Find the Error
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 5 52 53
54 55 56 57 58 59 60


Buzz Teenies Awards - #BTA14 Who has the Flyest Video?

1. Sejjusa - Mun G
2. Amaaso - GoodLyfe
3. Stay With Me - Irene Ntale
4. Frontline - Peter Miles

To vote go to

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[05/05/14]   At 3 years we say "mummy I love you"

At 14 years we say "mum whatever,

At 16 years we say "my mum is so annoying!"

At 18 years we say "I'm leaving this house"

At 21 we say "mum,you were right"

At 30 years we say "I want to go to mum's house"

At 50 years we say " I don't want to lose my mum"

At 70 we say "I would give up everything to have my mum here
with me".

You only have one mum.

[05/05/14]   What is the biggest thing that you want to achieve this week?

[05/02/14]   Buzz Teeniez Awards #BTA14 will be on 10th May at Kati Kati. Entrance-10k. 28 categories, crazy performances, DJ battles, dance offs. And lots of other exciting activities. Be there!





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