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Hey Totos.... The last show of the year is here, and we are to talk about how to see the good that's happened to us throughout the year and how to act respectively! 🎊🍾🍾🎉🎉. See you soon!


Hey Totos
We'll be changing our engagements from Tuesdays to Wednesdays
Please Note... Otherwise, Seasons greetings and Happy Holidays are in order!!!💃💃💃💃💃💃💃


Hello People,
We won't have Toto's Booth today, but we have a Parenting Seminar coming up! Stay tuned for more details!


What does your child do well? All children have abilities of one sort or another, though they don’t always reflect those of their parents. Your youngster might be the first in the family to have a knack for gymnastics or a penchant for the piano, or she might have a unique ability to make people laugh.Talent can appear in any form, but may need drawing out in order to shine. Here are some tips for tapping and nurturing your child’s natural gifts.

Be on the look-out; Children don’t usually recognize their own talents, although they’ll pursue them instinctively. If your child shows a particular interest in the paint box, for instance, it could be a sign that she’s an artist in the making. She may not be doing much with her brush yet — apart from making a mess — but your patience will be rewarded as her talent matures.

Provide opportunities; Talents need openings to develop. If no opportunity arises for a skill to flourish, it may remain suppressed throughout a child’s formative years, after which it may be too late to develop it to its full potential. If a kid has a flair for percussion, for example, it may not be set free until she gets to bash a drum kit. It’s important to provide a range of opportunities for your child so that any hidden talents can emerge and blossom. You can do this by introducing her to different topics, games, skills and activities, and helping him to pursue them.

Nurture identified talents; Praise and encouragement will go a long way to developing your child’s recognized talents. Let her know you’re proud of her abilities and show an interest in the subject of her passion whether or not you share it. Look out for opportunities for her to demonstrate her skills to friends and relatives; their support will reinforce yours. Her school teachers may be able to provide openings for her talents, too. But for serious development, you may need to invest in private tuition and other support such as courses, competitions and equipment.

Provide background enrichment; When nurturing a talent in your child, take every opportunity to broaden and enrich his understanding of the subject, as this will guide and inspire her drive. Introduce her to the achievements and techniques of experts and let her witness them in action. If she’s a budding jazz saxophonist, for instance, take her to some jazz concerts. If she’s a young actor, arrange a theater trip. If swimming is her forte, take her to the local contests and follow the international ones together on TV. Open these doors for her wherever you can.

A talent is only worth pursuing if it can also be enjoyed. Being a champion chess player, for instance, would be no bonus to a child’s life if she found the contests unbearably dull or the competition agonizingly stressful. Besides, her flair would not flourish in such circumstances and she could be put off the game for life. If major problems arise and no solution can be found, it may be necessary to put serious pursuit of a talent on hold for a few years. But if your child’s joy outweighs any negatives, give her gift the go-ahead!

~ Robert Myers, PhD Dr. Myers


Coach B returns with a great message to spark of your new month!
Tune in at 3pm💃💃💃💃💃


Good afternoon dear friends, unavoidably we have to postpone our session for today. Toto’s Booth will be on again next Tuesday at 3pm


Coach B. Returns tomorrow... Picking it up from where we had left last week. Invite every parent! It's going to be awesome!


As you raise your child, don't forget to affirm them when they do some chores, when they greet you, when they thank you or do any other action that is worth praising. Stop only catching them when they wake up late, or when they don't do the chores. That will encourage them to do more good and feel that you notice all their efforts, thus catapulting your relationship between them & you.


Building healthy relationships with our children - What I give my children


Building, building, building. Many parents struggle to have towers if relationships with their children, but there's nothing scripture and experience can't rectify. Join Coach B today, as she shares her side of the story and pick a leaf or two! See you then!


Catch Coach B. again get to know how to build meaningful relationships with your children! Come all, come all!


Today's Child Raising Advisory comes from the scripture 1 Cor 11:1. Paul asked that the people he was writing to imitated him as he imitated Christ! Parents, are you worthy of imitation by your children? Would you desire your children to speak like you? Dress like you? Relate like you? If you're not 100% affirmative, then your children are in big trouble, as they'd have possibly picked up bad traits already by the way you treat others, as naturally, they learn by imitation. To raise a better generation, you need to work on yourself. Be top notch, be a good role model, and you won't have to worry on how your children will turn out! Enjoy the weekend!


Are you a parent who feels you don't qualify? You never amount to the ideal kind? Unsure whether your children talk about you in their circles? You need to calm down and listen to this teaching;



We return tomorrow people....
Dear parents, get ready to be affirmed!


One of the best ways for the Lord to receive a portal or access to our children and teach them is by us, parents taking the first initiative; teaching them His word. In that way, God is gradually pouring Himself into each of our children and soon when we parents are away, He can take full charge, by building upon all we had shared with them from the scriptures! Be intentional to study the word with them today!


Called to Shepherd


Loading this afresh..... it’s going to be powerful 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Bring a friend


We'll be back with this topic tomorrow, on the 27th of October!

Today at 3pm...WE ARE ON!


Yay Friday is here.... And our Educational Tip is here!


Hey Toto Lovers,
We'd like to apologize for our latest broadcast yesterday. Beyond technical difficulties, we had extra glitches and so its production wasn't excellent. Thus, the video was deleted & is unavailable. We'll make it up to you... NEXT TUESDAY!


Today at 3pm...WE ARE ON!


Do not demand silence out of your children. Always treasure what they delight in doing. When you do, you are encouraging them to develop their abilities, and who knows, they could be the next Cheptegei, or Bolt, or any athlete out there. This applies not only to sports, but to music, to acting and so much more! Let them speak to you. Don't be too occupied to indulge with them in those hobbies of theirs!


Parenting Honorably


We talk Honor today! Parents, this is yours!
See you at 3pm!


Happy Independence Day Advice for Parents! 😍




Your child won't grow the way you want him or her to if you don't get a little involved. For your child to grow in favor of both God and man, the word is key! Teach them the word that they can understand at whatever age they are at, and favor shall surround them as a shield.
Happy New Month and have a blessed weekend!


Today we continue with last week's theme scripture but under the topic: STEWARDSHIP. Join us today at 3pm!


Catherine Bagyenda is a great financial coach who has help many steward their ability to garner and attract extra income. Among others, Teddy Kokutaka is one lady who has benefited from the coaching.

She started making light snacks such as crisps, and also a crocheting business. Teddy's businesses are soaring high and it's hard to believe that they got launched during this recent lockdown. Do you require a push in your economic state?

Do you need a coach to take you through your financial growth? Contact +256 789 202 801 and get yourself 8 weeks of constant stretching, follow up & increase in your finances with Coach B.


Talent Development 1 - Discipleship


Talent Development 1 - Discipleship


We are on for our weekly inspirational sessions! Today we talk about talent development from our theme scripture 2 Tim 2:2


Today we bring you a Talent Development tip! Engage more in your child's interests to be better equipped to help develop their abilities!

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Building healthy relationships with our children - What I give my children
Are you a parent who feels you don't qualify? You never amount to the ideal kind? Unsure whether your children talk abou...
Called to Shepherd
Parenting Honorably
Talent Development 1 - Discipleship
Talent Development 1 - Discipleship
Talent Development 1 - Discipleship






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