Herrnhut Academy

Herrnhut Academy


Ich teile diese Informationen auf diese Weise, weil ich mein Vermögen einer wachsenden Person oder einem Waisenhaus spenden möchte, die / das Angst vor Gott hat.
Ich habe sehr schweren terminalen Hirntumor. Mein behandelnder Arzt hat mir gerade mitgeteilt, dass meine Tage gezählt sind, weil sich mein Gesundheitszustand verschlechtert.
Ich habe einen großen Betrag auf meinem Bankkonto, den ich einer ernsthaften Person oder einem Waisenhaus spenden möchte und der dieses Geld gut nutzen kann, indem er Waisenhauszentren und Schulen für die Erziehung armer Kinder schafft, wenn ich nicht da bin von dieser Welt.
Sie können mir eine Nachricht zur weiteren Klärung per E-Mail hinterlassen: [email protected]
Danke und Gott, der himmlische Vater, segne dich!
ACE curriculum, it can't get better than this this! The sky is the limit Tyra and Tamara.
Proud to be a parent of Herrnut Academy
I thank God everyday for the decision we made to take our gals to Hernnhut Academy, watching them dress up for school with alot of enthusiasm every morning, just warms up my heart. May God continue to love and protect them. Amen.

Herrnhut is a Christian Community-Based Mission School whose vision is to raise "A Generation Rooted in Christ" using the ACE Program as a tool.

We are a community based mission school that seeks to shelter, shape and show children the way of life in Christ. Herrnhut from which we derive our name means ‘the Lord’s watch/shelter’. We delight to see children sheltered in the Lord. Herrnhut Academy being a community based school aims to create a consistent godly environment for the nurture of children through a controlled value system.We emph

Operating as usual


2020 been a hard year, and thank God a productive one !
To God be the glory!!
2021 Welcome with God all will be well!


Just Thinking how so on point God's guidance was 5 years ago. When we prayed about the Vision for the School, centering the nurture of a child amidst the 3 pillars of Home, School and Church is how He envisioned us.

And this is so appropriately demonstrated as we face this season .


REGISTRATION IN PROGRESS FOR 2019. Please get in touch for your appointment today. We look forward to having you.


Dear friends, as we come to the end of the third year, we want to thank God for his faithfulness. We have seen God take us through this year amidst all situations. We are forever grateful.

We look forward to starting another year and we look forward to new students that will be joining us.

Kindly contact us if you are interested in enrolling your child.

Be blessed

Herrnhut Academy updated their business hours. 24/09/2018

Herrnhut Academy updated their business hours.

Herrnhut Academy updated their business hours.


A new year just round the corner! The school part of the Triangle (Home -Church -School ) is all geared up for the grace-full and joyfilled
year ahead of us!


A milestone! Our very first Preschool graduates! Behind each is 36 weeks of loving nurture within the Triangle (Home -School -Church) for the glory of God.


Our third term started off well on 11th September 2017. God has added to our numbers and we are forever grateful. Ebenezer thus far He has brought.

Looking forward to a great term. Please contact us if you want your child to be part of the Herrnhut journey.

Be blessed

HHA 2017 13/07/2017

Excursion 1 June 2017


Herrnhut Academy is here to meet your education needs for your children. Registration is in progress, please contact us if you want to enroll your child.




Pre-school with Ace & Christi
ABCs with Ace & Christi
Grade 1-12




Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 16:30
Tuesday 07:30 - 16:30
Wednesday 07:30 - 16:30
Thursday 07:30 - 16:30
Friday 07:30 - 16:30