South East Coast International School Zanzibar

We are a small, independent school located in Jambiani on the South East coast of Zanzibar. We have a total of over 60 students aged 2-10 years and taught by a great team of international and Tanzanian teachers.

Southeast Coast International school is a new school founded on the southeast coast of the island of Zanzibar that is growing quickly since our beginning in June 2015. At the moment we offer nursery, preschool and primary studies. We strive to offer the highest quality international education and support education for the local community. We are a small non-for-profit school with a great mix of pu

Operating as usual

[06/14/21]   Welcome back!!

Tomorrow is our 1st day of school!

Tuesday 15th June (tomorrow!) we are opening the gates to our great renewed school to welcome some awesome, excited new students, their happy and nervous parents as well as our new amazing and passionate staff.

And we all want to meet and greet you!

So please find your way into school tomorrow at 8.30AM latest to see all our faces, bring your child to their new classroom and a chance to ask any questions and get lots of important information for a great start.

Thank you!

SEC Parent Board πŸ’™

One week to go! - South East Coast International School Zanzibar 09/06/2021

One week to go! - South East Coast International School Zanzibar

One week to go! - South East Coast International School Zanzibar Dear Parents/Guardians/Sponsors of SEC, We are busy bees 🐝 here at SEC preparing for our reopening one week today. We cannot wait to welcome you all back with open arms and are ready (…nearly!) to start another wonderful school year on Tuesday 15th June! Holiday time = construction time! πŸ‘·.....

Kids swimming SE coast 07/06/2021

Kids swimming SE coast

Dear Families of SEC,

Interested in Swimming Lessons 🏊?

Please have a read of the details below, these lessons are being organised outside of school through Mama Zari. Any questions and communications please go through the number and WhatsApp group detailed below.

Coming July we will start with swimming lessons at the South East Coast! We have organised a professional swimming teacher to come twice a week to teach children starting from age 2, how to swim. We wish to make age appropriate groups to address the different needs in the best way. The locations will probably be Bwejuu and Paje/Jambiani.

Are you interested in signing up? Please let us know by sending a WhatsApp at +255 746 620 315 or join our whatsapp group:

Kids swimming SE coast WhatsApp Group Invite

Photos from South East Coast International School Zanzibar's post 17/04/2021

it is the end of our school year 2020-21. what a year it has been, our school starting the year with 40 odd students coming back after the closure due to Corona and saying β€œHappy Holidays” to over 80 students yesterday. it has been a challenging year for all of us, but we are happy to have such a beautiful SEC community.
Thank you to our amazing teaching and support team.
Thank you to the great parents within out community for your suppport.
Thank you to the parent board and Headteacher Gemma for the hard work in the background.
Thank you to the students - you are the reason we are here. Enjoy your holidays and see you in June!


A belated welcome to term 3!
We have started into the last term of the school year 2020/21 with over 80 students from 16 different nationalities and have been adding new and old members of staff. What a lovely SEC community we have, and we look forward to more developments and an exciting future!

A belated welcome to term 3!
We have started into the last term of the school year 2020/21 with over 80 students from 16 different nationalities and have been adding new and old members of staff. What a lovely SEC community we have, and we look forward to more developments and an exciting future!


Zanzibar - Baba Yetu Music Video - Leo Mkanyia & Salha with Swiss Chorus

Dear SEC community - we hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas time and are ready for the New Year! Watch this amazing video initiated and directed by Mama Lila - how many SEC students can you spot???

BABA YETU (Grammy Award 2011, composed by Christopher Tin) is a beautiful Prayer Song in Swahili and the perfect Soundtrack to show the stunning Scenery of t...


Karibuni wote, our Christmas Show is about to start! 07/12/2020

South East Coast International School Zanzibar

SPREAD THE WORD: New term is starting 5th January 2021 - an ideal opportunity to start your kid's education journey at the South East Coast International School: an awesome team of international teachers from UK, Kenya, Slovenia, Tanzania and Germany, amazing students from 13 different nationalities, an international/British curriculum...located in the great village of Jambiani.
Please feel free to have a look at our website for more information regarding registration/enrolment, admissions policies and more. Welcome to SEC International School Zanzibar. Our aim is to provide quality international education by way of the British curriculum.


SEC will be at Jambiani Live - Xmas Edition at New Teddy's on the beach this Sunday, 6th December - come and see Headteacher Gemma with her little helpers at SEC's stall at the Christmas market or join for a day full of fun kids activities (including the Fabulous Parcours by Teacher Toni, a Beach Treasure Hunt with Sine and a performance by our acrobatics teacher). Karibuni wote!


Jambiani Live - Xmas Edition offers all kids from 0-11yrs a full day of superfun!

* GET READY: face paint, henna &extensions

* BE CREATIVE: Beach-Treasure-hunt, DIY flower crown, DIY Christmas tree decoration (sponsored by Mama Simba)

* GET ACTIVE: Sackrace, football tricks, the fabulous parcours, fun with rings

* BE COOL: Kids cinema sponsored by Zanzistar

Karibuni wote! Don't be late, starts at 12PM


We are looking for a donation of white bedsheets for our school projects - anyone has some spare and happy to donate to SEC? We can collect, just send us a message and make us happy ;)


πŸŽ„πŸ’š "It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr" πŸ’š πŸŽ„

I cannot believe we are only a few weeks away from our Christmas break! We would love to invite parents to join us on:

Thursday 17th December for our annual Christmas Show @ 12:00 noon.

Our little SEC elves are working away, fine tuning their special performances. We would like to kindly ask parents to prepare a simple dish for the after show refreshments (the potluck sign up board will be available in the office this week).

We are also looking for some parent volunteers to help - if you have the time and would be happy to help out please let a member of staff know.

We Ho Ho to see you there!πŸ’š πŸŽ„ 25/11/2020

South East Coast International school Zanzibar

Hi SEC Community,

We are super happy to announce the launch of our new school website:

Please pay it a visit and explore. We have put a lot of new information that will be useful to many of you and updated a number of our school policies and added new ones to familiarise yourself with.

A special thanks to 'Jack' who has worked extremely hard and done an amazing job creating our new site! 🌟

We hope you enjoy!
Team SEC πŸ’™ Welcome To Our School We are a small non-profit international school with a diverse teacher and student body providing a well-rounded education to pupils... Read More


Even simple things like going for a balancing walk can be fun with our nursery students!


South East Coast International School Zanzibar's cover photo


Another Friday, another PE day...


Teacher Toni finds different ways of improving team working skills with the Year 1 is all about games and plays and creativity!


A trip to the coconuts - part 2 πŸ₯₯

anyone living in Zanzibar knows that coconuts are not just for eating. The trip to the coconuts took the students to the bibis of Kibigija who showed them how the fibre is soaked in the water on the beach, beaten up to make it soft and then rolled into a rope. Have a look at how the students tried to make their own coconut ropes!


A trip to the COCONUTS - part 1 πŸ₯₯

Every year, as part of her teaching, Teacher Toni takes the Year 1s on a field trip through the village to show how coconuts grow on trees, how they are fetched, how to open them...and how yummy they are! This year, Year 5 joined in with Teacher Gemma and Teacher Kweli and the bigger students buddied up with the younger ones...

Part 2 coming up...


πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ§‘H A L L O W E E N πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ§‘


South East Coast International School Zanzibar's cover photo



Halloween has come early to SEC! Due to the elections and having to close school next week we will be celebrating Halloween on FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER!!

The children are very excited to dress up and celebrate. Therefore, we invite you to send your child in fancy dress / spooky Halloween costume on Friday and the school will provide a fun-filled day of Halloween activities.

Morning: Fashion Show & 'Trick or Treat'

Classroom: Halloween related learning.

Afternoon: Whole school fun Halloween games & activities.

This will take place in school hours, please collect your child as normal at 14:30 (unless they attend an after school club etc).

Thanks and Enjoy!
Team SEC

[10/18/20]   **UPDATED NEWS**

Dear families of SEC,

Regretfully, please accept this as notification that we are CLOSED tomorrow. This is not a decision we wanted to make, but sadly as the government has announced this with such short notice we have no choice but to close.

The public holiday 'Maulid Day' has been moved from 29 October to tomorrow 19 October due to the elections. Therefore, the school will be closed for 1 day (tomorrow) then open as usual the rest of the week and then closed all of next week for the elections.

Please accept our apologies for such a last minute notification we have considered this decision very carefully.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation and hopefully going forward a smooth Term 2 πŸ™

SEC Team πŸ’™


It is the last day of our school holiday, so a last hello from our big ones: Year 5 with Teacher Gemma and Teacher Kweli.

We have just been informed that the government has moved the Maulid Day from 28th October to tomorrow, 19th October, and that all school should be closed. Please keep your eyes out on messages from the school regarding tomorrow, thank you!


We are on school holiday, here is a hello from our almost big ones - Year 4 - with Teacher Augustine.


We are on school holiday - here is a hello from the other middle, our Year 3s, with Teacher David and Teacher Ana.


We are on school holiday - here is a hello from our middle. They are not the youngest anymore, and not the big ones yet, they are just a perfect middle: Year 2 with former Teacher Laurence, new Teacher Lynet and Teacher Butter.


We are on school holiday - here is a small hello from the youngest primary students: Year 1 with Teacher Toni and Teacher Butter


We are on school holiday, but here is a little hello from our not-the-littlest-anymore, the Reception class with Teacher Brenda and Teacher Maryam

(...although spot the student from nursery that sneaked herself into this pic...🀣)


We are on holiday this week - here is a little hello from our little ones, the nursery class, with Teacher Jastina...


The Anthem

For old times sake, the students joined together to sing the anthem...
We have a school holiday (10-18th October) - enjoy the break and have a good rest!


It is Teacher Laurence's last day 😒 With receiving so much love and so many hugs from the students, let's wish for a See-you-later, not a Goodbye.

Should you wish to thank you for her work at SEC, feel free to come into the school at pick up time today to give her a hug and words of appreciation...


How to make maths and place value work fun? Ask Teacher Gemma and Teacher Kweli who were very impressed with the excellent work of the Year 5 students...


Let's play the game "Spot the Differences" - which picture shows a Year 3 English class, which picture shows a Year 3 Art class?

[10/06/20]   WEBPAGE DESIGNER NEEDED for our NGO running this beautiful school
Our budget is tiny, so we are looking for someone who is doing it for very little until even nothing... :)
Who is up for that? A parent maybe? A friend of a friend?
It's WordPress and its content is ready.
Thanks for sharing!


Combining arts and science classes:
"what is the most popular type of tree growing in Zanzibar?" - "coconut trees!" - "Where do we see them?" - "On the beach, in the village, in the forest, in my garden, at New Teddies!"
The class looked over our school wall to observe a plantation of coconut trees & with Teacher Rafa drew what they could see on our giant outdoor blackboard - amazing drawings, Year 1!!

Videos (show all)

The Anthem
PE and Judo @ South East Coast International School/Jambiani
more fun with motor skills
more fun with motor skills
fun with motor skills
Developing motor skills can be fun!
From Teacher Liz:Upper Primary students are excited to share their scenes exploring root words as a way to build their v...
Nursery Acrobats. They donΒ΄t even know they are learning balance, strength, team work and confidence!!!!





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