Zanzibar Built Heritage Group

Zanzibar Built Heritage Group


It seems that Heritage is not a priority for the Zanzibar government. Shame. 😞

daaaah niaje

In our Project (Zanzibar Built Heritage Job Creation) we are commited to conserve Stone Town, World Heritage Site. This page describes the activities of the
Funded by the European Union.

Duration: 2014 - 2017

Leading organization:

ACRA Foundation-funded CCS. / [email protected]


Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society / [email protected]


Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority (STCDA)

Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 26/05/2021

Timeline Photos

We need thorough understanding of the past to understand the present and prepare for a better future. On Africa Day, discover UNESCO's General History of Africa. Check it out here: #AfricaDay #HistoryOfAfrica #AfricaDay2021 #PriorityAfrica #GeneralHistoryOfAfrica

Timeline Photos 25/05/2021

Timeline Photos

One continent. One dream. One future.
On Africa Day, let’s renew our commitment to Africa’s development and future. For Africa possesses the vital creative forces which will enable it to overcome current problems.

The long history of the African continent is indeed made of countless vicissitudes, successes and failures, sorrows and joys. However, Africa has always based its life on the development of its creative genius, trusting in its essential values and respecting those of others.

The message of Africa to the world is and will always be a message of peace, freedom, justice and solidarity.

Learn more about UNESCO’s work in Africa: #AfricaDay #Africa #UNESCO #PriorityAfrica #AfricaDay2021


Youth.Heritage.Africa is a programme we launched in 2020 to engage young people in the conservation and promotion of their cultural heritage. It combines capacity building activities with innovation and co-creation through spaces set up around the continent called “Heritage Hubs”.

On 21 April we held a meeting to present the programme as well as the Africa Fund that will support the activities. We are very excited about Youth.Heritage.Africa, designed to contribute to the #TheAfricaWeWant by harnessing the power of #culturalheritage and the potential of the next generation.

Learn more:


We are kicking off the year with an #iccromcourse announcement to help you improve preventive conservation and access for your museum collections in storage. If you are a conservator, collections manager, collections technician, curator, registrar, or archivist working for a museum in Southeast Asia, be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity!

For more info and how to apply:


E.C.C.O. - European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations

Nice offer, please check! 11/08/2020

Lectures on Materials Science for Architectural Conservation Based on notes and sketches prepared by Giorgio Torraca for an undergraduate course titled "Chemistry of the Environment and of Cultural Property."


HKB Konservierung und Restaurierung

FREE-Download: Dendrochronology - Explore the science of tree ring dating
(Marcia Cook, Coralie Mills and Jennifer Thoms, 2020):



On the boundary between land and sea, mangroves help reduce the effects of climate change and extreme weather events.

The earth and humanity simply cannot afford to lose these vital ecosystems!

Ahead of #MangroveDay on 26 July, check out UNESCOs efforts to protect the mangrove ecosystems here: #Mangroves #ClimateChange


Maybe you remember the phantastic course in Metal conservation Geoff gave for us in the ZANHER project. You can join these talks for free, just sign up. 31/05/2020

The 2020 Rome Charter the right to participate fully and freely in cultural life is vital to our cities and communities



One continent. One dream. One future.
On Africa Day, let's renew our commitment to Africa's development and future. For Africa possesses the vital creative forces which will enable it to overcome current problems. The long history of the African continent is indeed made of countless vicissitudes, successes and failures, sorrows and joys. However, Africa has always based its life on the development of its creative genius, trusting in its essential values and respecting those of others. The message of Africa to the world is and will always be a message of peace, freedom, justice and solidarity.

Learn more about UNESCO's work in Africa: #AfricaDay #Africa #UNESCO #PriorityAfrica 20/05/2020

Heritage and Pandemics: Reopening and Adapting Heritage Places During a Pandemic | ICCROM How can a heritage site be used for an alternative function during this pandemic? How can staff be prepared to deal with the maintenance work and potential hazards during the partial or total closure of a site? What measures are to be taken when reopening a heritage site or a memory institution such... 08/05/2020

Heritage in Times of COVID | ICCROM Like all of you, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing a range of measures to ensure the safety of our staff while continuing to carry out our mission to promote the conservation of cultural heritage around the world. This is first and foremost a health crisis, and our thoughts...


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When disasters strike, years of human achievement can be wiped away in a moment. In such crises, the affected people are anxious to salvage what is left of t... 25/01/2020

V&A launches ‘world’s largest and most accessible’ cultural heritage preservation database - Museums + Heritage Advisor The Victoria & Albert Museum has unveiled a new global platform to help connect individuals and organisations working to preserve cultural heritage 27/12/2019

ICOM-CC/Getty International Program TRAVEL GRANTS | ICCROM

A great opportunity for travel grants - if you need support please let me know!


ICOM CC International Council of Museums, Committee for Conservation

With support from the Getty Foundation, the International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) will offer a limited number of travel grants for museum and/or conservation professionals from emerging economies and developing countries (ICOM country categories 3 and 4 (ICOM Country Classifications for conference 2017) in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America to attend the 19th Triennial Conference of ICOM-CC.

Who can apply?
Qualified museum and/or conservation professionals with a minimum of four years work experience who are currently employed in a museum or related institution may apply. Grants are not limited to ICOM members, however, special consideration will be given to individual members of ICOM and ICOM-CC, or Friends of ICOM-CC, or those working for an institution that is an institutional member of ICOM.

How to apply
Applicants must complete the grant application form available at the ICOM-CC website ( and on request from the ICOM-CC Secretariat ([email protected]
The firm deadline for application is SUNDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2020
Submission by e-mail only to the ICOM-CC Secretariat.

Any questions about the travel grant should be directed to: [email protected]

All applicants (successful and not) will be contacted in April 2020.

Major support for the ICOM-CC/Getty International Program has been provided by The Getty Foundation.

More info here: 22/08/2019

Archival Processing – Principles and Practical Strategies | Connecting to Collections Care Online Community Archival Processing – Principles and Practical Strategies Archival processing is a crucial element of collections care and stewardship. Processing is how we know what we have in our collections, how we ensure our collections’ ongoing preservation and security, and how we make our collections ava...


To care about our Cultural Heritage is good for us all


Commonwealth Association of Museums

CAM's Triennial Conference will be hosted by the Iziko Museums of South Africa at the South Africa Museum in Cape Town. March 9-13, 2020.


To all my friends in Zanzibar 01/06/2019

How can we involve African youth in heritage? | ICCROM Fifteen professionals from 15 institutions met to discuss how best to design an impactful programme to support youth and its engagement in heritage in the African region. The Africa Expert Meeting took inspiration from the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and particularly f...


World Monuments Fund

Today is African World Heritage Day, observed around the world to celebrate the continent’s unique cultural and natural heritage. To celebrate, we asked our project partners in Africa what cultural heritage means to them.

Read the feature:



It’s #AfricanWorldHeritageDay!
A unique and rich culture. A dynamic continent.
Join us in celebrating a heritage unlike any other! #PriorityAfrica


Fondazione ACRA and Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society are pleased to invite you to the photography exhibition "STONE TOWN, A HERITAGE TO SAVE". We are really proud to have set it at Beit Al-Ajaib (the House of Wonders), probably the most important architecture in East Africa.

In collaboration with Stone Town Conservation Development And Authority and co-funded by European Union.
Thanks to Laura Bassini, Barbara Beckett,
and to Delphine Warin, Marta Carrascosa, Camillo Cavallari
#EastAfrica, #Tanzania, #SwahiliCoast, #Zanzibar, #Unguja, #ZanzibarCity, #UngujaMjini, #StoneTown, #StoneTownZanzibar, #ForodhaniGardens, #HouseOfWonders, #BeitAlAjaib, #SwahiliArchitecture, #DhowCulture #SwahiliCulture, #ZanzibarCulture, #UNESCOWorldHeritage, #UNESCOWorldHeritageSite, #SaveHeritage


Re-Org International

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Please take this 5 min. survey. ICCROM wants to hear from you! Please share the link with colleagues. Deadline Sept. 7th.


On the 31st July we celebrated our Closing Ceremony - and of course where better than in the Palacemusuem an important historic building, which offers beautiful sea views.
It was a time to review all our different activities, a time to be proud how much we achieved and a time to say thank you to all our partners we worked so close and well together over the last 42 month - the Director Mr. Abdulhamid Haji from the Karume Institute, Mr Baloo from the ZSTHS, Ms Alexa du Plessis, Programme Officer for the Economics and Governance Section at the Delegation of the EU, Director General STCDA Dr. Issa Makarani, Director of Municipal Mr. Hassan Serenge and our guest of honour, the chair of STCDA Board of directors Ms Mwanaidi Saleh Abdallh, Prof. Abdul Sheriff, Mr Meffert and all the Teachers, Fundis, Schoolchildren, Tourguides, Students all the lovely people we worked with,.. Thank you to the EU for the funding, which made this Project possible and our ACRA Team which put a lot of Energy and Enthusiam in it. The festive music was no less than the Father of Tarab Mr Mohammed Ilyas! It was a nice last event for all the ACRA ZANHER Team.


Our last certification, we celebrated with a wonderful "Garden Party" under the old trees in the Karume Institute. 54 students from the second "Long course" in Carpentry and Masonry in Conservation received their certificates. For 7 month they had theory in various subjects in the field of Heritage Conservation and then they applied their knowledge in 2 month fieldwork projects. Also the five teachers from KIST, which had been trained by Dr. Eberhard Wendler from Munich Germany in the procedures of the analyses, received their certificates. After the certification Fondazione ACRA handed over officially the newly established Laboratory for Analyses in Conservation to the Director Mr. Abdulhamid Haji. Dr. Beckett was giving an overview over all the equipment and possible analyses.
DG from STCDA ISSA Makarani was very pleased, that finally in Zanzibar it is possible to carry out the necessary analyses to develop sustainable conservation plans and must needed research.


Black patina, green algae, cyanobacteria, lichens, fungi and a large amount of higher plants are a common part of the historic facades and interiors of stone town. To be able to characterize and evaluate them in damages or "only" a visual problems, to find the source and discuss needed preventive, remedial conservation measure and maintenance was the content of the training from Dr. Flavia Bartoli from the University Tre in Rome. For the condition assessment the Old Ford, Hamamni Baths and the Portuguese Arch showed the entire different kind of biological growth for documentation and sampling. In the newly established (ZANHER PROJECT) Laboratory for Analyses in Conservation at KIST, we were able to prepare the samples and identify them under the Microscope. It was so good to see how important this laboratory is and will be and that we have achieved a high standard modern laboratory where we can support the task of conservation with much needed scientific analyses and carry out research.


The last two specialized training courses for the staff of our partners STCDA, ZSTHS, Kist and the Department of Museums and Antiquities - dealt with two very important Conservation topics in Stone Town. "Conservation of Historic Metalwork" and "Biology in Conservation".
Together with the International Expert Geoff Wallis from the UK we looked in detail to the rich History of Metalwork in Stone Town, which to a high exstand had been influenced by the great Art of Metalwork, which flourished in England and all over Europe in the 19th century. After the theory we carried out the condition assessment in the House of Wonders - where not only the large cast iron columns are unique relics of the History of Industrialisation but also the probably first elevator in East Africa. To demonstrate the production and repair techniques we went to the very good Metal Labs of the KIST were especially the hands on exercise on welding and forging brought a lot of joy to the participants. A very intensive course, which pointed out the importance for this topic in Stone Town and the need to train further, specialized fundis for the Conservation of this Rich Heritage.


Between the rising number of summer tourists, our trained tourguides were showing altogether over 1000 schoolchildren the history and rich Heritage of Stone Town - their home town - a quite logistic challenge - but the high interest and joy of the school children was a wonderful reward


A very important result of our project is to link the now special trained fundis to the large market of the construction companies, to carry out the much needed Conservation of the historic buildings in Stone Town. In cooperation with STCDA, ZSTHS, DCU we held two seminars in the Maru Maru Hotel.
The owners and representatives of the Construction firms followed with great interest and a lot of questions the topics of the history of stone town and the laws and regulation for work on historic buildings but also for new buildings in the protected World Heritage Zone. ACRA could demonstrate on examples from our training courses how to restore with traditional materials and technologies.
A good promotion of the fundis to later employers. We also presented "the Conservation Youth Brigade" which had been moved in in the new rooms at the ZSTHS.


Because the houses in Stone Town are build so closely -very often the cause of the damages - mainly leaking drainpipes and roofs are deriving from the neighbouring houses - so as part of the restoration work we fixed, redirected and added several drainpipes and covered a wet courtyard at the neighbouring house with a new roof.
Fixing Drainpipes and replacing broken, missing Roofs is one of the most demanding task in Stone Town - which would give us several years more time for the most needed conservation work!


After the specialized training in Masonry in the Hamamni Bath - the fundis calculated their first tenders for selected areas of the Hamamni Bath to finalize the work. Old and new working teams were formed and it was wonderful to see in what high level the fundis carried out the various challenges.... they can be very proud what they achieved the Hamamni Baths is now a showcase of Conservation/ Restoration of a historic building in Stone Town. We applied only traditional materials and technique limeplaster and a finishing lime wash. This allows the walls to breathe and the moist and soluble salts move without causing damages. The fundis got already two requests from the neighbouring houses to make a tender for further work - a good result for the job creation task.

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Laura Tapini has captured all the wonderful moments of our last course in this film for the students and for us all
Lime mortar's last coat (Neru)
Natural adictives for lime mortars




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