Mtakuja Secondary School

Mtakuja Secondary School


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Dah!! Amakwel chmbuko la werev wing laxonga mbelee

Mtakuja Secondary School is a Lutheran managed school that offers ordinary secondary education from Form One to Form Four. Quality Education for self reliance is our motto

Operating as usual

[06/03/21]   Quality education goes beyond good certification.
If a graduate can't solve a single issue in the community, we have to doubt whether the education was proper or substandard.

[05/30/21]   He is no fool who loses what he cannot gain to get what he cannot lose.

Photos from Mtakuja Secondary School's post 15/01/2021



Today, Form Three students who participated in Think By Design had their graduation. Think By Design is a course offered by Bellevue University of Nebraska, USA. It challenges the students to find solutions to the problems around them.

Think By Design course is properly nicknamed "Entrepreneurship Course" as it prepares learners to be entrepreneurs who use research and solve problems in the society.


Opportunity Education - Tanzania

Today, the Form 3 students who participated in Mtakuja Secondary School’s “Thinking by Design” concluded their program.

“Thinking by Design” is a Quest Forward course that asks students to use the design thinking process to solve relevant problems in their community. Rather than writing reports, this year, students created videos about their final projects. They also gave presentations on their projects to a panel that included Mtakuja teachers, and the virtual presence of Brian Kear from Bellevue University (Nebraska, United States) and Opportunity Education staff members Claire Murray, Eligrania Lema, and Martin Russell.

Find out more about Mtakuja Secondary School and the school’s unique learning opportunities, such as Thinking by Design, by contacting the headmaster, Francis Lusabe: +255 763 640 811 or [email protected]

To learn more about Quest Forward Learning, contact our Program Manager, Daniel Mlambo: [email protected] or +255 758 580 520,

and, be sure to visit our website:


[10/19/19]   Poleni Sana wana Mtakuja. Hi Ni safari yetu sote. Tumwangalie Mungu na tumwamini


Karibuni sana!

Sambaza kwa wengine!
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(Tafsiri ya Kiswahili iko chini)
Manage Yourself
From April of this year, Mtakuja stopped using bells and everyone started using watches to keep time. Every member of Mtakuja community follows the school timetable without the ringing of the bell. Bell is only used for emergencies.

Manage Yourself is one of six Essential Habits of Quest Forward.

Jisimamie Mwenyewe
Kuanzia mwezi wa 4 mwaka huu, Mtakuja iliacha kutumia kengele na kila mmoja anatumia saa kufuata ratiba ya shule. Kengele inatumika kwenye dharura tu.

Kujisimamia Mwenyewe ni mojawapo wa Tabia Muhimu 6 kwenye Quest Forward.
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Earlier today

Through Quest Forward (, learning at Mtakuja Secondary School moves beyond instruction and textbooks, enabling students to observe the world around them, uncover solutions to real problems, and create their own answers to questions about the world in which they live. Quest Forward empowers and inspires young people to become engaged observers, lifelong learners and active agents in the world.

Mtakuja Secondary School is located near Moshi, Tanzania. For more information on the school, contact the Head Master (+255 713 263 371).


Mtakuja Secondary School

NGL starts 19/03/2018

NGL starts

Mtakuja Secondary School becomes the first school to use QFL - Quest Forward Learning (at the time NGL - Next Generation Learning) for all the subjects.


Good evening from Mtakuja!
with a very beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Mtakuja Secondary School's cover photo

[04/21/17]   Mtakuja Lutheran Secondary School imeingia mfumo wa kidijitali kwa kufundisha kupitia Tablet chini ya mpango ujulikanao kama Next Generation Learning (NGL). Mpango huu unamwezesha mwanafunzi kusoma peke yake huku mwalimu akisimamia tu kile Mtoto anachojifunza. Platform hii ambayo imewekwa katika mfumo wa Quests humfanya mtoto kuwa mbunifu na kusoma kwa kujiamini na kujitegemea. Mchakato wa kupokea wanafunzi kwa ajili ya 2018 utaanza tar 10/7/2017 hadi tar 30/9/2017 halafu watakaobahatika watapewa kozi maalum ya maandalizi mnamo mwezi November na tarehe mtajulishwa. Wale wenye watoto wanashauriwa kuchangamkia fursa hii maana nafasi ni 60 tu. Karibuni nyote.


Mtakuja Secondary School's cover photo


Timeline Photos

[12/05/12]   Mtakuja Secondary School invites applications for admissions to parents wishing to send their children to Secondary School or transfer their children from the schools they are not satisfied with. Call +255-789-976-619 for instructions. Karibuni sana

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Karibuni sana!




44 good students have graduated and are now in various places working. Others about 25 are still studying at various levels



P O Box 7553, Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa

Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 17:00
Tuesday 07:30 - 17:00
Wednesday 07:30 - 17:00
Thursday 07:30 - 17:00
Friday 07:30 - 17:00
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