Katabaro English Medium Primary School

Katabaro English Medium Primary School

A friendly learning atmosphere that promotes children's curiosity, innovativeness, self-discipline and self-confidence for sustainable development!

(1) Offers a friendly learning atmosphere in which the pupils learn freely without fear that destroys people's self-esteem. (2) Provides students with quality education using modern methods and equipment. (3) Offers education, which promotes thinking, confidence and creativity and that widens the horizons of the students in meeting the challenges of the fast changing world. (4) Prepare

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[09/10/20]   NAFASI ZA KAZI SEPTEMBA 2020

Shule ya KATEMPRIS (iliyoko Nyakanongo, Kayanga, Karagwe) inatangaza:

1) Nafasi ya kazi ya umatron kwa ajili ya kulea na kutunza watoto mabwenini, kuanzia Mwezi huu wa Septemba, 2020.

Sifa za mwombaji:
a) Awe na uzoefu wa kulea na kutunza watoto.
b) Awe na upendo kwa watoto na moyo wa kujituma.
c) Awe mchapakazi na mwenye maadili mema.
d) Awe na uwezo wa kuongea vizuri Lugha ya Kiingereza.
e) Mwenye taaluma ya ualimu wa shule za awali au ya uuguzi atapewa kipaumbele.

2) Nafasi za ualimu kwa mwenye sifa zifuatazo:

a) Awe amehitimu chuo cha ualimu au awe mzoefu wa kufundisha.
b) Awe na uwezo wa kuandika, kuongea na kuwasiliana vizuri katika lugha ya Kiingereza.
c) Awe na uwezo wa kufundisha darasa la tatu hadi darasa la saba.
d) Awe mbunifu, mwadilifu, mchapakazi na mwenye moyo wa kujituma.
e) Awe na upendo kwa watoto ikiwa ni pamoja na utayari wa kuwajengea mazingira rafiki ya kujifunza.
f) Walimu wastaafu wenye uwezo na moyo wa kufundisha Shule za mchepuo wa Kiingereza pia wanakaribishwa kuleta maombi yao.

 Barua za maombi ziandikwe kwa mkono na zitumwe kwa:

Meneja wa Shule, S.L.P. 239, KARAGWE au
kwa njia ya barua pepe: [email protected]

 Mwombaji aambatanishe CV yake na nakala za vyeti vya taaluma.

 Mwisho wa kupokea maombi ni tarehe 20.09.2020.

 Shule ya KATEMPRIS inatoa taaluma na malezi bora katika mazingira rafiki yanayomwezesha mtoto kujifunza pasipo hofu, kuwa mwenye nidhamu, mdadisi,
mbunifu na mtu anayejiamini.

 K**a ungehitaji kupata ufafanuzi au maelezo zaidi, tafadhali piga simu kwenye namba zifuatazo:
0684 9464 34; au 0787 37 65 74 au 0620 111 465.




Ni kila siku kuanzia Jumatatu hadi Jumamosi.

4:30-5:00 asb
8:15-9:00 mchana
10:30-11 jioni.

Tafadhali wapeni watoto wetu nafasi ya kusikiliza na kujifunza.

Kumbuka kujihadhari na corona.



Two apartments for staff being built at Katempris.
Innovativeness is one of our foci.


Thanks to Marie, Ida, Oliver, Liv and Asher for being part of Katempris for the last three months.


Thank you Anne Sofie for passing by KATEMPRIS. Great to see you again. Four years have passed and the pupils have really grown! We are looking forward to seeing you again. Karibu sana!


Last Friday we were blessed with the visit of the UNESCO ambassador, Ms. Odette Mezeme Caldwell.
Here she explains the pupils why it is important to use the library and always read a lot of books.
Thank you for your visit!


Being a new school there is still a lot of first things that are happening. On the 21st of September we had the first Std. 4 parents' meeting.
And today our pupils in Std. 4 are doing the Regional Exams (MOCK) for the first time. Please send them some positive thoughts! 😊


Six years ago our beloved father, Mwl. Jonathan Katabaro, did the ground breaking of KATEMPRIS.

We are grateful for all the support we have ever got.
Our thankfulness goes to our dear parents, our families and friends in Tanzania, Denmark, Germany, Uganda, Sweden, ....;
and to all our parents who have entrusted us their children.
You have helped to make our dream come true:

A school with a friendly learning atmosphere that stimulates children's curiosity, self-discipline, innovativeness and self-esteem for sustainable development.

Thanks to all of you!

Mungu abariki KATEMPRIS


Transmission of HIV by Mukiza


Sharp Objects as transmitters of HIV


Transmission of HIV by Mukiza


Sharp Objects as transmitters of HIV


Transmission of HIV by Mukiza


Sharp Objects as transmitters of HIV



The so-called TV-pens were given as present to each pupil at KATEMPRIS after they had shown that they knew:
- multiplication table up to 10 in Std. 3
- multiplication table up to 5 in Std. 2
- ten-friends in Std. 1
- letters connected to words in PP II
- numbers up to 10 in Baby Class and PP I
Thank you to LEO Club Aarhus in Denmark for your presents.

youcaring.com 13/09/2017

Click here to support A new classroom for KATEMPRIS in Tanzania

Please share!
The more shares - the more donations!

Thank you!


youcaring.com KATEMPRIS is located in Karagwe, in the North-Western corner of Tanzania, which is one of the districts in Tanzania with less quality education opportunities in comparison to other areas of Tanzania. As a newly established school KATEMPRIS is still struggling to find funds to build classrooms and...


Katabaro English Medium Primary School


Great to play football on the new football pitch!


This was so funny!
How much water can you carry with your hands from the bucket to the bottle within 2 minutes?


Earthquake in Kagera Region.
Saturday the 10th we experienced an earthquake in Kagera Region, which also affected KATEMPRIS. We thank God that we had closed the school on Friday so that no person was injured during the earthquake. The buildings got some damages: Cracks on the walls and the floors - some big and some small. We therefore have some maintenance work to do , which was not budgetted for. This includes putting a new floor in two class rooms and building up a wall.
Any support will be received with thankfulness.

In Denmark on the account of SSK:
Account number: 7171 - 1343567 in Jyske Bank
IBAN-Nummer: DK0971 7100 0134 3567
SWIFT-adresse (BIC-adresse): JYBADKKK

In Germany on the account of Help Katempris:
Sparkasse Neckartal-Odenwald
Verwendungszweck: Katempris
DE64 6745 0048 1001 0461 25

In Tanzania on the account of KATEMPRIS:
Name of the Bank: CRDB Bank Public LTD
Branch: Karagwe Branch
Account holder: KATEMPRIS
Swift: CORUTZTZ ###
Account number: 0150248334000

Thank you so much for your support!


Our first students and our first staff.
12 pupils turned into 21 (see the picture of the first pupils). In December 2015 they were 57. Now, August 2016, we have 87 pupils. Thanks to all parents who entrust us their children.
With our professional team the children are in good hands. The staff has grown from 4 to 18 plus volunteers and interns.
Thank you for the good work you are doing in teaching and caring for our children.


Today all std. 1 pupils got a mosquitonet. Not only the pupils at KATEMPRIS, but all pupils in std. 1 in Tanzania. The pupils had to sign themselves, when they received the net.
Congratulations to all the pupils - also for the nice handwriting!


15,000 liters of water arrived at KATEMPRIS in this way.
Hopefully the rain will come soon!

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.... then the more creative way :-)
Theories first....
Debate afternoon.Fabiola from std. 2 argues in the debate for the argument that "Mother is better than father". This was...
Learning with fun!
Good Weekend!





P.O. Box 239, Karagwe, Kagera, Tanzania

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Monday 07:30 - 16:00
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Friday 07:30 - 16:00
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