Tanzania Metrology Students Association

Tanzania Metrology Students Association


This will be Remote work and Unpaid Internship.
We are looking for Fresh Graduates and Students,
Company Name RiskCyber
Risk Cyber helps Celebrities, Professional, Government Officials or Individuals etc., securing their personal identity impersonation.We spread awareness in the society about individuals presence in Social Media & required measures to secure themselves. Our Introductory video would show you the type of threat in today’s digital media world.
Position overview:
We are looking for a hands-on, junior Analyst with or without knowledge and experience of the cyber security. Join our team and help building out a growing cyber security application designed to support proprietary products serving many different outside customers!
You must be highly analytical, creative, intelligent, and should have knowledge operating internet on computer as well as basic understanding of social media platforms.
 Analyze and document client data and develop business logic to address their needs.
 Work closely with global teams to provide an integrated and automated solution
 Coordinate and take an active role in analysis of project works, conduct related communication in a professional way both externally and internally
 Work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment with emphasis on quality and accuracy
Specific Knowledge/Skills
 Good English, Specific written or verbal communication.
 Knowledge of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.
 Ability to communicate and work effectively in a result oriented, team-driven organization
 MS Office like Word or Excel skills
 0-1 years of professional work experience
you can send your cv here or for any questions
[email protected]
Good day
Budapest, Hungary
TMSA members during their training tour at Tanzania bureu of standards (TBS) Dar es salaam.
We build our country, Africa and the whole world, through Metrology. .
Metrology for Industrial Growth.

*Link students with different projects concerning metrology world wide..,
*Link students with metrology training, job,interships,tours..

Operating as usual


#metrologyday with TMSA founder and Former Chairperson Hamad Jiliu

#metrologyday with TMSA founder and Former Chairperson Hamad Jiliu


Charity visit @OceanroadHospital

Charity visit @OceanroadHospital


akabidhiwa Zawadi

Best student kutoka Metrology


"Best Student ,Dmet!"

Hongera Sana,Julius ..


Tujijenge Metrology.

Mwenyekiti TMSA

[12/07/20]   Nini unashauri kuhusu ,kuimarisha TMSA?


Miongoni mwa Waanzilishi wakuu wa TMSA (founders ) miaka kadhaa nyuma...Wakiwa na Malengo ya Kuitambulisha Course ya METROLOGY nchi Nzima.

K**a mwana-Metrology unahisi kitu gani kimekosekana kwa ajili ya kui-PUBLISH COURSE YA METROLOGY? #METROLOGY #WMA


WMA Wakiwa ndani ya Sabasaba!

Wakala Wa Vipimo (WMA)

[05/26/20]   Medical Applications
Medical Applications
The life sciences arena is an area of continual development and exploration. Each passing year sees radically new developments which improve the overall well being of individuals. These developments are typically pushing at the boundaries of nano "scale metrology", an arena in which Taylor Hobson has operated for the best part of a century. #jointheconversation


Tmsa communication officer


Applied, technical or industrial metrology is concerned with the application of measurement to manufacturing and other processes and their use in society, ensuring the suitability of measurement instruments, their calibration and quality control.


Tour to Dar es Salaam port.

Among the Tmsa objectives....! #metrology #portland #fuel #education #tanzania


Metrology field session


Photos from Tanzania Metrology Students Association's post


Employee and contractors in oil marketing companies (OMCs), calibration la￾boratories and mining companies who involve in measurement processes, like
deport managers, reservoir personnel, petrol station managers, instrumenta￾tion and control personnel, and fiscal metering surveyor, fuel and lubricants
supervisors. Personnel working in government regulating and standard bodies
for oil and gas, preferably WMA, EWURA, TPDC, Ministry of Industry and Trade,
Ministry of Energy, TPA and PBPA and metrology laboratories


*Mrejesho wa kikao,* *(TMSA GENERAL MEETING )*
*kilichofanyika Jan 23 / 2019*

*Hata hivyo kwa wale ambao hawajahudhuria kikao kutokana na sababu mbalimbali, unaweza kutoa mchango wako kutokana na agenda zifuatazo:*

*N.B : mrejesho huu utakuwa mfupi, na utalenga mambo muhimu tu..*

*Agenda muhimu zilikuwa :*

*1. Ripoti ya Maendeleo ya chama*
*2. Uhai wa chama*
*3. Safari ya mtwara*
*4.Ripoti ya michezo*
*5.metrology 2019*

*Description fupi:*

*1)Ripoti ya Maendeleo ya chama:*
*ripoti ilisomwa na mh katibu Lema,.*

*Chama chetu kilianza takribani mwaka na miezi sasa, hata hivyo kimeweza kufanikisha mambo mengi ndani ya mwaka huo*

*-Tuweza kwenda tours nyingi k**a Tours za TBS, TPA, Superdoll Tanzania,n. k*

*-Tuweza kujenga mahusiano makubwa na TBS, hata wao kuweza kuazimisha kufanya Metrology day kwa pamoja kwa kushirikiana ndani ya CBE*

*-Tumeweza kushiriki metrology day ya mwaka 2018,na ilikuwa ya tofauti sana na miaka yote iliyopita...*
*hata hivyo k**ati iliweza kualikwa na TBS mkoa wa pwani kwa ajili ya kushiriki maadhimisho ya Metrology day,*

*-Tumeweza shiriki kipindi maalumu cha ITV (malumbano ya hoja)..tukishirikiana na TBs k**a mojawapo pia ya maadhimisho ya metrology day 2018.*

*-Kuhusu Usajili :.*
*Chama kimefanya jitihada zote ili kufanikisha usajili chini ya wizara ya mambo ya ndani ya nchi,*

*:Tumeweza kuandaa katiba ya chama,ambayo ilipitiwa na wanasheria wa wizarani na kuipitisha.*

*:Tumeweza kupewa* *supportive letter kutoka kwa mkuu wa chuo cha CBE ,*

*tulikamilisha mambo yote ispokuwa barua ya mkuu wa wilaya, ambayo inatakiwa* *iambatanishwe na ilitutaka tuwe na ofisi..yetu, kwa ajili kututambua, jambo ambalo limekuwa gumu mpk sasa,.. kwani bado hatujanikiwa kupata ofisi yetu pamoja na jitihada jadhaa zilizofanywa.. na uongozi.*

*2. Uhai wa chama:*

*Ilielezaa na mwenyekiti wa chama: Hamad Jiliu,*
*-uhai wa chama, unategemea sana wanachama wake,*
*hata hivyo uhai wa chama chetu bado mdogo sana,kwani* *wanachama wengi bado hawajaona hawaja active katika kushiriki shughuli mbalimbali za chama, ikiwemo tours*

*Wanachama wengi hawahudhurii vikao, jambo ambalo linaua uhai wa chama.*

*Wanachama wengi hawatoi ada za uanachama, ambayo ni sh. 2000 tu.*

*-wanachama wengi bado hawana Tshirts za chama, ukizingatia kupitia Tshirts ndio tunatangaza course yetu ndani na nje, wanachama walio na Tshirts ni 45 - 47 tu.. na chama kina wanachama zaidi ya 200,*

*. - chama bado hakijapata mdhamini kwa ajili ya kukisuport.*

*Hata hivyo, bado ni swali la wote tufanye nini kwa ajili ya uhai wa chama chetu??*

*3. Safari ya mtwara:*
*-ripoti ilisomwa na mwanak**ati Halima,..*

*Maandalizi ya Safari ya Mtwara yako vizuri mpaka..*

*K**ati imeamua kushirikisha chuo ili tuweze kufanikisha safari yetu..*
*.. na hata hivyo, upande wa chuo wamesema kwa upande wao, wanaweza kutoa gari (kwenda na kurudi)*

*Safari ya Mtwara,bajeti yake ni zaid ya 7M, ambayo wanafunzi zaid ya 40+,watashiriki safari hiyo..*

*Safari ya mtwara tutatembelea Dangote na TPDC Mtwara..*
*hata hivyo, bado tunauhitaji wa pesa ili kufanikisha safari hiyoo kubwa na ya kihistoria itakayofanyika February kuanzia trh 25.*

*4.Ripoti ya michezo*
*Ilisomwa na kiongozi wa Michezo, ndugu* *Richard...*

*wana metrology tulifanikiwa kufanya metrology Bonanza kutokana na kushindwa kufanya League ambayo ilikuwa na changamoto nyingi, ikiwemo uwanja, jezi na mpira,.. hata hivyo tulibahatika kupata udhamini wa maji na glucose kutoka kwa mwenyekiti wa mtaa Upanga!,*

*5)metrology 2019,*

*hii haikubahatika kujadiliwa kutokana na muda,*

*lakini ni agenda inayohusu nini kifanyike mipango gani ifanyike kwa ajili ya chama na Metrology yetu kwa ujumla, hata hivyo tulitegemea mapendekezo makubwa kutoka kwa wanachama, kwa nia kubwa ya kujenga..metrology na umoja wetu*

*Imetolewa na TMSA chairman:*



join TMSA whats up group
through the link:


tmsa general meeting


TMSA Generally meeting...

[11/02/18]   Celebrate and enjoy the ceremony of welcoming new members of TMSA


To all who wants to be members of TMSA,a membership is opened for former Metrology students,send us ur details!


our partners for promoting metrology within the country and outside!!


Name every one ...u see her/him on photos #metrology


Solidarity forever.....#metrology


importance of metrology and characterization at the nanoscale, international standardization of nanotechnology, and industrial innovation of nano-enabled products. #like4likes #like4follow #like4likes


Congratulations BMET3


Tukutane kazini,

Congratulation all BMET3 and DMET2!
#metrology #like4likes #likeforfollow #instagood


As metrology students...
We wish you a quick recover...
(Get well soon,TMSA tour coordinator)
May God keep u safe!
#like4likes #tanzania #follow4follow #instagood #likeforlikes


Best wishes to the exams!

#study #like4likes #follow4follow #follow #photooftheday #picoftheday #inspiration


metrology” may be unfamiliar to many in the world of military equipment design and testing, it is a word becoming increasingly important. Metrology can be defined as the science of measurement in support of engineering. And rapid advances in technology and computing power have brought about an abundance of new metrology equipment and techniques that are being employed to make various phases of military equipment testing—including test planning, test ex*****on, and test evaluation—significantly more efficient and accurate


Metrology is the science of measurement. It establishes a common understanding of units, crucial in linking human activities.Modern metrology has its roots in the French Revolution's political motivation to standardise units in France, when a length standard taken from a natural source was proposed. This led to the creation of the decimal-based metric system in 1795, establishing a set of standards for other types of measurements. Several other countries adopted the metric system between 1795 and 1875; to ensure conformity between the countries, the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) was established by the Metre Convention.[3][4] This has evolved into the International System of Units (SI) as a result of a resolution at the 11th Conference Generale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM) in 1960.[5]


Siku ya jana ,tuliweza kuhudhuria mwaliko wa sherehe ya Metrology day Iliyoandaliwa na TBS ambayo ilifanyika katika mkoa wa Pwani...mgeni rasmi alikuwa mkuu wa Mkoa huo : Eng Evarist Ndikilo! #promote metrology!


U can now get a metrology Tshirt by choosing your own colour..
only for 17k Tshs

#red #likeforfollow #likelike #follow #photooftheday #white @ College of Business Education


Je wewe ni mwanafunzi wa Chuo na unatafuta nafasi ya kufanya field?

*UNI Life Campus Program* inapenda kukujulisha kwamba tumeandaa nafasi za kutosha za field kwa ajili yako,

Usihangaike tena, ingia kwenye kiunganishi hapa chini na jaza nafasi yoyote unayotaka.

Timu yetu inayofanya kazi masaa 24 itakupa mrejesho Ndani ya masaa machache.

*UNI Life Campus, Tunakujali!*


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akabidhiwa Zawadi
"Best Student ,Dmet!"
Tujijenge Metrology.
WMA Wakiwa ndani ya Sabasaba!
*Mrejesho wa kikao,* *(TMSA GENERAL MEETING )* *kilichofanyika Jan 23 / 2019**Hata hivyo kwa wale ambao hawajahudhuria k...
Congratulations BMET3
Siku ya jana ,tuliweza kuhudhuria mwaliko wa sherehe ya Metrology day Iliyoandaliwa na TBS ambayo ilifanyika katika mkoa...
The Head of Metrology department at CBE! we are proud of him! @itvtz
Thanks mr..Busara,we learned a lot!👍👍👍




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