Indian School DSM Confessions

Indian School DSM Confessions

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PROMISE! Post your confessions in the given link. Any deed of yours which you wont be able to share publicly. feel free,this is strictly confidential.No one will get to know who you are,not even the admins. No one will get to know your password or your ip address as well.

[07/30/13]   #184

To: Patriots

I have a confession to make. :(

I used to sing Pakistan Zindabad everytime we sang Jana gana mana.

Male, 2008

[07/30/13]   #183

To: Ami Mehta

I LUV ALL THAT U DO AMI !! U ARE IN MY DREAMS,MY VISION,MY MISSION, MY HEART,MY MIND, MY SOUL, AND .............. (my everything wants you damn) ................

Recognize me??? o.O

Male, Your friend, your junior

[07/12/13]   #182

To: girl 9

I neber thought id ever start loving you...but now gota confess it...
I love you n I cnt stay wdout yu...
Mwah.. :*

Male, 9

[06/29/13]   #181

To: students

hello people...
m joing indian scl dsm... soon in 10th standard
m frm india... jst cme here..

m a big scared... about the kind of ppl in d scl...
i need frnds... :*
hope so ...
looking forward for good frnds soon..
bbye guys tc.... :**

Female, 10

[06/10/13]   #180

I luv da fact how Prajjwal has now becum the centre of attention in dis page -_-

Female, Dar

[06/10/13]   #179

To: Prajjwal :O

What the helling hell mahn!? Ur leavin??? I cant believe dis! I have been planning out how i would approach u, i even planned out how we cud have started hanging out together! And now ur leaving me. U hav no idea how upset i am, i almost felt like cuming to India maself to get u. Now ur outta ma reach, n long distances never work. So thank u for making me have such feelings, as i have never had them 2 any1 else. We hav both missed out, you hav missed out, and so hav i. But i still want u 2 b happy, and hope u find some1 der.
I will now hav no choice but 2 inbox u now. but as planned, wen skul starts, well...... wen MY skul starts :'(

[06/10/13]   #178

To: whole school

"From: Prajjwal Srivastava Mega Confession Part 3

7. Bevil Fernandes: First when I met him, he was kind of sketchy so I was apprehensive of him. But when he moved in my street, I realized he was pretty cool. I'm going to miss all that Call Of Duty fun at your house. Now you can improve your skills :P Going to miss you man.

8. Shrey Kothar AKA Ninja Hattori: You were also pretty cool. You, Sid S were the guys I couldn't have managed 9th standard + we were the guys who started the whole meme thing going on. Just wish I could have played Counter Strike with you guys... Oh well.

Again late in India post more later."

Male, 10th

[05/16/13]   #177

to: whole school

"From: Prajjwal Srivastava mega confession part 2

4. Saurabh Singh: Dude THIS WAS THE FU***NG REASON WHY I WANTED YOU TO GET A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!! Anyways, please some one forward the following message to him EXACTLY: Dude I will seriously miss you man. I will miss all those long talks on various subjects, football, science, cricket everything man. I didnt know i would say goodbye for the last time on lugalo road. somehow just get in contact with me. here's my email [email protected]

5. Muzaffur Shaikh: you were a strange guy. i would fight with you and still would have to talk about football with you. lol i just remembered when i had got your password. lolol. we had a lot of fights but we made each other laugh as well.

6. Shivansh Gupta: ahh bonge! another great friend. really friendly guy although very shady too, especially about her :P. i remember the fight we had over the project lolol. I look back and laugh at it now. also remember when we played fifa 13 at your house when your mom was away? best time ever man!

more tomorrow guys!"

[05/15/13]   #176

to: whole school

from: Prajjwal Srivastava Mega Confession part 1

I will not be coming back to Dar. I have decided I will pursue my studies in India. *sigh* That went smooth. I just want to say that you guys/gals were the best I have met/fought/abused/laughed/talked/fu**ed(LOL) with. At first when my parent had decided to go to Dar, I was a bit skeptical. I was not sure about the people over ther. Will they accept me? Will I accept them? Am I going to stay forever? These were few of many questions running through my mind. Reaching Dar, I was greeted by the lovely weather over there. Still even after staying in Dar those questions started coming back. But all those questions disappeared when I met the friendly faces in ISD, most importantly my first friend in ISD, Ankit Sinha. He is a great guy, very friendly. Almost like a big brother. Also it was good to know the first guy I knew was a fellow kayasth :) Now time to address all people I have met/fought/abused/laughed/talked/fu**ed(LOL):
Nobody is ranked here, just a random order :P

1. Anand Palani: Great guy, laughed a lot with him, and got myself pachkofied too :P. told many secrets. If you tell anyone I swear.

2. Siddharth Solankie: Another great guy, one of few people where one can go abuse anand in hindi XD :P. could'nt have imagined the fu***ng 9th standard without him.

3. Siddharth Upadhyaya: Chattopadhyaya!! the decent guy! very friendly person! had many funny moments with this guy. Also can't forget when we played cricket in patel samaj!

Its getting late in India so I'll post tomorrow!"

[04/29/13]   #175

To: all my exzz

Kay ..m suppose to tel ya ol slwi lng bck ba i guess now i shud...m sowi too all ma exzz..okyy i was a playrr...n nw evn i m...dnt fall fr me agn ;-)

Male, 9

[04/29/13]   #174

To: Anand Palani.... Ma luv!

I luve you Anand. I cant stop tinkin bout u. I rlly need to tok 2 u in person to c if u still luv me.

Female, xool


Trololo... The Full Original Version.


This is way better than most of the confessions here.

Male, graduated

This completely explains itself. In 1976, the Soviet Union had perfected a humanoid robot who's primary function was to entertain and overwhelm. You can see ...

[04/25/13]   #172

To: Amaan in 11th

I love u and I cant live with out u so will tell u who I m when school reopens

Female, 11

[04/25/13]   #171

To: Samriddha

You are one of the best guys I have ever met. Misss you mahn.


[04/22/13]   #170

To: Prajjwal

Look mahn, i rlly lyk u ok, and i dont wanna start thingz too fast n inbox u to let u know hu i am. I rlly think its best 2 wait till skul, so i can reveal myself in person. I rlly lyk u, and i wasnt too happy wen u thot i was fake. Sure, i might have been fooling around earlier, but i think v can make it work, if we dont rush in2 it, n just be patient. I dont no if u vil eva get any1 else hu sees what i c in u, so dont try to mess it up pls, i dont want dat.


[04/21/13]   #169

To: ppl of th page lol

wht if princi seez ths??

Male, 9

[04/18/13]   #168

to: "girl" waiting for me

From: Prajjwal

Whoever you maybe, this my LAST warning to you. If what you are doing is a joke, reveal yourself now or you will be fu**ed up. I will wait till the 1st of next month, I get no reply, well you might as well cover your face with a paper bag and wait.

Male, 10th

[04/18/13]   #167

to: this crazy bitch

"Reply to 166
I don't comment on posts anymore because i want to avoid other people from seeing that s**t post about me, so deal with it. Now i really don't know wtf is your problem. I havnt done s**t to anyone, especially 'bad things' as you say i do. I dont know why you have a grudge against me either. First you were like, 'i like you alot', and all that BS, and know it's 'i don't care'. Really, its senseless bi***es like you that have infested that school. I really don't want to hear anything else about me from you, if you want to say anything, the inbox option is right there. So lets see, am i gonna get a cowardly reply, or am i gonna get a message by inbox, and i probably won't cuz this could also be one of these jobless losers who's trying to say s**t about me."


[04/17/13]   #166

To: Varun Ahuja

"Reply to #164
Look I didn't wanna p**s you off
I really don't give a fick if you wanna know me
I said what I felt like
But I've seen what you do
Take it as payback for all the terrible things you have done to other people then laughed at on your own"

Female,Don't care

[04/14/13]   #165

From: Prajjwal

To: the girl waiting for me.

I'm really doubting your validity. You seem too good to be true. If whatever you are trying to do is a joke, cut the bulls**t and reveal yourself and I wont hold any grudges. If you do not do as asked to, you will be on the TOP of my to F**K up list.

Male, 10th

[04/14/13]   #164

A reply, to #160

Look, i know thats a fake confession, even if you were real, i dont even think i'd want to know who you are. Saying s**t like my 'social awkwardness' and 'funny teeth'(which i got braces for and they're fine now -_- ), and s**t like 'you were repulsive to others'. Idk what you mean by constant trolling too, cuz i dont 'troll' alot at all. Well not anymore

Male, gladly left

[04/13/13]   #163

To: Anand Palani

Oi, i vil neva let u go! Even tho u may not b redy to date anoda gal, i still vont give up! I vil wait till ur single n b 1st in line to board da Anand Express ;) :p
I may hav made a joke der, but im stil seriously in luv wit u.... lyk crazy!

[04/13/13]   #162

I think dat v can ol agree, dat Swaminathan sir, is an amazing teacher! :D
Best male teacher ISD has had so far......!!!


[04/13/13]   #161

To: Officer.... Aman Nt -_-

Dey shud really make u da grammar police of da page, no wait, da chief of police! -_-
I hav confesed on dis page b4, and so hav odas, and what i mainly c in da comments, is ur annoying comments, english corections, n s**t about how 'stupd' u think v r! Why dnt u either get a lyf, stop constantly caring about wat v hav 2 say, and comment if u hav something to say, apart from critisizing da confesser!

Female, Skul. Fed up wit dis guy

[04/13/13]   #160

To: Varun Ahuja

Look I'm not very keen with words but please understand
I meant when I said I love you
You social awkwardness and your weird teeth have a strange magnetism
You're trolling is just a sad excuse for attention seeking and you insult others so that they don't insult you
But I love you anyway
Many girls think you're repulsive
I don't
I cried when you left and you didn't even notice
Don't ignore this baby ...
It's our time to shine

Female, 11

[04/12/13]   #159

To: Dat new rap luver in xool!

Reply to #156
Dude!!!!I saw ur post about your 'etitude', (its atitude btw) and i wanna join u! Yung MOOLA BAYBAY!!!!!!! YUNG MONEY!!!!!!! TUNECHI!!!!!!! HUH, HUH!! (Rick Rouss's grunt :P ) Togeda, v can b da bowsses of da xool! And mayb...... even help each oda get da hoes :P

Male, Lil SupaSta! Da new..... co-Tunechi! :P

[04/11/13]   #158

To: Prajjwal Srivastava

Oh Prajji...... ;) I havnt been sending anything about u latley! Pls neva say again, dat u r not looking forward to skul...... cuz i.. am. ;) We'r gonna be da best couple in skul! :D


[04/11/13]   #157

To: post #148

how am i supose to knw who u r??

Male, in school

[04/10/13]   #156

To: My etitude! :p :p :p Tunechi!! :p :p :p :p :p :p

So um i resently lisend 2 rapp muzic n I luv deyr lifes!!! s*xing hoes every nyt, drankin, smoking smoke, n gettin money..... yung Money! :p :p :p
I wanna liv lyk dat 2! Id luv 2 s*x bichs, drink alkoholl, n smoke pot, n getting........ Rich as Fu** :p

[04/10/13]   #155

indian school is so ful of s**t!! ppl hate each oder in dat xul.. i wish it was better than this!!

Male, left xul

[04/10/13]   #154

reply #149

Firstly, thank you for posting the confession on behalf of everyone who hate us and not wasting our time. Secondly, thank you for making us the centre of your attention.

Female, the four bi***es :*

[04/10/13]   #153

To: Ma Luv

मैं केवल हिंदी में बात करते हैं, कर सकते हैं, तो मैं लूंगा.लड़की, प्यार मैं एक बहुत कुछ है, और मैं वास्तव में आप के साथ एक तिथि पर बहुत जल्द ही जाना चाहते हैं.हो सकता है अगर यह अच्छी तरह से चला जाता है हम शायद सेक्स भी हो सकता है.मुझे लगता है कि सिर्फ फिल्मों में की तरह प्यार होता


[04/10/13]   #152

To: Sahil Jain

i olways hd a huge crush on u. wanted to kiss ur rosy lips. even now i wish i cud.


[04/09/13]   #151

To: neha vyas

hey neha, hope u see my confession but its actually not a confession...
i like u alot...when u were in school i always used to stare u n shy..i would like to know u more..pls come back in skul...

Male, i will nt disclose any of my info or else u will get to noe who i m..

[04/09/13]   #150

To: a gal in 11th

i have a huge crush on u since a long long time love u...

Male, 11




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