Reach Tanzania Bible School

Reach Tanzania Bible School


God bless you Apostle Danstan Huale Maboya
A New Universe to Explore Alone

Following in the URLs thesis try to understand my new theories with yours finally power of philosophy of faculty of Sciences & Able to see fulfillment of the Universe Creations and finality see your Creator! Finality found- What happened before the Big Bang & why was the Big Bang the 2nd case birth of the Universe??

Found- From Our Present Position and Location- How does works minor Planets, Planets, Stars, Black holes & Single matter?

You are aware that in the research activities of space science and creation mystery there is no need of academic or university higher degree. In this regard in the past history the names of philosophers are recorded who have contributed something new for mankind of the world but they did not attain academic education of their own. See into- History of famous scientists Galileo, Einstein, Hawking, Darwin and Hubble & James Peebles- in PDF URLs version: In order of merit found realism- Who is the right one for World frontier & Higher Degrees of World fore-knowledge of philosophy of faculty of sciences, astronomy, astrophysics & Cosmology with Infinite and Infinitesimal!

I am seeking who can give me strictly the right note on the thesis?

Can give Support of Higher Education Degrees with Support My Goals!
Reach Tanzania Bible school, the right place to be. May God help me to be there, I applied for this Year, but I didn't manage to come. I'm Isaya T. Sokoni Mwansongole.
Adolph Hi**er and his party officials (N***s), are typical examples of veteran tyrants. They were among his surrogates, he used in killing millions of people across nations, and plunging world into war. They killed six million Jews among other atrocities. Eventually, their iniquities began to find them out. These war criminals, had to face the wrath of the law when captured. Some of them have committed su***de. They have to live with the trauma of past deeds. No matter how long a crime against humanity has been committed, the perpetrator cannot go unpunished when apprehended.

At the end of world war 11, the victorious powers, including the United States, United Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union, agreed to set up a court to prosecute German war criminals. The “Nuremberg Trials,” as they are called after the German city in which they were held, tried the N**i leaders not only for crimes committed against the citizens of other countries, but against Germans their nationals.

The fates of various N**i Party members spread all over the map in terms, of what happened to them. Their leader Adolph Hi**er, committed su***de to avoid capture and punishment. Many of them took a cue. Others fled the country, and took on assumed identities in an attempt to elude authorities. While most of those who fled were captured, there is actually still a top 10 most wanted list of Holocaust war criminals today. Some have been found or discovered to have died, but as many as 7 or 8 N***s remain at large. They’re in their 90s.

War criminals that were captured had two choices: face punishment for their crimes or commit su***de. Not surprisingly, many of them committed su***de to avoid a more fearful death such as hanging. The popular choice for su***de among N***s was to ingest cyanide, which was easily accessible at the time. The death wasn’t necessarily pleasant, but it was better than being hanged or put on public display to many. Those who were tried for their crimes received various punishments, depending on their involvement in the events of the Holocaust.

Those who could be proven to be seriously involved with crimes against humanity, or war crimes were often sentenced to death. Executions generally took place just days after sentencing, making sure that people didn’t have time to escape or commit su***de after being sentenced. Some criminals were sentenced to life in prison instead of death, but this was usually if their crimes were less severe. The idea was that they would still be held accountable but they didn’t deserve death as a result of their involvement.

Some war criminals that were actually sentenced to 5, 10, and 20 year sentences because they could only prove so much involvement. Even still, some criminals were totally acquitted of the charges against them, due to lack of evidence, or other issues at their trials. Those who committed su***de might not have faced trial, but the loss of their life was their punishment.

International community did a good job in conducting the Nuremberg trial. It was not only meant for the apex leader of the crime against humanity, Adolph Hi**er. It also affected his henchmen, whose numbers run into hundreds, if not thousands. We want similar trials to be conducted in Africa. We learnt Nuremberg trial gave birth to ICC.

After the two world wars, the holocaust of Nigerian civil war came next, in terms of millions of people killed, and atrocities committed by Gowon led dictatorship. Apart from Hi**er of Germany, Gowon is the most wicked and callous ruler on earth. His nine-year despotic rule, ushered in gross genocide and destruction of Igboland; as well as looting of our people’s property across the country. We therefore appeal to United Nations, and International Criminal Court, to conduct a thorough “Nuremberg style” trials against all Nigerian rulers, security chiefs, paramount rulers, Northern elites, and other hangers-on, who conspired to kill millions of South Easterners (Igbos), before, during and after the civil war, and even now. They are as evil and wicked, as those tried and sentenced in Nuremberg. All the military juntas are included.

Northern elites instigated the genocide against Igbos, living in the North between 1966 and 1967, in which millions of Igbo’s, and some other tribes from the South were killed. Instructions given to illiterate and semi-illiterate Northern killers were, “kill them and own their property including houses.” These ‘Talakawas and Almajiris, were used to commit all manner of atrocities: r**e, murder, arson, and looting with impunity, while the security agents looked the other way. Unwillingness of Nigerian Government led by military junta Gowon, to end the killings, caused the Nigerian civil war, in which more millions of people died.

A lot of war crimes were committed during the war which includes: burying people alive; r**e, mass killing of civilians, tying people and throwing them into the river to be drowned. A lot of Igbos were thrown in River Benue alive, including women and little children. Of course, they all were drowned and died; under the watchful eyes of our oppressors. The drowned Igbos provided food for fishes and other animals living inside the river. Similar atrocities were committed, and still being committed in lesser forms in other countries, including African countries.

We urge the new-look ICC, under the presidency of African, Justice Osuji, to go on the offensive against veteran and ‘retired’ tyrants, scattered all over the world. That a vicious ruler has been retired, or forced out of power longtime ago, doesn’t mean he is not answerable to his wicked past. N***s that committed crimes against humanity were judged and still being judged till today.

The mentality of most tyrants, is that they are worth millions of people they caused their untimely deaths. As well, they think nobody can challenge, or bring them to justice. They have been proved wrong by the constitution of International courts. Their heinous crimes can never be erased by the passage of time.

Yakubu Gowon, unlike other war criminals, is currently moving freely in Nigeria, due to the shielding by Britain, that imperialist nation. He is next to Adolph Hi**er, in crime against humanity. There is no way you can compare him with lesser war criminals like Charles Taylor and Idi Amin. Time is overdue for him face ICC ,on his atrocities against Igbos. After the war, he froze bank accounts of Igbos. He declared properties of Igbos in other part of the country, as abandoned properties. Our people lost their belongings to other tribes.

Gowon and his likes, should make restitutions, and not to embark on propaganda in the guise national prayer. The billions of dollars he stole, is enough to pay compensations to multitude of Easterners he seized their money in the bank; and their property he transferred to murderers, as wages for killing the owners. A religious hypocrite can deceive men; but can never deceive God Almighty.

All his commanders, and other surrogates should face ICC. The idea of trying only figure heads, can not solve the problem of crime against humanity in the land. Other rulers subordinates, especially military rulers who came after him, condoned the killing of Igbos in the North. Let them also face ICC. This is the only lasting solution to systematic genocide against our people, under the rulership of Northerners.

If they happen to escape human trial and judgement, there is a judgement that is greater than all; that is God’s judgement. If they are observant, they will notice God has dealt with most of the dictators, both within and outside Africans. Most of them died untimely deaths, through mysterious sickness and assassinations. They died and left behind their ill-gotten wealth. If somebody escapes the judgement men, he can never escape the judgement of God! Visit:
Hongera Sana
Emmanuel kisinz
Uck mwm wana fb
IWANT TO JOIN FOR DIPLOMA IN BIBLE how can I join 0653808374 its my contact
Bible Is Alight To Those Who R In Darkness.I like It Too.
Hellow! I very glad to receive an information from you! but I just want to ask asmall question, if the class takes 2 weeks, and then we go back to our home, then we come after 6-8 weeks, I think for the people who coming out of Dar, sometimes it can be difficult to afford the cost, my question is, can the school plan to set the longtime classes, which the students from out of Dar can avoid the cost of travelling much, just a question if there's an another alternatives. Pastor.Isaya.

Reach Tanzania Bible School has closed. Our school was offering a one-year Certificate and two-year Diploma in Pastoral Ministry in Dar es Salaam (near Kunduchi/Bahari Beach areas).

However, the school will not be reopening. We pray you find another good Bible School to grow in your love for God and His Word.

Operating as usual

Photos from Reach Tanzania Bible School's post 01/07/2021

Photos from Reach Tanzania Bible School's post

Photos from Reach Tanzania Bible School's post 01/07/2021

Photos from Reach Tanzania Bible School's post

Reach Tanzania Bible School updated their information in their About section. 11/06/2021

Reach Tanzania Bible School updated their information in their About section.

Reach Tanzania Bible School updated their information in their About section.

[06/11/21]   All former RT Bible School are invited to attend the 2021 Reach Tanzania Bible School Graduation on Friday 18 June. Send Mark or Alyssa a message to get more information.

[04/02/20]   Reach Tanzania Bible School is permanently closed.

Everest Life of Christ Class 17/10/2019

Everest Life of Christ Class


We are spending the week learning what God says in the book of Romans. 14/02/2019

Hospitals, Not Country Clubs: Churches Without the Broken Are Broken Churches "Serving and saving were marks of Christ's life on earth. They should be marks of His people, as well."




Desiring God


A.W. Tozer- A man of God


Christianity Today

Nelson Mandela was born 100 years ago today.

Mandela was more than a hero to the South African people. He was the father of the new South Africa. Mandela defiantly resisted the oppression of apartheid that he believed should not be until it was no longer. And a new nation was born.


Church Leaders

We don't have to agree on everything in order to be kind to one another.


Church Leaders


We had a great week learning how to tell chronological Bible stories. Thank you to teachers Everest Mwendakazi, Jestina Kingsley, and Freddy Susulu! Wamefundisha vizuri sana!

Graduation 2018 26/06/2018

Great celebration of all God has done.

Great celebration of all God has done.


Reach Tanzania Bible School


Reach Tanzania Bible School


Reach Tanzania Bible School's cover photo

Graduation 2018 22/06/2018

Great celebration of all God has done.

Great celebration of all God has done.


GRADUATION CEREMONY 21st June 2018. 19/05/2018

Hell is full of people who think they deserve heaven... - SermonQuotes Hell is full of people who think they deserve heaven. Heaven is full of people who know they deserve hell. – Trevin Wax


The Gospel Coalition

I really would rather be in this wheelchair knowing Jesus as I do than be on my feet without him.

Ten words have set the course for my life: God permits what he hates to accomplish what he loves.

— Joni Eareckson Tada


A.W. Tozer- A man of God 30/04/2018

Why Do We See So Few Miracles Today? There were fewer miracles in the Bible than many of us think, and there are more miracles today than many of us know.


Desiring God

The best series I have ever heard!

Twenty years ago today, John Piper began an 8-year trek through a single biblical book. A journey of 225 sermons starts with one step. Listen today to the first message in ‘Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written.’


Ligonier Ministries

Though sin often brings immediate pleasure, it gives no lasting joy. —R.C. Sproul


Paul David Tripp



Ligonier Ministries

We are secure, not because we hold tightly to Jesus, but because He holds tightly to us. —R.C. Sproul


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"The Bible was not given for our information but our transformation." - D.L. Moody




Church Leaders

"Don't be fooled by those that know much but love a little, spirituality is defined by how we love, not how much we know." - Andy Stanley


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