Eswatini High school Maths and Science helper

Eswatini High school Maths and Science helper


The diagram shows the formation of a solution of magnesium hydroxide from magnesium. A magnesium burning to form magnesium oxide Universal indicator solution water solution of magnesium hydroxide magnesium oxide heat B indicator turns blue C a Name the pieces of apparatus labelled A – C. [3] b What type of chemical reaction is the burning of magnesium? c Suggest a pH for the solution of magnesium hydroxide. 306 [1] [1] 7 The diagram shows an experiment to pass electricity through lead bromide. Electricity has no effect on solid lead bromide. d.c.power supply bulb heat LEAD BROMIDE TOXIC a i Copy the diagram and clearly label the electrodes. ii Suggest a suitable material to make the electrodes. b Give two observations expected when the lead bromide is heated to melting point. c State two different safety precautions when carrying out this experiment. [1] [1] [2] [2] Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620 Paper 6 Q2 June 2008 8 Concentrated hydrochloric acid can be electrolysed using the apparatus shown. a Copy the diagram and label the position of the electrodes. b Give two observations when the circuit is switched on. [1] [2] c i Name the product at the positive electrode. [1] ii State a test for this product, and the result. [2] Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620 Paper 6 Q2 June 2007 Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620 Paper 6 Q1 November
when is the next application date,,,,ngicela kubuta?
If i have applied to th collage hw could u kwn tht u are taken othr thn listing to th radio
is it try kutsi the list is out
when are those accepted to enroll announced

We tailor our lessons to your learning. We provide the help a student needs if s/he is struggling with science. We strive to help each and every student reach his or her full potential. Whether you are preparing for your Form 5, A levels, Matric, GCSE
Let's help you in your maths studies

Congratulations once again to those who made it through in Form five or matric. Application forms are now available at the University of Eswatini from the academic offices. We are delighted to share with you the cut off points for all the programmes offered. If you have any queries please inbox us on how to apply. You results will be kept confidential with us. You can also inbox us on advices on UNESWA application and any other Tertiary institution. All the best

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Science is an adventure and we make science fun to learn

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Stephen Hawking's 1966 doctoral thesis made available for first time

Proov that a dog has 9 legs:


No dog has 5 legs,

A dog has 4 more legs than no dog.

A dog has 9 legs Cambridge University says Properties of Expanding Universes is already most-requested item in open access repository

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[08/03/17]   I had to make a bad chemistry joke coz all the good ones Argon. Please like our page and post your challenging question or your challenging Topic

[07/20/17]   Prove that 4 = 3;

for the first step
suppose that

A + B = C

just for fun

[07/20/17]   Science is the key to our future, and if you don't believe in science, then you're holding everybody back.

Eswatini High school Maths and Science helper

[07/13/17]   *********TEAMWORK MAKES HARDWORK EASIER************

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