GLOW Eswatini

GLOW Eswatini

GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Seeks to nurture and mold the Swazi girl child as an emerging leader.

GLOW is a global project initiated by Peace Corps volunteers and local counterparts to empower young girls and improve the status of women around the world. GLOW Swaziland began in 2010, when volunteers recognized the potential that GLOW has for helping to minimize, through education, several of the life-threatening conditions that affect women and girls in the country. Gender inequality and patriarchal social norms cause many women in Swaziland (especially those living in rural areas) to find themselves with little personal independence. In addition to being at much greater risk of HIV infection, they are also threatened by high rates of gender-based violence, abuse, inter-generational sexual relationships, and unwanted pregnancy. Through club and camp activities, GLOW utilizes a life skills curriculum that includes sexual and reproductive health education, career planning, decision-making skills, and self-esteem building to empower Swazi girls to make informed and healthy decisions for their lives. GLOW clubs offer a safe and supportive environment where girls can share experiences and future aspirations. GLOW seeks a Swaziland, and a world, where girls are inspired to dream big and live in societies which fully support them in achieving their goals.

Mission: GLOW aims to create a safe environment where young girls can be empowered in accessing health facilities, enforcing the right to education, and making informed decisions politically, socially, and economically.

As we come to an end of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Abuse!!! Remember to always speak up!!
#16days #activism #speakup #notoviolence #GBV

Flashback Friday!!! Taking time to appreciate @kahlekahlemel , @thecloset_by_nelly, @_newsurreal, @sbucylooks_mua, @tebu_think_create, @kiaoraeswatini, & all our people that made the All Natural Expo a succes!!

Happy Volunteer Day!! To all our Volunteers!!! Special shout out to @peacecorpseswatini for all the volunteers you’ve brought to our land!! The remarkable work they do is astounding!!! ♥️♥️

#mentors #volunteers #peacecorps #eswatini #americans #worldwide #eglow #socialdevelopment #economicdevelopment

From US to YOU, with LOVE ❤️💕

Thank You!!

Love ❤️ & Light 💡... as we enter the last month of the Year!! Keep it locked, secure that bag, take stock & show gratitude!!!
#december #endoftheyear #gratefulthankfulblessed #eventfulyear #finishstrong

In remembrance of everyone affected & infected!!
#endstigma #endisolation #enoughlovetogoaround #family #friends #acquitances #colleagues #relatives

Participating in the international campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (25 November- 10 December), members of the Ebenezer FEA High School BRO and GLOW clubs came together to deliver a powerful message to their fellow students during morning assembly. With the guidance of @broeswatini mentor Tele Simelane, @eswatiniglow mentor Buyisile Zwane, and @peacecorpseswatini volunteer Lauren Smith, the club members performed poetry, sang, danced and rapped about different aspects of Gender Based Violence in Eswatini. These student leaders raised their voices to send a clear message that GBV in Eswatini and around the world must come to an end!

Gratitude!!! ♥️

Hello!!!!!! The Sun ☀️ is out in Mbabane!!! Come & let’s play with other kids!! 😊

Struggling with those brushes?! Or you know someone who is? Why not tag your friend and come learn how it’s properly done. @sbucy_sz will be at the All Natural Expo teaching & showing us a few tricks on how to enhance that beautiful face you already have, courtesy of @sbucylooks_mua 💋💄
#mua #face #makeup #lipsticks #powder #base #concealor

Natural hair?! Yesss Queens & Kings, wear your crown with so much pride and don’t forget to take care of it! You want to know the how and why?! @kiaoraeswatini will be there to help you answer those questions with their best quality hair and gift hampers.
#hair #crown #hamper #gift

Bongiwe Dlamini
Poet • Singer/Songwriter • Stylist & Designer & Writer •

She will be at the All Natural Expo this coming weekend!! Into Poetry & Art?! Make sure you don’t miss out.
#poetry #art #artist #expo #allnatural

Born in the rural areas of the Kingdom of eSwatini, Thobile Magagula got her stage name, ‘Makhoyane’, when she decided to bring back to life, the dying instru -ments, Makhoyane and Sitolotolo which are also indigenous to eSwatini.

Makhoyane started performing as a stage actress and dancer in the late 90s and later ventured into music . She has been involved in a number music of projects including co founding the music duo Spirits Indigenous Which has performed in eSwatini, South Africa and Mozambique. She also founded the Hand Made Voices which celebrates, and embrace collaborations by women in the Arts across borders.
In a performance that fuses theatre and music, she addresses social ills, educate, empower , uplift and entertain.

Makhoyane has performed at Mosh*to 2009, Bushfire (2010), Soweto Arts Festi- val(2007), Jozi Spoken Word (2008) Ce- nas Curtas (2018) and various venues in South Africa, eSwatini, Zimbabwe and Mozambique
She has worked with Chiwoniso, Bholoja, Bafana Nhlapho and Frank Magongwa (kwani Experience), Stylish and
She is part of the EUnited Arts of eSwatini.

You definitely do not want to miss out on this performance!!

Yes!!! We told You!! It’s about taking care of the self!! Come in your tights, vests, light clothes, comfortable clothes, your Yoga Mats because we will have time for some meditation with @kahlekahlemel at the All Natural Expo who will be guiding us in finding our inner piece and core strength. Peace to You, Namaste 🙏🏾.
#yoga #strength #innerpeace #meditation #purposefulliving

5 days to go till the 16days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence!!! As we prepare & look back.... Please do share on what you are planning to do to end GBV or what you are doing!!! Let’s bring awareness by posting pics, word of encouragement, events, whatever activity etc. Don’t forget to tag or mention us throughout the 16days, before and after!! We want to know what you are up to!! Each time you post, use any of the hashtags #saynotoabuse
#16daysofactivism #makeadifference #speakout #dosomething #youareworthit ♥️♥️♥️

Hey Earring Lovers!!! Tebu has all sorts to choose from, so much thought goes into making these earrings and they are hand made, how awesome is that?! She will be showcasing her products at our ALL Natural Expo this coming Saturday. A girl always loses one earring in every pair 😊, so don’t you feel it’s time to restock, to spoil that somebody?!
#tebu #earrings #handmade #african #pieces #material

With the festive season just around the corner... so many weddings & events to attend with the in-laws. 😝😝 No need to stress, EGLOW has got you covered, this coming weekend drop by to learn how to wrap your doek and still be on fleek... You also have a chance to buy one and take it home with you!!
#wraps #doek #festivities #outfits #youngkoti

Hello Friends & Family 😊... As we count down the days to our ALL Natural Expo, this coming weekend!!! We are so excited for you to learn about how one can take care of their natural self in a natural way!!!

@eswatiniglow realizes many of us don't know how to care for our skin and hair resulting in low confidence and self hate.
This event is a fundrsiser that will have DIY hair / skin care activities &demos, fashion show and music/poetry etc

The theme is loving our natural selves, black love, all we have is what we need!

Saturday November 23rd ,
Serendipity Wellness Center, Somhololo Road, Mbabane
Entrance Fee: E20.00 adults, E10.00 students

Because Your health is important!!
#checkup #bloodwork #gettested

Hello!!!! Good Morning... 😃 We are at it again!!! Hosting another event on the 23rd of November 2019. An All NATURAL Expo and fashion show fundraiser to teach natural body care (hair, skin, food) while encouraging self-love.

For more details please DM/ call +268 7638 4436.

#allnatural #healthyskin #selflove #food #hair

May your week be as genuine as You will be!!
#youareresponsible #createyourworld #protectyourspace #cleanenergy #honestliving

Told You!!! We have something special for you!!! Ending this year with a Bang!!! So why not come through as the real You. 😊 Dare to wear something we wouldn’t imagine you wearing!! Looking forward to all those amazing costumes as we shop around and enjoy our “ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES & BOTTOMLESS COFFEE”.
#costumes #daretobe #fun #activity #lastmarket #dressup #dressdown #dressanyhow

Throwback Thursday 😊.... These are some of the stuff that get to be on sale. And our beautiful vendors never disappoint!!! Remember,it’s our last Saturday,so anything could happen to the prizes of the different products. You will never know till you come through!!!
Definitely seeing You this Saturday!!!

#vendors #stalls #goods #giveback #products #saturday #weekend

Yep!!! It’s been such an eventful 5 first Saturdays of every month since July 2019. We sure had vibrant and fun filled Saturdays!! We hope you came through and had an amazing time with us. If not, this Saturday it’s your last chance to be with us this year!! We definitely are planning to have more vendors, more entertainment and more of “our” people this Saturday!! So do not miss out on it, come have an amazing time with us for the last time this Year!!!
#fun #market #verylast #purchasing #eating #dancing #endwithabang #lifestyle

The day it’s almost over, there is still room to do better. I hope whatever problems or challenges are in front of us, we get to tackle them in the real life perspective. Remember there is nothing you CANNOT do that can be DONE!!
#motivationalmonday #mindset #positive #candoit #possibilities #dontgiveup #freshstart #youarecapable

We are definitely ready for this week!! Come join us as we take off and beautifully choose to F.L.Y through out this week!!
#happyweek #newstart #mondaymotivation #becolourful #butterfly

Motivation Monday!!! May we love ourselves enough to spread the love to others!! May your hears be full of so much love, may that love radiate on your outside and light up other people’s week!! Happy week!!
#love #happyweek #loveoneachother #light #newweek #monday

Peace Corps Eswatini

Today we celebrate #Dayofthegirl with GLOW Eswatini

Below are photos and essays submitted by the young ladies and gentlemen of Eswatini GLOW and BRO clubs under the theme “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”. The aim is to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

Engage with us and share your photo or comment below by filling in the blank:
I AM Unscripted, I AM Unstoppable, I AM _______________

Peace Corps U.S. Embassy Eswatini BRO Eswatini

We are celebrating DAY OF A GIRL CHILD!!!
We want to know what you are up to!! Please do share and tag us!! 🌍

#inftombatane #menina #girl #meisie #fille #msichana #ntombazane #ngoanana #tifi #musikana

What are You doing today to celebrate Day of A GIRL child?! 👧🏾 Share with us!!! We want to know!!
Happy Day to ALL of US GIRLS 🎉😄!!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple “Hope you’re good” can light up a person’s day. Let’s check on each other. Take that break, go to that vacation, sleep some more, do something you love. Just take care of your mental state!!!
#mentalhealth #selfcare #mindset #healing

Breast cancer awareness month is a yearly campaign that intend to educate people about the importance of early screening, test and more. This campaign starts on October 1 and ends on October 31 every year.

Hey ESwatini FLAS is offering *FREE* breast screenings for the month of *OCTOBER* for breast cancer awareness!!!

#getthemchecked #male #female #breastcancerawareness #us #everyone #dotherightthing #eswatini

Good Morning!!!! Happy Monday!!! ☀️ May All goodness shine upon You this week!! May we ALL answer to what is worth!!!
#weownthisworld #wegotthis #worthit #beautifulweek

@dcsmainstream showing a few of us on how it’s done. Own the Stage!!
#rap #hiphop #music #performance

Bhujwa crew entertaining the guests who are here to do some shopping!!
#dance #sibhujwa #crew #entertain #african

[10/05/19]   We got our lil ones doing the most!!! What a talent 🔥🔥🔥...

#girlpower #talent #doingthemost #ballet #ballerina #blackgirlmagic

Beautiful Rugs & Mats by @thecloset_by_nelly !!! Drop by our People’s Market to get yourself one, they are really drawing much attention! You need to own one!

#mats #rugs #handcrafts #colour

1,2 ... 1,2... we’ve got on the decks, making sure our music is great!!!

We’re right here waiting for you to bring your babies for some painting experience with @sippainteswatini 🎨 ... You’re also welcome to try out your “Picasso” 😆😄... You just may never know 😊!!!
#expressions #painting #art #brushes

We just CANNOT WAIT to see YOU!!!
#market #eswatini #events #stalls #eat #buy #hangout

Only 3 days to go!! And looking forward to seeing You, You, You, & You!!! 😊

#peoplesmarket #firstsaturday #hangout #ambience #buying

We are already counting down the days!! What a better way to spend your Saturday!!! Mark your calendar for this Saturday because @eswatiniglow has a date with you @edishbistro this Saturday!! We cannot wait to have a great time with You!!!

#music #dance #food #hangout #support #market #shopping #painting #fashion #accessories

Happy New Week!!! I hope we are all ready to live to the fullest even this week!!
#grateful #life #alive #monday #appreciation

BRO/EGLOW site visit on the 12th of September 2019 with Mr Mavela aka "Mr GLOW" - powerful day!!!
@broeswatini we work so well together, looking forward to another event!!!

#impactful #givingback #students #lifegiving #education #girls #boys #households

First day of the week huh?! ... For some it went perfectly smooth, yet others took a few knocks!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Guess what?! There is still tomorrow and the next day and the next one... while we rise up to face each day, let’s be aware that We are what we need to push through... We are enough!!!

Let your week be as prepared as you are for it!!

#enough #affirm #mondays #newweek #beginnings #letsdothis

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