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Shocking illustrations reveal how animals feel by switching them with humans.

De Buiten Bar X Art is Cool presents Latin House! Friday 13 from 7 P.M till 3

So I'll see all you there today!

James Francis The Tour mixtape release hangout!

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Portrait of a King

And here is our new article for this week! Written by Melody Raymann In light of the coronation of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, I wanted to tell you a bit about portrait painting, focusing on its history and development and standing still at portraits of...

[05/05/13]   I must say that we have a quite exciting article for this week!

The Art of Hip Hop

New Article! The Art of Hip Hop I actually wrote a paper about this subject when I was still in middle school. The art of Hip Hop. Don’t frown your face, even though Hip Hop is relatively young, it has a very rich history, that is...

Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot Het beleg in 1577 van het kasteel Vredenburg te Utrecht.

Isn't this true though?

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Back To Classics: Romanticism

New Article! Back To Classics: Romanticism Romanticism defines a period in art, music, architecture, literature and intellectual movement in the late 18th century till the mid 19th century. It was a time where it...

In case you were wondering on what other social networking sites we were on.

[04/01/13]   Due to the Easter weekend we decided not to publish an article, but we have one ready for this coming Sunday!

The Renaissance in Italy: Back to Classics When we think about the Renaissance we picture a beautiful era focused on the rediscovery of things that had been forgotten for over a millennium. Leaving behind the ways of the Middle Ages,...

The Renaissance in Italy: Back to Classics

Article written by Melody Raymann When we think about the Renaissance we picture a beautiful era focused on the rediscovery of things that had been forgotten for over a millennium. Leaving behind the ways of the Middle Ages,...

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All art work done by Rajiv Kamperveen

Wilt u dat uw scholen hét School in Paramaribo wordt?

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Andere Onderwijs in Paramaribo (alles zien)
Heavy Construction Academy Suriname Heavy Construction Academy Suriname
Marthastraat 69
Paramaribo, 00000

HCA Suriname is a specialized training and consultancy organization offering a wide range of Heavy Equipment and Safety Training.

Stichting Fu Doro Wan Nyun Libi Stichting Fu Doro Wan Nyun Libi

The mission of stg Fu Doro Wan Nyun Libi/Youth Build program is to provide youth ages18-24 with an opportunity to complete their education.

DRTC Suriname DRTC Suriname
Sir Winston Churchillweg 269


Merr's Child Care Merr's Child Care
Kasjoema Straat 29

Merr's Child Care,voorziet in nacht opvang,huiswerk begeleiding,oppas dame aan huis.

Powered Powered
Phloxstraat 3

POWERED!- JE TOEKOMST IN EIGEN HAND Met school gestopt, en je wilt toch wat leren? Meld je aan voor POWERED!

G Artblok TopEducation G Artblok TopEducation
Verlengede Keizerstraat 36

G-ArtBlok TopEducation opleiding op het gebied van Art / Design / Photography / Video zie

4G Business & Education Center 4G Business & Education Center
Albergastraat 46
Paramaribo, 0000

Wij leren je hoe succesvol te ondernemen en je professioneel te ontwikkelen op het gebied van Strategisch Management

Pawi's Opleidingsinstituut Pawi's Opleidingsinstituut
Plutostraat 196
Paramaribo, TOURTONNE 3

Pawi's OpleidingsInstituut (POI) verzorgt taalcursussen voor jong en oud en technische opleidingen en cursussen voor technici en non-technici.

Gorgeous Beauty & Nails Gorgeous Beauty & Nails
Mon Plaisirweg #219

Beauty opleidingen, Cursussen en Salon behandelingen

Hackathon Suriname Hackathon Suriname
Anton Dragtenweg 227

IT-Core Hackathon

Be You Suriname Be You Suriname
Anniestraat 14-16

Developing people to use their FULL potential enjoying life loving who they really are ! The focus is on raising awareness of one's individual talents and qualities, leading to sufficient self insight to make conscious authentic choices.

Community Guide Community Guide

Community guide is originated from the idea to bring development in the community. Our key purpose is to build communities based on justice, equality and mutual respect.