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http://thezlatihrcek.com/ljubljana/ as promised, here is the golden hamster opening up in Ljubljana.
Looks nice, huh? No students allowed onsite for now, but much fun online in this new cute place full of potential! ;)


ok, so here goes, or rather: here have gone 6 years of intense work in Maribor which started in July 2013 (paperwork in December 2012) from strictly zilch on. No contacts, no students, no Slovene language knowledge from my end..

6 years later almost to the day (goodbye party on August 31 2019) the school has taught total more than 300 people.

And has nowadays actively over 160 which makes it presumably the largest language school in town.

Many factors and people made that possible:
* the zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor without which there would have been no classroom the first 3 years year to teach in.
* many great students who altruistically have passed the word around, thereby creating a very helpful word of mouth.
* last but not least: the coworkers met along the way whose energy and dedication have kept up with the school quality with ongoing flying colors: Marko BRATINA, Dusan PECANAC, Raul GUBERT, Tea PLAFTAK and our plant keeper/ cleaning lady Cvetka KOMES!

Now that I am in Ljubljana in order to keep developing and managing the school and other projects progressively, I can rest assured the ZLATI HRCEK teaching skill will be carried on in a badass way in Maribor.

Well, like Henri Fonda said in "Twelve angry men": "So long!"

a few pics following

Zlati Hrček


It might not look like it but Karolina has been seriously handling tough German stuff
Some people do that in their spare time..:)


Marko's kids group.. three toddlers whose French level has been skyrocketing in French over the year..
un grand merci a elles!


here's our new English teacher/administrator Karina sharing some English grammar torture with three consenting victims :)
some really don't know what to do with their spare time..


Dusan's b-day, jack and joe always and welcome to Vanessa! 6 Zlati Hrček teachers now!!

thezlatihrcek.com 26/04/2018

Zlati Hrček – Alternative Language School


finally new webisite!!! Enjoy!!

thezlatihrcek.com 1. Za dodatno izobraževanje tujega jezika sem se odločila, ker sem imela strah govoriti v angleščini in občutek, da nič ne znam. Nad izobraževanjem v jezikovni šoli Zlati hrček sem navdušena. Šla sem na preizkusno srečanje in ostala. Začela sem sredi leta, plačujem sproti, zadovoljna s...


Cool Martina's birthday lunch behind bars at Jailhouse! Too bad Marko was sick! :) Whose birthday's next?


one of the (many now) golden hamster kids! Pino! Stronger and more confident each time!


Another no-more-beginner, happy-go-lucky English group conducted by Dušan. Challenging all rules of improvement speed!!


an additional room for the golden hamster crew! We modestly call it an empire extension..:)


Dušan keeps saying they are fitter after class than before class..obvious huh? That's how we mean business!


Real beginners making real progress thanks to Martina! :)..only at Zlati Hrček!


The golden hamster crew, pillaging a meat restaurant in Maribor!
2018 will sure be plundered too! :)

radioprvi.rtvslo.si 28/11/2017

“Slovenija je udobna in ugodna, pa še dobro vino imate”


radioprvi.rtvslo.si Naš današnji sogovornik v rubriki Drugi pogled Theo Karoumenos prihaja iz francoskega mesta Villeurbanne v bližini Lyona. Do zdaj je živel v nekaj manj kot 10 […]


tough work in German with those primary school kids..Who could believe they have been reaching a high school level? quite proud..(yes, they wrote most of that!)

val202.rtvslo.si 19/11/2017

Poliglot, ki zagovarja poučevanje brez domače naloge


val202.rtvslo.si Theo Karoumenos je prepotoval številna mesta in države, a se na koncu ustalil v Mariboru. Prepričale so ga številne kavarne in prečudovito Pohorje, pa tudi strpni prebivalci: […]

val202.rtvslo.si 30/10/2017

Poliglot, ki zagovarja poučevanje brez domače naloge


val202.rtvslo.si Theo Karoumenos je prepotoval številna mesta in države, a se na koncu ustalil v Mariboru. Prepričale so ga številne kavarne in prečudovito Pohorje, pa tudi strpni prebivalci: […]


Another tough French group! Elizabeth (middle) is everywhere!


extra-motivated fast(ish) improving morning English little group! Early fun of the day!


Mate-colleague Marko handling 3 fearless French students :)
Each having heir own "chores" before a final common challenge to bring people together
The Zlati Hrcek way..


intermediate group which started from almost scratch and have been slightly catching up the previously shown advanced group...not that intermediate, actually..anyway, fun with them!


another cool group of 5 English students, some good level after some torture late on Thursday evening! More pics soon to come! :)


The Reason Education Sucks


Be the change you want to see in the world.


Pri Zlatem Hrčku se lahko odslej - po zaslugi novega sodelavca Raula - odločite tudi za učenje italijanščine na zabaven in učinkovit način. Če vas mika, pokličite na 070226712.


‼️PONUDBA za študente Zlatega Hrčka‼️
STRIŽENJE za Punce 20€ namesto 25€
za Fante 10€ namesto 12€
- cena vključuje svetovanje, umivanje las in styling lak,gel...!
Dolgolaske Umivanje las,nega,fen 14Eur z kodranjem 18Eur.
Naročilo od 3.Novembra 2016 dalje.

curiosity.com 16/10/2016

The Arctic Language That Doesn't Use An Alphabet


curiosity.com Inuktitut, the language by Inuit groups in many areas of the Arctic, doesn't have an alphabet. Instead, it has an abugida. Find out what that is and how ...

wakelet.com 05/10/2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Wakelet

wakelet.com Everything about Neil deGrasse Tyson: His clips ranked by popularity, interviews, books and much more!  Hint: Open the collections below to see the videos, articles, etc. Don't forget to follow for updates!


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salon.com 18/08/2016

Teaching kids empathy: In Danish schools, it’s … well, it’s a piece of cake


salon.com American students are falling behind on valuable social skills. In Denmark, one simple classroom tradition works

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Watch "The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Disorders: Peter Gray at TEDxNavesink" Video at...


tedxtalks.ted.com In this talk, Dr. Peter Gray compelling brings attention to the reality that over the past 60 years in the United States there has been a gradual but, overall dramatic decline in children's...


RSA ANIMATE: The Secret Powers of Time


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RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential


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Masala joga Masala joga
Šentiljska Cesta 37c
Maribor, 2000

Častim dan, ko sem se zavedala, da potrebujem orodje, ki mi bo pomagalo na pot spoznavanja sebe. Tako me je našla joga. Sem certificirana učiteljica joge. Izobraževala sem se na “Yoga Teacher Training Center” v Rishikeshu, Indija.

Raziskovalni laboratorij Pamina Raziskovalni laboratorij Pamina
Kajuhova Ul. 12
Maribor, 2000

-Izdelava statističnih analiz -Inštrukcije programa SPSS, Word in Excel -Delavnice in predavanja -Pomoč pri dispoziciji -Pomoč pri vprašalnikih

Muñoz Language Academy Muñoz Language Academy
Prušnikova Ulica 6
Maribor, 2000

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Planet znanja Planet znanja
Dupleška Cesta 120
Maribor, 2000

"Naša vizija je v delu z mlajšo populacijo, ker so naši stebri prihodnosti."

Spela's English Spela's English
Ul. Arnolda Tovornika 15
Maribor, 2000

Passionate about 🇬🇧 English. 🦸🏻Love teaching. ✨Spela's English✨ 👇🏻Check my IGTV & FB👇🏻

BMC Branko Žunec BMC Branko Žunec
Beloruska Ulica 7
Maribor, 2000

International Trainer & Coach, specialised in Leadership & Management Development

Jezikovna in namiznoteniška šola Jezikovna in namiznoteniška šola
Razlagova 16
Maribor, 2000

angleščina, nemščina, namizni tenis za otroke in odrasle, delavnice, inštrukcije, praznovanje rojstnih dni

Matura Tutor Matura Tutor
Maribor, 2000

Kakovostne inštrukcije angleščine in nemščine, priprave na maturo

kormedia.si kormedia.si
Tržaška 85
Maribor, 2000

Na tej strani dobite vse informacije o mojem delovanju kot prehranska svetovalka in kot predavateljica nemščine.

Prava beseda, Sabina Bele s. p. Prava beseda, Sabina Bele s. p.
Trg Leona Štuklja 5 (2. Nadstropje)
Maribor, 2000

Stran za vse, ki se pri nas ali kje drugje - zaradi poslovnih zahtev ali v prostem času - učite angleščino ali nemščino oz. imate preprosto radi Besedo.

Psihoterapevt Jernej Ferme Psihoterapevt Jernej Ferme
Plečnikova 02
Maribor, 2000

Podjetniško svetovanje, individualne in skupinske psihoterapevtske obravnave.