Barbin Sladki kotiček

Barbin Sladki kotiček is a developing brand of sweets by a self-thaught pastry artisan Barbara. :)


I make mango & passionfruit ripple ice cream, so simple and perfect for summer! PLANTS ONLY NECKLACE -

Serbia: Hundreds protest against mandatory vaccinations in Belgrade

Subscribe to our channel! Hundreds of demonstrators marched across Belgrade on Sunday to protest against mandatory vaccinations for certain...

Creepy World

Residents in Toraja, Indonesia take their deceased loved ones out of graves once a year, to celebrate their lives.

The festival is known as ma’nene. The dead will be taken out of their coffins, cleaned and given a new set of clothes. Relatives from far and wide come to celebrate ma’nene, feasting, swapping stories and honouring the deceased.

Food, water and even cigarettes are offered to the dead, because it is believed the spirit remains near the body and craves care.

P.S: They Use Preservatives to retain bodies.

UDARNA VEST!!! Isplivali šokantni podaci o MMR vakcini!

Del Bigtree, čuveni novinar i borac za slobodu izbora pri vakcinaciji je nakon zahteva o slobodnom pristupu informacijama dobio od američke Uprave za hranu i...

Stanley Plotkin, Under Oath on Vaccines - Full 9h Video

Fetal Tissue in Vaccines, Studies on Orphans - Confirmed By Stanley Plotkin Under Oath

Starši-folk-vzamte si čas in si oglejte-Fetal Tissue in Vaccines, Studies on Orphans - Confirmed By Stanley Plotkin Under Oath

The full video testimony -

Vegan Outreach

This adorable baby chick was rescued from the streets of New York, but his foster loved him too much to let him go 💛

📹 The Dodo

Jardim do Mundo

Nenhum idioma é capaz de expressar a força de uma mãe!
Feliz dia das mães para todas nós. 💜🤱🌺
🌾 🌾

Pihnil si še eno svečko-radi te mamo-prehitr gre vse skupi🍓🍓🍓

Visual Cortex


Chris Beat Cancer

I'm putting all 10 modules of my SQUARE ONE Cancer Coaching Program online for Free in May!

SQUARE ONE is the culmination of my own experience, plus over 14 years of research learning from doctors and experts, survivors who've healed naturally, and from personally coaching hundreds of cancer patients one-on-one.

I've taken the best, most powerful, most effective strategies that I've seen work for the most people, and organized them into a simple straightforward plan.

This course is not just for cancer patients and caregivers, it's for anyone who is serious about prevention. :)

The SQUARE ONE Program walks step-by-step through the process...

It will eliminate the confusion, show exactly where to start, and give a clear road map to a transformed life.

This is normally a paid program, but I'm putting the ENTIRE course online for free this month only.

Watch the trailer and get access to watch my SQUARE ONE Cancer Coaching Program free online here::👉

Karin Rižner: Znanost je povezana s politiko — Zdravo Slovenija “Mene skrbi prihodnost, kolikokrat se bodo takšni primeri ukrepov ponovili?”

Deček in hobotnica

Portugalski deček Luiz Antonio razloži svoji mami, zakaj ne bo jedel hobotnice ...

The Sun

"Is that a f***ing cat?" 😂😂😂

Kotna kazala

Kotna knjižna kazala🙃

Pozdrav sonca

Pekarna in slaščičarna Sameja

Krofomania v Sameji😁😁😋😋😋. Veganski navadni marmeladni, pirini, cokoladni, vanilijevi..Rocno narejeni krofki, narejeni z veliko ljubezni, samo za vas, ki se jim ob blizajocem se Pustu🎊🎉🎉 ne boste mogli upreti😁😁...Vabljeni v naso pustno razpolozeno prodajalno Sameja❤. Tudi po telefonu ali preko sporocila na nasi FB strani se jih lahko naroci in rezervira....👍👍👍
Cene krofov:
Veg. marmeladni 1,00€
Veg.cokoladni 1,30€
Veg.pirin 1,50€
Veg.vanilija 1,50€

The Vegan Sheepdog

I'd say without a doubt River world have been very proud of Joaquin last night!

Reposted from @milliondollarvegan Last night, we watched (with tears in our eyes!) as Joaquin Phoenix accepted @TheAcademy Award for Best Actor and chose to dedicate much of his speech to the atrocities experienced by cows in the dairy industry. He finished with a powerful quote from his late brother and fellow animal rights activist, River Phoenix. It was an emotional reminder that we can and SHOULD always use our voices to speak up for those who are suffering. ❤️

#love #compassion #kindess #peace #mondaymotivation

Plant Based News

JAW DROP 😯 Congratulations to Joaquin Phoenix for winning best actor at the Oscars, and always speaking up against injustice.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

In the dairy industry, a female cow is artificially and forcibly impregnated, robbed of her calves (causing the mother to grieve and cry out), hooked up to milking machines, continually drugged with hormones, and forced to have this cycle repeated year after year until she becomes too "spent" and ends up being killed for her flesh. Male calves will be killed at less than a year old for veal, while female calves face the same dreadful lives as their mothers, having their reproductive cycle exploited.

Just like other female mammals, including humans, a cow produces milk to feed HER baby. The baby SHE has carried. Yet instead of naturally breastfeeding, her calf will be given milk replacer. This means that if you are consuming milk from a cow, it is because her baby somewhere is not.

Their milk, never ours.

📷 We Animals Media


1. - 5. (zadnji) del intervjuja o cepivih

Naši otroci so 3. generacija cep1j€nih. Poškodbe po c€p1jenju so iz generacije v generacijo hujše.
🧐 Mag. Karin Rižner povzame katastrofalno stanje: "Niti sanja se nam ne, kam gremo. Nič ne vemo. ... Hiša iz kart se počasi sesuva v prah. ... C€piva so daleč stran od "varna" in "učinkovita"."
🎥Vabljeni k ogledu vseh 5 posnetkov.
🙏Hvala za posnetke, Zelena nit.

Celoten intervju z mag. Karin Rižner.

Animal Save Movement

‘While we value human babies,

Pigs are killed for food as early as 2-5 weeks old when they can live upto 20 years.
Chickens are killed for food when they are 20-35 days old when they can live upto 10 years.
Calves are killed for food even when they are one-day old, if not let to live until 15 weeks, when they can live upto
22 years.
Goats are killed for food at 12 weeks when they can live upto 14 years.

How ethical is killing babies of any kind just for our tastebuds?’ - Sharmila Shanmugasundaram

The HighWire with Del Bigtree


The Highwire’s ‘Ex-Vax Files’ Series continues with the story of former firefighter, Nick Gauthier, a 34-year-old father of three, severely injured by a tetanus shot a few months ago. Nick, a PhD trained audiologist has been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, ADEM and hearing loss, and is unsure if he will be able to work in the career he loves ever again. Here, he shares how his life has been turned upside down.

Dairy Farms Exposed

About | CEPLJENJE Več kot sto italijanskih zdravnikov je pisalo predsedniku Inštituta za javno zdravje in v svojem pismu navedlo 14 točk s predlogi za bolj zavestno cepilno prakso.


I dok ceo svet bruji o koronavirusu, u Srbiji se gotovo uopšte i ne spominje epidemija gripa. Kako možemo da se zaštitimo ili, ako smo se već razboleli, šta nam je činiti? V. Đ. je razgovarao sa dr Nestorovićem.

GoPro: Man and Grizzly Bear - Rewriting History

More than a decade ago, Casey Anderson rescued a grizzly bear named Brutus and founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter in order to provide a natural home for o...



Leta 2014 se nama je s partnerjem rodil zdrav otrok! Po cepljenih pri 3, 4 in 6 mesecih je bila oteklina, rdečina ter povišana telesna temperatura do 38,1 stopinj celzija. Pediatrinja mi je zatrjevala, da je to dokaz, da cepivo učinkuje.
Pri 1.letu je bil cepljen z OMR cepivom. Po 6 urah je dobil vročino. Sledila je driska in bolečine v trebuhu! Drisko in vročino je otrok imel 3 TEDNE!!!k pediatrinji sem sina peljala 4x, po telefonu pa sva govorili 10x! Govorila mi je, da je to viroza! Čeprav je bil sin prej zdrav in v domačem varstvu, kjer smo bili vsi zdravi.
Po 3 tednih vročine z drisko se je nadaljevala driska še 4 tedne!!! Skupaj je trajalo 7 TEDNOV!!! Ko sem pediatrinjo vprašala, če je to zaradi cepiva (zadnji obisk), mi je odgovorila da NE in gledala v TLA!
Čez eno leto smo dobili diagnozo AVTIZEM!
Razočarana mamica

Farm Sanctuary

If you're confused as to why so many people are giving up meat, this one's for you:

The vegan harmony

Čokoladna pita 🍫🥧
Enostavna pita iz krhkega testa in okusne čokoladne kreme 🤩


—————————🇬🇧 —————————

Chocolate pie 🍫🥧

This is one of the easiest and most delicious pie recipes you can make🤩 If you love chocolate this is the recipe for you!


🎶 #bensound

Asociación Acuariófila Sevillana - Acuasevilla

Tenemos que tomar conciencia de esta gravísimo problema y poner los medios que este a nuestro alcance para tratar de solucionarlo.

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