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Read the article about the collation with startup and how to ace it. #Startupcollaboration #Startups #colaborations
Hey! Did you see's recent blog post “How to Build a Successful Corporate Digitalization Strategy”? You will definitely like reading it! Check out the article and share your thoughts with us! #innovation #business #digitalization #tech
Etohum organizes the biggest and most impactful entrepreneurship dedicated events in Turkey. Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul are the two of them. Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul are the demo days of the selected tech startups, which gathers executives, investors and chosen startups from Europe, Asia and MENA. Every year, Etohum is selecting the most promising startups from thousands of applicants. These teams are trained and mentored for an acceleration period of 3 months. Etohum works with world class mentors, including advisors from Silicon Valley, the heart of entrepreneurship. - Startup Istanbul is in Fall (18 - 21 October 2019) - This year 7th edition. - First Startup Istanbul was May 2013. - Startup Turkey is in Spring (26 - 29 April 2019) - Startup Turkey is 11 years old. #startupgrowth hashtag#techcommunity - 140.000 startups applied in last 2 years - 200 different countries - 60 + countries are represented at the events - Both events are global demo days - Event language is English - Only selected Top 100 startups can present their startup - There is 6 stage selection / evaluation process Who attends to our events? - Main participants are - Startups - Investors - Venture capitalists - Angel investors - Accelerators - Governments (Estonia, Lithuania, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.) - Corporations - Mentors - Media - Related parties (Lawyers, Technoparks, Service providers, ISP companies etc.) - Others (Students, academicians Expected participants - 1.000 participants are expected at 18-21 october - 500 Entrepreneurs - 200 Investors / Mentors - 100 Corporations / Government officials - 100 Related parties - 50 Media - 50 Others. Our Websites - (Turkish accelerator site) - (event site) - (event site) - (application process / selection) - (blog site) Social Media Chanels - Facebook/startupistanbul - Youtube/startupistanbul - Twitter/istanbulstartup - Linkedin/startupistanbul - Instagram/startupistanbul - Vimeo/burakbuyukdemir - Telegram/startupistanbul - Whatsapp - Groups - Clickmeeting - Online Meetings and Webinars - - internal / 1-1 meetings - Slack - internal communication - Mailchimp / Sendgrid - emailing 4 days Program 18 October (Friday) -Excursion (Boat Tour) -Kick off night 19 October (Saturday) -Demo Day Top 100 Startups -Mentorship 20 October (Sunday) -VIP Brunch -Rehearsal Top 10 Finalists 21 October (Monday) -Conference Day -Startup Istanbul Challenge Finals -Exhibition Venue - Uniq Istanbul - - 18 October - Boat Tour, Bebek - 18-19 October - Uniq Lounge - 19-20 October - Uniq Glassroom - 19 October - VIP Brunch, Tarabya Tıcket categorıes - Startup 100 / Exhibiting - 3 tickets included - Investor tickets - Conference Day Pass - Group tickets - VIP tickets - Media Passes - Student - Government - Academician - NGOs Tickets pricing - Investors & Companies & Others - €325 - Startup Top 100 - €660 - Exhibiting Startups - €480 - Startup Conference Pass - €90 Tiered pricing by timing proximity to event - 2 for 1 campaign - 9/10 July - Super Early Bird - 31 July - Early Bird - 31 August - General Admission - Regular tickets - 30 September - Latecommer - 15 October - Last Minute - 17 October - Onsite - 18 - 21 October Want to be the first to grab tickets to this year’s Startup Istanbul? Register up for super early tickets. hashtag#startupistanbul hashtag#startups
Hey!👋🏻 We mentioned you in our recent article 25 Up-and-Coming Startup Cities to Watch! Your company is located in one of the rising cities for business in the world!🤩 Check our blog post and share your thoughts with us! #startups #innovation #digitalization #entrepreneurship #startup #business #entrepreneur #top #rising #city
Jeste li sigurni da bi Bouxtie trebao biti na popisu najuspješnijih hrvatskih startupa u vašem izvještaju? :)
Calling Slovenian Entrepreneurs! Apply now for the YTILI Fellowship ććčžšđčđžšžčššžšđćđšžčćđščšćđ
Join the best community ever - great compilation of music and money!!Enjoy and get paid))
I’m reaching out to invite all your community to join Recoding Smart Cities—a hackathon organised in Frankfurt by Ernst and Young aiming to co-create the future of Urban Mobility for three german cities! Recoding Smart Cities consists of three challenges: How to deal with noise to improve the urban environment; How to improve the traffic flow of the city; How to measure CO2 to make these cities more sustainable. Apart from the massive prize pool worth 1500€; you’ll benefit from excellent networking and business opportunities. Sound interesting? You can register HERE : Feel free to come back to me with any questions you may have.
[FINTECH] [INVESTMENT] [ACCELERATION] [API SANDBOX] FINTECH FANATICS! Just 13 days left to apply to be a part of MKB Fintechlab ’s spring 2018 batch! Grow your startup: get investment, learn from our mentors and test your product in the API sandbox. Use this link:
How to rap a pitch 😀

We are a business accelerator, focusing on traction, revenue and next investment. No program, only hard 1on1 work. Over the past 5 years we’ve successfully helped more than 200 startups to succeed and we strongly believe we can do this for you too.

That’s why it’s in our great interest to boost and scale your business.

Operating as usual

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year 2021!
ABC Team

#12 Batch Demo Day by ABC Accelerator

Tomorrow is D #12 DEMO DAY! We’re really excited that among others three successful scaleups will also be pitching -, Nervtech and HiAware.

See you at 10 AM (CET), you can register here: 🔥🔥🔥 Demo Day #12 Batch - ABC Accelerator It’s almost time to meet our 12th batch of startups and get in touch with us.

Great news ABC Hub, this is well deserved. Congrats!! 🤩🥳

We have done it- again! 🥳
ABC Hub has been recognized as the winner of People's choice category in Central European Startup Awards 😁
The award winner was determined by YOU – all the devoted people who made this possible by voting!🥳
We wish to thank you all wholeheartedly for rooting for us!🤩⭐️

EIT Digital Venture Program final stage winners raise close to €400,000 in private investment

2 out of 7 winners, Optifood and Vision Anchor, went through EIT Digital Venture program with us, taking both teams from early-stage development to incorporation, and now to investor engagement. Congrats! 👏 Less than 3 months after incorporating their startup, seven winners of the EIT Digital Venture Program have raised close to €400,000 in private investment.

Welcome on ABC StartUp Talk with Primož Rojac, founder of Iurall and you'll get the answer why the lawyer got into the startup world. Primož will talk about digital transformation of a once entirely traditional legal experience👇

Don't miss the SPIRIT Slovenija, javna agencija webinar on discovering how Slovenian innovative leaders contribute to Slovenia’s strong presence on the map of the world’s most innovative economies.
⏱ Thursday, December 10th at 10am, you can 🚩 apply here

𝗪𝗘𝗕𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗥: 𝗜𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗻𝗮 𝗦𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗷𝗮 – 𝘀𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗸𝗮 𝘂𝘀𝘁𝘃𝗮𝗿𝗷𝗮𝗹𝗻𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗶𝗻 𝗻𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗷𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗶 𝘇𝗮 𝗶𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗻𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬

Pridružite se nam 𝘃 𝗰̌𝗲𝘁𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗸, 𝟭𝟬. 𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗿𝗮 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬, 𝗼𝗯 𝟭𝟬. 𝘂𝗿𝗶.

🚩 Prijavite se tukaj:

✅ Inovacije so eden najpomembnejših
stebrov slovenskega gospodarstva ter ključna konkurenčna prednost Slovenije.

Pridružite se nam na webinarju in spoznajte
ključne igralce na tem področju, prejemnike letošnje nagrade za inovativnost.

Webinar bo potekal v angleškem jeziku.

Awarded two times by Central European Startup Awards for our acceleration program, let's go for the third! So proud.

You can 🔥 VOTE for us here 🔥
#CESAwards2020 #abcaccelerator #acceleration

ABC Accelerator - Startup Accelerator Of The Month

We're Startup Accelerator Of The Month! Thank you Vestbee for your recognition of our hard work. 🙌 Get to know closer ABC Accelerator supporting more than 250 European startups in achieving scalable business models and reaching the global potential.

Robotizacija prihaja v skladišča: v BTC testirajo robotka, ki komisionira pošiljke

In logistics centre of our partner BTC City there is a new mini robot, that collects products in BTC warehouse. Once more they successfully prove that innovation and development have no boundaries!
Join us, our partners can give you much to learn from. 💪
#abcaccelerator #BTC #innovation V BTC Logističnem centru so skupaj z BTS Company razvili nadgradnjo za robotsko vozilo AGV in ga prilagodili za potrebe komisioniranja

Danube Energy+

Last week we organized and held the final Transregional evaluation workshop on implementation and results achieved from Pilot of Danube Energy+ Ecosystem Package and Tool in all project’s regions.
Key findings: pilot was a success as a high share of the participants see themselves establishing a start-up company in the near future, and the relevant actors (such as regional authorities, incubators, and similar) see Danube Energy+ programme as an important addition to the landscape of opportunities. 🔝
#abcaccelerator #danubeenergy #startup #incubator

Yesterday, 19 November 2020, the ABC Accelerator Slovenia partner organized and held the final Transregional evaluation workshop on implementation and results achieved from Pilot of Danube Energy+ Ecosystem Package and Tool in all project’s regions (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine). It addressed qualitative and quantitative findings of the feedback from both Young Innovators and Ecosystem actors. Together we tried to assess if we did the right things in the right way - to see if we are closer to the attainment of the project specific objective to boost Young Innovators towards Successful Ventures.
During the event, several key impact indicators for monitoring and evaluation were presented and discussed with the partners and the representatives of YIs and Regional Alliance members such as: (1) Young innovators: YI identified and motivated; Ventures established; YI evaluation of change in ecosystem and (2) Ecosystem actors: Involvement in the pilot; Attitude shift; YI centres / hubs identified. Key findings were that the Pilot was a success as a high share of the participants see themselves establishing a start-up company in the near future, and the relevant actors (such as regional authorities, incubators, and similar) see Danube Energy+ programme as an important addition to the landscape of opportunities. The latter is so primarily because they have learned more about the actual needs of young innovators.
ABC Accelerator
#Energy; #innovation; #startup

Europe now has 60 $1bn startup 'unicorns' | Sifted

In 2020 so far, several new unicorns have been ‘born’. Obviously, even extremely hard times can't stop great ideas come to life! Or maybe it's the other way round - hard times produce great ideas.
No matter the time, we're here for you. Fully online, join us!
#ABCAccelerator #unicorn #startup #accelerate There are now 60 startups valued at over $1bn in Europe (which have not listed or been acquired). Find the full list here.

Being a part of InNow project - Interreg Central Europe is just one of many cooperations on our way to help you grow your business and make your investment ready. Join #Innow, we'll share our experience in a form of free online trainings:
#ABCaccelerator #Innow #Startup #cleantech #growth

#MeetOurTeam Let us introduce another influential company, that creates #InNOW project with us.

ABC Accelerator is a privately-owned company and the largest and fastest-growing accelerator in the region. It has accelerated more than 200 startups that went through their twice awarded program or EU supported programs that they run, and raised more than 30 million € for them.

At the same time, ABC Accelerator also helps 156 alumni in its own portfolio to further grow and connect internationally. It also has its own fund, the ABC First Growth VC Fund and other supportive businesses that together form the ABC Accelerator Group.

Join #InNOW to draw from their experience, that they will share woth you in a form of free online trainings:

#cooperationiscentral #interregce #InNOW #startup #growth #cleanenergy

Dear Flexkeeping, we're proud of you. You're not just our startup, but also great workspace neighbour a company can only wish for.

Cheers to 8 years (and counting)🥂, your platform is changing the world of hotel industry for the better!

8 years ago, our CEO, Luka, returned from the US with the idea of Flexkeeping! And we are so happy he did 😀

A huge thank you everyone who helped make this happen (our team, clients, partners, investors, and instant coffee machines). Regardless of if you’ve been with us for years or have just joined, we couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s to the next 8+ years 🥂

If you are aged 18-35, come from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Serbia and have a start-up idea that directly or indirectly contributes to the cleaner air in the region, BASF could help you to develop your idea further.
❗️Only 3 days left to apply! 👉
#ABCaccelerator #BASF #startupscience #cleantech

BASF vabi vse mlade inovatorje iz regije, da predstavijo svoje start-up ideje na regionalnem BASF Start-up Science Elevator Pitch-u in dobijo priložnost za nadaljnji razvoj svojega izdelka ob finančni podpori vlagateljev.

Svojo prijavo oddaj s klikom na:

InNow project - Interreg Central Europe

"What are the secrets of successful pitching?” Make sure you know how to do it right with the help of InNow - one of many support programmes for startups we run.
Everything to get you ready before entering a fully online business acceleration.
Join here:
#ABCaccelerator #InNow #pitching #acceleration

🧐 How to deliver a #pitch, that sells? 💰
🧐 What are the golden rules of pitching? 🏆
🧐 How to really ROCK the pitch? 🎸

You’ll learn it during InNow online training, that we are sharing with you for free!

As our trainer says - “Your life will be an eternal pitch!” - make sure you know how to do it right and join our training here:

#cooperationiscentral #interregce #InNOW #startup #growth #cleanenergy

We are always looking for ambitious founding teams, ready to hit the market and are on a mission to solve global challenges. Let's meet! 👉
#ABCaccelerator #CESA #Batch #startup #scaleup

The winner of Best Accelerator Category in 2018, ABC Accelerator based in Slovenia is inviting startups to to apply for their program "#startup and #scaleup accelerator"!💥

📌What do they offer?
🚀 up to 250k investment
🚀 25k CL,
🚀 connections to investors and partners
🚀 pilot projects
🚀 1on1 work with experts
🚀 personalized acceleration program
🚀 founders dinners
🚀 long term support

Are you still thinking?
Apply here ➡️

V novembru in decembru LUI -Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator in EIT RawMaterials pripravljata dve virtualni podjetniški delavnici na področju surovin, njihove trajnostne proizvodnje in predelave ter razvoja naprednih materialov.
Vabljeni k prijavi vsi, ki ste aktivni na temu področju, zanimivo bo!
#abcaccelerator #LUI #EIT #rawmaterials #workshop #circulareconomy

Te zanimajo kovine, minerali in napredni materiali, ter njihova prihodnja uporaba? 💎🔋♺

Morda že imaš inovativno idejo o podjetniškem projektu, ki vključuje surovine?

Ali pa si že raziskovalno aktiven na področjih trajnostne proizvodnje surovin, predelave ali razvoja naprednih materialov?

🤓 Pridruži se virtualni izobraževalni delavnici s predstavniki EIT RawMaterials, skupnostjo znanja in inovacij na področju surovin ➡️ spoznaj, kako razviti 💡 podjetniško idejo do faze komercializacije inovativne rešitve na trgu!

⏰ 1. delavnica: sreda, 11. 11 . 2020, od 13h do 17h

⏰ 2. nadaljevalna delavnica: sreda, 02. 12. 2020, od 14h do 18h

*Lahko se prijaviš na prvo, drugo ali na obe delavnici. 🙂

Meal kit company Gousto becomes UK's latest unicorn | Sifted

Hitting a unicorn status is a dream come true in startup world. We are here for startups (who want to make this happen) with our knowledge, hard work and a large worldwide network of investors & mentors.
#ABCAccelerator #startup #unicorn #Gousto Gousto has raised £25m and reached 'unicorn' status — but founder Timo Boldt isn't all that bothered; he's focused on team and tech.

Slovenski ABC Accelerator med krizo do največjega uspeha

App Ray acquisition is our biggest success this year!
#abcaccelerator #appray #guardsquare #cybersecurity #svetkapitala Ob visokem nihanju delnic in nizkih obrestnih merah, so zagonska podjetja zanimiva naložba; Startupu pospeševalnika ABC letos uspela velika pridobitev partnerja.

Join us today at 12.30 PM on Danube Energy+ DEMO DAY, where selected Young Innovators will tackle the need for change in regional ecosystems with their project ideas inside Danube Macro-region.
See you soon on this link!
#ABCAccelerator #danubeenergy #demoday #innovators #danube

Startup from a small country winning big global pitches and forums. In september ENRICH in the USA ( and few days ago at the Logistics Forum 2020.
Good job OmniOpti, we're proud to support you on your way of adding a new dimension to vehicle route optimisation by providing more & better alternative routes fast!
#ABCaccelerator #startup #omniopti #innovation #routeoptimisation

Last week we represented Slovenia and won the startup pitch contest at the Logistics Forum.

Brži od najvećih: Brat i sestra rješavaju dva najveća problema u dostavi

A platform for connecting sender, driver and package recipient? Meet our startup TheGepek, carpooling for packages. Congrats, being on a front page of a national business daily newspaper is huge.
Keep up the good work, your effort in reducing COVID pandemic by lowering the number of people in shopping is a big thing.
#abcaccelerator #startup #thegepek #carpooling Njihova dodatna vrijednost je došla na vidjelo tijekom korona krize kada mnogi građani, bilo odlukom regulatora ili vlastitom voljom, nisu izlazili iz svojih domovaMikrologistika, odnosno razni kurirski servisi koji građanima i tvrtkama mogu organizirati dostavu u rokovima koji se mjere satima il...

Guardsquare Acquires App-Ray Technology to Advance Mobile App Protection with Continuous Security Testing

Guardsquare, the mobile application security platform announced the acquisition of a startup from our 2nd generation: App-Ray, a leading provider of Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST). Congrats guys, this is incredible news! We remember our demo day with you like it was yesterday.
#ABC #accelerator #appray #guardsquare #aquisition Guardsquare Acquires App-Ray Technology to Advance Mobile App Protection with Continuous Security TestingTechnology Press ReleaseNews20 October 2020Share Page on FacebookShare Page on TwitterShare Page on LinkedInShare Page on RedditMobile Application Security Platform Shifting Left with Acquisition...

We are active at the Next Round Investment Conference - the biggest investment Conference in CEE where close to 2 billion € is available for the best startups. Reach out to us for first hand impressions and fresh connections. Welcome to day 2! w/ Grega Potokar

Meet Ada’s Angels — the investors hoping to diversify funding | Sifted

More than 90 % of angel investors in the UK are male, and 93 % of them are white. VC firm Ada Ventures is determined to change that.

ABC Accelerator is also doing steps in this direction 👉 soon we'll be hosting a webinar, where the main role will have women in startups. Stay tuned for more info!
#ABC #accelerator #startup More than 90% of angel investors in the UK are male, and 93% of them are white, but a new scheme by VC firm Ada Ventures is determined to change that.

Another milestone reached! 🙌
Cafelier Company has won the Gold Award for Best Innovation in the Region. Great Team Work! 👏

Super proud and Bravo Team Cafelier!

👉 👈

Beeping zdaj čisti tudi poslovne prostore

Our startup doing a great job! 🙌👇
#startup #beeping Beepingovi čistilci zdaj čistijo tudi poslovne prostore podjetij.

Proud to present you Business. 🙌 😎
#startup #alumni

🚀 NOVO 🚀 Predstavljamo vam Beeping Business - digitalizirano rešitev za vrhunsko storitev čiščenja. 👌 že 4 leta uspešno vzdržuje slovenska gospodinjstva, v tem času pa se nam je pridružilo kar nekaj podjetij, ki nam zaupajo skrb za svoje poslovne prostore. 💛

Zaradi velikega povpraševanja smo ustvarili Beeping Business, prilagojene storitve čiščenja za podjetja. Preverite sami 👉

Zagnali smo program, ki smo ga razvili skupaj z mednarodnimi partnerji: Danube Energy+⚡️
Z njim bomo spodbudili in pospešili kar 6 idej mladih s področja energetske učinkovitosti, okolja in zelene energije in jih s tem pripravili na naslednje korake na poslovni poti.

Hvala Kemijski inštitut in posebej Vojka Žunič in Uroš Novak za podporo pri iskanju potencialnih podjetnikov. Veselimo se sodelovanja v prihodnje. 🙌

Več o programu:


#ABCAccelerator #innovation #entrepreneurship #energytransition #danubeenergy

Samo še do nedelje, 6. septembra 🚨 sprejemamo prijave tistih, ki bi radi mladim pomagali pri razvoju njihovih poslovnih idej na področju energetske učinkovitosti. Tisti, ki bi radi predavali mladim in jih podpirali kot mentorji ali mentorice, se lahko prijavijo pri Mojca Zajc na [email protected].✉️ Več informacij, kakšne morajo biti vaše kompetence, preberite tukaj 👉 👈

About ABC Accelerator

ABC Accelerator is a private acceleration group with an award-winning acceleration program for startups and scaleups, designed to grow your business and increase your valuation, combined with a 25k€ convertible loan and an option for 100k-250k€ investment as a way to scale.


In order to elevate your startup to the next level, you need to have a winning business case, strong traction or revenue and a dedicated team of people willing to go the extra mile. Accelerators give startups the know-how to survive, introductions to mentors and connections to investors. ABC also optimizes your business and prepares your company for a fast sales growth with five main partners and in-house VC.


Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ljubljana?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

The Business Booster by EIT InnoEnergy
EIT Digital/Venture Program
#8 Batch Demo Day
Primer by InnoEnergy Program #2
Why you should apply to 8 BATCH 2019!
ABC Alumni's
10 days left to APPLY!
Lecturers & The ABC




ABC Accelerator ; Šmartinska 152
Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
PUM-O Ljubljana IC-Geoss PUM-O Ljubljana IC-Geoss
Celovška 62
Ljubljana, 1000

PUM-O program je brezplačen, namenjem mladim med 15 in 26 letom. Pomoč pri vključitvi v šolanje oziroma pri iskanju zaposlitve.

Svetloba, ujeta v kamen Svetloba, ujeta v kamen
Prirodoslovni Muzej Slovenije, Prešernova Cesta 20
Ljubljana, 1000

Razstava Svetloba, ujeta v kamen v Prirodoslovnem muzeju Slovenije, od 16. 10. 2015 do 15. 11. 2015.

NAJ varstvo otrok NAJ varstvo otrok

Sanja Carica Karasman Sanja Carica Karasman

Hairdressing education. Cut&colour expert. YouTuber.

Russian-Slovenian Linguistic Centre (RSLC) Russian-Slovenian Linguistic Centre (RSLC)
Ljubljana, 1000

Russian-Slovenian Linguistic Centre (RSLC)

LILA Center LILA Center
Kogovškova Ulica 12
Ljubljana, 1000

Prijeten prostor za vaš napredek

Prva in najbolj obiskana spletna stran z izobraževalno vsebino v Sloveniji! Pobrskaj med šolskimi datotekami, srednješolskimi in študijskimi programi, maturitetnimi informacijami, aktualnimi razpisi in natečaji...

Housing Housing
Verovškova 55a
Ljubljana, 1000

Housing Co. d.o.o. je svetovalno in izobraževalno podjetje na področju informacijskih tehnologij. Naša temeljna dejavnost je prenos znanj naših strokovnjakov v podjetja.

EMI Institute - Ljubljana EMI Institute - Ljubljana
10 Dunajska Cesta
Ljubljana, 1000

EMI Institute - Kreativna šola za avdio inženiring in glasbeno produkcijo

G-Guides G-Guides
Hribarjevo Nabrezje 13
Ljubljana, 1000

G-GUIDES. Green.Global.Great. School for responsible and sustainable tourist guides, tour directors, tour managers and tour escorts.

Knjižnica ACS - Andragoški center Slovenije Knjižnica ACS - Andragoški center Slovenije
Šmartinska Cesta 134a
Ljubljana, 1000

Knjižnica ACS je specialna knjižnica, ki deluje znotraj Andragoškega centra Slovenije. The Library of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.

Infinity Events & Akademija Infinity Events & Akademija
Pot Za Brdom 100
Ljubljana, 1000

Infinity events je agencija, ki združuje 15 profesionalnih načrtovalk porok iz vse Slovenije. Infinity akademija za organizatorje porok pa ponuja strokovno, interaktivno in praktično šolanje za vse, ki si želijo svetle prihodnosti v tem poklicu.

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