MUN Slovenia Club

MUN Slovenia Club is a club of students engaging in reasoned discussions and other activities related to the contemporary international issues, with the aim of finding feasible solutions in accordance with the Charter of the UN and its spirit.

UN chief condemns deadly attacks in Austrian capital Vienna

UN SG has strongly condemned the violent attacks in the 🇦🇹 capital, Vienna, which left at least two people dead and several others wounded. The UN Secretary-General has strongly condemned the violent attacks in the Austrian capital, Vienna, which left at least two people dead and several others wounded.

Kenya relief bid begins to avert ‘hunger crisis’ among poor workers hit by COVID

In Kenya 🇰🇪, a major UN-led cash and nutrition relief project 🇺🇳 is underway for a #hungercrisis, worsened by COVID-19. In Kenya, a major UN-led cash and nutrition relief project is underway for informal workers facing a hunger crisis brought on by COVID-19, amidst warnings on Friday that the situation is likely even worse in many poorer countries.

Poland ‘slammed the door shut’ on legal and safe abortions: Human rights experts

UN 🇺🇳 #humanrights experts have denounced a court ruling in Poland 🇵🇱 that bans abortions on the grounds of fatal or severe foetal impairment A group of UN independent human rights experts have denounced a court ruling in Poland that bans abortions on the grounds of fatal or severe foetal impairment, effectively “slamming the door shut” on safe and legal pregnancy terminations.

UN treaty banning nuclear weapons set to enter into force in January

🚫⛔Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into force on 22nd January, after Honduras 🇭🇳 became the 50th Member State to ratify it 📃 In what leading campaigners are describing as “a new chapter for nuclear disarmament”, the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will now come into force on 22 January, after Honduras became the 50th Member State to ratify on Saturday.

🎉🎈Today we celebate #UnitedNationsDay 🇺🇳. It marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the #UNCharter. Today, the urgency for all countries 🌍 to come together, to fulfil the promise of the nations united, has rarely been greater.

Secretary-General underscores value of UN partnerships in Southeast Asia

At a time of 🌍 challenge and uncertainty, partnership 🤝🏼 between #UnitedNations 🇺🇳 and regional bodies remains indispensable
#UN - #ASEAN relations At a time of global challenge and uncertainty, partnership between the United Nations and regional bodies remains indispensable, the UN Secretary-General told foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during a virtual meeting on Wednesday.

Yemen: Combatants ‘have to find strength’ to end fighting, says UN humanitarian official

UN humanitarian official 🇺🇳 urges that parties to the conflict in Yemen 🇾🇪 must do more to #protectcivilians, as the number of civilian deaths has risen. Parties to the conflict in Yemen must do more to protect civilians, a senior UN humanitarian official there has said, as the number of civilian deaths has witnessed a sharp rise over the last few weeks in the war-ravaged country.

LIVE: World Food Day

Today is #WorldFoodDay 🇺🇳. Unfortunately, over 2 billion people still do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. Hunger is rising, due to factors including conflict, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is putting a strain on food systems that are already failing in many countries. In today’s LIVE blog, marking World Food Day, we will look at some of the many issues and possible solutions. Highlig...

UN chief welcomes Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire

The UN SG 🇺🇳 welcomes the agreement on a humanitarian ceasefire announced in Moscow by the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation 🇷🇺, Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 and Armenia 🇦🇲 UN Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed agreement on a ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone following talks held in Russia on Friday.

International Day of the Girl: ‘Be bold in your demands’, urges UN deputy chief

#InternationalDayoftheGirl 🌍 celebrates the importance and potential of girls around the world. It also highlights girls’ needs and the particular problems they can face, and efforts to fulfill their rights. ♀️ 🇺🇳 As the COVID-19 pandemic increases gender, economic and racial inequalities, the UN on Friday marked the upcoming International Day of the Girl, with a youth-driven virtual townhall to demand a more just and equitable world for girls.

✅ Are you aged between 18 and 30 and you live all over the Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia or Slovenia?

🔜 Join "Create! Include! Participate!" project and develop your project idea, include the local community and participate as an active member of the society.

It is a project supported by Regional Youth Cooperation Office, UN Peacebuilding 🇺🇳, THK and MitOst, focused on youth participation, personal growth and development. 📃🗂

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The educational programme will fully be online, the official language of the project is English.

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Climate emergency ‘a danger to peace’, UN Security Council hears

•The climate emergency is a danger to international peace and security• 🌍🌡🐧 #climatechangeawareness The climate emergency generated by global warming, is exacerbating existing risks to international peace and security, while also creating new ones, a senior UN official told the Security Council on Friday, making the case for swift climate action on multiple fronts.

UN rights office expresses alarm at Hong Kong arrests under new security law

The UN #humanrights office has expressed alarm at the arrest of demonstrators in Hong Kong, following China’s 🇨🇳 adoption of a national security law for the Special Administrative Region The UN human rights office, OHCHR, has expressed alarm at the arrest of demonstrators in Hong Kong, following China’s adoption of a national security law for the Special Administrative Region (SAR).

We ended the year with the traditional MUNSC x UNAS picnic. We wish everyone to enjoy their summer vacations and are looking forward to seeing you in October for a new year full of MUNSC activities😎 #munscfamily

UN marks 75-year milestone anniversary of founding Charter

The United Nations Charter was signed 75 years ago to this day – and its principles ring just as true today 🇺🇳 🎈
#UNCharter The UN Charter “brought rules and hope to a world in ruins”, Secretary-General António Guterres told a virtual ceremony on Friday, commemorating 75 years since the Organization’s foundational text was signed.

COVID-19 intensifies ‘brutal crime’ of sexual violence in conflict

⚠️Today is International Day for the #EliminationofSexualViolenceinConflict. Unfortunately, it is noted that conflict-related sexual violence, as one of “the brutal crimes” is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic 🚺 Conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) is “a brutal crime” that is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN chief underscored on Friday, the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict.

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✨ NUCLEAR ENERGY: A Move Toward Sustainability or a Global Disaster?

▪️Prof. dr. Leon Cizelj - Division Head Scientific Councilor Jožef Stefan Institute

▪️Danijel Levičar - business director of GEN energija, d.o.o.

▪️Urška Dolinšek - Energy and Euratom Counsellor, Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU

While the rest of the world is closing down nuclear plants, deems nuclear energy as very dangerous and has been limiting it for many years, the trend in Asia is very different. A number of countries are planning and building new nuclear power reactors to meet their increasing demand for clean electricity. There are significant human, organizational and cultural challenges to enhancing nuclear safety and security, due to regional and international risks.

This panel will tackle how to keep the balance and find solutions to both the need for more energy and the safety of nuclear energy. On one hand, we will cover the technical advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy compared to conventional and renewable sources, countries’ decision to expand nuclear programs for peaceful purposes, economic justification of nuclear energy and long-term energy security. On the other hand, we will touch upon the protection of people and the environment, social acceptability of nuclear power plants and its effect on cooperation among the countries.


Centre for European Perspective - CEP
Bled Strategic Forum

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✨ EU-CHINA: Strategic Outlook

▪️Nina Pejič - Young Researcher at the Centre of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.

▪️ H. E. Nicolas Chapuis the Ambassador of the EU to China

▪️Katja Geršak - Executive Director of the Centre for European Perspective Centre for European Perspective - CEP


The relations between China and the EU have in recent times been put on the spot. Countries have been cooperating closely in several areas. However many issues remain, due to the differences in values, norms, laws as well as business practices. American protectionism and turning away from international trade flows have led the EU to find new international trade partners. Different approaches among the countries in the EU and the lack of coherent responses have caused some issues in legislation as well as diversion among the countries.What will the future of the relations look like? Will the two actors overcome the differences for a succesful partnership?
All of this will be discussed in the panel, where the experts will give an indepth perspective on the matter.


Bled Strategic Forum

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Chair Applications for IsarMUN 2020 are OPEN 🎉
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The conference will take place from the 12th to the 15th of November in Munich, Germany. The deadline for applications is the 21st of June 2020 (23:59)! Visit to find the Chair applications

Funding shortfall affecting critical water, sanitation services in Yemen

"More than 8 million people, more than half #children, directly depend on the agency for water, sanitation and hygiene in Yemen 🇾🇪", urges UNICEF. Children in the heart of the world’s worst humanitarian disaster need help more than ever, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Friday, in an appeal for more support to provide basic services in Yemen.

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✨About Lazare Benin:
Lazare is a Politics and Economics student at UCL. His first contact with MUN goes back to when he was in high school which he attended both in France and Italy thereby enabling him to experience conferences abroad and different modus operandi very early in his MUN journey. Since then, he has built up on this and has served in nearly every quality, from delegate to Secretariat member, travelling across Europe. Aside MUN, you can easily spot him at other UCL societies’ events as he is curious and passionate about lots of different disciplines ranging from sports (among others handball, table tennis, running, tennis) to Mah-jong passing by more scholar subjects such as current affairs whether political or financial, History or languages. He is himself fluent in French, Italian, English (as well as Latin, but probably will never find ever another speaker) and took up the challenge to learn Mandarin before the end of the year in parallel to his course work and extra-curricular activities. He regrets not being able to meet physically, however he is decided to overcome the difficulty, and wishes you a wonderful and memorable conference.

✨ About Teodora Višnjić:
"Dear Participants,

My name is Teodora Visnjic and this year I have the honor to be serving as a one of the chairs for Ecofin at MUN Salient in Ljubljana.

Currently I am in my final year of studies of International law at University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. I have been participating in numerous international conferences that were focused on international law, diplomacy and the economic aspects of the two. I can't wait to meet you all at this upcoming MUN! As part of the UN Club of UBFL I have been organizing various lectures, conferences, fairs and a visit to the United Nations HQ. My goal through doing all of these activities was making knowledge accessible.

As for my hobbies apart from engaging in student activities, I like traveling, hanging out with my friends, doing sports and being outdoors.

I see this conference as a wonderful opportunity for youth to get engaged, get to know each other and expand their horizons. Hope you will join us! Looking forward to seeing you in Slovenia!

May confirmed as warmest on record, CO2 levels hit new high despite COVID economic slowdown

Regarding #WorldEnvironmentDay 🌍: "Nature was sending us a clear message: we are harming the natural world – to our own detriment. Habitat degradation and biodiversity loss are accelerating”, UN Secretary-General. It`s time #ForNature Last month was the warmest May on record and carbon dioxide levels also hit a new high despite the economic slowdown from COVID-19, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Friday, in an urgent appeal for Member States to renew their efforts to tackle climate threats.

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US must take ‘serious action’ to halt police killings of unarmed African Americans

The UN human rights chief 🇺🇳 condemned the killing of 46-year-old George Floyd, calling it the latest in “a long line of killings of unarmed African Americans by US police officers and members of the public”. The UN human rights chief on Thursday condemned the killing of 46-year-old George Floyd while in police custody in the city of Minneapolis, calling it the latest in “a long line of killings of unarmed African Americans by US police officers and members of the public”.

Check out who are the amazing Presiding Officers of the UN SC at Salient 2020: The Online Edition! ✨



✨ About Julian Schneider:
Julian is 21 years old. He is from Germany, more specifically from the countryside north of Frankfurt. He is currently in his third year of studying Biology/Environmental Science in Maastricht, The Netherlands, but is interested in pursuing environmental policy and international relations further in the future. He is part of UNSA Maastricht and the secretariat of EuroMUN 2020. For the last academic year, he was part of the UNSA Permanent Delegation. He has been delegate at eight conferences and a chair/crisis staff at three conferences across five different countries. His interests include of course science and politics, but another passion is memes, which he hopes to see plenty of in committee.

✨ About Stijn Servaes:
Stijn Servaes is currently studying for a degree in Applied Economic Sciences: Business Engineering at the KULeuven. Being very interested in International Affairs and Business/Economics in high school, Stijn decided to apply for a MUN conference in his first year at his university. A decision he has never regretted since. The conference made such an impact on him that it became one of his main hobbies for the past 4 years, having been a delegate and chair at several conferences around Europe. Besides that, Stijn has a large interest in (military) history of the past 4 centuries, and enjoys spending his free time watching documentaries and reading about historical events. "I became aware of Salient through my MUN association a couple of years ago. Ever since then, I've wanted to participate, and I'm honoured to have been given the opportunity to chair the United Nations Security Council at Salient 2020."


Build back better and preserve biodiversity after COVID-19 pandemic: UN chief

UN officials 🇺🇳 urge that recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must lead to countries uniting to preserve the natural world. 🐝 Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must also lead to countries uniting to preserve the natural world, in line with global commitments to achieve a better future for all people and the planet, top officials with the United Nations said on Friday, the International Day for Biological Diversity.

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Cubana Ljubljana Cubana Ljubljana
Libero Dance Center, BTC Hala E
Ljubljana, 1000

Plesna skupnost in šola salse ter drugih kubanskih plesov, ki svoje znanje prinaša neposredno iz Kube. Naučimo vas plesati s SRCEM <3

NirvanaFitness NirvanaFitness
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NirvanaFitness® is a unique blend of uplifting positive music beat, simple to follow stretching and toning exercises and rhythmic breathing.

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Cene Štupar podjetni - DPlac & Ferfl Cene Štupar podjetni - DPlac & Ferfl
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Program spodbujanja podjetništva z družbenim učinkom FERFL - Vroče ideje za družbeno odgovorno podjetništvo. DPLAC - Dogodek meseca, soustvarjaj program in DPlacove mesečne e-novičke.

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Življenje je igra, naučimo se jo igrati. NLP Izobraževanja, seminarji, delavnice in osebni coaching za komunikacijo, motivacijo in uspeh v življenju.

Fundacija ROK Fundacija ROK
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Namen fundacije je finančno pomagati nadarjenim slovenskim otrokom, ki jim življenjske razmere onemogočajo razvoj talentov, in spodbujati druge k pomoči.

NLP Izobraževanja NLP Izobraževanja
Tacenska Cesta 117
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NLP je skupek orodij, zbirka tehnik, s katero si pomagamo odpravljati svoja omejujoča prepričanja, strahove, navade in razvade, odpravljamo škodljive posledice čustvenih travm, se rešimo raznih fobij ter spreminjamo vedenjske vzorce.

Salient - Youth Conference Salient - Youth Conference
Kardeljeva Ploščad 5
Ljubljana, 1000

Interdisciplinary youth conference. Enabling critical dialogue among young professionals. Fostering practical skills for addressing 21st century challenges.

Tim Sloge Tim Sloge
Kunaverjeva 9
Ljubljana, 100

Tim Sloge - otroška hiša slavja, kreativnosti in učenja vrednot

Mentorski program Uči se od najboljših Mentorski program Uči se od najboljših
Zavod Ypsilon - Šmartinska Cesta 152
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MUD Studio Ljubljana je razburljiv, izobraževalno prodajni koncept vodilne Hollywoodske šole ličenja. SPLETNA TRGOVINA

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