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Learn Ukrainian

This page is voluntary-based project which aims to promote Ukraine and Ukrainian language globally. Best regards, Learn Ukrainian Project Team

This page is voluntary-based project which aims to promote Ukraine and Ukrainian language globally. Best regards, Learn Ukrainian Project Team

Ukrainian Lessons


"Щастя - це трикутник, а в нім три боки: віра, надія, любов" (Богдан-Ігор Антонич).

Свята наближаються.
The holidays are coming 🏂

Let’s talk about зима – winter in Ukrainian! ❄️☃️
It is the season of holidays now and a special spirit of happiness all around us. Enjoy the snowy weather and our winter lessons 😀

Practice your pronunciation with our listening part here↙️

Ви любите зиму? А зимові свята? 💬

Do you have your favorite Ukrainian book? Our choice is Тигролови / Tyhrolovy (Tiger Hunters) by Іван Багряний / Ivan Bahrianyi


12 ресурсів для вдосконалення української мови

Useful online platforms to polish your Ukrainian language skills: http://www.the-village.com.ua/village/knowledge/knowledge-guide/268755-12-resursiv-dlya-vdoskonalennya-ukrayinskoyi-movi

the-village.com.ua Як позбутися «лишнього», не виходячи з дому

Easter festival has started in Kyiv 🐇

У Києві стартував Великодній фестиваль


Лепетуни | Перша серія | Мультфільми українською

Мультсеріал «Лепетуни». Перша серія. У цій серії головний герой Лепетун знайомить глядачів зі своєю дружиною Яриною та дітками Андрійком і Лесею. Наступна се...


The warrior Cossacks of Ukraine


bbc.com The role of a tiny island in the Dnieper River in the rise of the legendary Zaporozhian Cossacks.


Popular writer leads Ukraine’s cultural diplomacy in France | KyivPost

The interview with modern Ukrainian writer Irena Karpa: check it out!


kyivpost.com Ukraine’s bureaucracy even follows its officials abroad. Irena Karpa, Ukrainian writer, singer, activist and the first secretary for cultural affairs at the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris, has seen the phenomenon first-hand. Having worked in her current role for two years, Karpa says significant progres...


It is possible to learn Ukrainian with your smartphone. Try it ;)


На вулицях Львова
At the streets of Lviv

Ukrainian Lessons

Which clothes do you usually wear?

These words would be useful for you in a shop and during the usual conversation.

If you want to know more and listen to the pronunciation of these words, look at our website ➡️ http://ukrainianlessons.com/vocabulary-clothes/


Океан Ельзи. Все буде добре (official video)

Everything will be alright.
Все буде добре!



режисер - Віктор Придувалов. 2007 рік, альбом "Міра" http://www.facebook.com/okeanelzyofficial https://twitter.com/s_vakarchuk https://twitter.com/okeanelzy ...

Ukrainian Lessons

Introduction to Cases in Ukrainian Language

Discover the concept of Ukrainian cases with a new Ukrainian Lessons author Iryna Podoliak! She gives some great strategies to learn the cases faster and with no stress.

Do YOU have tips for those who are struggling with Ukrainian cases? Share in comments!


YeNotes – Український багатомовний мережевий словник

Dear friends, let's help the first Ukrainian online dictionary to broaden its content! This project has a big goal. And project team needs your support in adding new words. YeNotes web source is "alive" and its content is updated by users.

More information is below. Please share.

Greetings to all community members! We are very grateful to the administration for the opportunity to post this announcement.

Our team has developed the online dictionary http://www.yenotes.com from translations from Ukrainian into foreign languages and vice versa, which is filled by users in real time online. The dictionary is free. It has only been launched in recent days, and thus we are searching for persons who would be interested in adding translations with the aim of developing the Ukrainian language through mutual effort, and for creating a unique base of translations for Ukrainian.

The dictionary is being filled “from scratch”, without any automated parsing from any third-party sources. Therefore, only the active involvement of our users might help develop the dictionary. For now, we only have 800 translations in our database for three foreign languages, and so the work to be done is hard, but we hope the dictionary will succeed.

Our target audience is not only translators, and to the contrary, we would like to involve the widest range of persons interested in learning languages, or even only starting this journey. For this purpose, the dictionary will contain not only translations, but also the full conjugation and declension tables for all words, and many more.

Some of our unique features:

1. There are no Ukrainian dictionaries for working with foreign languages online: only one resource for English – often with erroneous translations and limited. For other foreign languages, there is mostly nothing of decent quality either online, or in print form.

2. YeNotes is a “live” dictionary: it is filled by the users, and thus is not limited at all.

3. YeNotes provides the full declension tables for nouns, adjectives, etc., and the full conjugation tables for verbs. Thus, learning foreign languages should become very comfortable, just as learning the Ukrainian language as well. When searching for translations, one might at once view all declensions and conjugations.

4. YeNotes has a comfortable system of categories, which allows explaining well the context of translations, and make them visually distinctive.

5. YeNotes has a system of translations requests. If you do not know a translation for a particular language, you may add a translation request, and some of ours users will hopefully help you.

6. YeNotes has a moderation system. In addition, we have a comment system. If you stumble upon an erroneous or incomplete translation, you may add a comment to it, and all other users will see it, until the moderators edit the translation correspondingly.

7. As of today, YeNotes supports three foreign languages: English, French, and Italian, but we are eager to add more languages in the future.

Thus, we are happy to invite you to visit our website http://www.yenotes.com and to join our mutual effort.

For professional translators interested in the resource and in adding translations to it, we might arrange the automatic introduction of your translations into the database, if they are provided in the form of SDL MultiTerm glossaries or as any other lists in any formats. If this is possible technically within our database, this will allow filling the dictionary with high-quality translations more quickly.

If you are interested in any other questions, we kindly invite you to join this discussions, and we will gladly answer them.

Best regards,
YeNotes team
YeNotes – Український багатомовний мережевий словник
Словник перекладів з української на іноземні мови в обох напрямках, що наповнюється користувачами. Переклади, граматичні форми та живе спілкування.


yenotes.com Словник перекладів з української на іноземні мови в обох напрямках, що наповнюється користувачами. Переклади, граматичні форми та живе спілкування.


Kiev's new revolution: young Ukrainians spur cultural revival amid the conflict


theguardian.com If Ukraine’s Maidan revolution has largely not led to the transparent government its proponents envisioned, it has certainly democratised Ukrainian culture. The country’s capital, Kiev, is at the forefront of a powerful new wave of creativity

Regularly people ask which book is the best to start with on their journey of learning Ukrainian. From my experience of teaching Ukrainian language for foreigners, the most appropriate book by content, balance of different activities and graphic design is BEGINNER'S UKRAINIAN by Yuri Shevchuk. Actually, this book is not only for the beginners. You can use it if you already have basic or advanced level. The official interactive website of the book is here: http://www.hippocrenebooks.com/beginners-ukrainian.html

You can order the textbook online.

Вчимо українську ;)


IT is a tool for bringing Ukraine forward. A story of one Swedish start-up | EUROMAIDAN PRESS


euromaidanpress.com How do young European entrepreneurs start a career? They get into an old Lada and drive across Ukraine. Normally – not. But for these two young Swedes, this was the case.

Eurovision Song Contest will be in Kyiv next year. Big thanks to Jamala! Welcome to Ukraine!

Євробачення наступного року буде в Києві. Щиро дякуємо Джамалі! Ласкаво просимо до України!

Jamala | Джамала

The Grand Final of Eurovision-2016!

I'll be performing song number 21!

Vote for Jamala!

Vote for Ukraine!

#джамала #jamala #eurovision #jamala1944 #eurovision_ukraine #cometogether #eurovision2016


Jamala - 1944 (Ukraine) Live at Semi-Final 2 of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

"We could build a future, where people are free."

Jamala represents Ukraine at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song 1944

This year Ukraine is in Eurovision song contest. Support Jamala


#джамала #jamala #eurovision #jamala1944 #sweden #eurovision_ukraine #cometogether


English-speaking volunteers invited to teach Ukrainian kids in summer camps -


euromaidanpress.com Go Global is organizing English-language summer camps to be held in 119 Ukrainian schools in June


Крок до України | Інтерактивний портал

If you learn Ukrainian, here is useful source for you (y)




Бумбокс - "Злива". Палац Спорту, Київ.


Бумбокс - Тур "Люди". Квитки на сайті: http://boombox.kiev.ua Обрані моменти концерту у Палаці Спорту. Перше публічне виконання пісні "Злива". Виробництво: М...


Summer Language & Culture School | UCU School of Ukrainian Language and Culture


studyukrainian.org.ua School of Ukrainian Language & Culture would like to invite you to our 13 Annual summer language & culture program in the “Cultural Capital of Ukraine” Lviv.

Keep calm and speak Ukrainian ;)


Мені здається час настав. Соціальний ролик.

Присвячується російськомовним українцям. //
Devoted to Russian-speaking Ukrainians.


Автори сценарію: Ярина Чорногуз, Олександр Іванов Оператор та монтаж: Тарас Троцюк У ролях: Павло та Інна Вишебаби, Ляна Пленокосова, Роксолана Братішко Стор...


JAMALA "1944" - Вражаючий виступ на відборі до Евробачення - 6.02.16

Jamala is going to represent Ukraine at Eurovision this year.

Джамала представлятиме Україну на Євробаченні цього року.


Кримськотатарська співачка Джамала обрала для конкурсу глибоку ліричну композицію "1944". 6 лютого в Україні пройшов перший півфінал національного відбору на...


Affordable, Unexpected: Put This European City On Your Bucket List


yahoo.com Kiev may be an unexpected vacation destination, but it’s so worth it.


"Rolling in the deep" performed by Ukrainian national orchestra of folk instruments. Only Adele is missing :)

Знаменита пісня Адель "Rolling in the deep" у виконанні Національного академічного оркестру народних інструментів

/відео Nataliya Shelepnytska


Read Ukrainian!

This well-structured course will help you to make your first steps in learning Ukrainian language.


ukrainianlanguage.org.uk A course of interactive self-access materials designed to support the acquisition of reading skills in Ukrainian. The materials allow students to consolidate topics learnt in a Ukrainian reading course or the reading component of a general course in Ukrainian.

Learn Ukrainian

This is how carolers, or колядники, look like in Ukraine. People gather in groups and go door to door to their neighbours, nearest friends and family, holding the star and singing carols or playing a special performance - вертеп (vertep). This holiday time is called Коляда (kolyada), it starts on 6 January, Christmas Eve, and ends on 19 January.


Росава - Ой,рясна-красна (колядка)

Merry Christmas, Ukraine! For holiday atmosphere, here is Ukrainian folk Christmas carol (колядка) performed by the gorgeous singer - Rosava.

Слова і музика: народні Відеоряд: роботи Михайла Алдашина.

Веселих свят!


Руслана - Ой, гиля-гиля | Жінки третього тисячоліття

Ой, гиля-гиля - Ukrainian folk song. This version is performed by Ruslana. :)


I'm feeling lucky when I search in Ukrainian :)

* кохання [kohAn:ya] means love.


Ukraine My Home

Ukraine My Home // Україна - мій дім
This aerial Video is about the Central and the Western parts of Ukraine, about people who live there. Welcome to Ukraine!


Ukraine My Home. This aerial Video about Central end West part of Ukraine, about people who live in this beautiful place. Welcome to my Home. To be continued...


Ой ти дівчино, з горіха зерня (Ukrainian folk song)

The lyrics of this song were actually written by Ivan Franko in 1886.

Ой ти, дівчино, з горіха зерня,
Чом твоє серденько — колюче терня?

Чом твої устонька — тиха молитва,
А твоє слово остре, як бритва?

Чом твої очі сяють тим чаром,
Що то запалює серце пожаром?

Ох, тії очі темніші ночі,
Хто в них задивиться, й сонця не хоче!

І чом твій усміх — для мене скрута,
Серце бентежить, як буря люта?

Ой ти, дівчино, ясная зоре!
Ти мої радощі, ти моє горе!

Тебе кидаючи, любити мушу,
Тебе кохаючи, загублю душу.


Ой ти дівчино, з горіха зерня. Українська народна пісня. Виконує львівська капелла "Дударик". Довоєнна світлина з Полтавщини. Oi ty divchyno, z horikha zerni...

Learn Ukrainian's cover photo


Life, love and war top themes of books at Lviv Book Forum

Every year Book Forum - probably the greatest literary event and the symbol of Ukrainian modern culture - happens in Lviv. Here are some fresh impressions about it.

Щороку у Львові відбувається книжковий форум, що є чи не найбільшою літературною подією та символом cучасної української культури. Свіжі враження - у статті.


kyivpost.com Representatives of 300 publishing houses gathered on Sept. 9-13 for the Lviv Book Forum, Ukraine's biggest annual book festival, and one of the biggest such events in Europe.

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Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
Novi Parnas Novi Parnas
Kotnikova Ulica 5

Kulturno-izobraževalni zavod Novi Parnas

Izobraževalni Center Finava Izobraževalni Center Finava
Klemenova Ulica 150
Ljubljana, 1260

Volja je ključ do razumevanja. Dajte si priložnost in nas obiščite. Radi vam bomo svetovali.

Learn Crypto Learn Crypto
Letališka Cesta 3, BTC (pod Emporiumom)
Ljubljana, 1000

Learn-Crypto.com is an online learning and earning platform for anybody who is open enough to discover the world of cryptocurrencies.

City joga center - Iyengar joga City joga center - Iyengar joga
Ulica Jožeta Jame 12, Ljubljana
Ljubljana, 1210

Tečaji Iyengar joge in čuječnostne meditacije. Učitelji z mednarodnimi diplomami. Majhne skupine, individualen pristop. Več na http://www.cityoga.org/

200 zaposlitev 200 zaposlitev
Devinska Ulica 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Zgrabi priložnost in se zaposli! 200 mladim nudimo BREZPLAČNO USPOSABLJANJE in ZAPOSLITEV!

Center arhitekture Slovenije Center arhitekture Slovenije
Rimska 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Center arhitekture deluje na področju arhitekturne vzgoje in izobraževanja ter ozavešča o pomenu kakovostno grajenega prostora. S projekti želimo izobraževati in hkrati dvigati zavest o bogati slovenski kulturni in arhitekturni dediščini.

Sončna Stran Sončna Stran


Naravno starševstvo Naravno starševstvo
Ukmarjeva 4
Ljubljana, 1000

Ustanovitelj Centra "Naravno starševstvo" je terapevt Tomislav Kuljiš. Center v Ljubljani bo deloval skozi cikle predavanj in izkustvenih delavnic.

modrapikica.si modrapikica.si
Tolstojeva 9a
Ljubljana, 1000

- strokovnjakinja za področje zgodnje komunikacije z dojenčki in malčki

Beautiful Bloggers Meetup Beautiful Bloggers Meetup
Gosposka Ulica 15
Ljubljana, 1000

Izobraževanje in zabavno druženje lepotnih, modnih in lifestyle blogerk

Kemijski inštitut Kemijski inštitut
Hajdrihova 19
Ljubljana, 1000

Društvo za varstvo rastlin Slovenije Društvo za varstvo rastlin Slovenije
Jamnikarjeva 101
Ljubljana, 1000

DVRS je stanovska organizacija na področju fitomedicine, v katero se združujejo raziskovalci, svetovalci in drugi strokovnjaki z namenom krepitve področja varstva rastlin pred škodljivimi organizmi.