G-GUIDES. Green.Global.Great. School for responsible and sustainable tourist guides, tour directors, tour managers and escorts.

Mission: G-GUIDES is a group of green, global and great tourist guides, tour directors and tour managers, who are aware of the responsibility they have while conducting their job. We are cultural brokers, sustainability communicators, unforgettable experience creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for all.

Today we were talking about #sustainabletourism, #responsibletourism #Kilimanjaro and #GreenMicrophoneAward. #GGuides #SDG #ConnectingWorlds


Responsible Tourism Show & Tell #1 - LIVE Webinar

Join #GGuides on this live webinar about #SustainableTourism and #Sustainability in #TouristGuiding #ConnectingWorlds #TravelMassive

travelmassive.com Join us on January 22nd for our first Responsible Tourism webinar! Discover amazing tourism projects from around the world, make connections with other green entrepreneurs and get ideas to build your own sustainable idea. In this webinar, we invite 3 responsible tourism professionals to share their....



Please note, that registration for this event is required. Looking forward to seeing you in Rijeka, Croatia. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

eventbrite.com Gastrodiplomacy as a way to connect the worlds.

Facilitating #SustainableInnovation in #Tourism at the oldest business school and supporting young entrepreneurs with knowledge and experiences for better tomorrow. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds



#GGuides will facilitate a workshop at Conference on Sustainable innovation at ESCP Business School Berlin this week with title Sustainability in tourism industry: from challenge to opportunity. #ConnectingWorlds Stay tuned...https://linking-talents.escpeurope.de/sdg2020#experts

linking-talents.escpeurope.de One of Europe's biggest conferences on integrating the UN Globals of Sustainable Development into management training & business practices. January 2020.

#GreenMicrophone is travelling around #Myanmar together with its righteous owner Myo Min Zaw. Some of his projects include Inle Canoe Lady and One Tourist, One Tree, One Village. This local guide's story must be heard. It is a great showcase of #responsibletourism.#tourguide #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

Happy New Year 2020!!!!

Article about #GreenMicrophoneAward in one of the most important tourism magazines in #Slovenia. We are spreading the word about #responsibletourism practices from around the globe. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

#ConnectingWorlds and building bridges between China and Slovenia. This time in #Velenje. #GGuides

Presentation of #China to the audience of Confucius Institute students in Ljubljana. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds




mp.weixin.qq.com We thank YOU for supporting the local communities by choosing local guides on your trips:)

Getting ready for 2020 and the 10th Annual meeting of tourist guides in Alps Adriatic region. Stay tuned for theme and date. Coming soon...

Working trip to China has come to an end. It's been a very long and productive month, with many seminars, presentations and lectures. G-Guides contributed towards further strengthening the cooperation between #China and #Slovenia. We were honored to have had the opportunity to present our country, our tourist guide training and also to present the importance of roles of tourist guides abroad, which all contributes towards #responsibletourism and #sustainabletourism. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

The sky is the limit. Business networking at the biggest online travel agency in #China and second largest online travel agency in the world. #Ctrip #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

One of the articles about the slovenian delegation visit in China. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AKFmT1Zhyjs8cdtxzgK2zw

#GGuides #ConnectingWorlds in #China with business networking, presenting Slovenia and exploring new opportunities.

Presenting #Slovenia as part of the slovenian delegation from our government in #Sanya #China. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

Morality is the mentor who guides the people to perfection. A virtue well needed also for #tourguides. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

Specifically designed area for #tourguides and drivers. A special relaxation lounge with all the facilities.

#GGuides in action. After a day of sessions and meetings we visited #Hainan provincial museum. Stay tuned for more:) #ConnectingWorlds

Happy UN day! Glad that we represent the role of tourist guides for the #sdg. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

We are proud to be part of the United Nations 🇺🇳, promoting #tourism as a pillar of global #peace, #prosperity and #equality.

Today is #UNDay, a day we celebrate our unique contributions to our common goal - a better world 🌐 for "we the peoples"!

Developing communication skills for tourism professionals in #Velenje #Slovenia #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds


Announcing the winner of the Green Microphone Award 2019 - Travel Massive Blog

Recap on the #GreenMicrophoneAward 2019 also on #TravelMassive. Check out the story on the link below.#GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

travelmassive.com Green Microphone Award shed a light on sustainable tourism guides with a ceremony in the Town Hall of Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 27, 2019.


Green Microphone Award

Video about #GreenMicrophoneAward. We are already receiving stories of #responsibletourism for the award in 2020. #tourguideaward #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Auja1Mftow

Tourist guides are cultural brokers, sustainability communicators, unforgettable experience creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for al...

This year again #GGuides is presiding over the contest for Young Tourist Guides of Slovenia, organized by the Tourism Association of Slovenia. We are very proud of all the contestants. There is bright future ahead:) #ConnectingWorlds


#GreenMicrophone award second edition on #wtd2019. The event happened in #Ljubljana Town hall #Slovenia. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds #responsibletourism

Happy #WTD2019 from #GGuides. We have awarded Myo Min Zaw with the #GreenMicrophoneAward for the voixe of #responsibletourism. #ConnectingWorlds #travelenjoyrespect

[09/27/19]   We are just getting ready. We will be going live from the #GreenMicrophoneAward in 15minutes. Join us!


International Prize: Leonardo Da Vinci | Life Beyond Tourism

👉 The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation has launched the “International Life Beyond Tourism Prize "Leonardo Da Vinci” competition, with prize money totalling €25,000. It celebrates the 500th anniversary of the death of the aforementioned greatest genius of humanity. So, if you want to present a cultural biography (paper) about the cultural practices (or expressions) of your local area (artisans, companies, institutions), the deadline is 31 May 2020.

lifebeyondtourism.org The Life Beyond Tourism Prize "Leonardo Da Vinci" is a contest open worldwide for promoting the cultural heritage & identities of territories around the world.

Douglas Johnston is a travel expert and a candidate for the #GreenMicrophoneAward 2019. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds

Meet Local Expert | Douglas Johnston, Galashiels, Scotland, UK

Douglas Johnston grew up in Galashiels in Scotland and feels such affinity for the area that he chooses to continue to live in his village. He has been a guide with a local agency for over 19 years. Since then, he has also become an ops supervisor and PCV trainer. Douglas still guides tours, showing others his passion for his beloved Scotland. This is displayed through the way he prepares and conducts his tours.

#localExpert #gguides #ethicaltravelPortal


Green Microphone Award

Presentation of the best #responsibletourism stories from across the globe will be presented in Ljubljana Town Hall this Friday. Watch us online from our FB page, or get your event ticket on this link and see it live: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/green-microphone-award-tickets-70948485831 #GreenMicrophoneAward #WTD2019 #unwto

eventbrite.com Green Microphone Award ceremony for the voice of responsible tourism

[09/20/19]   In a week from today we will get the second winner of the #GreenMicrophoneAward, that is why we will be presenting their stories in the next upcoming days. If you have your favourite candidate, make sure you comment bellow his presentation. #GreenMicrophone #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds


Brezplačni dogodek - »Zeleni mikrofon«

#GreenMicrophoneAward ceremony published also here. Registration is still open. #GGuides #ConnectingWorlds https://www.podjetniski-portal.si/dogodki/brezplacni-dogodek-zeleni-mikrofon-10831

podjetniski-portal.si Podjetniški portal - informacije za potencialne podjetnike, podjetnike začetnike in rastoča podjetja na enem mestu

G Guides

G-GUIDES is a private research institute with the main purpose of sharing the knowledge and ideas in the field of sustainable and responsible tourism. We provide training for green, global and great tourist guides, tour directors and tour managers, who are aware of the responsibility they have while conducting their job. They are cultural brokers, sustainability communicators, unforgettable experience creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for all. We help all the stakeholders in tourism industry with consulting to get the knowledge about sustainable tourism they need.

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G-Guides at the United Nations in Geneva 10.12.2018





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Krimska Ulica 21
Ljubljana, 1000

Življenje je igra, naučimo se jo igrati. NLP Izobraževanja, seminarji, delavnice in osebni coaching za komunikacijo, motivacijo in uspeh v življenju.

Tara Yoga Center Ljubljana Tara Yoga Center Ljubljana
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Tara Yoga Center (TYC) Ljubljana je podružnica Bihar School of Yoga (BSY), Mungher, India in je edini legalni zastopnik njenega programa v Sloveniji.

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Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo je osrednji nacionalni razvojno-raziskovalni in svetovalni zavod na področju predšolske vzgoje, osnovnega in srednjega šolstva.

Teambuilding.si Teambuilding.si
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izvajamo različne oblike TEAM BUILDING programov

Branimir Slokar Academy Branimir Slokar Academy
Gosposvetska Cesta 5
Ljubljana, 10000

Young musicians from all over the world receive intensive music education at the highest and most personal level. The purpose of the Cultural Association BSA is to develop cultural and artistic activities in the field of music education and creativity.

Angleščina za malčke Angleščina za malčke
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Ljubljana, 1000

Tečaji angleščine za predšolske otroke.

Aškerčeva Cesta 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Ad alti  livelli Ad alti livelli
Parmova Ulica 53
Ljubljana, 1000

Azienda che si occupa di organizzazione di eventi di altissimo livello in Italia e all'estero. Ha sede a Lubiana Cortina Sanremo Montecarlo Nizza e Dubai

Euro-Asian CEA Euro-Asian CEA

Euro-Asian Cooperation for Excellence and Advancement project is an Erasmus Mundus partnerships project. SCHOLARSHIPS for students and academics to study/research/teach in one of the partner university.

Učenje v Rumeni hiški Učenje v Rumeni hiški
Ob Potoku 26
Ljubljana, 1000

Kreativno, sproščeno in učinkovito spoznavanje trikov učenja. Lea Čerin, univ.dipl. pedagoginja, Learning Coach, MISP inštruktor

Taisa - masaža, coaching, delavnice Taisa - masaža, coaching, delavnice
Hotel Lev, Vošnjakova Ulica 1
Ljubljana, 1000

Povezovalna komunikacija, coaching, svetovanje, osebni razvoj, terapija življenjske črte, posebne potrebe, integrativni in holistični pristop.

SOI Slovenija SOI Slovenija
Ljubljana, 1000

Zapri oči, trikrat počasi izdihni in se pripravi, da se boš zbudil(a) in začel(a) sanjati. Delavnice z dr. Catherine Shainberg.