Movement for decent work

We are youth NGO located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Decent and more prosperous society is our main goal. Be proactive and take initiative! We esteem the right of every individual for decent work.

Work is central to people's well-being. In addition to providing income, work can pave the way for broader social and economic advancement, strengthening individuals, their families and communities. Such progress, however, hinges on work that is decent. We are looking for new international partners. We will be glad to collaborate and share our ideas with NGOs, youth organizations and activists around the world.


Our page wasn't particularly active in recent time, but we have an excuse for that :) We were preparing the international meeting with youth workers from Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia on the issues of precarity and precarious work in our countries! The meeting started this Monday in the small Slovenian town Strunjan and we have already had the fruitful discussion on youth precarity, national labour legislation and problems of the precarious workers. Today we are discussing how can we fight precarity together and how can our organizations cooperate on this issue.


A classic one.


Bernie Sanders Explains Unions to Young People

Trade unions explained. Check the whole interview with Bernie Sanders here:

Before Bernie Sanders appeared at the Iowa Brown and Black Forum he sat down with Fusion correspondent Nando Villa to explain what a union is and why they ar...


Noam Chomsky on Austerity

Discussing some of the phenomena in labour market and economics. Check the Noam Chomsky' speech on austerity:

Chomsky on austerity.


Jacobin magazine

Strikers in West Virginia send a message of solidarity to the university lecturers on strike in the UK.


Spring is here to come! We wish you all to have super productive March! This month Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society will host two big events: 4-days international meeting "United against youth precarity" in Strunjan and the public roundtable with experts and representative of the NGOs and trade unions "Decent Work". Wish us luck! :) 28/02/2018

University lecturers begin strike action over pensions

Universities are on the strike in the UK. Check the whole article: University and College Union claims good turnout on picket lines despite freezing weather

[02/27/18]   February news from Movement!

1. On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 7 PM we are organizing a roundtable discussion on self-employed and sick pay in bar Pritličje in Ljubljana. An important topic for precarious workers, therefore we kindly invite you to join us!

2. Newly employed youth worker at the Movement. Borut Brezar has recently been employed as a youth worker at the Movement for Decent Work and Social Society. His tasks will include the organization of trainings on precarious work, writing academic articles for our website, creating video content, and day-to-day consulting to precarious workers. He is available on workdays from 12 PM to 4 PM. By prior arrangement, he is available for consultation before or after working hours. Personal counselling, counselling via email or Skype is possible as well. Borut may be contacted at [email protected].

3. On February 21 Movement and Higher Education Union organized the public discussion on the Climate Jobs in Slovenia. The main speaker at the meeting was Jonathan Neale of the British initiative One Million Climate Jobs, who took part in the initiatives in South Africa, Portugal and Norway.

4. Our blog: The (non) quality of working life of precarious workers by Katja Gartnar.
"Today, it seems that work has become one of our most important values. The Protestant redefinition of doing something that needs to be minimized as far as possible to its idealization has led us to shame unemployment. If we are unemployed for a longer period of time, we can quickly become stigmatized in society and labelled as "shirkers" or "slackers". This has led us to be willing to accept work under any circumstance, even if these circumstances are exploitative. It can be said that most individuals decide for precarious work because they simply do not find another way out due to lack of choice; they are forced to accept such a form of employment in order to survive and integrate into the labor market". Read more on our website: 26/02/2018

UN’s Geneva staff planning a strike over pay cuts

People are striking against wage cuts all around the world. This week it's UN's Geneva staff's turn. The strike will be organized during the 37th session of the Human Rights Council: Employees of the United Nations in Geneva are planning a half-day strike on Tuesday to protest against wage cuts. The work stoppage would take ... 23/02/2018

Ontario campuses see increase in precarious jobs, study shows | Toronto Star

Three indicators of precarity in campus roles are temporary workers, multiple job holders, and unpaid work. Around 53 per cent of Canada's post-secondary employees now experience at least one of those indicators. Read more: Job insecurity “on the rise, though not equally and not for everyone,” according to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 21/02/2018

700,000 gig workers paid below national minimum wage

A quarter of people working in Britain’s fast-growing gig economy (that is 700,000 people) are being paid below the national minimum wage (£7.50). Read more about the position of these workers and how they are forced to self-employment: Government research reveals low levels of pay as labour market reforms draw criticism 20/02/2018

European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) - Being a citizen in Europe today / On-line courses / Training / Home

Check an online course "Being a citizen in Europe today" by European Trade Union Institute. The course will start on 27th February and open for the trade unionists: The institutions of the Europe Union and how they function is not obvious and not easy to understand, creating therefore a huge gap between EU policy makers and citizens. Through this basic training courses on European issues, ETUI wishes to strengthen the links and identification between ETUC membe... 19/02/2018

For these B.C. businesses, $15 is already the minimum wage

"I couldn't see us paying people less than a reasonable wage and expecting them to give us their best performance". While some companies are needed to be forced and stroke against to make them increase the wages, there are some good practices, when the business owners themselves understand the importance of such move. Read about them here: Local business owners say it doesn't come without costs, but it's just good business to invest in your employees. 16/02/2018

Opinion | The Brutal Life of a Sanitation Worker

"Sanitation and recycling work remains more dangerous than policing or firefighting; in 2016, only loggers, fishermen, airplane pilots and roofers suffered a higher rate of job-related fatalities in the United States than did waste workers". Read more: In his final speech, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King pushed for justice for sanitation workers. We haven’t done enough. 15/02/2018

Domestic workers in Canberra embassies 'kept like slaves'

Check The Guardian's article on violence against and abuse of domestic workers in the foreign diplomatic missions in Australia: Salvation Army says some workers not allowed to leave house, watched by cameras, subjected to sexual abuse and face ‘unparalleled barriers’ to escaping 14/02/2018

Employers can afford to abuse workers' rights because there is not enough work in the first place

Check The Independent's article on the matter of 28-hours week won by German steel industry workers and their analysis on the situation in the UK. Read here: How does a 28-hour working week sound to you? More time to look after young children, or elderly parents? Or just more time to relax, to pursue hobbies? Appealing? Then perhaps consider a move to the Federal Republic of Germany before the Brexit drawbridge goes up. 13/02/2018

Baden-Württemberg metal workers' pay rise and work time flexibility sets German precedent & EU example | ETUC

German trade union IG Metall and employers in the region of Baden-Württemburg managed to reach a historic agreement, which includes a 4.3 % pay rise from April 2018, reduced working time to 28 hours for those who want or need it, and a choice for workers (with children still in education or caring for dependent parents) of an additional pay rise in 2019 or extra paid days off. Read more: A ground-breaking agreement between German trade union IG Metall and employers in the region of Baden-Württemburg sets a precedent likely to be followed across Germany, and gives a positive example for the whole of Europe. The agreement includes a 4.3 % pay rise from April 2018, plus much greater f... 12/02/2018

Fast food workers set to protest in push for $15 minimum wage

Today US fast-food workers are striking for the $15 minimum wage: Fast food workers across the United States are serving up notice that they want a higher minimum wage and union rights.


Films For Action

Another short movie by Films For Action about the health-care system in the USA. Check it!

The biggest factor driving up healthcare costs is the profit motive. //


Resnica o visokem šolstvu - 2.del

The second part of the Slovenian short movie "Truth about higher education" that addresses the repercussions of the introduction of the Bologna system in Slovenia. Don't forget to turn subtitles on!

V zadnjih desetletjih se je trg delovne sile v Sloveniji in po svetu močno prekariziral. Zaposlitve so postale začasne in negotove, kar je postalo še posebej...


Today Slovenia celebrates Prešeren Day, one of the biggest holidays in the country. France Prešeren, an author of the Slovenian anthem's lyrics, is one of the greatest Slovenian poets. The holiday marks the anniversary of his death.


Resnica o visokem šolstvu - 1.del

Watch the first part of a short movie "Truth about higher education" made by the Slovenian students. Don't forget to switch subtitles on!


Films For Action

A short but straight to the point video by Films For Action about why we shouldn't blame poor for being poor. The phenomenon is much more complex!

Poverty is a complex issue and we won't move forward until we deconstruct the myths around it. - // Support the promotion of more films like this:


Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Public Sector Strikes – Details of Impacts and Actions

On Wednesday the Slovenian public sector organized one of the most massive strikes in recent years: people went to demand a pay rise in front of the Slovenian parliament, some of the public institutions (school, kindergartens, pharmacies, etc.) were closed in support of the protestors. Check the news here: About two dozen schools closed, with a bigger teachers’ strike on 14 February. January 24, 2018 The STA reports January 24, 2018. That service is toda... 24/01/2018

The gender gap in employment: What's holding women back?

International Labour Organization's infographic about the gender gap in employment: Explore this InfoStory to get the data behind the trends and learn more about the different barriers that hold women back from decent work.


More part-time workers face instability, long hours

Check the stories of part-time workers facing more and more instability:

As employers seek more control over labor costs, the number of part-time jobs has soared in the post-great recession period. But increasingly erratic work sc... 22/01/2018

European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) - HesaMag # 16 – The future of work in the digital era / News / Home

Check the new issue of HesaMag on the work in the digital era: The latest issue of HesaMag, the ETUI periodical dealing with occupational safety and health, investigates the impact of new technologies on working conditions and workers’ health and safety in industrial sectors, as well as in intellectual professions.




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General information

Our movement unites people which are joined by wish to be proactive and to change the outdated approaches of the governing elites. In our organization we esteem integration, life-long learning and the preservation of social values. Freedom of speech, decent work, integration and dialog must be the main values of our society. Each and everyone have a right for decent life. By our actions we wish to encourage others to take a small or big step on the path towards a decent and more prosperous society.
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