MaksFit helps you achieve your goals, let them be health or competition oriented. Your journey to the peak state of body and mind is just a click away

MaksFit was founded by Maks Frančeškin, an enthusiast in finding the excellence in motion. 8 years in a row a member of Slovenian national teams in wildwater and flatwater canoeing Maks is an experienced athlete with many high class international successes: 4 time world champion World cup medals European championships medals Maks studied at Faculty of sport (University of Ljubljana) majoring in canoeing and fitness and is writting a thesis on biomechanic of a basic paddling stroke in k1. Maks is coaching youth wildwater paddlers in KK Simon, is writting the plan of the training of some of the best USA wildwater paddlers conditioning coaching 3 time olympian, multiple European champion and world championship medalist Simon Hočevar was assisting the head coach of Slovenian national junior flatwater sprint team helped rehabbing cases of hernia, shoulder and back injuries.

Mission: MaksFit is not your typical coaching site. We dont believe in effectivenes and results of bootcamp-like type of workuouts. Individual trainings are our cup of tea. Every individual is different. Proffesional athletes cant train the same way as full-time job clients are training. Someone whose job makes him sit 8 hours a day surely needs a different workout than a postman who works on his feet the whole day. Rehabbing back injuries commands a totally different approach than rehabbing a knee injury. We are not here to yell at you during trainings. We arent there to motivate you during an effort. You need to be motivated to achieve the wanted results. You dont have to like the pain, the suffering, you should only love the end result. We can help find your motivation before we start working together, but then its up to you to embrace the results enough to endure the pain and lack of comfort during our process. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Our prices are not set. Instead of that we invite you to tell us how much you value our guidance/help after 3 free workouts. That way we get the always wanted feedback and you get to empiricly set the value your health/result has to you.

[11/09/19]   After their strong wins at Krumlovsky vodacky maraton Urban Novak and Ana Šteblaj proving their dominance by winning the junior category at Marathon Ardèche as well.
After racing c2 at Krumlov, Nejc Gradišek won the c1jun here as well. Živa Jančar finished 3rd at k1wjun as well.
Congrats :)

Dekle, zaradi katerega je bilo fantom včasih tudi nerodno #video

Go Eva! :) Eva Terčelj, slovenska kajakašica na divjih vodah, je bila v mlajših letih konkurenčna tudi fantom. Jim je bilo zaradi tega kaj nerodno? "Ne vem, morda tega niso kazali na zunaj," nam je v smehu zaupala 27-letna Ljubljančanka.

[10/12/19]   Juniors Urban Novak and Ana Steblaj winning/dominating the junior k1m and k1w category at Krumlovský vodácký maraton 2019 with a big margin!
Both were 4th in senior category as well.
Congrats marathoners :)

[09/28/19]   Eva Terčelj OLY is a WORLD CHAMPION!!
Congrats Eva, all the hard work pays off :)!!

[09/25/19]   The world champs 2019 has begun with a golden medal in k1m team sprints for Slovenian team formed by MaksFit athletes Anze Urankar and Simon Oven - congrats :)

We will be cheering extra hard in the next couple of days also for Tim Novak, Blaz Cof and last but not least, slalom paddler Eva Tercelj..

Srecno! :)

Team Jumbo-Visma Cycling

A determined person is capable of doing crazy things

If one dream crushes, another dream may cross your path.

Dare to develop your talents and become better every day, together.

Because if you chase a dream together, at one day it will become reality.

We are proud of you Primoz! 💛🖤

#LaVuelta19 #samenwinnen #PRVI #ifeelsLOVEnia 💚

Which emoji copies Eva's smile the best?

Big big congrats for 3rd place in the WC final and 2nd place in Overall World Cup rankings!! :)

Ana winning the overall ECA cup, with Ziva finishing third!

Succesfull end of racing Czech cups and ECA Cup in Ceske Budejovice.
Slovenian sprinters (again) showing how its done - 4x k1m in top10 with Simon and Anze taking a double win, Maks with the 4th and Tim with the 10th place.
Ana Šteblaj won the junior k1w race and took the 7th place overall.
Congrats! :)

Photos from MaksFit's post

[07/29/19]   MaksFit athletes rose to the top at junior/u23 world champiobships once again! :)
Anze and Tim took gold and bronze at u23 individual sprint race, as well as gold at team sprint. They added c2 team race bronze as well.
Ana and Ziva took the junior team sprint bronze, while Ana finished on unfortunate 4th place in a individual sprint race.
Urban grabbed a junior team sprint bronze too, while finishing 4th at an individual classic race.

Congrats to all :)

Bravo Eva Terčelj ! :)

The MaksFit kind of romatics ;)

The age of everyone mastering everything..
Except actually mastering how to listen/trust the process.

Eric Cressey explains it perfectly..

[06/09/19]   Urban Novak to the world cup final with 8th place in the second heats (won by Simon Oven).
Junior in the big boy company now ;)

[06/08/19]   15th place for Urban Novak at his first world cup race!
Nice start of a world cup career for a junior :)

First race - first final of the year for our slalom athlete Eva Terčelj :)
Congrats for the 5th place !!
Photo: Nina Jelenc/Kajakaska zveza Slovenije

A total Slovenian domination and 3 MaksFit athletes in the top 5. Being able to transfer your power on the water makes all the difference in sprint.
Congrats :)

Smo sli pogledat ce bi se dal vec vode dobit jutri.

Simon and Anze showing it how its done and dominating the Classic race at European Championships with 1st and 2nd place.
Representing MaksFit in the best possible way and showing that hard work and determination always pays off.

A bit different take on competition pressure..

The dumbell is heavier than it looks ;)

On cold and rainy day gym is not a bad option🏋

Aktualni svetovni prvak: Od tega se ne da živeti #video

Welcome to Slovenija oziroma ni pomembmo kdo ali kaj si, pomembno je koga poznas.
Smešnice. Simon Oven, slovenski kajakaš na divjih vodah, je lani v klasičnem spustu v Švici osvojil naslov svetovnega prvaka, kar do zdaj ni uspelo še nobenemu tekmovalcu v samostojni Sloveniji, niti v nekdanji Jugoslaviji. Odlični slovenski tekmovalec se danes spogleduje s koncem kariere, saj kot pravi,...

[03/24/19]   First weekend of the new season is done.
MaksFit athletes have performed extremely well - Simon Oven won the k1 men classic race, while Urban Novak was the winner of the junior k1 in saturday's classic race.
Sunday is traditionaly an opening slalom of the season day. Eva Tercelj finished first in k1w.
Congrats to all :)

How many meters of elevation gain can I do in 24 hours? - Blog | Kilian Jornet Burgada

Endurance training done well ;)?
Nearly 24.000 altitude meters in 24 hours.
Inspiring and neatly organised presentantion of the details,logic and thinking behind just another unbelievable achievnment by one of the best endurance athletes in the world..

Worth a look.. How many meters of elevation gain can I do in 24 hours? 11 February 2019 There are 4 kinds of activities we can do in the mountains: training, socialising, activities and tests. Yesterday it was the final one, I was going to test myself. If an activity is when you include different variables, a test...

Ravnotežnostna vadba v kondicijski pripravi. Smiselno ali zgolj očesu privlačno sredstvo? – Kineziolog

Ta zapis je odlicen povzetek re:cirkus v fitnesu.. Ravnotežnostna vadba v kondicijski pripravi. Smiselno ali zgolj očesu privlačno sredstvo? Posted on 5. 2. 20195. 2. 2019 by Matija Reya Ravnotežje je sposobnost ohranjanja težišča človeškega telesa vertikalno nad podporno podlago in se nanaša na hitre in konstantne povratne informacije iz ...

Efekti odkrivanja tople vode in kardiovaskularnega sistema z Anže Urankar in Tim Novak

Winter Ljubljanica at its best

it mostly comes down to who wants it more...
happy new year everyone :)

What to do when there is no weights around but gym is life?
MaksFit tip of the day..

At the same strokerate and same intensity, which athlete is more efficient and consequently faster? Technical analysis on the spot in 2 minutes..

Giving your best is always what matters the most #redbulldolomitenmann #hurtlocker Skinfit Villach/Lienz

Very very happy and proud of a new world champ !
Eva Alina always dominates and gets it done when its most important!
Congrats !! :)

Grinding en route to Skopje :)

The Benefits of No Drinking For Better Performance | TrainingPeaks

A beer or a bit of wine are surely beneficial, are they not?
#beeriskerosine ;) Whether it be giving up sugar, alcohol, or gluten, there's something to be said for trying it first. A physician and IRONMAN Certified Coach reports on his most recent group experiment: abstaining from alcohol in the pursuit of better performance.

All conditions are good conditions to get better

7. Performing Olympic lifts is dangerous and does not improve performance

This week on:

It has happened to me quite a few times that a person asked (with a sense of pity) me why am I incorporating a deadlift, front squat or a snatch in my gym training routine – »but you are a kayak paddler, you do not need strong legs, you need to do a lot of excercises on the stability ball to gain some balance«. I normally do not really bother with this kinds of questions though. The benefits of complex explosive excercises are so vast, that ignoring this kinds of lifts would be very shortsighted. I will discuss that not everyone should incorporate olympic lifts in their strength training,but if you can, do it. That is a myth that has been bugging me for such a long time that I was looking forward to write about. It has happened to me quite a few times that a person asked (with a sense of pity) me why am …


Is flexibility really the key to injury prevention and to good movement patterns? Or is mobility the limiting factor? Read on Writting about common misconceptions of stretching, flexibility and mobility. How are they connected? What are the go-to excercises to help you move well? Is flexibility more important than mobilit…

Kayak Sport Injuries

Our allaround athlete Sara Seprenyi is doing a huge research on prevalence and causes of injuries in flatwatwer and wildwater kayak. Check it out and participate! Dear Filler! My name is Sara Seprenyi and I'm a sportmeneger student of the University of Pécs.I raced 15 years on flatwater and 1 year ago I switched to whitewater. This questionnaire is important for my diplom, that I wrote about the kayak injuries. The filling is absolutly anonymous and only surv...


This week about coach`s obssesion with resistance bands and their effect on (non) prevention of shoulder injuries.

"Now, returning to the resistance band excercises. Are they really comparable with the aformentioned excercises? Is the range of motion really challenged? Does the core need to significantly participate in movement? I am paddling for a long time, without any shoulder injury problems and i pick up a resistance band three times a year. The alternative excercises are just so much better and more effective. But you might break some sweat doing them" This time only one myth presented. Wrote about the all so mighty resistance band and it`s role in (not) preventing shoulder injuries. Enjoy. ________________________________________________________…

BUSTING 10 MYTHS OF STRENGTH TRAINING IN KAYAK – Myth 3 and 4 – too specific resistance training or not specific enough?

New blog post @
Talking about too specific resistance training. And the one not specific enough.
Excerpt from the post:

"If you go too specific, you are severly limiting yourself when it comes to specific skill level. Do not worry about trying to recreate your sport in your resistance training. Get strong and hone your specific skills separately, but at the same time."

Feedback appreciated :) So, continiuing with myth 3 and 4. Im writting about the desire to make the resistance training very kayak specific, and what flaws there are. I also touch the “pushups and pullups are all i …

BUSTING 10 MYTHS OF STRENGTH TRAINING IN KAYAK – myth 1 and 2 – resistance training is making you slower, you need to move resistance fast to become explosive


This series of posts have been coming a long time. The content has been debated many times, but i decided to put it "on paper". I am busting the myths and old dogmas connected to resistance training in kayak, both flatwater and wildwater. I will post five parts in the next weeks. Welcome to MaksFit !!

Every comment and feedback is more than welcome, both here or at MaksFit site :) As a high level kayak and canoe athlete I have been part of/have seen many different training philsophies/systems.. Some insist on certain priorities, while others build on totally different aspect…

[10/14/17]   Our young machine Urban Novak won the k1M junior category of Krumlovsky vodacky maraton with an impressive time and margin to other juniors.
K2mix Maks Franceskin and Marie Masinova were third and Sara Seprenyi was fifth with her partner in this category.
Marin Millar was 11th in k1W.
Congrats on results and surviving this long torture to everyone ;)

Its that part of the season.
you will regret if you are not giving your everything..

the fastest Slovenian junior Vid Svetina getting even faster ;)

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Other Personal Coaching in Ljubljana (show all)
Novo poglavje - novi človek Novo poglavje - novi človek
Litostrojska Cesta 58c
Ljubljana, 1000

Novo poglavje je program namenjen ljudem z veliko prekomerno teže, ki si želijo strokovne in trajne pomoči pri izgubi telesne teže.
Litijska 148
Ljubljana, 1000

- Osebno trenerstvo, - Pilates,- Vodene vadbe v podjetjih

Zdravo gibanje - holistični center za razvoj pedokinetike Zdravo gibanje - holistični center za razvoj pedokinetike
TPC-Dravlje, Ulica Bratov Babnik 10, Ljubljana
Ljubljana, 1000

Ustvarjam razvojne lekcije za starše, da občutijo, razlikujejo in uporabijo najboljši način uporabe sebe, da otroku nudijo najvišjo možno podporo, kot jo potrebuje za izrabo funkcionalnosti in avtentičnosti izrabe potenciala genoma in razvoja.

Golo 93e
Ljubljana, 1292

Življenje vsakogar od nas je lahko radostno, ustvarjalno, zaslužimo si biti zdravi, imeti lepe odnose in dovolj denarja. Ste zraven?

Druzinska terapija - Vita Bona Druzinska terapija - Vita Bona
Dalmatinova 2 (Poslovna Stavba Metalka), 1.nadstropje

Institut Vita bone je zavod za raziskovanje, izobrazevanje, svetovanje in terapijo.

T. Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Slovenia T. Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Slovenia
Dunajska Cesta 18
Ljubljana, 1000

Millionaire Mind Intensive je uradna tridnevna delavnica, ki poučuje najuspešnejše T. Harv Ekerjeve strategije za ustvarjanje in vzdrževanje premoženja.

Baloh Coaching Baloh Coaching
Na Brezini 2/b
Ljubljana, 1231

You can now train with one of the best ultra-cyclists in the World, Marko Baloh as your personal cycling coach.

Sup Slovenia -  individual coaching and events. Sup Slovenia - individual coaching and events.
Hladnikova 15
Ljubljana, 1000

Osebni pristop k SUP vadbi. Osnove, napredne tehnike, analiza in optimizacija gibanja. Preprečevanje poškodb in svetovanje za rehabilitacijo na vodi.

YOUNIQUE - Šola za ženske YOUNIQUE - Šola za ženske
MyChi, Ukmarjeva 6
Ljubljana, 1000

Za vse ŽENSKE, ki želijo ostati ženske z zavedanjem, da so edinstvene, neprecenljive in vredne. BODITE YOUNIQUE! Za privlačne ustnice govorite prijazno, za lepe oči poiščite to, kar je dobro v ljudeh,lepota se z leti povečuje...

Zavod Otijum Zavod Otijum
Krimska Ulica 21
Ljubljana, 1000

Življenje je igra, naučimo se jo igrati. NLP Izobraževanja, seminarji, delavnice in osebni coaching za komunikacijo, motivacijo in uspeh v življenju.

Sabina Veronika Golob - Psihološka kineziologija Sabina Veronika Golob - Psihološka kineziologija
Mesarska Cesta 22
Ljubljana, 1000

Z izredno učinkovito, hitro metodo PSYCH-K vam pomagam spremeniti vaša omejujoča podzavestna prepričanja. Začnite živeti življenje, ki si ga sami izberete.
Gašperšičeva 8
Ljubljana, 1000

Pomagamo vam odkriti vaš potencial in odriniti na pot k uspehu, ki ste si ga od nekdaj želeli. Dosežite cilje danes in ne jutri!