International Business Summer School Ljubljana

»International Business Summer School Ljubljana« is innovative entrepreneurial program which will take place from 9th to 23rd July at ABC HUB in Ljubljana.

40 young change-makers from 10 different European countries will be led through various practical challenges into making the first steps toward entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. In cooperation with successful mentors from the US, including George Deriso (professor at the Watson University) and Gary Whitehill (author of the trilogy »Powerful change happens when enough humans live determined«), Ypsilon Institute team will lead the participants through a unique experience of transforming theory into practice, which no other business school in Slovenia or in the world will offer you. The program will teach participants the latest practices of design thinking and solving business challenges. In association with the Ypsilon Institute and Ustvarjalnik team, 40 selected participants will experience 2 weeks in Ljubljana and its surroundings, where they will meet with interesting and challenging tasks that will unblock their limitations. To meet their goals they will get help from various experienced mentors from the US and Slovenia. Another helping hand will be given by successful partner corporations that will provide a few business challenges, so that students can learn to solve them and even pitch them. At the end the organizers will declare a winning team which will get a special award.

Mission: Show young future entrepreneurs how to make their first steps into the real business world and teach them how to do it any time they want.

Kolektor obiskali udeleženci Business Summer School | Kolektor

Hey gamechangers, our top 5 team Jernej Pišljar, Tanja Golčman, Maja Mirosavljevic, Gašper Kos and Peter Roljic have recently visited our IBSS partner Kolektor! Wou, looks great! :D And guess what? They are preparing a special digitalisation project with Kolektor's Corporate Startup Fund! Keeping fingers crossed for big success, team! :D Kolektor je na idrijski lokaciji obiskalo pet študentov, prepoznanih kot najboljših udeležencev Poletne poslovne šole (Business Summer School), ki jo je letos v Ljubljani organiziral zavod Ypsilon.

Zavod Ypsilon

We have to share what Tanja Golčman has written about IBSS ;) Thank you Tanja again for everything :)

Če je življenje vožnja z avtobusom, potem je #IBSSLJ17 nujna postaja. ;) Tanja Golčman, članica Zavoda Ypsilon in udeleženka #IBSSLJ16 o tem, zakaj preprosto ne smete zamuditi priložnosti, kot je International Business Summer School Ljubljana :)

Because every gamechanger needs to be motivated in these beautiful hot summer days to make changes! 😃💪 #monday #motivation

Maja's feedback for IBSS

Want to hear what our participants have to say about the experience at IBSS? Listen to what Maja has learned and what she will remember from the program :) Thank you Maja for your feedback and good luck in your future ;)

IBSS amazing partners

A big thank you to our amazing partners who believe in us and our gamechangers. We did our best to make you proud to be our supporters and we hope to make some more steps with you.

A big thank you to our amazing partners who believe in us and our gamechangers. We did our best to make you proud to be our supporters and we hope to make some more steps with you.

Look who came to say hello! Vitamin Well Slovenija

To change the game, you have to know the game! - International Business Summer School Ljubljana

Every adventure has to end and also International Business Summer School Ljubljana 2016 did. Our gamechangers proved to be equal to every challenge they faced. We summed all up at the Closing Ceremony of IBSS, so read more about what we prepared for them, for our partners and for us ;) Foto: Group picture with game-changers, guests and partners at the Final Ceremony of International Business Summer School Ljubljana, organized by the Ypsilon Institute (author: Milan Lazarevič). Ljubljana, 25st of July, 2016 – on Thursday, 21st of July 2016 a closing ceremony of International Busine...

Still going strong! :D IBSS style :)

International Business Summer School Ljubljana Final Ceremony Group Photo #2 - Ypsilon style! :D

Zavod Ypsilon

Freaky Friday mode on! Game-changes are taking the hub! :D Wanna guess, who is gonna win? :)

Kako se sprostiti po napornem delovnem tednu? Obstaja več načinov, mi pa priporočamo HUB dirke! Popolnoma odštekano, sproščujoče in noro zabavno! Si upate napovedati, kdo bo zmagal? :D #staytuned

Breakfast of champions or champions of breakfast? :D
A well deserved morning booster from our partner Lidl Slovenija :)

Rok is rocking on stage.
#thankyouRok #zavodypsilon #ibsslj16

'Being a gamechanger is a hard thing, but exciting.' #corechallenges #ibsslj16 #zavodypsilon

So, it starts! Thanks to all of you, who are here with us at the final ceremony. Stay tuned, we will keep you updating.
Yout IBSS Team #ibsslj2016 #zavodypsilon #finalceremony #jernejpisljar

Every business starts with networking! :)
#zavodypsilon #business #finalceremony #ibsslj16

Almost ready. Stand tuned! ;) #zavodypsilon #finalcountdown

What makes a talk good? Idea, worth spreading, influencing other people?
Nika Močnik from Eventnika and organiser of TEDxLjubljana team is sharing her insights with us. :)

Trailer - How to become a CEO of your life

Our teams were working really hard for the past two weeks and this is a trailer of Funky Solutions video of How to become a CEO of your life! :D Tomorrow we will see the whole story. Stay tuned! ;)

Made by Team: Funky Solutions (IBSSLJ16) Music by: Rolling Stones - Start me up

Thank you gamechangers for this amazing brunch! You surprise us every day again and again. It is an honour to have you in our program :D

Leadership is a skill we all need to manage a business. That's why we asked Mojca Podržaj to join us for a talk with Slađana Mlađenović on this topic :)

Today was a really awesome day, full of experience, new knowledge and with another business challenge on the top! :)

We have started with some social aikido workshop with Gregor Zavrsnik from Zavod Otijum, who taught us about verbal skills that are useful to resolve confrontations or just to make ourselves feel better and stronger. Definitely a great skill to know when entering a business world.

After the lunch break we headed to Kristalna Palača where our participants got the chance to drive in a electric BMW i3. Tilen from Avto Aktiv gave us a presentation of their i3 and i8 models while also pointing out the advantages and challenges of the charging stations. We must say that it was one hell of a ride, driving the i3 model around BTC City.

The whole point of doing this was not just to give our gamechangers an experience of what they could be driving one day but to fill them with useful information for their next challenge by Kolektor. They had to find the best marketing startegy for the charging stations...not an easy one for sure, but our amazing or rather fantastic gamechangers did a great, great job.

Congratulations guys! You are fascinating everyone day by day. Keep up the astonishing work and we will definitely see you at the top! ;)

After a breakthrough in human psychology our game changers are now on their way to be driven by BMW i3...exciting :D Thank you Avto Aktiv for this chance :)

Have you ever herd of social aikido? Gregor Zavrsnik from Zavod Otijum is just teaching it to our leaders, game changers, those who will make for sure a difference in the near future ;)

An amazing day for engineering lovers as we started our day at Zavod 404, a place for prototyping anything, even with 3D printing.

After that we moved to Center Inovativnega Podjetništva Nlb where we had another interesting lecture on how to interview with prototypes with the professor Jay Ebben and in association with U.S. Embassy Ljubljana's own summer school SEI.

After the lunch break we got another visit from Kolektor. This time it was Ludvik Kumar, Chief Research Officer at Kolektor who gave a challenge to our change makers about finding the best solution for a smart fuse and how to apply it in our everyday life.

Who would have thought they would find such great ideas as to implement it in a camp van or hospitals...amazing :D

We are at the final stage of this amazing adventure that goes by name International Business Summer School Ljubljana. Our exceptional gamechangers have been working tirelessly for days and they would love to present to you what they have done. That is why we invite you, those who were following us and those who would like to know what have we been teaching them, to join us for this final event on Thursday, 21st of July at 4 PM at ABC Hub.

Registrations are necessary, so please sign up for the event here:

If you have been following our updates, you know it's going to be awesome! ;)

After a lecture on prototyping from the professor Jay Ebben at Center Inovativnega Podjetništva Nlb we are back at ABC Hub with a brand new challenge from our partner Kolektor. We are happy to host the Chief Research Officer at Kolektor, Ludvik Kumar. How will our innovative participants deal with the smart fuse? Stay tuned to find out ;)

Today we started at Zavod 404 where Rok presented the institute where anyone can come and prototype their ideas. And they even have a 3D printer ;)

Wooow!!! An elevator pitch in an actual elevator? :P

Yep! It's all about going back to the basics and ''DO it'' rather than ''explain it'' mindset. This was actually among the craziest and best things our teams had to do this week and they really learned a lot from this experience. Right guys?

And the most common phrase here at #ibsslj16 is: Life happens!
So you better be prepared ;)

Trust me, I'm an engineer! :P

Even on Sunday our teams are working on their challenges and one of them has developed a really special gimble device. Seems like Vitamin Well Slovenija bottle can be used not only for enhancih our body but also as a gadget for you think it will work? :D #trustmeimanenginerr #ibsslj16 #gamechangers

Saturday meant we are half way through our program and there is still a lot in store for world-changing participants of #IBSSLJ16!

Yesterday morning we were visited again by Nataša Rojec Spindler from SAP. She gave us insights of IoT industry that the game changers had to apply in their daily challenge of finding an existing solution and upgrading the idea to the next level. We must say that the results were astonishing...#smartress ;)

After the lunch break Edina Dyachenko, Chief Creative Officer and PR at ABC Accelerator, helped the teams with basics of movie-making and how should they be creating their ideas for the core challenge. We were all really happy to hear so many great advices from her that we had to continue with the work!

So, another big day for all of us and we really can't wait to see what will be made and who will take home the tittle of Game Changer of IBSS 2016! :D

TranSLOTH! :*

It's storytelling time with amazing Edina Dyachenko. We will learn how to make great video and tell unforgetable stories! #ibsslj16 #gamechangers #leaders

Today we are talking about IoT and smart living and joining us again is Nataša Rojec Spindler, a representative of SAP Slovenija, who is also a partner and supporter of International Business Summer School Ljubljana. Thank you SAP Slovenia for believing in young game changers!

Of course we needed a photo-shooting session with Nataša ;)

Good morning world! Yesterday we had an awesome day again. It all started with listening to the team pitches for Kolektor business case of where to invest 10 million Euros and proceeded with a great "talk-comedy-show" from our co-habitant at ABC Hub Andraž Bole, who implemented gaming knowledge and VR (virtual reality) to the entrepreneurial world. His immense energy got everybody fired up!

After the lunch break at Hotel Park Ljubljana we were all ready to rock-and-roll in the centre with a special challenge of boosting hotel's ice cream sales. Our amazing game changers had to deliver promotional coupons to passing citizens and tourists in order for them to come to Hotel Park and get 2 scoops of ice cream for the price of one...lots of ice cream for everyone! We must say that they did a really great job getting 65 coupons back in just an hour and 30 minutes. Congratulations, you are all really awesome :D

After a short brief we got a visit from a big producer from Slovenian's biggest commercial TV station who explained to our teams a little bit about the movie-making and sat with each team to evaluate their ideas for the core challenge. Do you still remember what their core challenge is? Making a short video about How to become CEO of your lives?

So, what are we going to offer them today? Stay tuned to find out ;)

We would like to thank our partner LPP - Ljubljanski potniški promet for helping us move through Ljubljana efficiently and safely. Thank you very much for supporting our cause.

Wou, we're talking virtual reality here today! But not just discussing the potential of the industry with our guest Andraz Bole, Chief Executive @PouPou Interactive, but also testing the headset! How cool is that? 😆

Meet the winners of Kolektor's challenge: Peter, Tanja and Nejc who made a great presentation on where they would invest 10 million Euros. Their decision was based on market research and evaluation of similar concepts, that is why they chose to go for the drone technology! Congratulations guys ;)

And another big thanks to Kolektor and Iztok Novak, Corporate M&A Officer at Kolektor, to be with us and for sharing his knowledge :)

Starting of day 7 and our hand picked jury is already evaluating pitches for the Kolektor challenge of "Where to invest 10 million Euros?". For now our game changers came up with some great solutions :)

We are welcoming on the stage our special guest, professor George Deriso from Watson University in United States! A Preceptor for transformative Entrepreneurship and an experienced startup mentor, he will talk to our gamechangers on investment to help them on their business case, provided by our partner and supporter Kolektor Group. So, where will they invest 10 million Euros? 😃

Money, money, money,...must be funny...

For the business case we have just received not 10, not 20, not even 30, but 40 million Euros in cash :D What do you think is going to happen next? Stay tuned! ;)

*Don't worry...the money is only play money. ;)

After a long yesterday, we are back in action. This time we started at Kristalna Palača in BTC City where our groups met with a real life challenge: pitching in an elevator to the Director of Mission Green Business Unit Miha Mermal and Andrej Janko. Luckily Kristalna Palača has a high enough elevator to make a proper connection and our participants did a great job, getting each a business card from our partner from BTC.

As we proceed, Ursula Jez, COO at ABC Accelerator, came to join us in the classroom at ABC Hub, where she is having a coffe-talk with Sabina Duvelek about ABC and her career. She promised us also a tour of ABC and Ceed after the talk.

So, just an ordinary day at the International Business Summer School ;)

ABC Accelerator

Creating a good vibe! :D The #gamechangers way! ;) #ibsslj16

Great vibes at the Zavod Ypsilon with our Ursula Jez, who is about to discuss business and success with the young ones at the International Business Summer School Ljubljana!

Can you guess what we are doing? :)

It's almost midnight and the teams are still going strong!

They are working on the BTC City business challenge and the ideas that they have are really great! They can't wait to present them.

Morning of the day 5 has been spent in the centre of Ljubljana where we first met with U.S. Embassy Ljubljana and listened to a lecture from professor Jay Ebben, who shared with our participants the secrets of a successful interview for building bullet-proof plans for their next challenge.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow... hmmmmm... :)

For a day we have changed our location and teamed up with U.S. Embassy Ljubljana at the Center Inovativnega Podjetništva Nlb. Check out the place :D

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Maja's feedback for IBSS
Money, money, money,...must be funny...




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