NirvanaFitness® is a unique blend of uplifting positive music beat, simple to follow stretching and toning exercises and rhythmic breathing.

Why NirvanaFitness® ? Nirvana Fitness was born out of growing awareness about importance of breathing and it’s ultimate influence on our lives. Our mission is to bring this awareness into reality. Chronic oxygen deprivation vs Burnout syndrome epidemic Medical science has revealed an alarming fact 80 % of the population is breathing wrong - shallow & inefficient, chest only. Stress ... response ... A vicious cycle which through time results in a stressful and shallow “default” breathing pattern, producing 12 - 18 breaths a minute - while science tells us we need only 6 proper deep breaths in a minute to supply our needs. All the extra activity involved in our short, shallow breathing habits is robbing us of precious energy, producing toxic waste products and promoting a wide range of pulmonary & other diseases in our bodies and depression for our mind, further contributing to an ever more widely present “burnout syndrome”. New innovative approach to group fitness - Breathing to music Only slower and deeper breathing properly oxygenates your body, gets rid of toxins and gives your body a chance to properly maintain all functions. Independent studies have clearly demonstrated you can increase potential to live a longer and healthier life and avoid depression & disease. We’ve all read and learned about breathing in different media, so why aren’t we doing it? Because it’s hard to change a habit ... for any such change you need motivation, a positive & encouraging environment and a little guidance ... An efficient solution comes in a most relaxing flow of efficient pilates/yoga/breathing sessions. Nirvana fitness is a system that will teach you how to breathe correctly through a series of functional toning pilates/yoga exercises, leading you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern that will replace your shallow “default” breathing. Mesmerizing chillout beat music accompanied by breathing sound ques telling you exactly how to breathe at which point in an exercise flow, all supported by binaural beats that directly influences your relax centers through process of “brain entrainment”. Body & mind detox Breathing habits & connection to stress When we are emotional, breathing is on the “automatic pilot.” As we are focused on the object of our emotion, we hardly every consciously register the close relationship between emotions and breathing. Even the tiniest mood change is reflected in our breathing. In case of sadness, suspense, conflict or depression, we under-breathe, “hold our breath,” so to say. All emotional states influence how we breathe: Anger, fear, anxiety - shallow in and out breaths “huff and puff” Grief - spasmodic breathing Guilt - restricted breathing Boredom - shallow, lifeless breathing Sadness, depression - Under-breathe (breath hold) While the negative emotions cause over-breathing, under-breathing, and other irregular breathing activity, the positive emotions cause breathing to be deeper, easier, and effortless. By the same functional relationship, when we restore our breathing to a deep, smooth, and rhythmical pattern, we can reduce the strength of negative emotions and acquire a peaceful and relaxing mental state. Nature has equipped us with a “fight of flight” emergency response for surviving against the enemy or danger. It has also provided us with a “calming” response, to restore peace and serenity, equally important for our survival. You can trigger a calming conditioned response whenever you like by pressing the ‘button,” i.e. your breathing. Visit Nirvana® Cloud #7 website: Get your free version of Nirvana® Cloud #7 app: GooglePlay/Android: Appstore/iOS: Web version: Learn more about Nirvana® Cloud #7 app (presentation videos): Nirvana® Cloud #7 Trailer: Nirvana® Cloud #7 Quick Walkthrough: Why breathing fitness?:

Mission: NirvanaFitness® was born out of growing awareness about the importance of breathing and its ultimate influence on our lives. Our mission is to bring this awareness into reality.

📄BLOG / Nirvana®, Yoga, Pilates and the Parasympathetic Nervous System 🧘‍♀️
Charlotte Purvis from Careers in Fitness explains here the main differences and similarities between Nirvana®, Yoga and Pilates. She is also giving us a very clear explanation of what are the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems and why meditation is necessary to maintain a good physical and mental wellbeing. A must read article for everyone that cares about their health!

Photo: Alice Freeman YinYang

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Time to register to the next Nirvana instructor training of our NES Simona Pajaujiene in Lithuania ...


📄 BLOG / Nirvana is catching upon children thanks to more and more of our instructors and ambassadors. Here, our Ambassador Nin Preethi shares her secrets to make Nirvana classes helpful and meaningful for the younger generation. We love her ideas. Just read ...

Bliss-Fit Michelle

Nirvana® is back at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. Impressive classes ⭐️ A huge thanks to our Ambassador Michelle Bliss and NINs Li Chan Ng, Karen Tan, Vivian Low, Joanne Lin!!!

Find your Nirvana Experience ... I am TUKI!

Our NINs :
Nin Nirvana
Li Chan Ng
Karen Tan / In KTmew2's world
Vivian Low
Joanne Lin
Michelle Tan (Ambassador)

Together, we make the World breathe again. We are TUKI. 🍀


Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

🇮🇳 Join us and our co-creator on the most amazing holidays of your life. Discover South India in February 2020 on a totally different way. Each day associated with one Nirvana® Intention for an incredible mindful travelling experience ⭐️
Learn more:

Katja Zupan

Join a Nirvana training in Gurgaon India in September and join the Breathing Awareness Movement!
With NES Neha SB

Become an instructor in Singapore with our Expert Meera Nair! 💪👇

Katja's invitation to South India Travelling Experience

Join us on a 7 day tour where every day will be focusing on one of the Nirvana intentions!

Katja's invitation to South India Travelling Experience

Join us on a 7 day tour where every day will be focusing on one of the Nirvana intentions!

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”
- Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Welcome to our new NES Jyothika! She started as an instructor, then got the Ambassador title, the State Ambassador one, the Mentor one and she is now one of our educators. Get ready to become a Nirvana instructor in India with this amazing lady. So proud to have you in the team "Joy"! 😍

⭐️ Start changing lives as a Nirvana® instructor. Enroll in the Breathing Awareness Movement, and help us make the world breathe again! ⭐️
Just 5 days left to get the EARLY BIRD price for 😎 NIRVANA GLOBAL SUMMIT 2020. It's time to register :-) ⏳
Fatima Ramalho, Nicoleta Chiorean, Lisette Sickmann, Regina van Heel, Magdalena Prieditis, Nicoletta Guidarini, Laura Bunea, Alice Freeman YinYang, Neha SB, Royston David D'sa, Meera Nair, Nahula Ahmed, Yoshie Ito, Simona, Katja Zupan, Sergy Petrović, Nin Nirvana, Rosy Pun, Abir Abed Abedulroda, Theresa Lawrence, Lita C. Quisumbing, Vera Simões, Susana Franco, Petya Dobreva, Jyothika Dwarakanth

Interested to start with Nirvana classes? You will be able to relax while stretching and toning your body. The perfect combination !💫
Contact an instructor from your region.
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There are many ways to create centrepieces and they could be different each time, encouraging one’s creativity. In general, they should be inspired by the nature, the environment, using natural materials such as wood, sand, flowers, branches or rocks… 🍂

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” - Robert Brault

This is THE upcoming event you don't want to miss. Nirvana Global Summit will gather the whole Nirvana family in India in Feb. 2020! 10 days left for the early bird price, so don't lose time! 😎

Welcome to our new instructors from Lithuania and Singapore! We are really proud to have you on board ⭐️
Thanks to our NESes Simona Pajaujiene and Meera Nair!

Have you tried our Nirvana aromatherapy? Our stone diffuser set with Seven Intentions together with our essential oil or hydrolates will be perfect to help you relax!

📄 BLOG / 9 Nirvana instructors led by our amazing NES Jyothika Dwarakanth conducted Nirvana® sessions for over 900 teens to help them cope with their stress. Real wonder women we have in our team 💪👏⭐️
Yukti Kulshrestha, Suvitha Ajit, Meera Murthy, Kruti Manish Mehta, Sunitha Lobo, Pooja Menon, Kamini Ravichandran, VidyaShree Nimal

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Nirvana® testimonial from Ireland

A lovely testimonial from a self-employed single mother using Nirvana in her routine with her personal trainer, our State Ambassador Naomi Fox.

Become a Nirvana instructor in Lisboa on 27th of October with our NES Fatima Ramalho. Register now to secure your spot!

🧡 Nirvana is the ultimate body and mind workout, mixing stretching and toning exercices, relaxing musics with amazing technologies incorporated and rythmic diaphragmatic breathing to detox the body and mind.
⏳ 23 days left to enjoy the early bird fee ...

🌼 Our instructors have endless inspiration to create centrepieces that put you in the FLOW! 🌷
Wants to see more of them to get inspired?

🌸 Always a good time to visit a Nirvana class 🌸

A new badge for our NIN and Ambassador Patrick Reiners who now becomes a Nirvana® Mentor. If you are a new instructor in Germany or planning to get educated online, Patrick can help you be the best Instructor you can be!
Congratulations Patrick!!! 💪😎

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Become a Nirvana instructor in Lithuania with our NES Simona Pajaujiene and join our amazing team there to spread breathing awareness ! 😎⭐️
ActiveTraining, Lina Černiauskė

Our little stone diffusers with Seven Intentions are available on the shop... Have you ordered your set yet? 🌸

We are a family, we are sharing the same vision of what the world should be and most of all we are together on a mission to spread breathing awareness ... Because we want people to live happier, longer and healthier 🦄😌

Studies show that modern teenagers, on average, stress just as much as adults. Today’s teenager must deal with all kinds of stress factors. This causes a number of health concerns and can set up negative stress-reaction patterns that can last well into adulthood. So what can we do about it? What can help ease the stress of teenage life? How can we handle ourselves differently to produce healthier results? ☹️😖>😀😌
Read the article:

Become an instructor, join our team and meet us all on this epic upcoming Global Summit in India. 🙃
🌿Learn from the co-creator / 🌿 Get all the best tips and advice from the network / 🌿Deepen your knowledge / 🌿Be part of our amazing family
Download the brochure ⬇

Free the dragon within you and let him relax on the beach 😀
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🍃 Become part of our Breathing awareness movement and join our Summit in India on Feb. 2020!
Summit Brochure:
Instructor training:

Meera Nair Jyothika Dwarakanth Nin Nirvana

Does your breathing determine your life span?
More about the science behind Nirvana ...

We warmly welcome Roxy Araneta as our new State Ambassador in the Philippines! 🌺

Along with Mark Cecille Allan Tongco, they will spread breathing awareness with Nirvana® and assist our NES Lita C. Quisumbing in the promotion. 💪

Meera Nair Nin Nirvana

BLOG / Nirvana® Asia Summit 2018
📰 Read more about Nirvana international gathering, the program, the testimonials and join the intructor team to meet us in February in Asia

#seeyouinindia #destinationcochin #nirvanasummit2020 #tukitribe
Meera Nair Theresa Lawrence Irene Lim Oi Ling Reen Radjawali

Join one of our class and let's relax together!
Photo: Kee Jenny

🛍 NEW ON THE SHOP / Our lovely stone diffusers with the Seven Intentions are the cuttest ever. Perfect for aromatherapy at home, in the office, during your Nirvana classes, wherever you feel like it! ❤️

Join our NES @Nahula in the Maldives and become a Nirvana instructor ...

John Rodriquez (Australia)
"Recently I undertook the Nirvana online instructor training. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the training material provided and found it very easy to follow. The videos help to provide greater understanding. I usually prefer to participate in face to face training, but because of where I live (Australia) it suited me to try the online training and I am glad that I did. I liked being able to work at my own pace and found the follow up support over email and Facebook to be timely and effective."

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