Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST

The Laboratory work covers: Electricity Markets, Power System Planning, Power Generation, Energy Policy Design, Renewable Energy Sources Implementation.

The Laboratory of Energy Policy (LEST) operates within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Our research work covers the following areas: - Electricity Markets - Power System Planning - Power Generation - Energy Policy Design - Renewable Energy Sources Implementation The Laboratory meets the challenges by combining expertise and practical skills gained in a number of projects. Students can upgrade their level of expertise in postgraduate studies, working on their bachelor, master and doctoral thesis as well as participating in seminars, workshops and international research projects of the Institution. Scientific work follows the principle of effectiveness and applicability of the scientific methods. Not only do we have the research published in scientific publications on a regular basis, we also participate in scientific and expert conferences worldwide.

Mission: Our research work covers the following areas: - Electricity Markets - Power System Planning - Power Generation - Energy Policy Design - Renewable Energy Sources Implementation


Compile tool #HOMERULE
#tool🛠 helps operate #energy💡 #communities🏘

#energystorage #renewables #cleanenergy #energytransition #environmentalprotection

Let’s introduce you the Compile tool 📍HomeRule📍 – a project tool🛠 that helps operate #energy💡 #communities🏘.

Today we present its feature⚙️ “Advanced PV curtailment”☀️.

For more info visit our webpage👉

Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST, Petrol Slovenija, Zelena energetska zadruga,, Joanneum Research, Coopérnico, IRI UL, Grupo Enercoop, National Technical University of Athens, Grupo Etra, Etrel, Ideaz

Compile 3rd Newsletter - check it out! 👏✅

3️⃣rd Compile newsletter📰is out!📢 A bit of a reading for the long weekend🥳 which is in front of us.😉

You can download it from our web page:

#horizon2020🇪🇺 #decarbonisation♻️ #energy⚡️ #communities🏘 #renewables☀️


It's pizza🍕 time!😄

Do you know what do Compile project and pizza🍕 have in common?🙃

Check out our new #brochure in a "pizza" shape which presents the steps👣 of setting up the #energy⚡️ #community🏘 and of #crowdfunding👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💶.

You can download it on the Compile web page⬇️.

Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST, Zelena energetska zadruga, Petrol Slovenija,, Joanneum Research, Coopérnico, IRI UL, Grupo Enercoop, National Technical University of Athens, Grupo Etra, Etrel, Ideaz

Fakulteta za elektrotehniko

We are proud of our colleagues from Fakulteta za elektrotehniko! 👏👏👏

Danes je pravi dan za velike novice!

FEspirator je prototip delujočega medicinskega ventilatorja, ki se ga je ekipa s Fakulteta za elektrotehniko sredi marca lotila v okviru iniciative »Slovenski respirator«, s katero so pozvali ustanove in podjetja z ustreznim znanjem in kompetencami, da v sodelovanju z UKC Ljubljana razvijejo medicinski ventilator.

Vodja strokovne komisije KC Ljubljana doc. dr. Tomislav Mirković, dr. med., je po preizkusu takole ocenil FEspirator:
» Če bi ocenjeval z ocenami od 1 do 10, je to za FEspirator sigurno ocena 11.«

Bravo naši fantje! Ponosni smo!


Today we celebrate🥳 the #EarthDay🙏, which raises the attention to many aspects of our lives. Energy is just one of them.

In Compile we are tackling #energy⚡️ #challenges by working on #decarbonisation♻️ of energy supply, #community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 building and creating environmental and socioeconomic #benefits✅.

What is your contribution toward a greener and brighter future?💚


The #COVID19 has been shaking the world🌍 and it effected the plans for 1️⃣st Compile #Summer #School as well. Since it is impossible to predict how the current situation will evolve in the next months, we decided to 📌POSTPONE📌 our event. A 🆕 date will be determined soon.

#horizon2020🇪🇺 #energy⚡️ #communities?🏘 #sustainability♻️
Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST


Don't miss the opportunity, apply🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ now⏳ for Compile #summer #school in #Ljubljana!🇸🇮

#horizon2020🇪🇺 #energy⚡️ #communities🏘 #green✅ #energytransition☀️

Petrol Slovenija
National Technical University of Athens
Zelena energetska zadruga
Joanneum Research
Grupo Enercoop

Do you want to dive into the world of #energy #communities?🏘⚡️👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
Do you want to learn about Compile project and its #solutions? 🧐💡
Do you want a unique #experience in a multicultural environment?🌍

Apply👇 for the 1️⃣st Compile Summer School (8-12 June)!📢

#horizon2020🇪🇺 #summerschool #ifeelsLOVEnia🇸🇮
Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST

Dear ladies,
sincere congratulations on this #holiday and thank you for pushing the frontiers of #diversity and #equality with your #knowledge 👩‍🏫💡📚, heart 💝 and courage.🙏


#internationalwomensday2020 #congratulations #equality

Mr. Aleš Koželjnik from Petrol Slovenija during #energy #conference #EnOdmev:

"In the future, the #active #consumer 👩👦will play a vital role, especially in terms of #flexibility. As part of the #XFLEX project, the consortium of partners including Petrol will, among other things, demonstrate the effects that the active consumer can have. The loads on the #power #system have implications for the security of supply and it is not the largest units that can expect to be most effective in future; it is the #flexible, quick response generation units." ⚡️🔋 💡

Check more:

Photo credit: Energetika.NET

#smartgrids #energytransition #energystorage #renewables #horizon2020

We are at the biggest #energy #conference in 🇸🇮 #EnOdmev listening to an interesting discussion with Mr. Roman Bernard from #NGEN about #Ancillary #Services #Market 📈⚡️🔋


#EnergyTransition #energytrading

Comprehensive #national #energy and #climate plan setting out 🇸🇮 energy goals, policies, and actions by 2030, with a view to 2040.

More info:


We have a new team member!📢

Chloé Fournely🇫🇷 is a perfect example of how a good work during the #internship can pay off.👏

#WomenInScience👩‍💼 #internationalisation🌍 #enrichment💪

If you are wondering why she decided to come back to the Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST and #Slovenia🇸🇮, read the interview below⬇️

Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Ambassade de France en Slovénie - Francosko veleposlaništvo v Sloveniji
Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana Chloé Fournely joined LEST team in February 2020.


Compile meeting in #Luče: Train the #Trainers 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

Explaining the role of the #Citizen #Energy #Community and motivating the community #leaders for new actions 🤜🤛

Petrol Slovenija
Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST


Come and join us at Fakulteta za elektrotehniko ☺️☺️

Hoho, kakšen vozni park imamo pa danes pred Fakulteta za elektrotehniko!!! Še imate čas, da pridete na informativne dneve in si jih pobliže ogledate ...

Avant2Go Tesla Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

Marie Curie - Short Biography

Today we are celebrating the #International Day of Women and Girls in #Science! 👩‍🏫👩‍💻👩‍💼👩‍🔬👩‍🔧✍️

On this day, let’s pledge to end the gender imbalance in science 👏


Let's look back on the life of Marie Skłodowska Curie: a Nobel Laureate who dedicated her life to science and became one of the world's greatest scientists.

#mariecurie #biography #scientistslife


🎯 #future #energy #profession 🎯

A good mix of a mix of #humanism as #technology and #socialscience 👩‍🏫🌎⚡️

#energytransition #systemintegrator #businessenergyanalyst

Sistemski integrator in energetski analitik sta le dva od poklicev na področju energetike, ki bodo pomembni v prihodnosti, pravi dr. Tomi Medved iz Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST ljubljanske Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko. V družbi GEN-I d.o.o. so medtem prepričani, da bodo v prihodnosti v prednosti tisti, ki bodo sposobni zajeti znanja tako s področja humanizma kot tehnologije in družboslovja. Z vprašanji o poklicih prihodnosti v energetiki pa smo se obrnili tudi na družbo ELES, Petrol Slovenija in ABC Accelerator.

What's in the picture? 🤔🤔
Hint - a village in Slovenia where sth big is happening 😀👏

Check more at our website:

#XFlex_H2020 project meeting in #Graz, Joanneum Research 🇦🇹

Project dissemination is important so that is why we are doing it 😀😊
We are looking forward to a constructive meeting today!

#energymarkets #flexibility #renewables #battery #storage #technolgies 💡🔌🔋


Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST hosted prof. Pramod K. Singh from Institute of Rural Management Anand during the 1st International #Cooperation Group Meeting. 👏✅

Professor Andrej Gubina and dr. Tomi Medved presented the project Compile and prof. Singh their Institute and cooperatives in India 🇮🇳

Additionally, they discussed plans for International Cooperation and upcoming #students #exchanges and #summer #schools!

More to follow in upcoming months - stay tuned!

#horizon2020 #energy #renewableenergy #community #sustainability

Fakulteta za elektrotehniko

V mednarodnem projektu, s katerim bodo na Ravnah in v Lučah okrepili vključevanje obnovljivih virov energiji v elektroenergetski motor, s Petrol Slovenija, Elektro Celje, Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana in Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko sodeluje tudi Fakulteta za elektrotehniko. Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST je namreč zadolžen za vsebinski razvoj in specifikacijo orodij.

The X-FLEX project - An excellent example of cooperation between the Slovenian academia and industry at EU level | Laboratory of Energy Policy

Project X-FLEX - An excellent example of #cooperation between the 🇸🇮 #academia and #industry at EU level 🇪🇺


Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST
Petrol Slovenija
Fakulteta za elektrotehniko
Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana

+ many others


#EnergyStorage #renewables #energytransition 🌏⚡️☀️ XFLEX is an international European research project, co-funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research programme. There are 12 partners from across the EU and three of them, Laboratory of Energy Policy from the University of Ljubljana, Petrol d.d. and Elektro Celje d.d. are from Slovenia. X-FL...


New projects📑 -> more work📈 -> new employees📣

Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST is looking for a computer programmer to join our team in #Ljubljana.

More information:

Sharing is caring!🙏


The 1️⃣st Compile project review meeting👩‍🏫 passed successfully and now we are even more motivated📈 to keep up the good work💪.

#horizon2020🇪🇺 #energy⚡️ #communities🏘 #renewables♻️

Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST, Petrol Slovenija, Zelena energetska zadruga,, Joanneum Research, Coopérnico, IRI UL, Grupo Enercoop, Ημερίδα "Ενεργειακές Κοινότητες", ICCS-NTUA, Grupo Etra, Etrel, Ideaz


#Horizon2020🇪🇺 Compile partners rehearsing for tomorrow's 1️⃣st project review meeting in Brussels🇧🇪.

Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST, Petrol Slovenija, Zelena energetska zadruga,, Joanneum Research


🔋🔋🔋➕🏘 🔜 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✅

Active start▶️ of the year for 🇸🇮Luče #energy⚡️ #community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.
3⃣ household🏠 #batteries🔋 have been installed and connected🔌 to the grid.

Petrol Slovenija
Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST

New year, new opportunities!

Due to the expanding activities Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST is looking for a person to join our team to help with organisational tasks and independently managing one of the projects.

More info 👉

Thank you for sharing!🙏

What normal people see:
"Ooooh, what beautiful mountains!" 🗻☀️

What an electrical engineer sees:
"Advanced peak shaving control in action!" ⚡️👨‍🔧👩‍🏫

#electrical #engineering #powergrid


Prejšnji teden je na sedežu podjetja Petrol Slovenija potekala podelitev nagrad za najboljše magistrske naloge v 2019, predstavitev tem za 2020 in projekta X-FLEX.

Nove teme se tudi tokrat neposredno nanašajo na izzive, s katerimi se Petrol Slovenija vsakodnevno sooča.

Več o razpisanih temah in samem dogodku: 11. 12. 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenija

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ reasons to celebrate!
Happy birthday Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana 👏👏

Vse najboljše za stoti rojstni dan Univerza v Ljubljani. Hvala vsem, ki ste ustvarjali našo stoletno zgodovino, vsem, ki ustvarjate našo sedanjost, in vsem, ki boste ustvarjali našo prihodnost.
Happy 100th birthday University of Ljubljana. Thank you to everyone who created our centennial history, to everyone who creates our present, and to everyone who will create our future.

🔺️💰💸🛒🛍 🔜🔜🔜 ⛔❌⚡⚡

Conseed project

📌 #Attention 📌

#Energy #efficiency ✅♻️ can drastically reduce energy #costs 💰📉⚖️💵

Well done prof. Eleanor Denny and whole Conseed project team 👏👏

Make smart decisions! 👍👩‍🏫

The CONSEED project has explored how households and firms make decisions in relation to their energy-consuming investments. In particular we have examined how providing monetary information on energy use, e.g. the likely energy costs over a year in euros, at the point of sale can influence choice.

What did we find out? And how does that relate to you? This film provides an overview of the main policy-relevant findings from the project.

Check for more details.

The CONSEED project includes the following partners:
Trinity College Dublin
CICERO Senter for klimaforskning
BC3 Basque Centre For Climate Change
Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST/ Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana

And is funded by the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.

About #energy🏝 in 🇬🇷

🌎⚡️☀️💦🌊 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧♻️✅

#Horizon2020 Compile project consortium on the 3⃣rd General Meeting🇬🇷☀️👨‍💼📋♻️💡🔌

Petrol Slovenija Zelena energetska zadruga Grupo Enercoop Coopérnico Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST Joanneum Research

For an #energy #labelling scheme ♻️ to be effective in terms of affecting #consumers’ #choices 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️🏘💰, individuals must be aware of its existence, must understand the #information provided 📚🖋, must trust the label and must find the information useful 📈🆗

🤔Do European consumers pay attention to energy labels when they buy an electric appliance, a car or a house? 🏡🚗

That was the question we set out to answer with input from consumers in 🇮🇪🇬🇷🇸🇮🇪🇸🇳🇴 in the early phase of the CONSEED project.

In general, the results from this initial input gathered through focus groups and in-depth interviews showed that in purchasing decisions price💶 appears to be the most
important attribute across all sectors. The importance of energy efficiency is mixed. In some sectors, it ranks quite
low while in others it is very important. Some of the main reasons driving this low ranking are lack of understanding and distrust.

The collected qualitative data on the purchasing decision making process related to energy efficiency in households, services, agricultural and industrial sectors formed input to the further research in the project.

The work package on focus groups was lead by professor Andrej Gubina, head of Laboratory of Energy Policy - LEST at Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana.

To find out more, click here:

En.economy & Industry 019
#Energy #targets for the transition to a low-carbon future; How can energy companies contribute and what are their needs in this regard - organised by #EnergetikaNET


Stojan Nikolic, Managing Director of Holding Slovenske elektrarne
Our company HSE is the largest CO2 generator but we are also the largest RES producer. We are good / bad at both ends. 2030 is close - even if we start today it is very difficult to build any major energy facility by 2030. Our goals must be towards 2050/2060 when current large power facilities are out of operation.

Mag. Janez Grošelj, director of energy and environment at Petrol
We recognize that cities are big consumers and there are many optimization and savings opportunities with smart management and offering complete energy solutions. We invest approximately 50 million EUR in RES. By 2025, we aim to have 700 GW of RES installed. Targets with smart access can be achieved by 2035.

Danijel Levičar, Business Director of GEN Energija
There are three pillars - security of supply, environmental acceptability and competitiveness - or accessibility - for both households and industry. We are very interested in the electrification of traffic. We firmly believe that by 2050 it is possible to decarbonize energy, but it will take a lot of work and coordination. Slovenia's energy concept and NEPN are key and must answer these questions. If we have a bad government, economy and industry can work with no interruptions, which is unfortunately not the case for the energy sector, because of the great difficulty of placing large power plants in space. The right combination would be RES and the nuclear energy that we have a lot of experience with. Goals need to be adjusted and made realistic, as current are simply impossible to reach.

Marjan Eberlinc, CEO of Plinovodi & President of the Slovenian Energy Chamber
Gas sector - The market will be very difficult to respond to as return on investment is highly variable and difficult to predict. We currently reach 23% of RES share, and the EU targets with the recommendation of 37% RES are a big challenge. Energy sector is a serious activity to deal and plan in a short term. Some numbers from energy sector - 14 billion in revenues, 1.2 billion in returns, € 225 million in profits. It employs 11,500 people and is a serious business - we have created the conditions to be ranked 6th in the energy trilemma ranking and slip 12th in 2018. Encouraging fact is that but we are 9th out of 128 countries in security of energy supply and we should be really proud of that!

Mag. Andrej Ribič, CEO of Elektro Ljubljana
There are two goals in front of us according to NEPN 2020/2030 - one is next year and the next is 11 years from now. The first one will not be achieved (25% of RES since we will be somewhere at 22-23%). We will also find it very difficult to achieve our goals because of bureaucracy! The biggest changes in the coming years will be on distribution - RES, electrification of transport and big needed investments in distribution. We as a distribution company will require additional resources, which are not currently foreseen and guaranteed. Here, all the siting procedures and all related issues are very prominent. All the major car companies are going in the direction of electrification - we'll have to follow that too. The big problem is energy storage - but there is a lot of ongoing activities currently and by 2030 things will be quite different. From today’s point of view, of course, we are skeptical. In order to achieve our goals, it will be necessary to invest more in knowledge - in companies or employees, as well as in institutions. Now, unfortunately, we are lagging behind the European average.


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Pospeševalnica malih projektov, velikih idej!

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Stegne 7
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Za vas vseskozi sledimo zadnjemu stanju tehnike, novim tehnologijam, standardizaciji, predpisom, pišemo pa tudi o vseh najbolj aktualnih tematikah.

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