Jyotish in Vaastu

Jyotish in Vaastu

I Zoran Kamenicki, am doing Jyotish and Vastu consults. Izvajam Jyotish svetovanja trenutno za prostovolljne prispevke, za posameznike, podjetja, odnose...

Sem kompetenten svetovalec starodavnega in izvornega sistema astrologije imenovane Jyotish, kar v prevodu pomeni luč Resnice, ki razsvetli temo neznanja, dvoma in obupa. Vpogledi Jyotish so 100% natančni, hkrati pa imam tudi odprto tretje oko intuicije kot posledica dolgoletnega duhovnega dela pod vodstvom razsvetljenega učitelja meditacije. Študiral sem 7 let vseh sedem stopenj po sistemu originalnega Jyotisha Modreca Parashare. Jyotish ponuja ne samo uvide v celosten aspekt osebe in življenja, ampak tudi praktične rešitve imenovane Upaye –gre za zelo močne postopke korekcije karme –usode, še preden se ta aktivira, potem je prepozno, zato pokličite pravočasno. Delujem iz središča duhovega Srca Modrosti.

Mission: To go deeper and deeper and help&meet as much people as possible. Pomagati čim več ljudem z Svetlobo Znanja in Ljubeznijo !

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Acceptance of uncertainties and ability to let go brings peace with-in. When we are peaceful inside, we share happiness and love with the world outside.

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Sri Ramana Maharshi Teachings. श्री रमण महर्षि के उपदेश

Q: I am convinced that I am, but I am not convinced of what I am. Intellectually I know I am the Self but I don’t experience this. I have to make a lot of effort.

Annamalai Swami: To experience the Self you have to dive deep into the consciousness ‘I am’.

Q: You mean I should keep the mind there?

Annamalai Swami: Yes.
When you see the rope as a rope there is no snake.
You also know that there was never a snake.

When you cease to imagine that you are a mere body and a mind, reality shines of its own accord.
If you stabilize in this state you can see that the mind didn’t go anywhere; you understand that it never really existed.

‘Keeping the mind in its source’ is just another way of saying: ‘Understanding that it never existed.’

Q: But how is one to awaken from perpetual body-consciousness? For consciousness to manifest one must have a body.

Annamalai Swami: If there is constant meditation that consciousness is your own reality in
which all phenomena are appearing and disappearing,
that meditation is the activity of the sattvic mind.
It is this activity which erases and dissolves the tamas and rajas which cover the reality.

The human body is the only vehicle in
which it is very convenient to realize the unmanifest Self.
With the body and the mind we can investigate and discover the Reality that remains unaffected by the body and the mind.

We should regard the body in the same way we regard a car. …

Q: No matter how quiet I get or how still my mind is, I never get to see the world as an indivisible whole. Even when my mind is completely still, if I open my eyes I still see a world of separate objects.

Annamalai Swami: When the one who sees vanishes,
the world of multiplicity goes with it.

You don’t see the unity and indivisibility, you are it.
You can never see the Self or Brahman, you can only be it. …

The Guru may tell his disciples a thousand times,
‘You are the Self, you are not what you imagine yourself to be’, but none of them ever believes him.
They all keep asking the Guru for methods and
routes to reach the place where they already are.

Q: Why don’t we give up our false ideas as soon as we are told that they are false?

Annamalai Swami: We have identified with our false ideas for many previous lifetimes.
The habit is very strong.
But not so strong that it cannot be dissolved through constant meditation.

Q: The seeker has many ideas: ‘I am a jiva (personality), I am bound and have to do sadhana to attain liberation’. Should we forget all these ideas? …

Annamalai Swami: Yes, forget them all! ‘I am the Self, I am all’. Hold onto this awareness. All other paths are roundabouts.

Q: Bhagavan said that repeating, ‘I am the Self’ or ‘I am not this body’ is an aid to enquiry but does not constitute the enquiry itself.

Annamalai Swami:
The meditation, ‘I am not the body or the mind,
I am the immanent Self’
is a great aid for as long as one is not able to do self-enquiry properly or constantly.

Bhagavan said, ‘Keeping the mind in the Heart is self-enquiry’.
If you cannot do this by asking ‘Who am I?’ or
by taking the I-thought back to its source,
then meditation on the awareness ‘I am the all-pervasive Self’
is a great aid.

Bhagavan often said that we should read and study the Ribhu Gita regularly.

In the Ribhu Gita it is said: ‘That bhavana (mental attitude)
‘I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am Brahman,
I am everything,’ is to be repeated again and again until this becomes the natural state.’

Bhagavan sat with us every day while we chanted extracts from the Ribhu Gita which affirm the reality of the Self.
It is true that he said that these repetitions are only an aid to self-enquiry, but they are a very powerful aid.

By practicing this way the mind becomes more and more attuned with the reality. When the mind has become purified by this practice, it is easier to take it back to its source and keep it there.

When one is able to abide in the Self directly, one doesn’t need aids like this. But if this is not possible these practices can definitely help one.

- Living by the Words of Bhagawan

[12/13/19]   Ascendant sign in Jyotish

For all who dont know ascendant is what determines ego or outer personality and general destiny. Of course its false ego but even in case of enlightened individuality remains of course. People ask me which Lagna is the best and my answer without any doubt it is Tula lagna or libra in western language. It gives beauty and charm of Shukra but that is not all. This is higher Shukra which rules over heart opposite to Taurus sensual Shukra. Mercury rules over 9th and 12th house which indicate natural high intelligence and native have inborn understanding of higher Knowledge. If native purify intelect with meditation then enlightenment follow in very same incarnation. So Moksha is easiest for Tula individuals cause intelect cause both avidya and vidya. Avidya or identification with body is main cause for all suffering and only true happines comes from Jnana that is Self realisation. Since Tula have Buddh *Mercury* rulling over 9th which is high intelligence and understanding, plus 12th which is transcendental or highest possible Knowledge I could say that Viveka one of qualifications for Mukti is inborn to Tula natives. Viveka is basis for any progress specially Spiritual. So Buddh is Jnana Yoga for Tula. Then Shani great malefic and ruler of Time and Karma is maharaja yoga which means ruller over kendra and trikon that is power plus luck which turn great malefic into benefic or friend. Such Saturn can give any kind of success from material to spiritual. No evil can happen to some who have Shani for friend. He is protected and guided by Lord Shiva Himself. No need to say more isnt it. Of course Mangal is double maraka so one need to take it easy and slow. In positive sense Mangal gives power. Surya 11th ruler powerful friends. Even greates kings have fallen, great dictators have fallen but not those who have powerful friends until they went to far. All fall on this earth but not Tula if ethical. So Tula must be pure cause Gods loves Tula.

From Misery To Bliss

Question 3:


*Prem Kabir, one has to begin not by loving oneself, because you don't know who you are.*

Who are you going to love?

If you start by loving yourself, you will love only your ego, which is not your self, which is your false personality.

*Almost everybody loves his personality; everybody loves his ego. Even the ugliest woman, if you say to her, "How beautiful you are," will not refuse to accept it.*

I have heard...

Two old men meet on a street corner. "Where have you been for the past eight weeks?"

"In jail," says the second man.

"In jail? How come?" says the first man.

The second old man replies, "Well, about eight weeks ago I was standing on a street corner and this beautiful young girl rushes up with a policeman and says, 'He is the man, officer. He is the one who attacked me.' *And you know, I felt so flattered, I admitted it."*

How many things you have admitted that you know perfectly well are not true.

People say you are so loving, so sincere, so truthful, so beautiful, so honest -- and you never deny. This is not the love I have been talking about.

*Yes, I would like you to love yourself, because unless you love yourself you cannot love anybody else. You don't know what love is if you have not loved yourself. But before you can love yourself you have to know yourself; hence love is secondary, meditation is primary.*

*And the miracle is, if you meditate and slowly, slowly get out of the ego and out of your personality and realize your real self, love will come on its own. You don't have to do anything, it is a spontaneous flowering.*

*But it blossoms only in a certain climate, and that climate I call meditation. In the climate of silence -- no-mind, no disturbance inside, absolute clarity, peace and silence -- suddenly, you will see thousands of flowers have opened within you, and their fragrance is love.*

Naturally, first you will love yourself, because that will be your first encounter. First you will become aware of the fragrance that is arising in you and the light that has been born in you, and the blissfulness that is showering on you.

Then loving will become your nature. Then you will love many; then you will love all.

In fact, what we know in our ignorance is a relationship, and what we know in our awareness is no longer a relationship. It is not that I love you; it is that I am love.

And you have to understand the difference.

*When you say, "I love you," what about others? What about the whole existence? The more narrow your love is, the more imprisoned. Its wings are cut; it cannot fly in the sky across the sun. It does not have freedom; it is almost in a golden cage. The cage is beautiful, but inside the cage the bird is not the same bird that you see in the sky opening its wings.*

Love has to become not a relationship, not a narrowing, but a broadening.

*Love has to become your very quality, your very character, your very being, your radiance.*✨🌞

Just as the sun radiates light not for anyone in particular, unaddressed, meditation radiates love unaddressed.

Of course, first it is felt within oneself, for oneself, and then it starts radiating all around.

*Then you love not only human beings, you love trees, you love birds; you simply love, you are love.*

You are asking, Prem Kabir, "What does it mean to love myself?"

*It means meditation.*

*It means to be yourself.*

*And nature will bring love as a reward.*💝

Love will come, and will come in abundance -- so much that you cannot contain it. You will find it is overflowing you, it is reaching all directions.

*Just discover your hidden splendor.✨💖

*Life can be simply a song, a song of joy.*🌈

*Life can be simply a dance, a celebration, a continuous celebration. All that you have to learn is a life-affirmative lifestyle.*🎊💐

I call only that man religious who is life-affirmative. All those who are life-negative may think they are religious; they are not. Their sadness shows they are not. Their seriousness shows they are not.

A man of authentic religion will have a sense of humor. It is our universe, it is our home.

We are not orphans. This earth is our mother. This sky is our father. This whole vast universe is for us, and we are for it.

In fact, there is no division between us and the whole. We are organically joined with it, we are part of one orchestra.

To feel this music of existence is the only religion that I can accept as authentic, as valid.

It does not have any scriptures, it need not have. It does not have any statues of God, because it does not believe in any hypotheses.

It has nothing to worship, it has only to be silent, and out of that silence comes gratitude, prayer, and the whole existence turns into a godliness.

Yes, you will love yourself and you will love the whole existence too.

The Invitation,Ch 30

Ramana Hridayam


Q: You talk a lot about effort but rarely speak about grace. Don't you attach much importance to grace?

AS: Grace is important; in fact, it is essential. It is even more important than effort. Realization of the Self comes about through both effort and grace. When one makes a steady effort to abide in the Self one receives the Guru's grace in abundance. The grace comes not only through the form of one's Guru. When you meditate earnestly all the jivanmuktas of the past and present respond to your efforts by sending you blessings of light.

Living by the Words of Bhagavan p. 294

The Power Of Mantra



Today there are many branches in ‘profession’ under many heads, which could not be found in ancient texts. However, eminent researchers in Institute, analyzed many birth charts and listed various jobs emanating as pointers for modern Astrologers to know the possible job or trade a person will involve as his avocation or source of interest and/or earning. I had collected some- Not all – to list below to add to knowledge of Astrology Students:

SUN, Moon Mercury, Virgo = Nurse
SUN = Pharma Specialists
SUN, Venus, Moon = Photography
SUN, Venus, Mars = Sporting Goods
SUN, Mars, Mercury = Surgical
SUN, Sun, Mars, Jupiter = Minister
SUN, Mercury, Jupiter = Member of Parliament
SUN, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus = Atomic Energy
SUN, Mars, Mercury, 3rd House, 7th House and 9th House = Commerce

SUN, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, 3rd House = Communication
SUN, Mars, Virgo, Scorpio = Health
SUN, Moon, Mercury = Asbestos
SUN or Saturn, Venus = Brushes, Wool, Hair, And similar products
SUN, Mercury = Cables (Sun-Copper Mercury-Electricity)
SUN = Copper
SUN, Venus = Diamond
SUN or JUPITER $ Saturn, Mercury, Mars = Gold Mines
SUN or VENUS With MARS = Optician

MOON, Mars = Accounts, Navy
MOON, Mars, Saturn = Coal Tar
MOON, Mars, Saturn = Conduit pipes
MOON, Saturn, Mars = Fire Extinguisher
(Moon – Liquid; Mars – Fire; Saturn To put them out)
MOON, Mercury, Mars = Handloom
MOON, Neptune = Magician
MOON, Mercury, Mars = Marine Engineer
MOON, Mars, Mercury = Pipes
MOON, Mars, Mercury = Power House water supply
MOON, Mars, Sun = Salt
MOON, Venus = Silver
MOON, Mercury = Yarn
MOON, Mercury = Cotton
MOON, Mercury, Sun and 7th& 9th House = External Affairs
MOON, Mars, Venus, Saturn = Fisheries
MOON, Mars, Venus in 2nd House = Irrigation
MOON, Mercury = Textile
MOON = Linseed Oil/Lubricants

MERCURY, Jupiter = Accounts
MERCURY, Jupiter, Mars = Addressing Machine/ Computer
MERCURY, Venus = Analytical Chemist
MERCURY, Uranus = Astrology
MERCURY, Uranus, Mars = Atomic Energy
MERCURY, Jupiter = Auctioneers
MERCURY, Jupiter = Books
MERCURY, Mars = Builders and contractors
(Mercury – Engineering/Agent Mars – Building)
MERCURY, Saturn = Calculators
MERCURY, Jupiter = Calendars
MERCURY, Moon = Clearing Agent
– Water Sign – Shipping
– Earthy sign – Railways;
– Airy sign – Airways
MERCURY, Venus = Drawings/Paintings
MERCURY = Electrical Engineer – Fan, Horns, Heaters,
Motors, Switch Gears, Switch Boards, Wire, Cables, etc
MERCURY, Uranus, Mars = Research Depts.
MERCURY = Paper Industry
MERCURY, Saturn = Pencil/writing tools
MERCURY, Jupiter = Salesman/Stationery
MERCURY, Mars = Switch Gears

MERCURY, Jupiter, 12th House = Supplies
MERCURY, Mars, Jupiter, Sun = Secretary
MERCURY = Clerk,
MERCURY, Venus 3rd and 12th Houses = Revenue Department –
Collecting Money
MERCURY, Jupiter in 2nd House = Advocate/Barrister
MERCURY, Jupiter Sun in 2nd House = Public Prosecutor
MERCURY, Mars, Venus, Sun = Registrar – Marriages
MERCURY, Jupiter 2nd/ 3rd Houses = Accountant – Banks

MARS, Mercury, Jupiter = Accountant – Defense, Police, Industry or Government
MARS (Very Strong) = Independent Auditor
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Saturn = Implements for Agriculture
MARS, Venus, Mercury = Architects
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Bakelite
MARS, Sun, Venus, Mercury = Ball Bearings
MARS, Saturn, Venus, Sun = Barbed Wire
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Moon = Batteries
MARS, Venus, Saturn, Moon = Belt of all types
MARS, Moon, Mercury = Boilers of all types
MARS, Saturn, Mercury = Metal Fasteners all types

MARS, Venus, Saturn..(12th House) = Shoes/Boots
(Purse – 2nd House, Hand Bag- 3rd House, Belt – 7th House)
MARS, Moon, Saturn = Bore Well
– Saturn stops-throws out soil
– Mars – using instrument to bore
– Moon – to tap fluid out)
MARS, Moon, Venus, Saturn = Tanning
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Brakes
– Saturn Stops
– Venus- Car/moving units
– Mars operation to apply
MARS, Venus = Bricks/ Tiles
MARS, Saturn = Casting of metals/clay
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Cement
MARS (in Quadruped sign), Venus = Cars, powered moving units
MARS, Venus = Confectionary
MARS, Mercury = Contractor
MARS, Venus, Moon = Cooking
MARS, Venus = Dress/Apparel
MARS, Mercury = Industrial Engineer
MARS, Venus = Engraving
MARS, Saturn = Expanded Metals/Steel Stone
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Fans
MARS, Venus, Moon, Jupiter = Forms and Form products
MARS, Saturn, Venus = Fertilizer/ Shoes/ Tea
MARS, Venus = Furniture/ Plywood /Tailor/ Wood
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Heaters
MARS, Venus, Moon, Mercury = Hotels, Eating joints
MARS = Industry
MARS, Mercury, Moon (waterysign) = Ink
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Leather/Highways/Roads/ Road Rollers
MARS, Saturn, Mercury = Locks/Iron & Steel/ Short Hand Typist
MARS, Venus = Locomotives/ Railways /Sewing Machine / Soap /Stainless Steel
MARS, Mercury = Mechanical Engineer/ Tools of all metals/ Typewriters/
MARS, Moon, Venus = Nursery
MARS, Mercury, Venus = Power House
MARS, Mercury = Press/ Technicians/Typists
MARS, Mercury, Jupiter = Printer
MARS, Moon, Saturn = Pump sets
MARS, Saturn = Quarry/Trench/Tunnel/ Work shop/Geology
MARS, Venus, Mercury = Rice Mill/ Road transport
MARS = Soldier/ Furnace
MARS, Moon, Venus = Steam Engine
MARS, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn = President, Head of State/ Leader of a society/country

MARS, Sun, Saturn, and 7th House = Defense
MARS, Venus, Jupiter and 2nd House = Food-Agriculture
MARS, Sun, Jupiter-Aries-Lagna = Home affairs – Ministry
MARS, Mercury, Saturn, 10th House = Industry
MARS, Sun and any Planet = Metals
MARS, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in 4th House = Works and Housing
MARS, Jupiter, Venus, Sun 2nd,6th,10th Houses = Judge
MARS, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun-2nd House = Advocate-General
MARS, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd House = Agent/ High Position in Bank
MARS, Jupiter, Mercury, & Sun (2nd,6th,10th Houses) = Registrar/ Recordist

JUPITER, Mercury = Accountant – Bank/office
JUPITER, Mercury, Venus, Moon = Accountant – Shipping
JUPITER, Mercury, Sun = Accountant in Hospital
JUPITER, Mercury, Moon, Mars = Accountant – Navy
JUPITER, Mercury, Saturn = Accountant – Mines
JUPITER, Mercury, Uranus = Acct – Research Dept
JUPITER, Mercury, Rahu = Acct – Jail
JUPITER, Venus, Moon, Mars = Acid Manufacturer
JUPITER, Mercury = Advertising
JUPITER, Mars, Venus, Sun = Ayurvedic Medicine
JUPITER, Mercury, Mars = Microscope/Deductive /Post & Telegraph Dept. / Technical Development/ Telephones
JUPITER, Venus, Mercury = Radio & Broadcasting

JUPITER, Mercury, Sun & 4th House = Education
JUPITER, Sun, Mars, & 12th House = Finance Dept.,
JUPITER, Mercury, Venus & 3rd House = Information Dept.
JUPITER, Saturn, Mars, 6th House = Labor Dept
JUPITER, Mars, Sun, 2nd House = Law
JUPITER, Mercury, Mars 2nd House And 11th houses = Revenue Dept.
JUPITER, Mercury, 9th & 12th Houses = Foreign exchange
JUPITER, Saturn, Mercury, Mars = Security Dept.
JUPITER, Sun, Venus = Physical/Yoga Education

SATURN, Mars, Mercury = Abrasives/ Mine Engineer
SATURN, Mars = Air Compressors/ Flour Mills/ Hardware/ Iron & Steel
SATURN, Mars, Sun = Mines excavation
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Air Conditioner
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Aircraft Instruments
SATURN, Mars (Watery Sign) (Anuradha star) = Coal
SATURN, Venus = Cold Storage, Survey,
SATURN, Venus, Moon = Condensers
SATURN, Venus (in two-legged-biped Sign) = Cycle Industry
SATURN, Mercury = Hard Board

SATURN, Mercury (8th House) = Insurance
SATURN, Venus, Moon, Mars = Jute Industry/ Petrolium
SATURN = Mines/ Refrigeration/Peon
SATURN, Sun, Jupiter = Rehabilitation
SATURN, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter = Drawing Master
SATURN, Venus, Mercury = Draftsman/ Craftsman
SATURN, Venus, Mars = Disinfectants in all types
SATURN, Mercury, Jupiter = Statistics/censes/ Election

VENUS, Mars, Moon = Acetylene generator
VENUS, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars = Acid, Alkali resistant Tiles
VENUS, Moon = Adhesives
VENUS, Mercury = Agricultural Machinery/Lime
VENUS, Mercury (common sign) = Railway employment
VENUS, Mars = Aluminum/Automobile/ Gramaphone/ Devises to reproduce/ emanate sound
VENUS, Mercury, Mars = Aviation/ Scientific Apparatus / Sanitary ware/Public Transport/Taxi
VENUS, Sun, Moon, Mercury = Block Makers/Moulders
VENUS, Mars, Saturn = Carpet
VENUS = Furniture/ Dyes & Chemicals/ Glass/ Bright Metal/ Sarees/Sugar industry

VENUS (8th House) = Timber
VENUS, Moon = Chemicals/ Milk/Paintings Perfumes
VENUS, Mercury, Moon = Cinema Industry
VENUS, Moon, Mars = Diary Form/ Rubber industry
VENUS, Mars, Mercury = Decorators all types
VENUS, Mercury = Sanitary Engineer/Tractors Transports
VENUS, Saturn = Mica/ Mineral
VENUS, Mars, Sun = Nuts

VENUS, Jupiter and 11th House = Co-operative Units
VENUS, Mars, Mercury, 3rd house = Railways
VENUS, Jupiter & 11th House = Social Welfare
VENUS, Mercury & 3rs House = Transport
VENUS, Mercury, Airy sign&9thHouse = Aviation Transport
VENUS, Mercury, Moon, 9th House = Shipping

Courtesy: www.theastrologyonline.com

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Ljubljana Center

General information

Jyotish and Vaastu consultations for individuals. companies, organizations. Jyotish gives you all answers about your life. Vaastu means the dwelling of humans & Gods. Vaastu shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live.This science is complete in itself. Happiness to the whole world it can bring All the four benefits it bestows on you Rightful living, money, fulfillment of desires and bliss Are all available in this world itself ~ Viswakarma in Vaastushastra Vaastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture, which governs town planning and designing of man-made structures. A part of the Vedas, the word 'Vaastu' in Sanskrit means 'dwelling', and in the modern context it covers all buildings. Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, in consonance with the cosmic energies. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction. Hindus believe that for peace, happiness, health and wealth one should abide by the guidelines of Vaastu while building a dwelling. It tells us how to avoid diseases, depression and disasters by living in structures, which allow the presence of a positive cosmic field. Since Vedic wisdom is considered to be synonymous with divine knowledge of the cosmic mind obtained by sages in deep states of meditation, Vaastu Shastra or the science of Vaastu is thought to contain the guidelines given by the Supreme Being. Delving into history, we find that Vaastu developed during the period of 6000 BC and 3000 BC (Ferguson, Havell and Cunningham) and was handed over by ancient architects through word of mouth or hand-written monographs. The principles of Vaastu had been explained in ancient Hindu scriptures like Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Vishnu Purana, Bruhatsamhita, Kasyapa Shilpa, Agama Sastra and Viswakarma Vaastushastra. The fundamental premise of Vaastu rests on the assumption that the earth is a living organism, out of which other living creatures and organic forms emerge, and so every particle on earth and space possesses 'live energy'. According to Vaastushastra five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air or atmosphere and Sky or space - govern the principles of creation. These forces act for or against each other to create harmony and disharmony. It also says that everything on earth - in some form or other - is influenced by the nine planets, and each of these planets guards a direction. So our dwellings are under the influence of the five elements and the nine planets. View Vaastu Chart Vaastushastra says that if the structure of your house is so designed that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy, which helps you and your family members to live a happy and healthy life. A positive cosmic field prevails in a Vaastulogically constructed house, where the atmosphere is congenial for a smooth and happy life. Contrary to this, if the same structure is built in a manner that the negative forces override the positive, the overbearing negative field makes your actions, efforts and thoughts negative. Herein comes the benefits of Vaastu, which guides you to have a positive atmosphere at home. Evidently, Vaastu is akin to the science of geopathy, the study of the diseases of the earth. In both these two disciplines, for instance, the presence of dampness, dressed stones, beehives and anthills are considered harmful for human habitation. Geopathy recognizes that electromagnetic radiations that are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe, and that radiation distortions can make a site unsafe for construction. In some parts of Austria, children are moved in school, to a different desk, at least once each week, so that learning difficulties are not increased because they may be sitting in a stressed area. Geopathic stress may also attack the immune system and cause conditions like asthma, eczema, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome. There are also a lot of similarities between Vaastu and its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui, in that they recognize the existence of positive and negative forces (Yin and Yang) except for the fact that the latter attaches too much importance to gadgets, like fish tanks, flutes, mirrors and lanterns. This is one reason why Fend Shui is gaining rapid popularity in India. Did you know that for the hit Hindi film Pardes, Indian movie moghul Subhash Ghai directed that each position of the shoot had to be compatible with rules Feng Shui? In yet another Bollywood blockbuster Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, the colors used were in tune with the perceptions of Feng Shui. So, does Vaastu make any sense? While many people still strongly believe in Vaastu, the common consensus is that it's an ancient science, which was useful in conditions prevailing in ancient times, but makes little sense today. While some swear by it, many think that Vaastu has become obsolete with the rise of modern cities with sewage systems, multi-storied buildings with air-conditioners, exhaust fans in kitchens, advanced water systems and so on. Finally, it may be worth noting the words of Indologist and Vedacharya David Frawley: "India is a greatly favored land in terms of cosmic beneficence according to the Vaastu aspect of its geographical location. The Himalayas, or Meru Parvat, oversee the whole of India in the likeness of the prime sahasrara chakra in the human body The foundation of Jyotisha is the notion of bandhu of the Vedas or scriptures, which is the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The practice of Jyotisha primarily relies on the sidereal zodiac, which is different from the tropical zodiac used in Western astrology in that an ayanamsa adjustment is made for the gradual precession of the vernal equinox
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Ljubljana Students' Conference is an international meeting of civil, geodetic and environmental engineering students from several European countries.

Svetloba, ujeta v kamen Svetloba, ujeta v kamen
Prirodoslovni Muzej Slovenije, Prešernova Cesta 20
Ljubljana, 1000

Razstava Svetloba, ujeta v kamen v Prirodoslovnem muzeju Slovenije, od 16. 10. 2015 do 15. 11. 2015.

Šola Ruskega Baleta Šola Ruskega Baleta
Ljubljanska Cesta 106a
Ljubljana, 1000

Leta 2012 se je v Ruskem centru znanosti in kulture odprla šola ruskega klasičnega baleta pod vodstvom Margarite Isaeve.

VIBRA - International workshops & festival of contemporary dance VIBRA - International workshops & festival of contemporary dance
Parmova 25 ,Prijateljeva 2
Ljubljana, 1000

VIBRA - International summer dance wokshops Ljubljana

Back to the Roots Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots, za vse aktivne govornike, predavatelje, pevce in pedagoške delavce, ki so pri delu glasovno preobremenjeni. (LJ, MB in po dogovoru)

Student Info Student Info
Jamova 2
Ljubljana, 1000

Uradna stran študentskega portala Student Info na Facebook-u.

Center Fizioterapije Ljubljana Center Fizioterapije Ljubljana
Frankopanska 8
Ljubljana, 1000

Center Fizioterapije Ljubljana Web: www.fizioterapijaljubljana.si Mail: [email protected] TEL: +386 (0)8 205 54 84 GSM: +386 40 466 888