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Exchange Programmes in Slovenia

Now is the time to do some thinking of doing an exchange in Slovenia, before all the programmes announce new calls :)

Listen to all the possibilities you have while studying in Slovenia or wishing to come for an exchange for study or practical training. We're almost sure you...

Feel Slovenia

'LIVE BEAUTIFULLY' while getting ready for the new academic year, attending your summer school or studying for exams 🎼🎪🎨🎭

Who's planning a trip to Slovenia in August?
Don't miss lively August events 🥁🎤🎶in #Slovenia💚
#ifeelsLOVEnia #itsculturetime

Ptuj Info ⭐️ Visit Idrija-UNESCO, Slovenia ⭐️ Visit Škofja Loka ⭐️ Visit Ljubljana ⭐️ Soča Valley ⭐️ @Brežice, moje mesto

Univerza v Novi Gorici / University of Nova Gorica still welcomes its students at all levels, see their deadlines, discover their programmes and welcome to apply 😁🤩

Did you know that a descendant of the🍇 OLDEST GRAPEVINE IN THE WORLD🍇 is planted in the atrium of the Lanthieri Mansion? We're proud of that and almost every working day in the mansion I throw a, look at Her, at least through the window, to check how much She has grown. It definitely deserves to be called a She, being such a classy lady of blue-blood origin, not even to mention that it is a representative of The Grapevine - the royal plant of the Vipava Valley I guess. And the location to plant it could not have been better chosen - at the Lanthieri Mansion, home to our School for Viticulture and Enology/ Študij na VŠVV/Study at VSVV, which contributes a lot to the wine growing tradition being kept alive. Alive and also further developing. 😉 Our vine was planted on 13th May 2016, when it barely measured about 15 cm if I remember well. By the way, for those coming from abroad: yes, also the 'original' vine, the 👑 🍇Mother Grapevine,🍇👑 the oldest one in rhe world, comes from 🇸🇮, Maribor. And She is still alive, too!
#univerzavnovigorici #universityofnovagorica #vinskatrta #dvoreclanthieri #lanthierimansion #vipava #vipavskadolina #vipavavalley

Ali ste vedeli, da ima MODRA KAVČINA - ŽAMETNA ČRNINA svoj dom v atriju Univerze v Novi Gorici v Dvorec Lanthieri v Vipavi?

Potomka najstarejše trte n a svetu iz Maribora je bila posajena 13. maja 2016.

// A descendant of the oldest vine plant from Maribor. Planted on 13th May 2016.

#univerzavnovigorici #universityofnovagorica #vinskatrta #dvoreclanthieri #lanthierimansion #vipava #vipavskadolina #vipavavalley

Scholarships for nationals of Western Balkans for post-graduate study in the field of natural sciences, technology and medicine at higher education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia in the year 2019 (Public Call no. 268) | Public...

Have a cup of coffee, think about it and apply until 2nd September 2019 👍 🤗 🤩 Who can apply? Nationals of Western Balkans for post-graduate (master or doctoral) studies in fields of natural science, technology or medicine at higher education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia.

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there" (Old saying) ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Study abroad or doing an exchange in another country many times brings you a new star in your life 🤩 🤩

This year's scholarship holders' contracts are safely packed, so expect your post soon 😊 📮

Summer time food, light and delicious...😋

Most Slovenes are on holidays these days 😎🏊‍♂️🚣‍♀️
More Slovene words on 🤩

A good book in the shade by the river like Soča is the best choice for the coming hot days 😊

STUDY ABROAD: Takuya Nakaizawa

Meet Takuya, a student from Japan who came here via our scholarship system...see more on our website under STUDY (exchage programmes - bilateral scholarhips) 😀 🙂 This week’s Study Abroad guest comes from Japan! Takuya Nakaizawa is not just a student at Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. He also teaches Japanese there! When it comes to partying, he says he can't understand how students who party every night can stay motivated for their studies. In Japan, parties ...

Did you see a sample document of obtaining a residence permit on our website, making your administrative tasks a bit easier ✍️ Goog luck with getting your papers ready when enrolling for study 😀

Enjoy your weekend🤩

Feel Slovenia


Explore Slovenian Destinations of Excellence!
The title has already been awarded to seven Slovenian destinations.
Visit Koper ⭐️ Brda ⭐️ Visit Idrija-UNESCO, Slovenia ⭐️ Kolpa River - Slovenia ⭐️ Laško, Slovenia ⭐️ Logarska-Solčavsko

[07/17/19]   On this #WorldEmojiDay
share with us your feelings about international study mobility - with Emoji only,
of course 😉 🤩

Showcase of Institutions - Study in Slovenia

On our website you have a search engine, where all our programmes and institutions are listed. However, some we expose even more and they have a special page - have a look our 4 universities that are most active in the Study in Slovenia initiative :)
( Study in Slovenia national initiative is growing each year. We are participating and presenting study options in Slovenia at many events – fairs, conferences, webinars… The numbers of potential and enrolled students are rising every year. We have dedicated this section on our web page SHOWCASE O...

Intern in Maribor

Why not staying for an internship?
Give it a thought 😄 😉

Intern in Maribor is a place to find an internship at the companies and institutions in the city of Maribor in it's surrounding area.

Education System of Slovenia - Part 7 (Tertiary Education)

Learn about our tertiary education system in a bit difrerent way 🤗 😄

Part 7: Tertiary education describes in more detail the two-fold system of tertiary education in Slovenia encompassing both short cycle higher vocational edu...

The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants In Europe – Big 7 Travel

Proud to see KUCHA restaurant among the selected best and Study in Slovenia has been there several times. 🍲🥗🍕
It's yummy, we guarantee ⭐️⭐️⭐️
'LIVE BEAUTIFULLY' 😉 From tiny vegan bistros to ethical fine dining and sushi joints. The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants in Europe 2019 showcase how creative vegan dishes can be.

Did you know that in Slovenia we say summer months are the time of "pickled cucumbers"? 😆
Meaning that there are no so many relevant news to be published as in the other months of the year. 🥒🥒

Doctoral students of Autonomous Vehicles Ceepus Summer School implemented by the Univerza v Mariboru - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 🚗 🚕
The list of summer schools is on our website under STUDY (exchange programmes) 🙂 🤩

Feel Slovenia

'LIVE BEAUTIFULLY' and enjoy the nature around you 🤩

Velika planina 💚
The largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe.
It’s a magical plateau with one of the largest herdsmen’s settlements in Europe. And you’re invited to learn about the fascinating life on the mountain pasture and sample the dairy goodies they’ll prepare for you. Go for a walk through the meadows or take a hike (or mountain bike) across the plateau. #ifeelsLOVEnia Velika Planina uradna stran Visit Kamnik

Consumer behaviour, sport tourism, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing... and many more subjects linked to the study of tourism that Univerza na Primorskem / University of Primorska is implementing. 🧳
The university is showcased also under Why Slovenia on our website ( 😁

Welcome to Slovenia

Why Slovenia? Well, listen to our video and discover all about it on our website, FB, Instagram and YouTube.
This is the first video in the series of short presentations we made together with our universities, so stay in touch with us for more...:) :)

On a hot day like today, this would be a good place to be 😉

Today we are in a lovely city of Laško, home of our largest beer company and refreshing thermal spa centre...with newly selected Erasmus+ projects that will enable more student mobility 😊

Eutopia, a European University

Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana is the coordinator of the freshly selected European university network, funded by Erasmus+ programme. 👏 🤝
We are very proud of this success and we wish this promising project a very bright future 🤩 🤩

"EUTOPIA, a new alliance of six European universities that strives to create a connected and inclusive academic community across the continent, launched its ...

Study In Europe

You can find Slovenia also by visiting the European portal, since we belong to the family of Study In Europe 🤩

Want to study in Europe but need more information? How to find the best institution for you and discover scholarships available?

Celebrating our Statehood Day 🇸🇮
In 1991 Slovenia became formally independent by adopting the Declaration of Independence and the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence. 🤗 🤗

Danube Compass

A platform for Danube region, available in 8 countries and 19 languages. Once you finish your studies and you may wish to migrate for work, just so you know it exists, we share it with you 😄 😃 Slovenia

Study in Slovenia's cover photo

Very useful and important word for the hot months ahead of us 🍨🍦
More Slovene on our website and 😋

Seeing the benefits the recent Erasmus+ impact study has shown, can you still find a reason why not to come to Slovenia for an exchange? 😉 😁
Our website has a special section on all study exchange possibilities, so check it out 🤩 🧐

Why choose School of Engineering and Management - University of Nova Gorica

"Good things may happen to those who wait, but the best things happen to those who try and dare to meet challenges", says Mariam. 😁😇
See more about the programmes and institutions also on ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Why choose School of Engineering and Management Impression of Georgian student in the project Infinity My name is Mariam Parekhelashvili, I come from Georgia and currently I am studying at the University of Nova Gorica, School of Engineering and Management (Nova Gorica is a city located at the borde...

University of Primorska among the U-Multirank Top 25 performers in the area of International Orientation of Programmes - UP FAMNIT

Great news for all the candidates wishing to study at Univerza na Primorskem / University of Primorska, we are proud to see our member doing so well 👏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ The University of Primorska received another important acknowledgment: the last results of the international university ranking programme U-Multirank 2019, brought to our university the title Global Top 25 performers in the field of international orientation of study programs. The excellent performa...

"Broken" plate & still full of yummy sweets. 🧁
Live beautifully and taste Slovenia while you're here 🥣

Pozor, razpis za štipendije je objavljen!

'APPLY NOW' for scholarships the Univerza na Primorskem / University of Primorska is offering to its students at all levels of study 🧐 😄 🤩 🤗 Tako letos že enajsto leto zapored UP razpisuje poziv, s katerim vabi vse kandidate ali študente, ki bodo v študijskem letu 2019/2020 vpisani v študijske programe 1., 2. ali 3. stopnje Univerze na Primorskem, da se prijavijo in tako izrazijo svoj interes za vključitev v sklad. 

Our Univerza v Mariboru scored great again when it comes to student satisfaction by Studyportals 🤩 🥳 😁

Get impressed by the Univerza v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana and their impressions in the form of student videos, statements and freshly made short videos by the university 😁 🙂
See here:

A bit different office day for Study in Slovenia-teambuilding matters 😃😄😎

Today we held a very important presentation of our programmes to a group of Slovene consuls that see the study abroad or exchange as an investment for the future society. 😃
Also our foreign minister spoke about the importance of Erasmus+ and exchange programmes! 🤗🤗

Taking part at Study In Europe webinar, presenting our FB live experinces 😄

'LIVE BEAUTIFULLY' Natural beauty is certainly one of the things we are mostly proud of. Find the section also on our website 🏞

Slovenia is criss-crossed with hiking trails. 🌳

Although many hikers tend to go to the mountains, the lowlands also have a certain charm. Tips on where you can find your new favourite trail. ⤵️

📷 Jošt Gantar I Feel Slovenia
#ifeelsLOVEnia #myway

Student Testimonials - Study in Europe

Welcome students, willing to share your experience and becoming an important motivator and role model for others, still thinking of doing their Study In Europe 🤗 😃
Thank you for taking this survey 🤩 💌 Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Imagine a piece of chocolate - InnoRenew CoE

Meet Kelly and her research in Slovenia, that is now become her lovely, welcoming home 😄 😃 “Opportunities opened when I thought everything was lost and I ended up in places I didn’t even know existed, living a life I never imagined to have,” says Kelly Peeters in the interview for InnoRenew in person.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ljubljana?

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Welcome to Slovenia
Think Brilliantly
Study in Slovenia - video promotion
Study in Slovenia, Raphael Hajizadeh, student from Azerbaijan





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Get all the information about the study programmes and learn about all your possibilities to study in Slovenia.

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Other Education in Ljubljana (show all)
CoderDojo Ljubljana CoderDojo Ljubljana
Ljubljana, 1000

Brezplačen tečaj programiranja za otroke, mladostnike in mlade po srcu.

6-Emotions 6-Emotions

Life Coaching

Poslovna Informativa Poslovna Informativa
Dunajska Cesta 18
Ljubljana, 1000

Poslovna Informativa je enodneven konferenčni dogodek, namenjen poslovnemu in strokovnemu izobraževanju, svetovanju in mreženju. 22. januar 2016

Otroški svet zabave Otroški svet zabave
Dunajska 197
Ljubljana, 1000

Organizacija otroških rojstnodnevnih zabav, fotografiranje.

Varni internet Varni internet
Cesta V Zgornji Log 32
Ljubljana, 1000

Uporabnikom spleta pomagamo do ključnih znanj, ki so v dobi digitalne tehnologije nujna za varno, odgovorno in učinkovito brskanje po spletu.

Akademija Panta Rei Akademija Panta Rei
Stegne 21 C
Ljubljana, 1000

Z vami delimo top svetovna znanja največjih svetovnih strokovnjakov, kot so Brian Tracy, Chet Holmes, Geoff Burch, Robert Rolih, Robert G. Allen in drugi.

Bio Tehna Bio Tehna
Kersnikova 4
Ljubljana, 1000

Biotehna is a place where we spurr curiousitiy, execute experiments and investigate fascinating correlations between nature and technology. Here artists and scientists combine live materials using engineering solutions in a creative and innovative way.

Šola Aromaterapije Šola Aromaterapije
Ljubljana, 1000

AROMATHERAPY INSTITUTE for development, education and training of aromatherapy, phytotherapy, herbalism and natural care.

SiMO Experience SiMO Experience

SiMO Experience is a specialized agency for the international student and teacher mobility based in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

Nacionalni inštitut za psihoterapijo Nacionalni inštitut za psihoterapijo
Leskoškova 9e
Ljubljana, 1000

Spoznaj osnove trgovanja in investiranja ter izkoristi svoj polni potencial.

Plesna šola orientalskih plesov Alje Shaar Plesna šola orientalskih plesov Alje Shaar
Društvena 20

Šola orientalskih plesov pod taktirko pionirke orientalskih plesov v Sloveniji, Alje Shaar