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I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge of sales, hotel operations and finance to help women and others develop and grow their businesses.

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge of sales, hotel operations and finance to help women develop and grow their businesses. Here's who I work with: ✓ VP of SALES or SALES MANAGERS - Does your sales force ever struggle to achieve their sales goals? We can teach them highly effective SELLING techniques to generate warm leads, more sales & exceed their sales quota. ✓ PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS - Would you like to bring your business on higher level? Expand and enter new markets? We can help you to define your goals, reorganize and set up business internationally in as little as 9 months! ►If you're interested in Selling Training or would you like to Develop the Business that produce outstanding results, email me at: [email protected]. Specialties: Sales Trainings, Business Development Consultancy, Hotel industry professional, Life coaching


Digitalni laboratorij 6. 6. 2019

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digitalni-laboratorij.si Vam spletni marketing predstavlja izziv? Si želite novih znanj, da boste enostavneje dosegali zastavljene cilje? Si želite tudi vi zaslužiti z digitalnimi mediji? Udeležite se seminarja Digitalni laboratorij: Kako doseči prodajne cilje z orodji digitalnega marketinga Opremite se z recepti za u....


Watch groundbreaking documentary series INTERCONNECTED - Limited Time

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interconnectedseries.com Discover what your doctor probably doesn't even know yet about how your body can heal from within. HINT- It's Microscopic

Razgaljene misli, mesečnik za prodajno odličnost, z zanimivostmi in trendi. V kolikor ga želite prejemati v svoj nabiralnik, sporočite.
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[04/19/19]   Delighted customers are the biggest new driver of growth.

[04/18/19]   Things won’t always go your way but your attitude will determine your success. By Bruce Kasanoff

[04/17/19]   Successful transformation in any company starts with “leaders living the change,” says Lydia Moussa.

[04/06/19]   #1 Selling secret:
"“It isn’t what you say and it isn’t how you say it.
It’s what you ASK.”

[04/05/19]   Sometimes the reason you can’t close a sale is because the sale was never opened to begin with. (by ASB)

[03/27/19]   “The trouble with experience is that she
Gives you the test and then the lesson."

[03/18/19]   Your future will be filled with joy. You only need to believe in the invisible powers which are awaiting a sign from you.

[02/27/19]   Nemogoče je prevzeti nadzor nad seboj, če ne znamo poimenovati dogodkov okoli nas.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~Hafiz of Shiraz by Woman UnRuled


Join The Superhuman Brain Masterclass from Decmber 3 - 9, 2018!

superhumanbrainmasterclass.com Your brain is under attack -- disorders like depression, anxiety, headaches, ADHD, memory loss, epilepsy, dementia and other neurological disorders are MORE prevalent than ever before! Get the SUPERhuman Brain MASTERCLASS UPGRADES to prevent and heal from these attacks!

Poglej, če si podjetnik med 25 in 40.

Več informacij o brezplačnem čikaškem 5-tedenskem podjetniškem programu na spletni strani www.ceed-slovenia.org/chicago ...Program je namenjen podjetnikom in predstavnikov podjetniškega podpornega okolja. Zakaj - si poglejte izkušnje skoraj vseh udeležencev.

Rok za prijavo: 30.11.2018.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” _Elbert Hubbard

“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” _Francois de La Rochefoucauld, French author, 1613-1680

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.” _David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the
ordinary.” _Jim Rohn

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than
as you think it should be.” _Wayne W. Dyer, author

[06/26/18]   You do not get rejected, you get redirected.


The Human Longevity Project

Za lepše in daljše življenje!

thunderclap.it WAKE UP! Millions Of Premature Deaths Can Be Prevented Right Now! Don't Miss This FREE Documentary Film Series... http://thndr.me/iqUvl4

Artie Wu | Preside Meditation

When you have a strong feeling of being “never good enough”, it will typically come in 4 distinct forms:

1. Competence

The feeling that I am “never good enough” at some skill or ability, like making money, being “perfect” or something else I “should” be good at.

2. Body

The feeling that my body is not good enough — I am not thin enough, strong enough, tall enough or pretty enough.

3. Identity

The feeling that I am somehow the “wrong kind” of person — it could be my gender, my race, my sexual orientation or even my personality.

4. Relationship

The feeling that “I will be loved only if I am _____.” This “_____” could be based on my career success (competence), my body appearance (body), my willingness to “change who I am” (identity) or something else, where I feel I will ONLY get love, IF a separate condition is also met.

Why You Have It

If you have some combination of these four, it is usually the result of an inner emotional wound that was suffered in early life – through no fault of your own.

This type of wound is typically inherited from one’s parents, and it is transmitted unwittingly and without malice.

However, once the seeds of these beliefs are planted and not corrected, they will lead to feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, anger and even self-harm and depression, all throughout one’s life.

How to Heal It

The key to truly healing this wound is not to fight the negative inner voice, or to forcibly numb it with alcohol, food, or perfectionism, but instead to try and rescue it – this forceful inner voice is actually an integral part of you – a part of your deep inner self, which has been cut off from you, and it is wounded and in pain.

This is the true meaning of “recovery” – that you must recover this exiled part of you, so that you may become truly whole and healed.

Here at Preside, we teach a very specific, unique method for helping people heal this type of wound, gently and privately. Tap "Learn More" below to hear a version of the method that can take as little as 7 days to complete, and is 100% online.

I guarantee that by the end of this 6-minute briefing, you will already feel better, and will have a clear path for how to fully heal this wound in your own life, once and for all.

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“Thank you so much for everything - hard to believe I have gained so much from following a Facebook click through!” Adele W



cotruglialumni | Prijava forum Mike George 10.05.2018.

Mike Gorge..love it🐞🐞🐞🐞

cotruglialumni.rs Prijava forum Mike George 10.05.2018.


Sporočilo ob koncu tedna… »Vedite, da ne moremo nikoli zares predvideti, kako naj bi se stvari dogajale v našem življenju. Pred vami leži veliko razpotje, ki vam bo spremenilo življenje. Vaša situacija, ki vas obremenjuje, vas vabi, da izberete smer. Morate se odločiti. Sprememba je neizbežna, smer spremembe pa je odvisna od vas. Lahko le prevzamete odgovornost zase in kako se odločite ravnati. V trenutku, ko mislite, da veste, kako bi naj bilo, se stvari popolnoma preobrnejo. Če nekaj ne deluje, sta razloga lahko dva: ali še niste pripravljeni ali pa obstaja boljša pot. Ne glede na to, kaj se vam dogaja, je to čas obnovljenega upanja. Novi občutek bo začel vreti v vas in morda boste začeli dobivati signale iz sveta okoli sebe, da prihajajo nove priložnosti. Prav zdaj imate na voljo celo vesolje možnosti, a ne boste ga našli na starih krajih s starimi načini. To je čas, da poiščete nove poti, občutja ali zamisli in… tvegate. Pred vami leži veliko razpotje, ki vam bo spremenilo življenje. Vabi vas, da izberete smer. Morate se odločiti. Sprememba je neizbežna, smer spremembe pa je odvisna od vas. Morda greste prav zdaj, v teh dneh, skozi obdobje zmede, frustracije ali celo brezupa. Morda ste pred kratkim doživeli izgubo in ugotovili, da nekoga, za kogar ste upali, da bo z vami v življenju, več ni. Ne bodite preveč razočarani, kajti vse se vam dogaja z razlogom in trenutna sprememba, vam prinaša povsem nove dimenzije življenja. Sprememba vam prinaša možnosti napredka in premika iz dane situacije ali okolja, da boste bližje temu, kar si je izbrala vaša duša. Bodite pozorni saj boste začeli dobivati signale iz sveta okoli sebe, da prihajajo nove priložnosti. Dogajajo se, ali pa se bodo začeli, veliki dogodki, ki vam bodo spremenili življenje. Pomembno je, da ostanete osredotočeni, jasni in prisotni. Življenje pogosto poskrbi za velike spremembe, ki so izven vašega razumevanja in nadzora, a še vedno je to vaše življenje in vaši odzivi. Le vaša pripravljenost biti odgovoren zase, bo določila, kako čudovite bodo te spremembe.« Deževno bo, pa vseeno nasmeh na obrazu in pozitivna naravnanost v glavi lahko prežene tudi te… lep vikend vsem.


Nekaj za duso🌼🌼🌼🌼

Join the author of the "Conversation with God" book series, Neale Donald Walsch, as he guides you through the most important transition of your life: The awakening of the real you.

Based on the incredible wisdom and insights of his latest "CWG" book, experience a FREE 60-minute Masterclass with a living legend.

Click here to book your free spot:


#82 - Compassion and Resiliency - with Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD - Reboot

reboot.io As leaders, navigating the balance between serving our vision and supporting those who are integral to its success can be a delicate line to walk. When we stand as warriors, with strong backs and open hearts, the seeds of servant leadership are planted. As servant leaders, we create safe, structured...


From fear to love. #love #spiriton

Wow! This is really powerful!

Evercoach by Mindvalley

Are you overthinking how you coach?

Is this preventing you from being truly present with your clients?

Watch this video and learn a simple 2-step coaching model that will help you connect with your clients in a deeper way, and then click here for more >> https://www.evercoach.com/impacting-leaders/online-training/invite

[04/03/18]   BY MADISYN TAYLOR
Awareness of gratitude will allow you to savor and, above all, appreciate your life with renewed grace.


After 26 years as CEO of a huge public company, my main regret is that I didn't fire more people

True. So true.

businessinsider.com Former CEO of Panera Bread Ron Shaich explains why, as a leader, it is important to confront employees who are no longer an asset to the team.


I Tried Sheryl Sandberg's 'Spiral-Notebook' Productivity Hack for 30 Days. Here Are My 5 Takeaways.

Action selling😍

entrepreneur.com When in over your head, ask yourself "What would Sheryl do?"

A Plus

If women aren't given a seat at the table, Meghan Markle is ready to create a new table.

If women aren't given a seat at the table, Meghan Markle is ready to create a new table.


RAIN Selling: How to Lead Masterful Sales Conversations

Postani mojster prodajnih pogovorov.

rainsalestraining.com In this article, learn how the acronym RAIN from our RAIN Selling methodology can help you lead masterful sales conversations.


Pravočasno se pripravite na vpis v register dejanskih lastnikov.


Peter Merc: »Dejanski potencial blockchaina se šele nakazuje« — Mladipodjetnik.si

mladipodjetnik.si O tehnologiji veriženja blokov se v zadnjem času veliko govori. Pred začetkom Blockchain Roadshowa, v okviru katerega boste spoznali blockchain in njegove potenciale, smo se pogovarjali z vodjo Blockchain Think Tanka dr. Petrom Mercem.

Having money to spend rightly or wrongly is the best way to live fully.


How One Entrepreneur Turned $200 Into a Seven7-Figure Business Group


entrepreneur.com Jessica Abo sits down with the serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and business athlete behind JNK and Co.


Inside Sales Summit: 50+ Interviews with the Best in Sales — Inside Sales Summit: 50+ Interviews with the Best in Sales

Free to join. From Nov 13 - 17, 2017.



#SumUpAir je popolna rešitev za sprejemanje plačil v vašem podjetju. Brez mesečnih stroškov. Omogoča sprejem vseh kartic.


20 Creative Agencies You Should Follow on Instagram

blog.hubspot.com Get inspired by these impressively creative agency Instagram accounts.


This Video By Neale Donald Walsch Will Give You Chills & Remind You Of Your Divinity

Pogovori z Bogom, se spomnite knjige? Sedaj na voljo tudi video avtorja. Super je.

mindvalleyacademy.com The best-selling author of Conversations With God shares an important message about the new awakening of humanity and the divine that exists in all of us.


Introducing Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen

Prijavite se na brezplačen seminar #mindwalley #jeffreyallen #trascendence

courses.mindvalleyacademy.com Introducing Unlocking Transcendence... A 60-Day Quest By Master Healer Jeffrey Allen To Help You (And Your Fellow Seekers) Step Outside The Material World And Achieve Self-Transcendence


Is Personal Growth Broken?

courses.mindvalleyacademy.com Explore a new paradigm for elevating yourself and the planet. And why it’s now more important than ever to look beyond personal growth.


Info o Arag zavarovanjih pri #Klarion

Če vas odpustijo ...


FREE LIVE Training Webinar - The Ninja Networker

theninjanetworker.com How To Recruit More People Into Your Network Marketing Business Without Prospecting A Single Person.

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