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Commencement date of School Academy Year 2024 is Monday 15th.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) strongly reminds School leaders and Education providers that the commencement date for the School Academy Year is Monday 15th, January 2024.
This fulfil requirements as specified under Section 60 (1)(a) of the new Education Act 2023 which states the Permanent Secretary must for year determine the terms, days and hours for the provision of education at schools or ece centers.
This means no Education Authority shall in respect of school alter the dates of terms without prior approval by the Permanent Secretary.
Before any school can announce its starting date other than the date declared by the Ministry, -prior permission must be obtained from the Permanent Secretary.
The ministry is aware some schools have set the commencement date of their school academy year on Monday 22 January 2024. This date is contrary to the date set by MEHRD which is 15 January.
The registration weeks begins as of Monday 8th to Friday 12th January 2024.
School Principals, Head Teachers and ECE Supervisors should be at their respective schools to administer these student registrations and support students settle into school.



The new Education Act 2023 came into force on Monday, January 1st, 2024, following the assent by the Governor General, Sir David Vunagi, and the signing by the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), Hon. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada, on December 14th, 2023.
The commencement date of the Education Act 2023 is published in Legal Notice No. 85 of 2023. This means that the Education Act comes into operation on January 1st, 2024, replacing the Education Act of 1978 (CAP 69).
The commencement of the Act marks a landmark achievement for the country, addressing the administration and regulation of Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary Education. This includes provisions for the registration of teachers, education providers, schools, and early childhood education centres, thereby repealing the Education Act (CAP.69) and addressing related purposes.
The achievement is historic for the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) through MEHRD. The Education Bill project commenced in 2014 with the review and wide-country consultations on the Education Act of 1978. The drafting of the Education Bill was guided by the Education White Paper, which Parliament passed in August 2015. The Education White Paper provided the drafting policy for the new Education Act of 2023.
The new Act grants powers to the Minister and Permanent Secretary to administer the implementation of the Act and subordinate documents. These include Education Regulations, Funding Code, Education Learning Framework, and Administrative Instructions. The provisions cover various aspects, such as Provincial Education Coordination, Education Providers, School Boards and School Communities, Schools, Early Childhood Education Centres, Teachers and Leaders, and Forms.
While the ministry (MEHRD) acknowledges the commencement of the Act, not every provision will be enacted on the commencement date. An implementation plan devised by the Education Legislative Framework-Technical Working Group (ELF TWG) will guide the Ministry on what provisions get implemented sequentially.
Key features of the Education Act include:
• Fostering an understanding and critical appreciation of moral, spiritual, religious, social, and cultural values shaping Solomon Islands society.
• Promoting culture, customs, values, and attitudes fostering societal harmony and positive outcomes.
• Nurturing a sense of personal identity, self-esteem, and awareness of one’s abilities, aptitudes, and limitations.
• Promoting equal educational opportunity for all, addressing economic, social, physical, and mental factors hindering potential development.
• Developing intellectual skills, a spirit of inquiry, and the capacity to analyze issues critically and constructively.
• Fostering a spirit of self-reliance, innovation, initiative, and imagination.
• Providing students with the necessary education to support the country’s economic development and enable effective societal contributions.
• Creating tolerant, responsible, caring, and politically aware citizens who understand their rights and responsibilities.
• Ensuring young Solomon Islanders acquire a keen awareness of their national heritage, identity, and respect and care for the environment.
Meanwhile, the Ministry acknowledges the governments of Australia and New Zealand for their continuous financial support under the Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) towards the education reform program leading to the commencement of the Act.

SISC RESULTS - Google Drive 06/01/2024

The Ministry would like to advise that the SISC results for Malaita Schools have now been updated. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you so much.

See links below:

SISC RESULTS - Google Drive


2023 National Examination results released

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) on Friday 5th January 2024, released the national examination results for year 9,11 and 12.
This was after the Caretake Minister of MEHRD Hon. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada signed off the results today (Friday 5th).
This is in accordance with Part 7, Division 2, section 64(1) of the Education Act 2023; Part 3, Division (20)(1) and Division 3 (22) of the Secondary Education Certificates Scheme.
Hon Lanelle congratulates all the students for their successful examination results despite of challenges and short academy year.
The outcomes of these results were a result of their hard work and support from parents, guardians and teachings staffs at our schools throughout the country.
MEHRD is delighted to highlight the significance of our students’ performances in the 2023 National Examinations.
At Year 9, 35% of the 2023 cohort have achieved above minimum aggregate score of 212 (aggregate score range of 212-400). For Solomon Islands Secondary Certificate (SISC), 72.9 % of the 2023 cohort have achieved at and above minimum aggregate of 318 (aggregate score range of 318-600) and Solomon Island National F6 School, 58.8% of the cohort have achieved at and above minimum aggregate score of 265 (aggregate score range of 265-500).
Female continue to dominate the overall high performance compared to their male counterparts. At year 12, highest achiever is a female with an achieved total aggregate score of 356 out 500. At Year 11, highest achiever is also a female with an achieved total aggregate score of 549 out of 600. At year 9, highest achiever is a male with an achieved total aggregate score of 345 out of 400.
For per subject at Year 9 the highest percentage of candidates achieving above the minimum final subject score is in the Social Studies paper and the least percentage is in Mathematic. This is a continued trend from previous administration of Year 9 Examination.
At Year 11 cohort of students achieving at and above the minimum subject score of 53 (range 53-100). The percent values of 2023 cohort that did not pass per exam paper indicates the percentage of year 11 achieving subject score less than 53. Highest percentages of candidates pass score are in Science and Home Economics.
At Year 12, highest percent of candidate achieving at and above the minimum subject final score Computer Studies, Design Technology and Accounting. Subject with smallest percentage of the cohort achieving at and above the minimum are history and Geography. Just above 50 percent of the cohort are achieving at and above the minimum in the Science (Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture and Physics), indicating a strong interest in Science at Year 12 despite challenges with access to Science teaching resources in schools.
The ministry acknowledges that access to secondary education is still a challenge and would need collective effort of stakeholders to ensure increased access by our children to complete secondary education.
The transition rate to year 13 continues to remain around 17-18 % for the third consecutive year. This attributes to the availability of space in our senior secondary school. It certainly does not reflect outstanding capabilities of our senior secondary students across our schools.
There were number of individual successes at all ability levels and behind every set of examination result there is a personal story of hard work, commitment and perseverance which we are keen to celebrate. Hence, MEHRD wish to celebrate this progress with all our students today.
These results now allow our students to take the next step in their education endeavor.


MEHRD receives kind donation of NCERT textbooks from India

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) on Friday 22nd December, 2023 received a kind donation of NCERT Textbooks of Science, Maths and English from the government of India.

The textbooks were handed over by India High Commissioner to Solomon Islands His Excellency Inbaskar Sundaramurthi and received by Acting Permanent Secretary Linda Wate witnessed by MEHRD staffs.

These textbooks will be delivered to King George Six, Waimapuru National Secondary Schools and public schools in Honiara.

Speaking at the handover ceremony Acting PS Linda Wate believes that the NCERT textbooks of Science, Maths and English for grade 7-12 will be of great benefit to the students and teachers for reference purposes.

She said textbooks are important and beneficial for teachers and students and they should be made available and accessible to students and teachers.

“ I believe, these textbooks would enhance the teaching and learning process, ensuring teachers to teach better and students can learn better and more broadly.

“I am aware most of the states in India have adopted NCERT Textbook for classes 1 to 12 into their curriculum as the main course books for key subjects like Science, Maths and English.

“Your Excellency, these are also core subjects in the Solomon Islands Syllabus so these textbooks surely will promote research in various areas link to education, in preparing and publishing model textbooks and supplementary materials, developing education kits and devising innovative techniques among others,” she said.

Mrs Wate also highlights that the Ministry has celebrated the passing of the Education Act 2023 and preparing for the commencement of the Act.

She said under the new Education Act 2023 the Ministry have learning frameworks for early childhood, primary and secondary education.

“Learning frameworks are fundamental to achieving good educational outcomes and these textbooks are relevant to meeting the student need in the everchanging social and economic circumstances of the country, and as well in the pacific region and the rest of the world,” she said.

She concludes that the textbooks will go a long way in building new and crafty citizens of our country who will one day take on the leadership of Solomon Islands in the future.

MEHRD Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development 18/12/2023

Year 7 Placement 2024 Released

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) has released the Year 7 Placement 2024.
Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie declares the Solomon Islands Year 7 Placement today, Monday 18th, December 2023.
“I declare the following Solomon Islands Year 7 Placement results enclosed herewith are accurate of the students’ achievements.
“I now grant permission for their release of the Year 7 Placement results to the Education Authority (Education Provider to be), schools and the public,” he said.
The placement of the 2023 Year 6 students to Year 7 for 2024 was successfully carried out in accordance with the Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance Examination (SISEE) phase out Placement Guideline 2019.
This year’s Year 7 Placement records 12,365 students of which 6,403 are females and 5,962 are males from 731 primary schools across the country.
The 12,365 students are placed according to their choices and clusters in the 355-secondary school (including Community High Schools, Stand-alone Secondary Schools, Provincial Secondary School and National Secondary Schools).
For primary schools who have not submitted their 2023 Class Application and Ranking Forms for Placement will be placed in their cluster Community High Schools.
Parents and guardians of the concerned students are advised to contact their respective Education Authorities (Education Provider to be) of their school for confirmation of their children Year 7 Placement.
The Year 7 Placement can be accessed on the MEHRD website:

MEHRD Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development

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The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) on Friday 15th December 2023 farewelled a long-serving Technical Advisor McGreggor Richards with a luncheon and gift presentation.
Advisor Richard, from Papua New Guinea has served the Ministry as Finance Advisor for the past seven years.
In a brief remarks Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie said the ministry is indebted to him adding his contribution has set a benchmark to the ministry’s financial management system.
“You have set a benchmark to the ministry financial management system,” he said.
Mr. Richard during his term has been providing advice to the Ministry’s Finance and Account division to ensure better financial management system.
He also inspired the MEHRD staff to learn and add value to their work.
In reciprocating this Mr. Richard acknowledges the Ministry for the opportunity to serve saying he had indeed learnt a lot which he will takes home as happy memory.
“It’s been a huge team work and I really enjoy my time and support of the Ministry,” he said.

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MEHRD takes pride in cleaning up the City ready for the opening of the Pacific Games 2023

As the country welcomes all the pacific countries for the XVII Pacific Games 2023, the Ministry of Education and Human and Resources Development (MEHRD) joined all public servants for a final clean up ahead of the opening ceremony set for Sunday 19th, November 2023.
Braving the heat, the MEHRD staff cleaned up both sides of the street from Fishing Village Plaza to Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarter.
The MEHRD staff took pride of its country for hosting the biggest international event ever hosted in the country that surely will leave a long-lasting legacy of change and unity for the people of the country.
Already, ordinary citizens of the country are feeling the excitement of the two-week festival of sports.
The opening ceremony of the 2023 Pacific Games is expected to be a memorable and spectacular.
Solomon Islands is chasing 40 gold medals and let’s see what our athletes can do.
The ministry wishes all Team Solomon athletes all the best.

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Education Authorities familiarize in linking the Education Act 2023 with Subordinate Documents

A week-long Bi-Annual Education Authority Forum is currently underway at Pagoda conference room at Henderson in East Honiara.
The forum commenced on Monday 13th and will conclude on Friday 17th, November 2023.
About 70 participants comprising of Education Authorities (soon to become Education Providers under the new Education Act), Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) officials and stakeholders are participating in the forum.
Organized by the Education Authority Support Unit (soon to become Education Provider Support Unit - EPSU) under the new Education Act 2023), the bi-annual forum was to set a foundation for all EPs to familiarize themselves with the Education Act 2023 and to understand the link to the subordinate documents, contribute ideas to the socialization of the ELF and identify immediate actions in preparation for the commencement and implementation of the Education Act 2023.
The discussions on the first day centred around the commencement of the Education Act 2023 especially its content and its link to the subordinate documents was led by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Franco Rodie.
There was a high level of participation from the participants as reflected in the group discussions.
On the second day, Tuesday 14th November, the discussions focused on the Education Providers Administrative Instruction, expectations and implications of each EP, as well as the function of the Provincial Education Coordination (PECO) office and the staff who are expected to man the office and the EPs officers in the province.
On Wednesday 15 November, the participants will deliberate on the implications for each EP, particularly on three Administrative Instructions (AI); these are (AI) 1: Provincial Coordination, AI 4: Schools and AI 6: Teachers and Leaders.
On Thursday 16 November the participants will look into managing changes that are anticipated to occur under the Education Act, what they can do at the commencement of the Act, strategy to disseminate the Education Legislative Framework and share thoughts on the implementation and best practices.
At the conclusion of the Forum on Friday 17th November the participants will discuss the delegated functional and reporting structures to be introduced, funding code, cost of educating a child, teacher service division support to EP, Solomon Island Information Management Information system, Monitoring and Evaluation, Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance Assessment year 7 placement finalization and Education Planning Support Unit (EPSU) 2024 planning.


Minister of Education highlights the country’s policy on UNESCO, the core mandate discipline at the 42nd UNESCO General Conference

Solomon Islands remains committed to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the core mandate discipline on peacebuilding, climate change mitigation, sustainable development goals (SDG), protection of cultural heritage and freedom of expression.
Minister for Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD), Hon. Lanelle Tanangada highlighted these statements when delivering her address at the General Policy Debates of the 42nd Session of the UNESCO General Conference on Wednesday 8th November in Paris, at the UNESCO Headquarter.
She said Solomon Islands as a country is building peace initiatives to maintain peace and harmony amongst its people.
In recognition of that, the Solomon Islands include peace education in its curriculum to promote unity in diversity for future generations.
A testimony of peace building initiative in Solomon Islands is hosting of the Pacific Games from November 19th - 2nd December 2023 that will unify, not only nine provinces of the country but also 24 countries of the Pacific region.
Minister Lanelle also highlighted that the biggest threat to the country is the impact of climate change and natural disaster risks.
She said Solomon Islands, like other Pacific Island countries has experienced disasters and climate change, ranking second highest globally for disaster risk in 2021.
She added that Solomon Islands have experienced 29 major disaster events, primarily comprising extreme weather and climate-related hazards, followed by geophysical hazards over the past decades.
She said to mitigate the situation, the country has come up with measures including learning frameworks, teaching and learning resources to integrate and mainstream climate and disaster resilience and sustainable development, gender equality, conflict resolution, peace and unity, and social inclusion, including disability awareness.
Minister Lanelle also emphasised the pressing education issues that continue to face Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific to achieve SDG goals.
She said in the context of Solomon Islands, the diverse cultures, values, geographical location of the Pacific Islands, connectivity, resources and assistance, the COVID-19 pandemic have remained challenges to ensuring students’ learning continuity as well as quality and relevance in basic education are achieved at some level.
“This calls for greater cooperation among SIDS and National Commissions to better contribute to UNESCO’s work in their countries as well as maintaining the visibility of UNESCO’s presence in the Pacific.
“For Education, as enshrined in the SDG4 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion or culture has the right to quality education, health, hygiene, care and protection,” Minister Lanelle said.
She said Solomon Islands is committed and can and will deliver adequate and quality educational services across the country, and is thriving to improve the education system in the country under the current education reform.
Minister Lanelle further highlighted that legal protection of cultural heritages remained a priority of her country to manage and administer.
She made reference in support of the East Rennell World Heritage Site program which Solomon Islands is working closely with UNESCO through Netherland Funds, Japan and interested partners in ensuring East Rennell is removed from the danger list by 2025.
In concluding her address, she emphasized the Solomon Islands long-term commitment to promoting freedom of expression and information.
She said Solomon Islands is pleased to have a media watch set up to maintain freedom of information by the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI).
In recognition of that, Minister Lanelle stated that the Solomon Islands National Commission of UNESCO had provided financial support to host the 6th Pacific Media Summit in September 2022 along with PINA and MASI. The theme of the media summit was, “The Digital Revolution – Transforming Threats into Opportunities for the Pacific Media.”



A consignment of 92,400 mathematic books for primary schools have arrived in the country on October 28, 2023 and will be delivered to schools early next year.
These books have been written by local writers with support from Cognition Education International technical advisers and structurally edited in New Zealand by Wavelength the sister company of Cognition Education.
These new teaching and learning resources have been published as part of the Curriculum Development project being managed by Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) in partnership with Cognition Education technical support.
The project is supported by the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and Solomon Islands through the Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program.
The 92,400 mathematics books comprise of Years 3 and 4 Learner’s Books (2 volumes per title), Years 3, 4, and 5 Teacher’s Guides and Years 3 and 4 Copy Masters (reproducible templates).
The print numbers allow for 20 copies of each Learner’s Book to go to all Solomon Islands primary schools, as well as 5 copies of each Teacher’s Guide and Copy Master book.
The colleagues in MEHRD, particularly the Curriculum Development Division have been central to this project and its creative processes.
It is important that the learning materials for teachers and students are developed with a Solomon Islands’ ‘lens’ to ensure they are culturally robust, educationally sound, address cross cutting issues and reinforce key values and competencies (the six Solomon Islands Capabilities).
Equally important is to ensure the books are practical in terms of being used in classroom settings with resources commonly available in schools.
These books have been developed around a body of research that shows a significant and positive relationship between the availability of teaching and learning resources and effective content delivery by teachers.
The implication is that when enough high-quality resources are available there will be better teaching and learning outcomes.
Designed to be engaging and enjoyable for learner’s, these mathematics books also align with current ‘best practice’ for Solomon Island teachers.


Minister of Education attends 42nd UNESCO General Conference

Minister for Education, Honourable Lanelle Tanangada is amongst Ministers of Education and Senior Ministry of Education and Training officials from the Pacific Island countries attending the 42nd session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) General Conference which kicks off on Tuesday 7th, November, 2023.
The 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference will run for three weeks from 7th - 22nd November in Paris, at the UNESCO Headquarter.
Delegations from member countries of the UNESCO are also attending the General Conference.
The General Conference is held every two years, and is attended by Member States and Associate Members of the UNESCO, together with observers for non-Member States, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Solomon Islands has a longstanding relationship with UNESCO since its membership in 1993, and this year, Solomon Islands National Commission to UNESCO is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our membership to UNESCO
The 41st session of General Conference was held around the same month of November 2021. It occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and so the Ministry of Education delegation was unable to travel and attend the General Conference. Instead, the Solomon Islands was represented at the 41st General Conference by its Ambassador to UNESCO, HE Jean Paul Carteron.
Honourable Tanangada is accompanied by Ms Sophie Liligeto - senior officer of International Education Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development which is responsible for UNESCO programmes and activities.
Hon Tanangada will deliver a Country Statement during the Plenary and General Policy Debate of the 42nd session of General Conference.

Photos from Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands's post 08/11/2023

The Education Communication & Promotion Unit - Strategy Support Division, in collaboration with the Program Communication Unit of the Education Support Sector, is delighted to present the first edition of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development Newsletter

Click the link below to download a PDF copy.

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Permanent Secretary, Dr. Rodie is confident, the Education Act 2023 will set strategies for improving educational quality in the country

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Dr Franco Rodie is confident the Education Act 2023 will improve access to quality of education and have a significant impact on learners in the country.
He highlighted this during an official celebration to mark the passing of the Education Bill 2023 on Wednesday 25th, October at the Pacific Crown Hotel.
The Education Bill 2023 was passed by Parliament without amendments on October 12th, 2023.
The Bill passed becomes an Act after the Governor General assents it. The Act will cater for the administration and regulation of Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary Education, including registration of teachers, education providers, schools, and early childhood education centres. The Act also provides provisions to repeal the Education Act 1978 (Cap. 69) and for related purposes.
Dr Rodie, in his closing remarks of the celebration, said the country is at a real crossroads, at a decisive moment in the history of education and we cannot squander by going back to the old education system.
“With our new Education Act and the subordinate documents such as the Education Funding Code, Administrative Instructions, and Learning Framework, I am confident that we will improve the quality of education in our country and have a significant impact on our learners,” he said.
Dr Rodie said the commencement date of the Education Act is yet to be decided and the work is far from over.
But with what has been accomplished, it has made a difference to the key education stakeholders and beneficiaries of our education system and our children.
He said one of the biggest takeaways from this achievement is the importance of intentional collaboration at all levels of the education system, other key education stakeholders or agencies that support students, families and teachers and their wellbeing.

He said the new Education Act has shifted our ambitions for the next 10 years-from not only emphasizing education for all but learning for all.
He said what we should be saying today is that with the guidance of the Education Act and new strategies to improve teaching and learning, our children, school-aged boys and girls in every corner of our country, must be able to go to schools and reap the benefits of life-long learning.
“We have the courage to say, we can and must, do better this time around,” PS Dr Rodie said.
He further adds that the Education Act and subordinate documents and other documents that his Ministry has developed with support from development partners emphasise the importance of a child’s education and our aspirations to do things differently and still achieve the desired educational outcomes.
While there is progress being made, Dr Rodie said more effort is needed to translate the slogan of leaving no one behind into reality.
Meanwhile, he acknowledges the governments of Australia and New Zealand for the continuous financial support towards the education reform program of his ministry.
One of the key reforms undertaken by MEHRD is developing the new Education Act 2023.

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