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This page is for helping parents better communicate and know how to prepare and follow up with their kids during learning process in K-grades.


It's hard to see in this image, but that's Suave hair conditioner. 1 part white hair conditioner + 4 parts baking soda = cool fluffy sensory fun!


Dear parents...
Kindly note that starting from tomorrow all photos will be posted on your class dojo app... plz download and start using it. This page will be only for general tips that may help u with your children. Best of luck 🌹🌹


Dear parents, starting from Sunday our fastest and online communication will be through a mobile application called "class dojo", you are kindly requested to check the diaries today and on Sunday to install the app as mentioned in the paper stapled on the diary. And it will be as follows:
1- install the app from App store or Play store.
2-select parent icon.
3-write your email and parent's account code that is sent in the diary.
4-now you joined the class. And you will be able to view your kid's photos, contact the teacher anytime, get a daily feedback for your child.

All our best wishes for a year full of success.
See you there. Bye bye🤗





Hamra Destrict

Other Schools in Riyadh (show all)
Amjad Qurtoba International School Amjad Qurtoba International School
Qurtuba District

AQIS is the international section which provides international standardized curriculum for Arab students

Al-Noor's Leeway (SCO) Al-Noor's Leeway (SCO)
Ziadaha Bin Al Waleed St., Al Washam, Riyadh

A page created by the members of the SCO of Al-Noor International School. This group will be revolved around updating, surveying and conducting polls!

الارشاد الطلابي بثانوية قرطبة الاهلية بنين الارشاد الطلابي بثانوية قرطبة الاهلية بنين
منطقة عقاذ

أعمال الإرشاد الطلابي بالمدرسة

Al Majd International school Al Majd International school
Al Madina Al Munawara Street Girls Section. Al Namar Exit 25 Boys Section
Riyadh, 11564

Almajd International school is one of the leading schools in riyadh. Its American curriculum has started for the boys and girls.

Riaz khan Riaz khan
Saudi Arab

دار البصائر لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم دار البصائر لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم
الملز_ شارع جرير_السعدية
Riyadh, 12832

جوال المدرسة في الفترة الصباحية:0562849523 جوال المدرسة في الفترة المسائية : 0561790735 يرجى الإتصال فقط في الدوام الرسمي للفترتين

UKuni Education Services UKuni Education Services
6195 King Abdullah Road
Riyadh, 12481

استشارات نعليمية وتسجيل مجاني في الجامعات البريطانية ومعاهد ومدارس اللغة الانجليزية حول العالم. درجات البكالوريوس والماجستير والدكتوراه

مدارس الأحمدية الأهلية مدارس الأحمدية الأهلية
شارع الامير أحمد بن عبدالعزيز
Riyadh, 12933

نساهم في بناء جيل يحقق رؤية وطن

PISR - Pakistan International School Riyadh PISR - Pakistan International School Riyadh
An Nasiriyah, 12732
Riyadh, 12732

Officially approved page of Pakistan International School Nasiriyah, Riyadh. Managed by In charge Social Media and Media Coordinators under the supervision of Principal.

Nawabegh Al Riyadh International School Nawabegh Al Riyadh International School
Exit 28 Almadenah Almnwarah Street

مدارس نوابغ الرياض العالمية اول مدرسة في جنوب غرب الرياض

Alshoula School Alshoula School
حي الضباط
Riyadh, 9539

مدارس الشعلة الأهلية بالرياض تأسست عام 1407هـ