Dar Jana International Schools

Renowned International School Following the American Curriculum BELIEFS

1. Ensure safe facilities for the welfare and security of DJIS students.

Strive for educational excellence and high standards of achievement of the students.
2. Develop a community where students, parents and teachers collaborate as one team enhancing cooperation and responsibility towards others.
3. Encourage creativity by involving students in analytical thinking: critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving.
4. Embrace diversity and equality; create a

Operating as usual


🌟 From Learners to Leaders! At Dar Jana, we believe in preparing our students to lead with integrity and vision. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter future! 🚀📚

For registration, contact us at: +966 54 236 7021


🌟 Discover Your Path to Excellence! Admission is now open at Dar Jana International School. Join us on a journey of growth, learning, and leadership. 📚✨

For registration, contact us at: +966 54 236 7021


📚✨ Unlock Your Potential at Dar Jana! Admission is now open for aspiring scholars who dream of a future where they become WISE: Well-rounded, Interdependent, Self-directed, and Ethical leaders. 🌟
At Dar Jana, we nurture students to grow from learners to leaders, empowering them to shape a brighter tomorrow! 🎓💡

For registration, contact us at: +966 54 236 7021


🏆✨ Meet Manal Al Askari, a shining star from Grade 12, who has just been honored with an award at IBDAA 2024 - ابداع 2024! 🌟 Her outstanding achievements have earned her one of the prestigious Ricoh awards! 🎉👏
We’re incredibly proud of Manal’s dedication and talent, and we can’t wait to see where her creativity takes her next! 🚀

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 03/03/2024

🎉🏆 Congratulations to our exceptional delegates!

Best Delegate Awards:
Tayyam El Amki
Abdullah AlEdini
Yousuf Sijiny

Best Position Paper Award:
Abdulrahman ElShamy

Honorable Mentions:
Arwa Hassan
Lamar Ahmed
Rinaaz Hussain
Youssur Khateeb
Ahmad AlGhareeb
Ghalib Al-Aqqad

These awards showcase their outstanding diplomatic prowess and leadership skills elevating them to the pinnacle of excellence. Special thanks to our DJISMUN Directors, Ms. Shabana Hussain and Mr. Mazen Al Amki, for their invaluable support and guidance throughout their MUN journeys in and out of DJIS.
🌟 Join us in celebrating their well-deserved success! 🏅👏
Delegate Excellence 🎉🏆


On Foundation Day, we renew our pledge and loyalty to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and draw lessons from our rich past to light our way towards tomorrow. We vow to be protectors of this nation and builders of its future. Wishing our country prosperity every year. في يوم التأسيس، نجدد العهد والوفاء للمملكة العربية السعودية، ونستلهم من ماضينا العريق دروسًا تضيء طريقنا نحو الغد. نعاهد بأن نكون حماة لهذا الوطن وبناة لمستقبله. كل عام ووطننا بألف خير.


Foundation Day is not just a date we celebrate; it is an inspiration for future generations to build a bright future on solid foundations of determination and will. Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants who have built a nation that every citizen is proud of. يوم التأسيس ليس مجرد تاريخ نحتفل به، بل هو إلهام للأجيال القادمة لبناء مستقبل مشرق على أسس متينة من العزم والإرادة. نحن اليوم نقف على أكتاف العمالقة الذين شيدوا لنا وطنًا يعتز به كل مواطن.


On Foundation Day, we proudly and profoundly recall the deep history and the path of development and prosperity initiated by the founder. This day is a tribute to our rich heritage and great culture that embodies the values of courage, wisdom, and justice. في يوم التأسيس، نستذكر بكل فخر واعتزاز تاريخ بلادنا العريق ومسيرة التطور والنماء التي بدأها المؤسس. هذا اليوم هو تحية لتراثنا الغني وثقافتنا العظيمة التي تجسد قيم الشجاعة والحكمة والعدالة.

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 10/02/2024

DJISMUN’s 6th annual MUN conference was a resounding success! Over 150 delegates from around the world convened to debate, resolve, and collaborate on pressing global issues. A big thank you to everyone involved for showcasing the power of youth diplomacy. Your dedication inspires us all! 🕊️💼


A huge shoutout to Almas Al Ghamdi for acing the SAT1 Math with a perfect score of 800!


Huge congratulations to Sylvia Ghanem, a talented Grade 5 Bronze student, for clinching the silver medal at the Dubai International Swimming Competition! 🥈🎉 Held at the prestigious Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai, Sylvia showcased her incredible talent and hard work. We are so proud of her achievement and can’t wait to see where her swimming journey takes her next! Go Sylvia! 🌟💦

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 06/02/2024

Congratulations to Layan Hakim for an incredible achievement! Your dedication, hard work, and perseverance have truly set a standard for excellence. Layan, you’ve made us all at Dar Jana international school incredibly proud. Here’s to your continued success and the many more accomplishments we know you’ll achieve. Keep reaching for the stars!

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 05/02/2024

🎓 Exciting day at our campus as we welcomed Ms. Doa Qutaifan from American University of Sharjah! A fantastic opportunity for scholars to dive into discussions about academic programs and campus life at AUS.

Swipe to see snapshots of inspiring session. Big thanks to Ms. Qutaifan for enlightening us and fueling our scholars’ ambitions. 🌟

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 01/02/2024

Congratulations, Almas Alghamdi! 🎉🎉
You’ve taken an incredible leap with numerous achievements 🌟:

🥉 Winning the bronze medal at the Bebras Mawhiba Competition.
🌐 Qualifying for the central exhibition of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity by Mawhiba!

Your dedication and brilliance truly shine through this remarkable accomplishment. 🚀 We are so proud!

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 25/01/2024

A big shout-out to our Grades 1-12 students who are already making waves in our Robotix program!

👏 Witness the incredible creations and innovations of our young tech geniuses.
🏆 See the future of technology unfold right before your eyes!

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 04/01/2024

🌟 Breaking News from the Beehive 🐝: Congratulations to our Grade 4 and 5 Spelling Bee Champions! 🏆 A big round of applause for our scholars who spelled their way to success with incredible skill and determination.


Congratulations Alkasem Ahmad Alnabky! 🌟🥉

Amazing achievement in winning the Bronze Medal in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Jeddah Championship. Your hard work and dedication in Grade 2 are truly inspiring. Keep shining and setting a great example for your peers!


Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 02/01/2024

🥋🌟 Celebrating Elyas Alturkistani’s Remarkable Year in Jiu-Jitsu - 2023 🌟🥋

A year of outstanding performances and hard-earned medals! 👏

1️⃣ Jiu Jitsu Open Championship, February 4th - Silver Medal 🥈
2️⃣ Jeddah Jiu-Jitsu Championship, July 7th - Bronze Medal 🥉
3️⃣ Jiu Jitsu Open Championship, November 11th - Another Silver Medal 🥈

Elyas, your dedication and skill are truly inspiring! Keep soaring high!
نحتفل بإنجازات إلياس التركستاني في الجيوجيتسو لعام ٢٠٢٣ 🌟🥋

عام مليء بالأداء المتميز والميداليات المستحقة! 👏

١- البطولة السعودية المفتوحة للجوجيتسو، ٤ فبراير - ميدالية فضية 🥈
٢- بطولة جدة للجوجيتسو، ٧ يوليو - ميدالية برونزية 🥉
٣- البطولة السعودية المفتوحة للجوجيتسو، ١١ نوفمبر - ميدالية فضية أخرى 🥈

إلياس، تفانيك ومهارتك مصدر إلهام حقيقي! استمر في التألق!

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 01/01/2024

CONGRATULATIONS Manal Mamdoh Alaskari! 🌟

You’ve made an incredible leap by qualifying for the final round of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity! 🚀🔬

Your hard work and brilliance shine through this remarkable accomplishment. We’re all rooting for you in the finals!
تهانينا منال ممدوح العسكري! 🌟

لقد قمتِ بقفزة مذهلة بتأهلكِ للجولة النهائية في الأولمبياد الوطني للإبداع العلمي! 🚀🔬

يتجلى تفانيكِ وتألقكِ في هذا الإنجاز الرائع. نحن جميعًا نشجعكِ في النهائيات!


The GEMA after-school program proudly announces Sama Hossam Mohammed Sabry Mohammed Kassem Gabr as the Winner of the Annual International Student Essay Contest 2023. Congratulations Sama, We are proud of you!

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 10/12/2023

DJIS participants, chairs, and delegates, were lauded for their diligence, commitment, and professionalism at AISJ JAMUN II.

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 30/10/2023

In recognition of their exceptional performance in the Bebras Mawhiba Competition 2022, we proudly honor our scholars. Adel Mahmoud Rabayah earned the Silver medal, while Mohammed Rakan Baamer secured the Bronze medal in this competition. 🥈🥉

تقديرًا لأدائهم الاستثنائي في مسابقة بيبراس موهبة لعام 2022، نكرم بفخر طلابنا. فقد حصل الطالب عادل محمود ربيعة على الميدالية الفضية، بينما حقق محمد راكان باعمر الميدالية البرونزية في هذه المسابقة. 🥈🥉"


We proudly recognize HosamAldeen Aboelenain! 🎉✨ He's been nominated for the Future Industrialists Award finals in the Discoverer category, a remarkable achievement for this talented and dedicated student. Congratulations,
HosamAldeen! 🌟🏆

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 13/10/2023

The ranking of Dar Jana International School for Girls / The General Directorate of Education in Jeddah in the achievement ranking Index Tahsili as follows:

- Rank at the national level among schools in the Kingdom: (39)
-Rank among schools of the Directorate of Education: (6)
-Rank among schools within the office: (2)
-The overall performance average is (79.259) for the year 1444. شاهد ترتيب مدرسة ( ثانوية دار جنى العالمية بنات /الإدارة العامة للتعليم بمحافظة جدة ) في مؤشر ترتيب تحصيلي على مستوى-مدارس المملكة ( 39 )-مدارس ادارة التعليم ( 6 )-مدارس المكتب ( 2 )ومتوسط الأداء الكلي ( 79.259 ) لعام 1444 ‫


With pride and respect, we extend our greetings on the 93rd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our hearts are with you, homeland! تحية مليئة بالفخر والاحترام في اليوم الوطني الثالث والتسعين للمملكة العربية السعودية. قلوبنا معك يا وطن!


Our boys proudly celebrating the 93rd Saudi National Day, embodying the spirit and pride of our great nation.

أبناؤنا يحتفلون بفخر باليوم الوطني السعودي الثالث والتسعين، مجسدين روح وفخر أمتنا العظيمة

Photos from Dar Jana International Schools's post 27/09/2023

نتوجه بأجمل الشكر والتقدير لمدير عام تعليم جدة،الأستاذة/ منال اللهيبي على دعمها المستمر الذي ساهم في تطور وتقدم مدارس دار جنى العالمية. إن جهودكم وتوجيهاتكم الثمينة تضيء طريقنا نحو النجاح والتميز. نسأل الله أن يوفقكم ويجزيكم خير الجزاء. كما نود ان نشكر مدير التعليم العالمي والأجنبي بجدة، الأستاذه/سهام النافع على تشجيعها الدائم لنا. فالنحلم ونحقق معا

We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Director General of Education in Jeddah, Mrs. Manal Allahibi, for her continuous support that has contributed to the development and progress of Dar Jana International Schools. Your valuable efforts and guidance light our path towards success and excellence. We ask God to grant you success and reward you with the best. We would also like to thank the Director of International and Foreign Education in Jeddah, Mrs. Siham Al-Nafei, for her constant encouragement. Together, we dream and achieve.

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