Water Babies

Water Babies


Good morning,
Are you going to have classes after spring break?
Just got back from the pool and it's closed :-( Do we have a schedule for the rest of this month? Alexander was very disappointed and voiced this to the nice security officer.
Has this class started yet? I'd like to bring my almost one year old. We can do Tuesday mornings.
Are there any classes in Warrington? My little boy is due any day now and I want to make plans for him :) thank you.
As a mom of 3 years old twins has been a great experience going to her classes. Lara is very professional and she also enjoy teaching young children. The twins love the swimming class.
Just sent you a PM

Teaching babies how to swim along with safety skills in the water Improvement in social, emotional and physical development has also been published. (i.e..

The benefits of "baby-friendly", infant/toddler swimming are unique, uplifting and contribute to the positive development of the whole child. Through the soothing medium of water, we are able to tap into the child's potential, both within and without. Researchers have documented that the stimulating effect of child-paced infant/toddler swimming lessons has the potential to increase intelligence, c

Operating as usual


Ladies’ Swim Programs
price list

* must be of same level in group programs


Mommies and Babies,
I will start a new mommy and me class by end of October. Are eligible all mommies and babies who are 6 months and up but who can sit by themselves and up to age 2.

The group cannot contain more than 10 mommies.

Bring the baby fed at least 40 min before pool time, swim diapers, sunscreen, water hat, goggles if they like them and can keep them on their face, a dedicated towel, diaper and change of clothes.. as well as memorize yours or their favorite song!

I will post again closer to the actual class date to let you know the exact date. It will probably be on Tuesdays at 10 am at the 3rd street pool.

Looking forward to seeing you all for a fun and splashy session.


For us parents, it is very hard to draw the line between protecting our children and teaching them how to grow and be independent !!

"Not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow."(Chinese Proverb)

Fly like a duck by Hal Runkel:

Your Parenting Flight Path
As parents, we sometimes feel as if it is our job to get our kids to do certain things. The reality is, our job is much more interesting, and much more far reaching than that.

Our job is to lead our children into adulthood. To do so, we want to influence our children, not simply prod them. We want to see them fly towards responsibility on their own rather than be pushed and prodded into it by us. By acting as a leader in your family, rather than a gate keeper or game warden, you are in control of the flight path. You behave with utmost integrity and you will inspire your children to do the same. Lectures, shouting matches, and power plays only serve to undercut the respect you want your children to feel towards you. Lead the way with your flight path and have confidence they will follow.

Kids want to be inspired by their parents; by your calm example of adulthood, you give them the chance to do so.


The only moment that will ever exist is now

"Forget mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now, and do it. Today is your lucky day.” (Will Durant)

Today’s Your Lucky Day by Hal Runkel

It is so easy to remember all the times we’ve failed in our romantic relationships. It’s even easier to remember all the times our partner has failed.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons we easily remember these past things is because of the effect it has on the present: It gives us an excuse to remain stagnant right now.

“I’ve disappointed her so many times; how could I dare ask her to trust me again?”

“I know I’ve treated him like crap; he won’t wanna open up to me again.”

These are convenient excuses to keep ourselves stuck. Today is your lucky day, though:
Today, you’ve got the chance to reveal more to your partner than you’re comfortable with. Go ahead, tell her what you’re scared of, or hopeful for, or fantasizing about.
Today, you’ve got the chance to pursue him the way you wish he’d pursue you. Kiss him hard, and even grope him, and let him know you still think of yourself as a woman first, wife second, and mother third.
Today, you’ve got the chance to move past your past failures and take an honest action, one that’s reflective of the future you crave.

Peace begins with pause,


"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
(William James)

Appreciating Appreciation by Hal Runkel

The easiest way I know to bring great harmony into your marriage is to just say thank you. Go out of your way to discover something your spouse does that makes your home life possible:
cleans the dishes
reads to the kids
pays the bills and minds the finances
works hard to make money
listens to you without distraction
speaks highly of you in front of others
rakes the leaves
cooks dinner
looks at you in a way that reminds you you're still attractive
This isn't hard, or complicated. It can be vulnerable, however. And it can feel emotionally expensive, especially if you're resentful that your spouse is the one who under-appreciates you.

Do it anyway. Don't make a huge production out of it; do it drive-by style--notice something, or remember something, and shoot off a brief text. Or mention it as you're walking from one room to another, with a gentle pass of your hand across the back.

"Hey, thanks for getting the groceries after work yesterday."

Nothing more. Make it brief and specific, without any generic commentary like, "You're such a wonderful wife..." Make it sound almost nonchalant, giving the impression that you just wanted to note that you noticed her/him.

Make it a habit, even if it doesn't come back to you right away.

Trust me on this one.

Peace begins with pause,


The Absolute Worst Relationship Advice Ever Given
For those of you who’ve read our ScreamFree Marriage book, you probably aren’t surprised Hal Runkel would pick this as the worst relationship advice ever:

“Marriage is all about meeting each other’s needs.”

No idea has sent more spouses down the path toward resentment and ruin like this one.

The gist is this: Wives have “needs” that can only be met by their husband, like love, protection, validation, and security. Husbands, meanwhile, have “needs” that can only be met by their wives, like respect, cheerleading, and of course, s*x. So, the best marriages are logically the ones in which both spouses most successfully meet the needs of the other.

This teaching is so prevalent, and seems to make so much sense, because we’ve been mistaking “need” for “love” in our songs and movies forever:
“I need you like the rain…”
“Baby, I can’t live without you.”
“I never heard you say ‘I need you,’ so I don’t need you now.”
I’ve always told my kids if a boy/girl ever says something like that, tell ‘em this: “Well, it’s a good thing my dad’s a therapist, ‘cos we can get you the help you really need.”

Needy attachment you can’t live without is not romantic, it’s diagnosable.

And the truth is you don’t need your spouse. Sure, you choose to blend your lives so much you’re dependent upon each other to do things to support your life together, but that doesn’t mean you truly need each other.

You could actually live quite okay without each other; what makes marriage great is that you prefer not to. Each of you chose to commit your lives to one another, and that choosing is based on a voluntary desire. In the best marriages, you don’t need each other—you want each other.

My wife does not validate me as a man; I do that myself. That way, I can bring my confident self to love her, give to her, and share with her, with or without her returning the favor. This brings freedom, strength, and desire to the forefront.

Peace begins with pause,


Cristina Connolly, Jennifer Rowland Burch, Fernanda Millan, Natalie Cook Clark, Jennifer Ho McBride, Natalie Brewer, Gloria Ko...

Hello Ladies,
Only 1 person answered my post asking if you are still interested in continuing the class. If you are interested please let me know by commenting here or by sending me a message on my cell at 0556209326. I would need 6 babies to continue teaching the class. The time can be either at 10 or 10:30 am whichever you think will suit the babies and the mommies schedule to get back home to their other kiddies.


By Hal Runkel
Help! My kid keeps lying!
For today’s Pause, I’ve chosen to address a very common parenting question, one many of you have sent in over the years.

This one came in earlier this week:

“Hal, we have recently had a problem with our 8yo daughter lying to us, and to her teacher at school, about things...anything really—topics both inconsequential and troubling. I am finding myself afraid. We've given her consequences, and made our expectations well known, but it's not working. Any suggestions?”

I love this question, because lying is a very difficult issue, perhaps the most difficult for us parents. It’s also almost universal. Almost every kid experiments with the truth at some point.

While this is nowhere near the full word on the subject, here are two principles to consider, one specific and one general:

1st principle: Don’t take your kid’s lying personally, especially from an 8-year-old. Her lying is not a targeted affront to your leadership, nor a specific slight at you. Eight years old is an interesting cognitive time, transitioning from a world of wonder and fantasy to a reality that’s a little more concrete. As this transition happens, kids often test the leaders in their lives to see what’s real, what’s not, and whether their leaders know the difference.

2nd principle: Go out of your way to believe whatever your kid says, regardless. I know this sounds really counterintuitive, or maybe even nuts: "Why would I believe a kid who keeps lying to me? What am I? Stupid?” Here’s why: The truth, almost always, comes out eventually. When that happens, where do you wanna be? It may feel good to trap them, expose their deceit, and stand over them claiming “I knew you were lying!” But does this inspire your kid to tell you the truth in the future? No, it does just the opposite; it leaves her feeling shamed, so she simply gets better at hiding the truth--especially if she thinks you’re not gonna believe her regardless. When you overtly believe them, even praising them for their honesty upfront, then it gives their conscience the chance to guide their behavior, and rise up to the level of person you clearly believe them to be.

Peace begins with pause,


Hello Ladies
I will run the mommy and me class every Tuesday ( except on Tuesday Sep27) at 10 am at the 3rd street pool if we have at least 6 participants. Class would start on October 4th.

Please let me know in the comment section if you are interested.

The fee per class is sar 40. The more babies the more fun. Please come in prepared with suntan lotion, swim diaper, soft hat and a big towel. No feeding within 30 min of the class


“I’m sorry, but…”
(every non-apologetic apologizer)

The 4th Worst Phrase You Can Say by Hal Runkel
Yesterday we looked at The 5th Worst Phrase You Can Say. Today it's The 4th. I’ve written on this one before, but the gist is this: whenever we say “I’m sorry, but…,” we might as well spell it “butt,” ‘cause that’s what we’re calling the other person.

Take the classic apology to our kids: “I’m sorry Daddy yelled, but your behavior was so bad I had to do something to get your attention…”

The end purpose is to effectively promote ourselves as the good guys and to blame someone else as the real responsible party.

“You’re a butt, for not only doing what you did but for also making me feel guilty about my reactions to what you did.”

Try this instead:
“I apologize for my behavior. You deserve better from me.”

Peace begins with pause,


Dear Mommies

What about meeting on Tuesdays morning at 9 for a Baby and Me swim class at the 3rd street pool? All Baby from 6 months old to 18 months are welcome.

Babies need a swim diaper, a soft hat, sun screen and no feeding within 30 min of the class.

Let's have fun ladies!


Ladies and Babies

Today Class was a lot of fun. I will be running this class in September and If we have enough attendance we can meet a couple more times until June 18. Please let me know how many babies will be here until June 18 and will be interested in participating. The first class would be taking Place on June 1.

Untitled album 21/06/2015

Snorkling In Hawaï


Babies and Mommies class on Tuesdays from 8:45 to 9:30 am!

starting Tuesday April 14. Join us for a lot of fun, laugh and skills development at 8:45 on Tuesdays at the pool.

Please comment if interested! Class is limited to the first 10 registered!

It is a drop in class and the fee is SAR 60 per class


Ladies Swimmers and Little Swimmers

I am very excited to announce that I will start the new season of swimming:
Available days are Sundays and Tuesdays from 8 am to 1 pm and Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm.
Please find enclosed the Bookeo page link for your convenience. All due payment shall be made to Villa 1847 before the beginning of the lessons i.e. before Saturday April 11 to confirm all booking.
Link: bookeo.com/waterbabies


All classes will resume on Monday March 2. Make up classes are scheduled on Tuesday Morning March 3 for the missed Monday and Saturday morning for the missed previous Friday. I will also conduct the same make up classes the week thereafter as I will be leaving for Spring Vacation on March 19 and moving to Dhahran in April


Important: all classes group and private are cancelled all week! I have what looks like a bronchitis! So sorry dear swimmers! See you hopefully next week


Baby class cancelled today!


Hello mommies and babies

Our class tomorrow will run from 12 to 12:40! Drop ins welcome Sar 70 per class


Hello mommies and babies
Our next water babies class will take place next Tuesday February 10 at 12 pm. The choice of the time is because it is still early in the season and my main concern is to optimize the first babies experience in term of environmental conditions! Please comment on the page below if you are participating to the class and want to register as I have to limit the number to 10 participants only


Ladies and Babies,
No Water baby class tomorrow Tuesday February 3 as the water heater were busted and just got fixed! the water is still a bit chilly for the little one and the wind is not helping!


Hello mommies and babies
We are going to have fun together tomorrow Tuesday from 12 to 12:40 at the pool! Bring in your goggle and your swim diapers! Do not forget your towel and your sun protection


No class tomorrow - Tuesday January 20! Weather not permitting yet! Still very windy and too cold for the kids and mommies!


Tomorrow Monday January 19: Weather is Cold 48 to 60 degrees with a 25mph winds: No Swim Classes


Weather looks good! The temperature is around 57 degrees Farhenheit and not too windy! The pool water is warm..Swimming Season may start anytime now!


Class cancelled! Weather not permitting! Too windy for the little ones and mommies! Let's regroup next week!

Mobile uploads 11/01/2015

My CPR entitlement


Ladies Wednesday Swim Group!
Let's meet on Wednesday at 10 and we can make it a longer session of 2 hours! This will be the last session of this season and we will convene to regroup in January


Last Session and Make up

Ladies and Babies

Our Last session this week will take place this Wednesday December 10, from 11 am to 12 pm for both groups as many have left already for Repat and Holidays vacations.

The make up class will take place on Thursday December 12 from 11 am to 12 pm for both groups.

Let's meet up and have fun during this last week!


Hello Mommys and Babies,

We are opening registration for the next season. Here are the sessions for the group swimming and the prices for our private swim lessons:

Group Infants and babies from 4 months to 5 years old: SAR 400 for package of 6 lessons of 40 minutes each

Group Adult swimmers up to 5 in a group: SAR 850 for a package of 6 lessons of 1 hour each

Private Adult swim: SAR 200 per lesson or SAR 1,000 for a package of 6 lessons of 40 minutes each

Private kids swim: SAR 100 per lesson or SAR SAR 500 for a package of 6 lessons of 40 minutes each

All payment and registration are to be made to Villa 1847 before December 15.


Hello Babies and Mommies,

After due inquiry in main camp, I am publishing here my ongoing rate:

Babies or kids 40 minutes private session is SAR 100

Adults Private 60 minute session is SAR 200

The group lesson for Kids and babies are SAR 60 per session

The Group session for Adults are SAR 120 per session

Package Rate May apply


++++++++++++WATER BABIES CLSSES++++++
The second class of the 6 week water babies class will be held this Tuesday. We had a great first class and are looking forward to seeing all the fish back in the water. Few updates:
1). As recommended by most moms the older kid class (2.5-5 yo) will change from 10 am to 11 am. Please note this change.
2.5 yo-5 yo 11 am
Under 2.5 yo (beginners) 12:00 (noon)

2). Please try to practice some of the skills we reviewed last week before the upcoming class. The skills build on each week so it is helpful to practice. Remember " Name, Ready Go" pouring a bit of water over head, front float, safe entry into water, laugh, have fun. We will do a quick review before heading into new songs and skills but it is helpful if you have practiced prior:)

3). Please make payment prior to next class for the season. I cannot collect payment at the pool so if you can drop it through the door slot at 1747 with your name, childs name and age, villa number. $225 SAR for entire session.

4). A few families will have to miss one of the sessions. We will do a makeup session at some point.

5). Need a drop in daycare for your second child while you take class? Find a friendly neighbor and offer to swap kids for the hour. Good way to meet people. Also there is a great daycare in 1324. Contact them prior to make sure they have availability.

See ya in the pool!


Great first class. Thanks for all those who were able to participate. I know several people messaged me today that they intend on coming next week- Great!
Few things:
1). Older kids class has moved to 11 am (2.5 yo-5 yo).
Babies (less than 2.5) still at noon.
2). Pool is nicely warmed, should be even better next week.
3). Please drop envelope to 1747 with child's name, age, villa # on it before next class to ensure your participation. We can open another class if enrollment reaches maximum amount.

See you at the pool.


++++++++Water Babies Starts Tomorrow+++++++++++
10 am class 2.5 yo-5 yo
12 pm class under 2.5 yo

We haven't officially registered any one as the first class is open to all and free. At the end of the class if you are interested in enrolling for the remainder of the sessions please see Lara or Angela at that time to sign up with fee. We will arrange classes based on levels/size if they are disproportionate based on turnout.

Please be sure to bring swim diaper, towel, sunscreen/hat as needed. Inner tubes, water wings, floaties won't be needed. A parent will need to be in the water at all times with the child. Lara and I will circulate for individual instruction. We will provide all needed material. See you tomorrow!


++++++++Water Babies Announcement++++++++
Thanks to everyone who have signed up via posting on this or Rakkah site. Please read in full for all details.

1). Classes will start this Tuesday and will run for 6 weeks with last class Dec 16th.

2). We've had a great response from kids aged infants to 5 yo. We've divided the class into two.
10 am: Children 2.5-5 yo
12 pm: 2.5 and under

3). Mother is expected to be in the water the entire time with the child for both classes. We will be in the shallow end and the baby pool so the mother does not need to be an excellent swimmer.

4). Swim diapers (either disposable or non-disposible) are required per company pool rules. The disposable ones are hard to come by in KSA so if you have extra please bring a couple to share for the first class, otherwise these can be purchased in Bahrain. There are non-disposible swim diapers in the Kingdom. I last found one for Savannah at Sun and Sand in MOD.

5). This is a fun, interactive class. Lara and I will be in the water to help and demonstrate the skills but this is a class for moms and kids so enjoy the time with you baby:)

6). First class is free, fee for entire session (6 sessions in total) is 250 SAR due at end of Tuesdays class. Please bring envelope with child's name, villa number and payment. I will collect payment at end of first class for those interested.

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